Trail Cam Friday! July 3, 2020

FINALLY! Gesh, seems like forever since I’ve had anything even a little interesting to share.  I am hoping that I can capture some fireworks from the top deck tomorrow and maybe something on the trail cam? I dunno. Fingers crossed.

So this week the deer are back. Including a young buck with tiny little antlers. One very conceded turkey that seems to be saying “I’m ready for my close-up” and my little bear cub. No sign of the ma’ma in these shots.

Of course I had to share one shot that showed we actually had some blue sky!! Can I get a whoop whoop!?

So, not the best pictures but, some pictures are better than no pictures. Right? RIGHT!!

Have a wonderful day little Peanuts!

7 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday! July 3, 2020

  1. These are cool pictures! And what a location to catch fireworks! This turkey strutting around showing off looks like a turkey dinner to me, LOL!

  2. Well, there’s Thanksgiving dinner taken care of, lol. Assuming the turkey keeps hanging out there.

  3. We’ve vicariously lived through all the deck dramas but you never said how huge they are! I mean, that’s like half a house added on!

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