Snack & Play Tray From Star Kids! #holidayroadtrips

Alice is loving her new Snack & Play Tray. First, the tray is large enough to go over the car-seat from arm to arm; so that’s a big bonus!! The surface is a white board; I can’t decide if I love the white board or hate it. Alice is giddy as all get out that she can draw and write on her tray IN the car!!  I’m not crazy about the ink all over the kid. Now, with that said, y’all know Alice, she’d have ink on her no matter where we were writing! So that’s a draw I guess.

There are net pockets on the sides which is awesome for water bottles, toys, pens and books. VERY handy, I really love the side pockets!! Another major perk is the fact that the tray is magnetic. This is an AWESOME perk!! Alice loves to play with magnetic letters and her magnetic paper dolls. So, between the lip around the tray and the magnetic surface we have a LOT less toys on the floor that I have to try to find as I drive!!

The buckle is easy enough that Alice does it herself. The belt is long enough that I was able to tie one end to a metal piece on her car-seat so it’s easy for Alice to reach to the side and lock the tray in place. I love that!!  I don’t have to stop and get out and put the tray on! Great time saver. The tray cleans up nicely and easily.

I do wish the tray had a cup holder; like a hole in the tray maybe with a net to hold a drink, but the net pockets do help.

My biggest complaint is one that the company already addressed with me and that’s the big bend in the middle. The company assures me that they are redesigning the packaging which will eliminate that big hump in the middle of the tray. AWESOME!!


Overall this is a great tray!! Easy to clean, large enough for Alice! This is a great tray!!

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    These should come standard with children’s car seats! No more raisins, nuts & apple pips/cores being squashed into the fabric seats or carpet!