Lotta Snow & Spotty Internet

We had snow from Friday till early this morning (Monday). That means a WHOLE lotta snow! Since I have Internet for seconds at a time I thought I would just pop on and add some pictures. First, I stepped out of my craftroom and took a shot of the trail cam.  My goal is to […]

April 7th Photo-A-Day When I Wake Up

Prepare to be jealous. I still can’t believe the amazing view we are blessed with. When we lived in California our view was bumper to bumper cars on the street. An apartment complex. A yard with dirt so hard that nothing would grow and a house that seemed to shrink every year. Our new master […]

Happy Sunday!!

This was a great week! Went to town a couple of times. (OH MY GOSH; I am country again!! I now say things like “Going to town”) One of our trips we walked downtown Sandpoint and stumbled upon the CUTEST shops!!! One of them is called “Burlwood Dreams“.  I need! Yes, NEED one of these bears […]

How Do You Make New Friends??

My dear little Peanuts I need your help again. I am 14 days out for the move to Idaho. I’m a big ole pile of emotions. A little nervous (soooooooo lying VERY nervous), a little excited (again…… so lying……VERY excited) and a hefty mix of little dread (NOT lying!) As a kid you’re parents move […]