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The Whine Report August 2017

Another sad event for our little PBnWhine family CJ lost her Dad in August; so for just a moment send out a little prayer, or good thoughts out into the universe; I like to think of it as sending her a warm virtual hug, of peace and love to her and her family.

What a month August was! Holy Guacamole Batman. We found a house that we both fell in love with in Idaho! IDAHO?! Where it has SNOW!?! But, the VIEW!! It’s stunning. The Husband and I decided we needed to go see the house in person, nothing could be this beautiful!! We were packed, the maps printed. The day before we took off The MaMa (Yes, my Mom) fell. Snapped a bone in her hip. Well, that put a wrench in the works. The Husband did go and I have to share the master bedroom pictures. Yes, that is a bed in the middle of the room. LOOK AT THAT VIEW!!!!!


Bedroom with a view

Bedroom view

Mom’s surgery went great. She didn’t need a new hip; just (pffttt just?!) a rod and two pins to hold it in place. That was great news. My Mom is very healthy, she doesn’t take any medications so the anesthesia knocked her for a loop so there were 3 very hard days. As of today 8/31 she’s been moved to a convalescent home to learn to move around with her new hip hardware. Thank HEAVENS the home is on my daily travel route!! I can see Mom before I pick up Alice and then again on my way home at night.

I have to share a couple more picture from The House in Idaho.  I live in Southern California, if I see 2 stars I’m happy. LOOK at THIS SKY!!!!

night sky in Idaho

This is the view from the wrap around porch from the Master Bedroom.

View in Idaho

I have so much emotion going through me even thinking about moving. My kids! Alice! UGH! On the other hand, time for me. Time for crafts, read a book that isn’t meant for a 1st grader. Not constantly going. UGH!!  I pretty much can’t stop crying when I think about the whole thing. Now……. how much emotion is my Mom? The House? Alice? Who knows. My stomach has been in knots for the last 10 days! I guess you’ll have to check back to see how this drama unfolds!!  (I sure wish I could skip ahead and see what happened!!)

As far as 1st Grade goes Alice is doing great! None of the hysterics that we had on and off for Kindergarten. She is loving 1st Grade!!

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307 thoughts on “September 2017 $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

  1. … and so another month has passed me by! Today started off with an early dental appointment then the weekly grocery shop. The swallows are getting ready to fly back to Africa. Their all practising & gathering in hordes on telegraph wires & rooftops. It’s always a bit sad to see them leave.

      1. And I’m not even Irish! Well, Dad’s ancestors were but Mum is Welsh through and through and I was born just outside Liverpool in England!

  2. This week I’m fighting gnats. I don’t know why all of a sudden we have these annoying critters flying around but I made a home made vinegar trap and hoping to kill them all.

  3. Today, we are getting what’s left of Hurricane Harvey. Yep, the pouring rain from that nightmare has reached us in Kentucky. It’s been pouring rain all day & they say it will keep raining through tomorrow, but there’s not a lot of wind, so no big deal compared to what Texas got, of course. Personally, I find myself still doing that ‘this is the first ____ since Mom died’ thing. Yesterday, it was this is the first entire month gone by without Mom. I assume that eventually stops.

    1. Yes, eventually but then it morphs into ‘Mum/Dad would have loved that programme/piece of music/book’ etc. etc. And then into ‘do you remember when …’ . That’s when it does start to ease up a bit.

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words, Connie. Mom & I are doing our best but we have to take it one day at a time. Today Mom & I went to visit my aunt (who is my Dad’s sister). She just got out of hospital because she was ill. It was a nice visit. 🙂

  5. The day is starting off well with coffee and blog reading. It is still raining here in KY but only about 5″ so far so nothing to really complain about compared to Texas and Louisiana.

  6. Day is going good. It is cool out, and I’m looking up fall recipes for cobblers and galettes. Ordering trim for the pillows I’m getting ready to make, washing the fabric.

  7. We’ve got severe weather warnings for tonight & tomorrow so I worked in the garden for most of the day. I think it’s the tail-end of Harvey.

  8. This has been a gloomy sort of day. It’s gray & rainy outside, & I think that has contributed to my blue mood. Well, I hope the sun comes out soon & I cheer up! (That view of the starry night sky at your possible future home is amazing!)

