What does luxury mean to you? #CrownGoose

If you would have asked me 2 years ago I would have answered a master bedroom with enough
space to make the bed without hugging the wall!

Low and behold 2 years later my dreams have come true. I have a master suite that is truly
beyond my wildest dreams. I know I gush about this room a lot but I never imagined that I would
own a house with a master suite! Seriously, this room (to quote 8 year old Alice) is ginormous!

Okay, so my dream came true. GINORMOUS room, except I had no real idea how to decorate a
room of this size! Decorate it in a way that doesn’t distract from the breathtaking view.
I did know for absolute certainty I didn’t want curtains. I promise, we are up too high and nestled in the mountains well enough that I am not putting on a show. (I hope!)

This room is bright and airy I didn’t want that taken away.

After adding a suede love seat and the coffee table we brought with us (this coffee table use to
take up half of our livingroom in the California house. Now it looks small?!?! It boggles my MIND! I know, that doesn’t take much but STILL!! HOW BIG is this ROOM!?!)

2 solid wood highboy dressers and the room still didn’t have the PUNCH I was striving for.

I want a grown up room. An elegant haven. I want a room that when I walk in I say “ahhhhhh” I
want this to be a retreat that begs “stay in bed!” (Seriously, Idaho gets COLD!! But, the VIEW!! Ahhhh the VIEW!!!)

How about stay in bed with a new down comforter?! Ohhhhh yeah baby, NOW we are talking! While I love, love, love the sound and the feel of a down comforter well, they are white. I can’t do a white comforter because: (an please notice the smirk!)

Bear the Bernese Mountain Dog

That’s 110 pounds (and growing PUPPY) of NO we can’t have a white comforter. So, off to Crown Goose for a duvet cover. I drooled over pages and pages of beautiful, elegant covers. I really drooled like a mad woman over this one in particular:duvet coverDoesn’t that look luxurious to you?? I want to just roll around …. no I would just sit on the love seat and stare it. I definitely wouldn’t let Bear in the ROOM! Let alone on the bed. So in real life we skip the white duvet cover.

Let’s bring in the lovely, soft and beautiful charcoal colored duvet cover from the Sopor collection.

HA! I have LUXURY and I can hide the dog hair! I don’t know about you, but I love the feel of 100% cotton. So soft and cuddly.

  • Soft, lightweight sheets that’ll last through decades
  • High quality sewing and back stitching
  • Button closures
  • Extremely breathable during the warmer months; retaining your body heat during the colder months
  • Durable and does not pill or produce much lint
  • Total 16 loops on the duvet to keep your duvet in place

Content / Care

  • 100% Pure Cotton
  • Machine wash warm

Duvet cover

Just the pictures alone you know I’m in love! But I imagine you are all on the edge of your seats wondering if my beautiful, luxuriously soft cover meets with Bears seal of approval!?

Can you say BED HOG!!!

I am extremely pleased with this cover. It’s soft, luxurious, and really adds elegance to our room.

It’s started snowing again so I think I will snuggle back under my beautiful duvet and knit. I hope you get to enjoy your day as well!!

For those of you that have never heard of Crown Goose here are a six very interesting facts for you:

01. Light and Warm (excellent at absorbing moisture and quick drying)
Goose down is light while a great insulator. The airiness in the down adds to its lightness while the material drapes around the body to prevent cold air from entering. Down has excellent breath-ability, allowing good absorption and quick drying. Down is multi-seasonal: cool during summer and warm in winter. If maintained properly it can be used for over ten years, making it a practical and long-term purchase.

02. 100% Natural Goose Down (filling: goose down 100% / fabric: cotton 100%)
Blankets and comforters in the low price rage often contain polyester based material. Duvets from CROWN GOOSE contain all natural 100% goose down as well as 100% cotton fabric, so users can rest with a guarantee that the product contains no harmful substances. CROWN GOOSE is OEKO-TEX class 1 certified and users can sleep in safety and comfort.

03. High Goose Down Filling and Fill Power/ Polish goose down 100%(EN)
Goose material can be divided into down and feathers. A high down count results in a high-quality product. CROWN GOOSE down duvets contain Polish goose down filling that is cleaned a minimum of fourteen times to uphold meticulous standards.

04. Luxurious Designs, Details, and Quality
CROWN GOOSE duvets are highly rated for their unique designs and consistent quality. Designs offer a classic feel as well that is well adapted to modern trends. It further differentiates itself from other products with details sewn in with classy needlework and meticulous stitching of the highest quality.

05. Compatibility (with products from other brands)
CROWN GOOSE down duvets (and covers) contain hoops and loops on four corners as well as on the middle and third of each side. There are sixteen points of connection that are compatible with products from other brands (whether there are four, eight, or twelve points offered).

06. The Choice of Global Hotel Chains and Boutique Hotels
CROWN GOOSE products are used in global hotel chains and luxury boutique hotels as well as luxury yachts, private air crafts, and mansions. CROWN GOOSE has worked with five-star hotel chains including Grand Hilton Hotel and Sheraton Hotel. It also collaborates on unique projects with boutique hotels from around the world.

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18 thoughts on “What does luxury mean to you? #CrownGoose

  1. I wondered what we were talking about this time last year. I remember these beautiful sheets! And I need new sheets, so I’ll look into this brand.

    1. Kate, it’s so funny, if you have a treat in your hand she will drool like a Saint Bernard! Otherwise no drool……. me on the other hand. Shiny? Drool. Candy? Drool. Go bye bye? Drool.

  2. I would definitely go for this. I like 100% cotton sheets, comforters, etc., so the cloth on these are great.

    1. Tamra, I’ve always had a dream of a family picture with everyone in white cotton button up shirts and jeans with Alice in a white cotton dress. Cotton is and always has been my favorite material.

  3. what a beautiful scene there. Luxury to me now means staying at home being able to spend quality time with family and not have to worry about a dam thing! Retirement is my luxury too bad I have 20 more years to go

  4. What could be better.. a gorgeous home and a fantastic dog.. good for you Connie.. as for me I have all the luxury I need except maybe a n infinity pool.. working on that….

  5. ok let’s discuss how cute your dog is first.second what breed is he and that blanket is gorgeous you knitted,i wish i could knit,

  6. And the blanket YOU knitted looks very at home there.
    Luxury to me means being able to get a massage every two weeks.

  7. Lol, Bear looks very comfortable. Pups are well known connoisseurs of comfort, so I trust Bear. And I like the charcoal color even better than the white.

  8. Now that is awesome! Oh and your room is ginormous! I love it, I can see why you would want to be there all day. Enjoy my friend.

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