Here We Are Talking Oils Again. I Know……..

I just realized I had not exactly touched on what it takes to get started with young living? There are a few ways….but the premium starter kit is my favorite way. Below are a  few reasons that I talk about it over and over.

Because, I know people have a lot of reservations about oils – the price (which if I knew then, what I knew now, and you told me the price was ten times what it is – I would HAPPILY hand you all my money. It is worth it’s weight in gold.)
But I get it can be overwhelming or scary. I get it, I was right there in your shoes just 3ish years ago.

SO Let me answer some FAQs about oils for ya:

– Do they really work as well as everyone says?
Um. YES. Really. Do you think I’ve been dumping water all over my body the last three years? I mean it when I say that my entire life has changed because of oils. When you keep your body above the line of wellness, ditch the chemicals hiding everywhere you look, and walk in better emotional health – everything is so much better. My daughters and I are so. much. happier.

– I’m afraid I’ll get oils and not use them. Aren’t they gonna sit on my shelf? They look complicated. 
Okay, if my 6,8, and 10 year old can use oils often and safety, I promise so can you.
Really. And if you have questions, I will help you. Every single step of he way. SO will all of my friends, it is called community.

I love love love teaching friends how to use oils, it really is simple, and once you start you won’t go back. We have a private education group here  Facebook filled to the brim with resources, how tos, handbooks, photos, testimonies, and videos. There are  over 10,000 people just like you. Plus you get MEEEEEE. At your service madame.  ❤️

– Can I use them with my kids?
Yaaaasssssss!!!! For sure. And I’ll help you to know how to do it safely and easily.

– Is there a reason to go with Young Living over the other bajillion other brands I’ve seen?

A thousand yeses. Remember above when I said you can use oils on kiddos, safely? That has to do with smart usage, yes, but also it’s about WHAT you’re using. I researched for weeks before I got my oils from YL. Young Living is totally different than any other oil you can buy because of their Seed to Seal. They are the only company that has 30 years experience, you can actually walk on the farms they own all over the WORLD (no one else owns farms) and see how they distill. You can participate in the harvest. The way they distill and the beyond organic farming methods is why their oils are able to be used the way I do – topically on skin and kids and pets, and why they are able to be taken as dietary supplements. Transparency is huge for me, and Seed to Seal is the BOMB.

– Okay, fine. I will get some of your magic plant juice and try these crazy oils. How do I do it? 

YESSSSSSS. I am so freaking excited for youuuu! Okay here’s the link to everything that comes in the kit. To order, follow the instructions at the bottom 🙂 I’ll even give you $25 back to make it that much sweeter.


Let’s break it down, what you get in the premium starter kit below are the most popular and versatile oils that come into e Starter kit.

Lemon🍋: Detoxing, Tasty Water.
Digize🤢: Tummies, Gas, Bloating.
Lavender💜: Sleep, Skin.
Copaiba🍂: Calm, Skin, Muscles.
Thieves🕵🏼‍♀️: Magic, Health Keeper.
Purification👃🏻: Buh-Bye Stank, Clear Face.
Panaway💪🏻: Happy Muscles and Joints.
Frankincense🙌🏻: Inflammation, Skin, Calm.
R.C.🌬: Respiratory Comfort.
Stress Away🌈: Kids are still alive, nuff said. No kids? Then liken it to a tropical vacation with a cabana boy.
Peppermint🌱: Breathe, Muscles, Brownies, headaches, tension

+a diffuser
+a whole bunch of oily info
+roller top
+supportive community to help the whole way

Cost: $135 ($160 plus $25 back from me😘)

11 oils, a diffuser, amazing community.

More than half-off the retail value.

If you still have questions please feel free to email me at

Young Living

It Isn’t Just A Slogan! Seed To Seal!! Young Living COUPON CODE!!!

Seed to seal… it isn’t just a slogan….it is Young Living’s calling. It is also the reason that I decided to join the Young Living team of oils, and wellness. What I didn’t realize at that moment, was that it was just more than oils. So much more.