  9. I sit here and still cannot believe that my husband is gone…..4 months from diagnosis to his passing…..47 years of my life have been spent with that man.. I was 18 years old and he was 22 years old….finishing school and paying rent oh was that an adventure in the 70’s but we did it!…..He took early retirement at 51 years old and he was so happy every day….I look around and see all the things he still wanted to do and it breaks my already broken heart….thank you for the rant Connie….

  10. My day is going fine. It’s Saturday night. The rain has been coming in and out for two days. Hey, at least we don’t have all the flooding. Thank the Lord! Praying for Texas and Louisiana.

  11. We went through Dad’s things today. Mom went through his clothes and shoes, and I went through his paper files and computer files. I found a lot of nice things, poems, photos, and songs he wrote for my mother. 🙂

  12. Normally on a Sunday morning I take a break and relax. Definitely not this Sunday! I have a lot of yardwork to do that has to be done. We’ve got great weather, and I am gonna take advantage. Mom & I are gonna have a BBQ today – Dad would love that. He really enjoyed our family BBQs. 😀

  13. Getting ready to BBQ.. I am no master but I have to try…not going to be as good as my husbands but I am sure he is smiling wherever……

  14. Ah, well, Sunday always seems a little slow to me. And tomorrow being a holiday, it will seem like 2 Sundays in a row. So, it’s going to be a long few days.

  15. You lucky lot having the day off tomorrow! Enjoy! Here, it’s still bucketing down & last night we had winds of up to 100 mph. The last of Harvey. we hope.

  16. Happy Labor Day, my fellow Americans! I hope you enjoy the long holiday! Mom and I are going to go out a little bit today and get out of the house. 🙂

  17. I don’t think I tell you guys enough how much I love you!!! I do NOT know what I would do without my part time editors!! Sarah! Kate! Michele! THANK YOU!!!! With my in the hospital I am a chicken runnin’ around without her head!! Geesh!! I don’t know how most of you do it!! HOLY GUACAMOLE batman!!

    Thank you everyone for watching out for me!! I love YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The smoke from all the fires in the west is blanketing Colorado today. (cough, cough). Can hardly see more than a couple of blocks.

  19. Happy Labor Day, y’all. My youngest nephew spent most of the day here, but other than that it was really just another day around here. At least it was a nice sunny day.

  20. Mom and I have errands to do and we will pick up Daddy’s ashes. Mom made a special place on the mantle for him next to his picture.

  21. Day is going good. Today I called our local fire marshall’s office for the third time. I let them know I’m not going to let the fire code violations just go, that I will escalate as high up the chain as I need to, and that I already talked to the state fire marshall. Just a couple days ago, there was ANOTHER fire in an older condo complex in my town, one lady getting ready to jump hanging over the balcony when the fire trucks got there. You would think they’d be HAPPY someone is reporting something BEFORE there is a fire. I have to say I’m shocked at the amount of ‘tude they give me. But it felt good to speak up, even if I have to do it over and over and over and over …… hopefully before there is a fire someone will FORCE them to write up the violations and MAKE them do something about it.

  22. Going thru the motions of all the paperwork now…. dealing with all the things my husband did…..all my neighbors have been so incredibly wonderful to my daughter and I… people can be amazing…..

  23. Today is the best I have felt in over a week so even though I’m trying to clear out my emails I have a lot of chores to do.

  24. Up & out and about early this morning then as it was raining (what’s new?) I managed to catch up on bits of sewing and mending that had been piling up. I’m actively ignoring the mountain of ironing!

  25. Not much going on around here today. It’s been gray & overcast mostly. So…just watching TV, reading, on the computer, etc.

