TV Store Online To The RESCUE!!! @TVStoreOnline GIVEAWAY!!

Virus or not birthday’s happen, holiday’s happen and the Easter Bunny is still on the horizon. I’m sure the last thing parents want in those Easter baskets is candy!! I’m really sure that daughter Selena would have my hide if I sent candy to Alice!

This virus has kids home for extended amounts of time. By Easter everyone will be climbing the walls.  Whether it’s parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that are rearranging schedules to accommodate school closings, I think adding candy may just make the Monday after Easter even worse.

I have a great non candy Easter Basket idea!  NO basket needed even!! Start with a t-shirt from  Add a craft, add a book and maybe a toy. Squishies are always a safe bet where Alice is concerned. I even found miniature bunny squishies!

I love these t-shirts! I grew up watching Linda Carter as Wonder Woman. Atari. Seriously gamers would LOVE this one. Both of these t’s are soft. Like worn in, had ’em for years, faded, retro t’s. is the place massive pop culture clothing!! StarWars! Atari, WONDER WOMAN!!!  Even DISNEY!!!!

TVStoreONLine is a Detroit-based movie, television, and comic book apparel and costume company. These guys have been seen on Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Today Show, The Ellen Show. That’s COOL right?!

Thanks to one of you little Peanuts will win a t-shirt of their choice!!

Good Luck little Peanuts!!

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47 thoughts on “TV Store Online To The RESCUE!!! @TVStoreOnline GIVEAWAY!!

  1. I really like the Cat in the Hat Big Hat T-Shirt for my hubby. My kids would get a kick out of it!

  2. I’m a big fan of Bob’s Burgers, so the Mr. Business t-shirt makes me smile. (He’s a very difficult cat that belongs to Bob’s sister-in-law.)

  3. I love the Grease Pink Ladies Shorts and Top Pajamas. They are so cute and look so comfortable.

  4. I actually have a couple of big bang theory shirts from this site, but since I love frozen I would get the Yeah Why Olaf T-Shirt.

  5. My brother and his friends do a fantasy football league, and they’ve made Al Bundy from Married With Children, their mascot (Al’s one moment of glory was his high school football days) –so, I got him a Polk High (Al’s High School) football t-shirt with Al’s #33 on it from TV Store Online a while back. He loved it. That’s my favorite tee!

  6. They have many cute items. I like this one: Rainbow Dash Face Kids Hoodie Sweatshirt with Mane, Wings and Tail.

    1. I love the Kelly Kapowski Bayside Tigers Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt! I grew up watching Saved by the Bell 😊

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