Craft-Room Tuesday

I couldn’t take it anymore. Last weeks weird felting thing (truly don’t even know what to call it or where I was going with it!) but, it had to go.  Now it’s a fat Santa. He still needs some work but at least he is no longer a weird whatever that was last week!! I […]

What’s In The Craft Room NOW??

I really do have a great excuse for being slow with blog posts. It’s THIS room! My craft room calls to me! I head down here around 9am and stay till 3!! Maybe if I moved my desk closer to the stairs and not on the other side of the craft table I wouldn’t get […]

Day 21 Photo-A-Day BUBBLES!?

Today’s photo prompt is bubbles. BUBBLES?!  My other choices were negative space? Up close? My MOOD?? Yeah. Bubbles it is! Today I’m actually showing you a CRAFT instead of just my beautiful craft space! I am obsessed with cup pours (dirty pour, acrylic pours) artwork. Ever heard of it? I sure hadn’t. One day a […]

Plasty Craft Moldable Plastic Pellets Review

I am GIDDY over Plasty Craft; a moldable plastic!! The Grandkids and I were thrilled to be given a jar of these amazing, magical little pellets to review. We had so much fun!! Plasty Craft is so cool to work with!! Plasty Craft is a moldable plastic that you heat up in hot water for […]