  26. Did a lot yesterday and I was super tired… Today I would like to clean the livingroom from top to bottom. With everything that’s been going on cleaning the house has been put on the backburner… but it really needs to be done so I am gonna put some cheerful music on and get to cleaning. It’s times like this I really wish I was Snow White and could call on the birds and forest creatures to come and help… LOL. 😉

  27. Another quiet day in the Sarsfield house (thank heaven!). A few appointments to make for Mum but other than that fairly chilled so far 🙂

  28. My day is going good. I called the building department of our town and report the unlicensed contractor work by our property manager. Then I called the new town manager and told him how the fire marshall’s office and the building department are not dealing with complaints about unlicensed work and fire code violations. It felt good. Now I hope something is done about it. I still have tarps and buckets for the leaks, still working on that problem, but that is also unlicensed contractor work by the property manager in addition to MANY other unlicensed work being done

  29. All my prayers and thoughts are with everyone in the path of hurricane Irma…Please if the authorities tell you to evacuate for the love of God do so….. this storm is no joke…..

  30. I can’t decide if it’s going to storm or not. All day long, we have gone back and forth between really dark, dooms-day-looking clouds & bright sunshine. Right now, it’s a weird combination, lol. Seriously, half the sky is all black clouds, but the other half is a bright sun.

  31. Good swim class. One guy had been missing from class and we didn’t know why. Happy ending: turns out he was in Germany for 3 weeks.

  32. My day’s going ok so far. The international news is scary with Irma & N. Korea hitting the headlines so I’ll bring you some local news instead: Old Mrs. Doyle (as opposed to the other Mrs. Doyle) is getting double glazing & new curtains! Holy God, she must have won the Lotto!

      1. and what’s more she’s being brought over here for afternoon tea with Mum tomorrow. With Old Mrs. D. as deaf as a post & Mum’s memory getting patchier by the day, I may have to go for a lie-down afterwards! Never a dull moment 🙂

  33. My day is going OK. This is a gorgeous place, but I would only want it as a second/vacation home (not that I could afford to do that!), I wouldn’t want to leave a place where there is family, hospitals, etc., esp as I got older.

  34. My day has been very relaxing! My oldest recently headed off to college. So when my youngest was at school today, I went & had a massage! What a treat! Then stroller through the Farmers Market afterwards!

  35. Received a lovely email from my eldest grandson yesterday….Cannot believe that he is 18 years old….he remarked that his time here with us on vacation when he was younger was the happiest vacation of his life……why do all these men wanna make me cry ?????

  36. Today Mom and I spent the day at the utility companies changing things from Dad’s name to Mom’s.. Then my cousin-in-law came over and we had a nice chat and visit. 🙂

  37. It’s 8 p.m. & I hear my brother mowing the lawn, lol. He better hurry or he’ll be mowing in the dark! That might be entertaining in the morning when we see how straight he kept the mower in the dark.

  38. It’s been a busy day trying to get things done, but just getting ready to watch some tv with my hubby! Been a good day!

  39. My day is going good. The weather is nice. A touch cool, which is perfect for doing those projects that you want to get done before holidays and winter.

  40. Five o’clock and my first sit-down with a mug of tea all day. Mum had an early appointment then she was tired so had to bring her home & head back into town for groceries (and wine!), some bedding plants and masonry paint. The DIY list just got longer …..

  41. I got up too early, I think. Now I’m yawning at 3 p.m., lol. I jerked awake this morning, convinced I had heard my Mom yell my name. I started to answer, but of course quickly realized it wasn’t possible it was her. I don’t think I was dreaming, at least I don’t remember any dream. Just a reflex due to the fact that it used to happen like that now & then when she was ill or having a problem with her oxygen? I don’t know. But I would swear to you I heard my Mother’s voice this morning. Very unsettling, to say the least, so I got up (no going back to sleep after that!)

  42. Spent the day today going thru all my moms papers… all my report cards and birthday and holiday cards and notes I sent her over the years….found my First Holy Communion veil and prayer book mother of pearl of course only the best for her girl.. oh gosh how I miss my mom… don’t think we didn’t argue.. did we.. lol but she was funny and happy go lucky and gave me the best childhood ever….

  43. We had a bad thunder and lightning storm last night that knocked out power and the internet. Power came back in a few hours but today I had to call the ISP to help get it working again… Other than that it was a good day and I got a lot more housecleaning done…

  44. Hello!
    My day is going smoothly since I have nothing to do today?? I’ll probably do my college homeworks but I might procrastinate so we will see ?

  45. It is a nice day out today. We didn’t get a huge amount of rain the past couple of days, so no leaks. Good day to be outside.

