JLab Headphones: #1 True Wireless Headphones under $100

I know, Halloween isn’t even over yet but I am full on ready for Christmas! It’s truly everything I have in me not to have the Christmas tree up and decorated. This year in particular. The house isn’t in full on construction mode. The weather hasn’t gotten cold enough to require a coat. We’ve already […]

Meet The Google Pixelbook!! #pixelbook, @BestBuy, #ad

I am 100% a Google Gal! I google the most random things on not only my iPad, my computer and my phone. Google and I are buds!!  Now I’m drooling over the new Pixelbook !!  Of course, I need the new Pixelbook Pen too! I’d hate to break up a cute couple! What do I love […]

Rub-A-Dub With 2 Tubs!! LG Appliances Twin Wash! @BestBuy #ad @LGUS

As many perks as our new house in Idaho has, THIS laundry room design is not one of them!!!  I have to admit, I can’t even imagine a house that goes with this laundry room. Can you!? But count me in for a tour!!!  PLEASE!!! I promise not to drool on anything! (too much anyway….) […]

#ad #WinSolar Power System From SunPower! $16,500 Value

#ad #winsolar DH and I have been looking into getting solar panels for our home; so this campaign arrived at the perfect time!! So, in my quest to learn more about solar power I also get to share that information with you!! It’s a win win. Speaking of win! The incredible solar energy company SunPower […]