Trail Cam Friday 7/17 SHE’s BAAAAACKKKK!!!!

My friend the bear is back!!  (Yes, I know…. the bears are not my friends….. I know I would be a tasty treat.  I know that is how I will die…….. but it looked so sweet and fluffy will be my last words.)

I have absolutely no idea what the bright spot is, maybe it’s a SIGN that says “Pet me here!” in really tiny letters.  MAYBE it’s a PET collar!!!

The only other interesting pictures are the squirrel, rabbit and chipmunk all together. A few deer for good measure.

This picture intrigues me. Is it a bat??  If it is why isn’t it using it’s bat house?!?

From the second trail cam we only got a couple of fairly good shots.

And that is all for this week.

Carry on Little Peanuts!

9 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday 7/17 SHE’s BAAAAACKKKK!!!!

  1. That bright spot, as you call it, is actually a huge diamond. Bear has learnt that humans are greedy and so he ‘fishes’ for his next meal using diamonds! Honest 😉

  2. So many adorable critters! Lately, someone on our local FB group has a mommy fox with her kits taking over her back yard, she posts video clips of them scampering around. It is fun to watch. I get to see a lot of concrete and black tar driveway, my view!

  3. Holy moly, she’s so close to the house!! Do me a favor Connie, before you exit your home, google ‘how to scare off bears!’ Also, google ‘images of results of trying to pet the bears.’ Lol.

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