  46. Well you have to picture this my daughter and I with the electric hedge trimmer outside doing the hedges….with a ladder and gloves ( why I don’t know ) well once we got into it the sky was the limit… chain sawing our way thru the hedges. I think they look great maybe not totally even but they are clipped and rounded.. Ethel and Lucy watch out!!!

  47. My mother’s not joking… I am sure we looked ridiculous… I also sprayed some weed killer on some weeds. I wonder if Dad is looking down on us and laughing. He was a real garden person who loved the outdoors. My mother and I? We are soooo not! LOL! 😀

  48. Slow day today. My youngest nephew was here for a while. Now, I’m just wondering if Irma is going to hit the Tampa area hard–we have family there.

  49. Well we have to be strong.. my sister-in-law passed away exactly two weeks after my husband her brother of the same cancer…..she was suffering just as much as he was… another funeral Tuesday….

    1. Oh Michele, the poor lady and poor you having to go through it all again. Life’s just not fair. Just a thought though (and I don’t want to worry you) why doesn’t CJ get her DNA tested to see if it’s a family thing or just bloody bad luck. My sister got ours and her daughter done via her long-distance boyfriend (Philadelphia) so we’d be prepared as both Mum’s Dad & now Mum have had serious bowel cancer. We are in the danger zone but at least now we now what to look out for.

      1. I would like to when I can. Also, according to doctors when I turn 40 it will be time to have that part of my body scanned annually to make sure everything is ok.

  50. We have visitors coming for lunch on Wednesday so Mum’s dusting maniacally & I’m doing the heavier cleaning chores and fixing the wobbly toilet seat. Other than that it’s just a matter of staying indoors as we’ve got stormy weather forecast again (though nothing on the scale of Irma, José & Katia).

  51. I started a strict diet today (goes for 8 weeks, supposed to help diabetes. We’ll see.) So, all I can think of, of course, is food!

  52. Today is Sunday and I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. This past week has been exhausting and all I wanted to do was rest. When Monday comes work begins all over again.

  53. Storm this morning thunder lightening power out the whole thing….everything is back to normal now…..getting myself ready for the funeral tomorrow…I hope this is it for a long time….

  54. I managed to get a bit of Autumn colour into the garden with some polyanthus & cyclamen then had to make a mad dash as my sister asked me to collect some meds from the pharmacy (her car’s at the mechanics). She said it’s ok they close at 7pm – oh no they don’t! The shutters were down so she’ll have to wait till morning.

  55. With everything that’s been going on around here since Mom died, & with the news focusing on the hurricanes, 9-11 kind of snuck up on me this year. Just yesterday I noticed all the documentaries scheduled for today & it dawned on me that yes, it is 9-11. Hard to believe it has been 16 years, isn’t it? Soon there will be a generation of adults born after it happened.

  56. I cleaned my room today.. it was such a mess. I feel like i am slowly getting the house back together after everything that’s happened. Still a lot of work to do though.

  57. Going to Arby’s for the Bronco Special since they got 2 touchdowns. And won, but that doesn’t matter for the Arby’s special.

    Are you really moving to Idaho? Is it for sure? Long way from ocean and Alice….

  58. How’s my day been? I’ve been collecting spiders! Today’s count is 14 great big black hairy-looking things, like the ones that you find in the bath. It must be the sudden change in the weather (there’s a gale blowing now and it’s got colder), that’s driving them indoors! Then again it could be the same one making his way back in after I’ve chucked him out the window!

  59. Went to my sister-in-laws funeral today….oh gosh so much sadness….of course they mentioned that her brother my husband just passed away…..I need to have a break from all this… mother-in-law is 90 and has buried 3 of her children from cancer. she has serious dementia and maybe that is a God-send….I watched her today and am wondering how long .. how long….

  60. What’s left of Irma was still dumping rain over us today in KY. Watching the news footage of the Caribbean & how devastated those areas are, though…I guess I won’t complain about a bunch of rainy days.

  61. Tired. Really tired. Tired of being sad. Tired of being tired. I need more light in my life. I am really sick of the dark. I am ready for happier days.

