Trail Cam Friday!!

Well, this weeks pictures are kinda Ahhhhhhhhh. Bucks are back. TONS of deer. Nothing spectacular though.

So, tomorrow I will be moving the trail cam again. HOPEFULLY we will catch our moose. I can hear them just haven’t gotten them on camera this year. So hopefully next Friday’s pictures will be aweeeeeeeeeeesome!!


21 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday!!

  1. I can still comment on here even though I already have once yesterday. LOL Those bucks are so spectacular! I just love the racks. It must be so good to loose them though, with them being so big and heavy.

    1. Diane, I can not wait until I can get down the mountain side to hunt for the racks. I really thought all the bucks had already lost all there antlers, so I was surprised they still had theirs. They are sooooooooooooo spectacular.

  2. At home, my ‘wildlife’ was pretty much squirrels and two huge buzzards that came down from their roost if a squirrel got hit by a car. Wildlife in the burbs just doesn’t live up to your trail cams!

    1. Dana, I got some good shots of the moose last winter. I’m anxious for the Bears to come back. (Yeah… I asked The Husband if I can catch a cub…. the answer is still no. Only this year it was a much LOUDER no!)

  3. I agree with Diane. I’m awed by the wildlife so close to your front door, lol. I noticed you scatter corn or something to attract the deer, I’m guessing?? What do moose eat? Can you put out moose food, lolol?

    1. Diane and Tamra, we feed the deer/moose a bale of alfalfa twice a month. We give them 5 gallons of corn a day spread out like you would feed chickens. We shake the bucket and the animals swarm. It is very cool. The moose love to eat my trees but they settle for the alfalfa.

  4. I think the photos on the Trail Cam have been awesome anyway! Most of us never get a chance to see these animals in their natural surroundings. So I am giving them a 10!!! 🙂

    1. Diane, Thank you!! I moved the Trail Cam to the other side of the barn and faced it toward ‘The Zen’ area (it’s a HUGE moss covered rock and it’s soooooo peaceful we named it “The Zen” Area. The moose like to walk up that side soooooooooooooooo MAYBE moose pictures soon!

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