Decorating With Canvas! AFFORDABLY!!!

Now, if you guys really thought I could spend 6 weeks with Alice and not create at least ONE canvas you do NOT know me at all! If you are shaking your head and asking “whaddaya mean there is only ONE” well, then you know me REALLY well! Check out my sweet fish. I mean […]

THE Perfect Father’s Day Gift Idea!

It’s almost June, which means Father’s Day is right around the corner.  This year I found it! I found the and I do mean THE perfect gift for The Husband. Earlier this year we had to put our sweet lab Gracie to sleep. The Husband and Gracie were constant companions. (I think he may love […]

BEST Valentine Idea EVER!! From Canvas Press!!

Happy Valentines Day TO ME!!! This has to be one of the BEST gifts EVER!!!  Y’all know that the greatest gifts for me somehow involve Alice. I absolutely adore that kid!! She is a crack up from the top of her head to the bottom of her little feet. I was given the opportunity to […]

InkDoodle Canvas Review

I love art work. I adore art work that I actually had a hand in. Noooo I didn’t do the printing or the stretching or anything complicated like that. No, I did the easy thing I pushed the button on the camera. So technically I had a finger in the work. I am obsessed with […]

What Are the Best Canvas Choices for Artists?

When artists talk about canvas, this is a rather generic term to describe the support for a painting. Choosing the right type of canvas for your artwork depends wholly on your budget, the type of painting you’re creating, as well as your comfort and familiarity. Canvas can vary in types, including cotton duck (the most […] Getty Images

Y’all know my favorite area in California is Yosemite. I love when we go camping. I always come away with hundreds of photographs. One of our favorite spots in Yosemite is at Mirror Lake. The water is so still and so clear that it truly mirrors the splendor that is Yosemite. I was giddy when […]