Essential Business Safety Nets

It’s something you might not want to think about, especially not because of the associated costs. Still, there are business essentials that are not part of the value-add production line of your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business of making cakes, making highly sensitive engineering plans, or providing straightforward marketing services. Every […]

ZMODO Sight 180 Security Camera Review

Since I began reviewing products ZMODO has always been one of my favorite companies. The customer service is amazing. The products are easy to use and continually provide us with the peace of mind for our home security. This camera is sleek looking. It reminds me of a little happy robot. So, much so I […]

Dummy Security Camera Review!

We bought our house in 1985. We thought we hit the jackpot! Cute little house. Fantastic neighbors. Just blocks away from the grade school and high school. Super close to the Jr. high school.  Our house has gone through a lot of changes. From wallpaper to paint. From carpet to tile. Old bathrooms to updated […]