Oh What A Vacation!

First, that vacation was AAAAAAHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!  Yes, I missed all of my little Peanuts. But, I had a great time with my kids (Selena and Zachary) and families. Mostly an awesome time with granddaughter Alice. I also got to spend some quality time with my bonus granddaughter Olivia. The girls are 8 and 10 so they […]

Happy Sunday!!

This was a great week! Went to town a couple of times. (OH MY GOSH; I am country again!! I now say things like “Going to town”) One of our trips we walked downtown Sandpoint and stumbled upon the CUTEST shops!!! One of them is called “Burlwood Dreams“.  I need! Yes, NEED one of these bears […]

How Do You Make New Friends??

My dear little Peanuts I need your help again. I am 14 days out for the move to Idaho. I’m a big ole pile of emotions. A little nervous (soooooooo lying VERY nervous), a little excited (again…… so lying……VERY excited) and a hefty mix of little dread (NOT lying!) As a kid you’re parents move […]

September 2017 $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

Well, it was pretty much a landslide of votes for adding the Giveaway Widget at the top of the post. So, from now my monthly whine report will be underneath the Giveaway Widget. So the Cliff Note Version is: My personal gossip is under the widget. (The Whine Report) This giveaway is hosted by me alone so […]