Wayfarer Sunglasses From Freyrs Review

Well, I inadvertently saved my very favorite pair of sunglasses from Freyrs for my last review.  I didn’t mean too;  every two weeks I pulled a different pair of sunglasses from the box and wore only that pair for two weeks.  The final pair in the box was the Polarized Anti-Glare Retro Small Wayfarer Sunglasses. WOW!! WOW! WOW!!

Now, I own a pair of those fancy sunglasses from Hawaii that Jim makes. Yes, they are great glasses but they are super expensive! This pair of Wayfarer from Freyrs does the exact same thing that Jim’s glasses do for my eyes! Except my new shades are under $12!! Yes, that does say TWELVE dollars!!

If you have never tried a pair of polarized lenses you OWE it to yourself to try a pair on. The second you put them on you can literally FEEL your eyes relax. These glasses cut the glare so MUCH!! You’ll be amazed at how much better your eyes feel.  If you are on the water at all, boating, fishing, whatever; anti-glare and polarized lenses are a MUST have!! I promise you will come back here and thank me for the suggestion.

The fit. OH my goodness the fit of these Wayfarer Sunglasses is SO comfortable on my face!! From my nose to behind my ears these glasses are so comfortable!!

The Wayfarer Sunglasses have a solid, shiny black frame, with small silver accent at the top. The Wayfarer has solid black lenses, The color and shape of this pair is perfection! This pair also comes in Tortoise color frame. I think, wait I KNOW I need those as well. At UNDER $12 I might grab another pair of the black too.

The solid tinted polarized lenses have absolutely no distortion at all!! My vision is clear in these sunglasses.

I know I keep saying this about Freyrs but, I love, LOVE, LOVE this site!! Every style of sunglasses I could possibly want is on Freyrs!! The quality and workmanship is awesome!! The prices are FANTASTIC!!! Most of the sunglasses are under $10!!


Once again, my quick reminder about buying glasses on-line; it really is easy! You don’t need to be worried. Grab a pair of your own glasses or sunglasses, a pair that fit you perfectly. Inside on the temple (the arm) of your glasses and sunglasses will be numbers; usually 3 sets. These numbers tell you the measurements of the glasses. The temple will be the largest number. The next largest will be the frame height and the smaller 2 digit number will be the bridge or nose size.

These Retro Style, Wayfarer dimensions are:
Frame Height: 45mm
Frame Width: 140mm


I am still not whining!! I love these sunglasses!! I have absolutely NOTHING to whine about!! The fit is perfect, the lenses are awesome!! The frame is 100% perfect!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE FREYRS!!

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Disclosure: I have received complimentary/free products for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Connie Gruning at Peanut Butter And Whine.

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26 thoughts on “Wayfarer Sunglasses From Freyrs Review

  1. Damn, girl, you look GREAT in those FREYRS! They look just like shades they sell in Fifth Avenue boutiques for $200 and up. And they cost $12? Polarized and everything? Don’t be surprised if someone comes up to you and asks for your autograph while you’re wearing those!

  2. Wow, are you serious – under $12! Polarized and stylish at that! I’ll have to check these out. And I must say Connie, you look pretty snazzy in those Wayfarer sunglasses.

  3. I can’t believe the price – I may have to emigrate! The Wayfarer has always been my favourite shape and as for the polarised apesct, I completely agree: until you try them for yourself you’ve no idea what a difference it makes. Think of the wrinkles we’re keeping at bay by wearing them!

  4. You rock those sunglasses like nobody’s business! I love that they’re so customizable to size. The sunglasses you can grab off the rotating rack at Target or wherever rarely fit me and if they do, they are not cute!! I can’t believe how cheap these are either!

  5. I think I could use a pair of these! At $12, you can’t go wrong. I like darker sunglasses because of my light eyes, they are more sensitive. Thank you for the measurement guide also.

  6. I have a horrible time finding sunglasses that I like. I will have to look into this. They are super cute and I cannot believe they were that inexpensive.

  7. Great!!! Amazing pair of Sunglasses…

    Most of us have a hard time picking while something stylish and we got frustrated. You have mentioned lovely pair of glasses here. I like sunglasses pair having big size. It actually suits on my face.

    Thank You for sharing 

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