    1. Stick at it and stick together – you’re both doing really well even though it may not seem like it. All this will be just a blur of days into months … and even though things will never be the same, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will smile again xxx

        1. I know what you mean, CJ. After Mom died I even found myself pulling down the sheers on the livingroom windows, thinking more actual light would make me feel better. I wish I had good advice to give. I don’t.

  62. Well, someone went around our neighborhood last night breaking into cars. My sister-in-law’s car was a mess, papers, etc., pulled out of the glove compartment, but looks like nothing taken because she doesn’t keep valuables in the car. One neighbor had 3 guns taken (Who keeps 3 guns in the car?? I don’t know. Maybe he had been hunting & left them in the car.) Another had their car windows busted. Add that to the fact that the schools were in lockdown Monday until after 5 p.m. because of a guy with a gun who managed to shoot down a medical helicopter. (He turned out to be a person with issues who was on a new med that didn’t seem to be right for him!) This is a small KY town. We are not used to this, lol.

  63. Our visitors arrived down from Dublin for lunch & it was really nice seeing them again. They used to be neighbours but mostly live in Spain now, just coming back a couple of times a year. Oh, to have some of that Spanish sun!

  64. Started going thru all my husbands things in the garage, and the work bench in the car port area.. jeez what in hell is all this crap??? I have always worked with him outside and knew that he had a system… well darling there is now a new tidy organized system.. labeled containers and bags and bags on garbage.. lol I know you are watching me and saying not that keep that as I toss it in the dust bin…..

  65. Good swim class. Then to Panera for a bowl of their French onion soup for $.49. They’re encouraging people to use their pick-up service by giving $5 off.

  66. Had a storm this morning and lost power… Didn’t last too long though. Then I thoroughly cleaned our porch. Getting this cleaning done and clearing out stuff we don’t need is making me feel better. I am accomplishing something.

  67. I had a great day today~I got to see all three of my kids. We had a great time just sitting and talking and laughing. It is nice that your adult kids still want to hang out with you.

  68. My day is going OK. Supposed to have t-storms this afternoon, so will be running home to watch about leaks. I’m still waiting for my complaints to town officials to see if anyone will do anything about all the unlicensed contractor work and fire code violations.

  69. Phew! The worst of the thunderstorms are over and the sun is brightly shining! Yay! Back into the garden I go. I may even wash the windows!

  70. Had to go out and face the world today…..did my errands then ran back in here…..just want to stay here and do all the going thru that I have to do…..I have it figured that I will not have to leave for a week….

  71. Not a lot going on around here today. Truthfully, I did next to nothing today. Cleaned out a few drawers, threw away old papers, that’s it.

  72. My sister’s car has to be put out of it’s misery and until she gets a new one which could take a couple of weeks, I’ll have to take my niece to the Dublin bus every morning for College. That means getting up at 5.50 IN THE MORNING! I’m often still awake at that hour! Why can’t she live up there & just come home at weekends like everyone else 🙁

  73. Good news at the doctor today. I followed the strict diet that gastric bypass surgery patients use after they have surgery (though I haven’t had the surgery)—to see if it would help my diabetes, because it has reversed diabetes in those patients. I am now one year out from that diet & my A1C number (a more thorough blood test for diabetics that tests long term blood sugar) says I am NOT DIABETIC!! So, I’m hoping it continues like that.

  74. Tropical storm Lee is churning out there in the sea… The Lesser Antilles will take a small hit but what about up the chain.. I pray it gives people a well needed break from drama….

  75. I cleaned the kitchen and diningroom top to bottom… The floor is immaculate! LOL… Getting the house back together has been very cathartic for me. 🙂

  76. Much like CJ, I’ve been cleaning as well. The hall carpet in my case, although the steamer broke 3 years ago & was one of those things that Dad never got around to looking at. Instead I’ve been shuffling on my bottom up the length of the hall! Great way to beat cellulite, so they say 🙂

  77. I just realised I commented twice yesterday – ah well, you can’t have too much of a good thing! The carpet looks (almost) as good as new so I’m delighted but the chemical headache kept me awake 🙁

  78. My fantastic, wonderful, incredible daughter cleaned the study today….one could eat off the floor….but who really wants to right???… Meanwhile I was downstairs forever going through coffee cans with rusty nails and hinges and other things that were precious to my husband but into the dust bin for me…… I will have this job done soon.. maybe… hopefully….

