Here We Are Talking Oils Again. I Know……..

I just realized I had not exactly touched on what it takes to get started with young living? There are a few ways….but the premium starter kit is my favorite way. Below are a  few reasons that I talk about it over and over. Because, I know people have a lot of reservations about oils […]

It Isn’t Just A Slogan! Seed To Seal!! Young Living COUPON CODE!!!

Seed to seal… it isn’t just a slogan….it is Young Living’s calling. It is also the reason that I decided to join the Young Living team of oils, and wellness. What I didn’t realize at that moment, was that it was just more than oils. So much more. I think of it like an oyster […]

Young Living Seed to Seal!!

Coffee. My life blood. So much so, that my 6 and 10 year old daughters know how to make it for me. They like watching the crispy white  filter with fresh coffee grounds blooming and the steam that rises above it. I can very honestly say that it is one of my favorite times of […]

Check Your Grinch Attitude At The Door!

Hiiii again friends! A couple of weeks ago I introduced myself and said that I would be here every week sharing about my crunchy granola lifestyle….and then December hit and whoa!  I’m still trying to find out where I hid my elf on a shelf from last year (read: shoved it in a suitcase in […]