Young Living

I think of it like an oyster shell (if you have not noticed yet, I LOVE a good analogy). The outside of the shell is disfigured and discolored. A little haphazard in structure. But on the inside…..oh the inside! Once you crack that oyster shell, it is the most beautiful pearl. Something that you would want to share with everyone, am I right? The opalescence color, and the spherical shape. It is awe inspiring and a bit jaw dropping.
That is how I think of Young Living, the community, and the friends that I have made. Once you crack open the shell, and see what is hidden inside…it is impossible to look away.
My favorite part of this journey is the people ( that I haven’t had the flu in who knows how long?) What you get is an entire community. You will never be left wondering how or why to use them, but rather fully immersed into a Facebook family of education and support. Encyclopedia Britannica, on steroids. My Young Living Facebook groups are where I spend most of my days. The people in there have become some of the best friends that I never knew I needed. They have taught me how to live above the wellness line, combat my diabetes, sleep through the night, find my libido (yea I said it), tame my kiddos…all with oils and community.
I would love for you to join me. Love for you to discover what I didn’t know I needed. health, wellness, laughter, and friends. Sounds like a pretty good start to 2018?
Young Living Oils
For the entire month of January, all of the Peanut Butter and Whine family is invited to join me on a journey of wellness. I will give back $25 off the price of the essential starter kit. Email me at to get started.

What Are Your Favorite Smells?!

Think for a second. What are your favorite smells?!  Have you ever walked into a space and were instantly transported somewhere else? A time in your childhood? Something that made you smile? Or something that would tug at your heart-strings?
Essential Oils
Scent Memory. It is real, and it is powerful. Quite often, it can elicit a physiological response in our body. So says the smell of a certain inexpensive liquor and a dorm room hangover circa 1999. Or the cologne (read: axe body spray) of that guy you thought was meant for you and were going to marry. Until 20 years later you realized you never actually knew his middle name?  Or…….the smell of your newborns head in the hospital, The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree at the start of the holiday season. One of my favorites, night-blooming jasmine just outside your bathroom window as summer approaches. We live on the coast, and the smell of the ocean, it owns a piece of my heart. And sometimes, it may be years and the smell of something so seemingly trivial will catapult you back in time, instantly.
 Essential Oil Recipes
People ask me all the time if these oils work? I mean, they are EVERYWHERE, you can find them anywhere (be warned, they are not created equal.…and we will get to that later) How can just the smell of something change your life? Well, there is science behind it. And science is cool.
When fragrance is inhaled, the odor molecules travel up your nose where they are trapped by olfactory membranes. When this happens, nerve cells trigger electrical impulses in the olfactory bulb of the brain.  Huh?  Yea, it gets better…this part of your brain (the limbic system) is what controls heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress level, hormone balance, essential oils can like I said, elicit psychological and physiological effects. Are you still with me? The sense of smell is the only one of all five senses that is linked to the limbic part of the brain. The emotional control center. Anxiety, fear, depression, anger and joy all eminent from this region of the brain. All others senses are routed through the thalamus.
Scent Memory. Its real, and so are oils and how they can help us. Each specific plant and its oil have a specific chemical makeup, they are called constituents. The makeup of each individual plant is unique and therefore can help with different emotional responses, when inhaled. I have a lot of favorites. But these are some that I do not leave home without.
*Lavender is known for calming everyday mental stress, and also creates a calming and comforting environment.
*Lemon increases mental clarity and focus
*Peppermint  relieves occasional head pressure, opens respiratory channels, and soothes occasional stomach discomfort.
I use a diffuser at home (who are we kidding I have one in every quadrant of my house… many diffusers)
There are so many more than those above, and often times single oils are blended together to make an even more powerful synergy. So tell me, what are some of your favorite scent memories?
I am always happy to share more! You can always email me at or find out more about young living essential oils at
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