Rise and Shine Peanuts With Davina Wellness!!

It’s Sunday! I hope you are doing exactly what you want to do today! Really, wouldn’t that be the perfect day? Doing exactly what YOU want to do. No worries about anyone or anything. Of course, I think this will have a HUGE impact on what I want to do when I win the lottery! […]

Here We Are Talking Oils Again. I Know……..

I just realized I had not exactly touched on what it takes to get started with young living? There are a few ways….but the premium starter kit is my favorite way. Below are a  few reasons that I talk about it over and over. Because, I know people have a lot of reservations about oils […]

It Isn’t Just A Slogan! Seed To Seal!! Young Living COUPON CODE!!!

Seed to seal… it isn’t just a slogan….it is Young Living’s calling. It is also the reason that I decided to join the Young Living team of oils, and wellness. What I didn’t realize at that moment, was that it was just more than oils. So much more. I think of it like an oyster […]

What Are Your Favorite Smells?!

Think for a second. What are your favorite smells?!  Have you ever walked into a space and were instantly transported somewhere else? A time in your childhood? Something that made you smile? Or something that would tug at your heart-strings? Scent Memory. It is real, and it is powerful. Quite often, it can elicit a […]

Happy New Year From Jamie From Dragonfly and Spruce

Oh my gosh! Happy new year to you all. I know that we all say it, but it feels like the years are just flying by at top speed anymore.  Please tell me that I am not the only one that feels that way. I had to actually pull out my calculator the other day because […]