Trail Cam Friday August 7th 2020

Finally a few pictures worthy of Trail Cam Friday!

Check out the baby!!! How cute is this fawn! Spots and all!!

I also caught a little make out session! Kissy kissy!

Of course my favorite!! Two different bears. All black and one with a white nose. Note. One decided to lick the camera!!

Next week I will be adding pictures from a new trail camera! I put this new one down on the animal trail so hopefully we will see some new ‘action’ type pictures

Which picture is your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday August 7th 2020

  1. How cute is that fawn??? I notice the bear usually pops up right where the deer were earlier…I guess he could be after the corn, but I wonder if he’s got the scent of the deer? Yikes! lol

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