Trail Cam Friday December 4th #wildlifephotography

Yeah, the camera batteries died and the date is wrong on all of these. Next Friday should have correct day and time. Gesh! If it isn’t one thing it’s a million others.

Father and Son bonding??

Most of these are picture in the dark because it gets DARK AT 3:30 in the AFTERNOON!!! WhatTHE?!?!

I’m really sad that my wild bears haven’t been by in over 2 weeks. Maybe next weeks Trail Cam Friday.


9 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday December 4th #wildlifephotography

  1. It has been getting dark here by 4:00, yikes, that is early, though. I love these pictures, they are always fun to see!

  2. Our clock is always wrong on the game camera. We try to remember when we go out and mess with the camera so we can count back from that time to know the “real” time. Looks like you have quite the busy “yard”. Isn’t nature the best 🙂

  3. I think your trail cam photos are very interesting. I wonder if these animals realize they are on “Candid Camera”? Remember that old TV show?

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