Well Now……….

Y’all know I have my trail cams in different areas around the outside of the house.  I have gotten so many amazing shots. Deer, turkeys, bears. I love my wildlife photos.

Well, with the work on the deck and the new roof being put on, I had a BRILLIANT idea. I will move the cameras farther away from the house where the animals will most likely show up. Smart? Right??  Then I can still get my wildlife pictures. It’s a win-win right??

Ummmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah. So smart.  Until I realized I don’t remember where I put the cameras.

Bear and I hiked around for 2.5 hours. I found one. BARELY!! Seriously, these camera’s camouflage color and harder than HECK to spot.

I can’t find the 2nd camera. It is seriously hidden. Somewhere.  Good news is it’s only a 10 acre lot. (bang head here)

So, I am heading out yet again to hunt for the camera.

OHHHHHHHHHHH wait, let’s add insult to injury here. The camera I DID find??!  Ran out of batteries and has zip, zero, NADDA photos.

So somewhere down there, is a trail cam hopefully capturing photo’s of the bear cub that the roofers spotted yesterday.

So, wish me luck. Finding the camera AND it having a shot of a bear cub!!

10 thoughts on “Well Now……….

  1. Oh boy. I’m sorry that this sounds a little frustrating for you but take comfort in knowing that you made me feel less alone as I had a very scatterbrained day today! Sending you good memory vibes and hoping to see a bear cub photo soon!

  2. Just a thought, but try looking at some of the photos you got from the other camera. Maybe you’ll recognize a tree or something and know where it is.

  3. Wow, that’s wild. Too bad your camera’s battery wore out. I bet some good pics were on there! Hope you get some of the bear cub!

  4. Oh no, I sure hope you find it!! I feel bad for you, but why am I chuckling… I think you could have a Lucy Ball of Sandpoint program! All the (mis)adventures!

  5. On Miss Connie, lol…good luck! I know you, you WILL find it and there WILL be photos of bear cubs, love Barb?

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