April 12th Photo-A-Day PEACEFUL

Finally, a prompt that isn’t IN the house or AROUND the house. Are you excited?? I actually took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. The Husband had a doctors appointment and I wanted the opportunity to walk through the Healing Garden. The Healing Garden is between Sandpoint Idaho’s hospital and the doctors buildings. It’s […]

Day 31 Photo-A-Day AFTER

I did it!! I made it a full 31 days of craft-room pictures. Yesterday I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I picked up my messes. THIS is my beautiful ‘She Shed!’ This is above the entrance to my room. This a vinyl cling that I made with my Cricut Maker […]

Come See My Deer & Bucks Via The Gosira Trail Camera Review

THANK YOU to all my little Peanuts that signed up on Facebook to see Gosira Trail Camera posts. I did it!!! I had enough sign-ups that Gosira sent me a trail cam to review!!! HOT DIGGITY!!! Y’all know how much I love my new four-legged neighbors!! So, I spliced together a few of the video’s […]

Happy Sunday!

Check out the visitors from this week!!!!!! I do love my trail cams!! Seriously, do I have the coolest backyard or WHAT?!? How AMAZING is he!?!?

In Case You Missed It………

So if you are new here; I recently moved from California to a mountain in Sandpoint, Idaho. Wild animals everywhere! I’m getting such amazing pictures from my trail cams. I have been giddy with my pictures of deer, turkey’s, squirrels and chipmunks. I have some amazing pictures several that have been canvas worthy. Then one […]

Why Yes……….

Why yes, I AM glad to still be in Sunny California!! Sure I’m sore from up and down on the step-stool. Moving boxes around, binge watching Breaking Bad……packing….. cleaning… blah blah blah….. The Husband on the other hand, well he sent these pictures from the new house….. This is from the main floor deck. These […]

Hello Sunday!

Just in case you don’t follow me on Instagram I thought I would share some pictures I posted last week. First, this is the original picture of the master-bedroom. We decided that we weren’t too crazy about the green color. The Husband worked his tush off to paint it a soft mocha color. Whadda ya […]

Vodka And M&M’s For Dinner

Why Vodka on the rocks and M&M’s you ask? Several reasons. First, The Husband is away and I’m not cooking (notice that most of the M&M’s are green! Green foods good!! Orange for good eyes. Brown good for my bull &*$# organ. Vodka on the rocks? Because 6-year-old Alice was full of energy? Nooooope. Because […]