The Best Food: Bulldogs, Labradors And German Shepherds

Just as human beings can sometimes be picky eaters, so too are our dogs. They aren’t simple creatures, they too get sick of eating the same thing over and over. In the wild, they will be more than happy to eat the same lean beef over and over. That’s because they are in a survival mode. Yet when our pooches are at home and they have lived with humans their entire lives they know they have more choices. We feed them different things as they are growing so they get a taste of various foods. Now that they’re grown, we can’t expect them to eat just whatever we give them. Part of loving them is also letting them live and experience different things just as we want to. it’s not that we hate steak and potatoes, we just don’t want to eat it every single night. But just like human beings, different dogs want different foods. Most breeds will have a lot in common when it comes to their favored foods but for specific breeds you’ll have better success with specific foods.

Bulldog cravings

English Bulldogs are known to be strong and powerful. They can be just as playful as they are aggressive and tough. However they do have a tendency to gain weight when they are not eating the right kind of food. Keep it lean and clean with food like an Earthborn Holistic mix. It’s a lean red meat such as lamb, but also mixes in vegetables along with fruits. It makes the food a nice blend that is healthy but had a lot of protein in it also to keep your English bulldog satisfied. Because it’s a lean food, it will stave off weight gain and help maintain your dog’s joints. Other foods like grain-free chicken and sweet potato is a welcome addition to the diet.

Labrador likings

Labs are not quite a small dog but they’re not huge either. They are large dogs which means they need a slightly above average source of protein in their meals. Something like Wellness Core Formula is a good idea as there is a mix of grain-free turkey and chicken. Both of which have been deboned so all your furry friend is getting is a tasty mix of bird. The mix has a lot of omega fatty acids and probiotics to help your dog’s digestive system stay healthy. It’s got plenty of nutrients for a large dog’s needs and offers a balanced and lean diet.

German Shepherd shoulds

A German Shepherd is slightly larger than a Labrador so you’ll need a bit more protein in their meals. In this guide on how to care for a german shepherd, you’ll find that meats like lamb, chicken and fish are welcome. However you may also want to try and feed your dog venison. It’s a more gamey meat but it will fill your dog up quicker.

Each breed has their own style of food. Many require a mix of vegetables and meat but it’s the kind of meat that is specific to each. Make sure that if you’re feeding your dog chicken or turkey, the meat is grain-free.

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