What to Do if There’s Been a Workplace Accident

Having an accident at work is the last thing on most people’s minds as they prepare for their day ahead. Although work is never easy, most jobs have regulations and measures in place to protect their staff. However, workplace accidents do occur quite regularly, with some industries being far more dangerous than others. Logging, roofing, fishing, and aircraft workers are among those most prone to accidents.

Workplace incidents can occur for many reasons. People can fall victim to human error, miscommunication, or bad luck. In any case, they cause long term damage, be-it physical, emotional, or mental. 

Although an accident at work may be unlikely to happen to you, it’s useful to be informed on what to do if one occurs. 

Here is a seven-step guide on the necessary actions if you’ve been involved in a workplace accident.


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1. Address your injury

Your first action should be to tend to your injury. You don’t want to cause further damage by moving or putting the injured area under duress. Alert a colleague or passerby if you need assistance. 

Perform first aid or call an ambulance if necessary.

2. Document the incident

If you are capable of doing so, take photos or videos of evidence surrounding the accident. 

Take contact details of any witnesses or people involved. 

Write an account of the accident from your perspective. The sooner you can do this, the more likely you are to recount accurate details. 

If you’re incapable of the above steps due to your injury, ask a colleague to do so on your behalf. 

3. Consult a physician

Visit your doctor or a hospital immediately after your accident to assess the extent of your injuries. Shock or adrenaline can often mask the pain, giving you the impression that your injuries are less severe.

A doctor’s visit will also officially document your ailments.

4. Monitor your symptoms

Long term injuries may bring about symptoms at various stages of your recovery, meaning doctors won’t diagnose every aspect of your injuries. If you are hurt for an extended period, you may also lose track of the symptoms. 

5. Keep a record of medical costs

Track all accident-related costs so that you are adequately covered if you make a future claim. Medical bills are expensive, so it’s important that they are noted.

6. Seek legal aid

A workplace accident can have serious long term repercussions, so it’s vital that you seek expert legal help. Your employers will likely do the same, so why wouldn’t you ensure you are fully covered?

Unfortunately, some work accidents are fatal and often occur at no fault of the victim. In such instances, families of the deceased are recommended to work with a top rated wrongful death attorney.

7. Take legal action

If your legal representative recommends it, take the necessary steps to claim against your employer. Although this might not be your desired course of action, it may be required in order to be suitably compensated. 

It’s normal to be stressed by such an action, but don’t worry, it’s your legal right. If you’ve been injured while performing your job, you should be entitled to compensation.

4 thoughts on “What to Do if There’s Been a Workplace Accident

  1. Great advice! Make sure everything is documented. It’s easier nowadays with smartphones recording events.

  2. Also, especially for a small employer, be careful they are legal, and contributing to the worker compensation pool the state would have. There should be ways to find out from your state.

  3. No one thinks something like a work accident will happen to them, but when you consider how many happen every day…well, you just never know when your ticket might be punched. This sounds like good advice to keep in your head.

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