Why You Should Play Board Games & A GIVEAWAY!

Why play board games?

There are so many reasons to play board games with your family. First!! Kids of all ages play games on on-line, three year old Alice has  numerous games that she plays on the iPad. Emma and Eli, same thing. Just about EVERYONE, plays games on line. Sure, there are games that you play against other players, but more often players are alone.

Over the fourth of July we played an old family favorite game of TROUBLE with the Grandkids. So MUCH FUN!!

Playing board games together like Trouble teaches so many great traits! Not only counting, but good sportsmanship AND the fact that being sent HOME in a game doesn’t mean the end of the earth!! MY goodness, who would have thought that a simple board game would cause so many tears…. ohhhh WAIT…. I remember taking this game away from my KIDS when they played for the SAME meltdowns!!!  I’m certain that the same melt downs have been happening all over the world since 1965 when Trouble was first released!

This classic Trouble Board Game is from Winning Moves. I love this board game because the dice is INSIDE a Pop-a-Matic bubble! I’m not searching the house for dice! SWEET!! 4 people can play this game at a time.

Playing board games is a great way to spend family time!! Winning Moves has so many AWESOME Games!! From Crocodile Dentist or Twister and SO MANY MORE!!

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Giveaway Time!!

I am so excited the AWESOME folks at Winning Moves will be sending one very LUCKY Peanut Butter and Whine Follower will be soon playing their own game of Trouble!!

Giveaway: No Purchase Necessary. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older. Ends on August 11, 2014. The email addresses that are collected for this giveaway will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winner and will never be given out to anyone nor sold. The winners will be randomly chosen and contacted via email. (IF you add your address to Giveaway Tools you will be considered the winner and will not have to respond to an email.) The winner will have 72 hours to respond. Only one winner per household. Please make sure you check your junk mail folder. The prize will be sent by Winning Moves Games.

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34 thoughts on “Why You Should Play Board Games & A GIVEAWAY!

  1. My favorite board game from winning moves has to be Crocodile Dentist. I love playing it with my kids.

  2. My favorite game would have to be trouble! I have so many memories of when I was growing up and our family would always play this game. I can still hear the laughter of my family members when we would pick the other one off a spot.

  3. I have several favorite games. One is Classic Yahtzee® and the other is Twister. Yahtzee is a great game to play when some of the players may be a bit more on the reservered side and Twister is great when everyone wants to let lose!

  4. My favorite is Trouble. It reminds me of being a kid. We always played Trouble, with the little PoP of the dice 🙂 Such good memories.

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