Want To Make A Difference In The World? Try This!!

These days, it’s easy to see what the world is like. With access to news and the internet, you cannot avoid some of the negative things that go on in the world – whether that’s in your local community, the country as a whole, or internationally. And maybe you’d like to make a difference? Let’s take a look at how.

Work In The Community

First of all, you may find that you can make a difference in the world by working in your local community. This could be your chosen career or it could be that you just simply wish to volunteer. Either way, you may find that trying to improve your community is your way of making a difference in the world.

Create Something To Help

Or maybe you like the idea of creating a product. If you can create a product that helps others, you may find that you are able to make a difference. Try to think about what people need right now, and how your skills and knowledge might be able to remedy that with a product or service business idea.

Work In The Public Sector

Another way that you can look to do make this happen is to ensure that you can make a difference by working in public administration. There’s a lot of different things that public administration can do, see the below infographic here. So, if you know you’d like to help bring about change, this could be perfect for you.

Infographic Design By Norwich University

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  1. Tamra Phelps says

    These are good ways to contribute something. More now than ever, communities need volunteers and employees of community service organizations.

  2. Dana Rodriguez says

    These are really great suggestions on how to make a difference.I know if you volunteer locally it helps right where you live.

    • Dana, Sandpoint has the coolest thing; every where they text out the current need for volunteers. It’s really a cool program. I am a fair weather volunteer. I can’t make it down this dirt road. This big pot holed, wide trenched dirt road that is either full of snow, or solid ice because the rain melted the snow and froze over night. , then inches and inches of ice then our mud hole has already sucked up 2 cars and 1 trucks. Good thing The Husband has a tractor!

      • Dana Rodriguez says

        I agree.. good thing your hubby has a tractor. I can only imagine the muddy mess when all that snow melts!

        • Dana, it started snowing HARD up here again. The Husband used the snow blower but that half mile of ice is soooo thick he says he has to take a pic ax down tomorrow and try and break it up.

  3. Shannon Holmes says

    People always think that they cannot help because they are only one person. Something you may think is a small thing has a big impact on others.

  4. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work for non-profits and church. Kind of taking a break after caring for elderly parents, as I realize I haven’t gotten anything done for myself in over a decade, and still feel worn out! But I would think it ideal for a career where you can get paid to help people, especially as a college graduate, you can earn enough to live on.

  5. Kate Sarsfield says

    In our little village we now have a cardiac defibrillator and a team of volunteers 24/7. This followed on from the death of a toddler 3 years ago. Ill with ‘flu, he had a cardiac arrest & although his parents did CPR, he was gone by the time the paramedics got there.

    From that awful tragedy came something good.

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