  79. I’m watching old Star Trek Voyager on Netflix today. Those old shows are the TV equivalent of comfort food for me, lol. I’m putting off going through Mom’s clothes, really. I’ve done the papers, etc., but I just don’t feel up to the clothes right now. It’s not like they’re going anywhere. I’ll do it when I feel ready, I guess.

  80. I am tired….. because I did some more cleaning. The entire upstairs is clean and everything is put away. Downstairs…. bleh… that’s for another day. I am going to enjoy the rest of my weekend. 🙂

  81. Last night we had the most torrential rain & thunderstorm. I can’t remember ever having rain like that lasting for hours, and this is Ireland! However the sun is now out but it’s a bit chilly so fingerless gloves on & garden here I come 🙂

  82. Today is Sunday.. no working at all today….all I have to do is cook and listen to music.. right now Mozart is on.. then read my papers and relax…. the wine is chilling and I am so ready for a glass.. it is noon somewhere right now so off I go….

  83. Day is going good, quiet so far. Overcast but warm out. Planning on doing some baking pretty soon. Looking at lamps online, broke my bedroom lamp that I had made a silk shade for.

  84. There’s not a lot happening around here today. It’s really hot today, so my youngest nephew came in from his football game looking like he had dumped water on his head but it was just where he had been dripping sweat. Now that Summer ought to be about over, it decides to turn into mid-July out there, lol.

  85. My day is going OK. Talked with another neighbor, the property manager didn’t handle her leaks, either, and she has lots of damage. She is 80 years old, had a stroke and is going blind, she has to fight with all her might and they are taking advantage of her – and me, too. I’m scared with the tropical storm coming and possibly the latest hurricane.

  86. Ugh, ugh, ugh! Is how I felt getting up BEFORE THE SONGBIRDS this morning but once I was up it wasn’t too bad. I’m really a night owl so I’ll have to get used to it till my sister organises a new car.

  87. I’m just hanging out here with my nephews until their parents get home. I feel like I’ve said “finish your homework” about 28 times, lol. One has now fallen asleep & the other is grudgingly doing his homework, lol.

  88. I really wish I could speak to my Dad… there are some thing that need fixing and I don’t have the slightest clue what to do. He was Mr. Fix-It and was very technical when it came to electrical, plumbing, and all that… I am doing my best but this stuff is waaaay over my head. I just wish he was here to guide me through all this stuff. But I will figure it out eventually… it might take me forever, but I will eventually… lol.

    1. You’ll get there CJ. If I can do it so can you! Get yourself a Dummies Guide to DIY or similar and just take your time!

  89. Day is OK. Tropical storm coming through today, so I put out extra buckets. My notions from etsy came in and I’m so happy with them, the colors are as pretty and just right for my projects. Looking forward to starting them.

  90. There’s nothing ‘eventful’ going on today, which is fine by me. I’m fed up with eventful. I just want a long string of boring, typical days for a while, lol.

  91. I am glad today is done… got a lot done but am so tired….tomorrow I want to go thru all the Christmas boxes and see if there is anything we need for this holiday season….We shall have a quiet but lovely Christmas this year my husband would have wanted that….

  92. Up at 5am again but this evening I went to a choral workshop in the nearest Cathedral. Not many there but wow, the music we made! I am uplifted!

  93. My knees are giving me trouble… I was up and down on a ladder going through boxes and putting things in different places or throwing stuff away…. My dad was such a pack rat… he kept everything! I swear he didn’t believe in throwing anything out… lol

  94. My day is going ok. Saw the maintenance man today, they gave him a raise to $62K. I went to throw out some recycleables, and he was at the bin, looking through the trash for things to take home, with a huge can to put things into. He does this for hours, also sits in the bathroom with a magazine for hours on end. The board likes him b/c he does freebies for them on the condo dime that they should be paying for out of their own pocket.

  95. Another very early start but she’s not coming home after College today. She’s going to the Freshers’ Ball & expects me to collect her from Dublin city centre at 4 in the morning – WTF? That’s a 5 hour round trip. I may be her auntie but I never signed up for this!

    1. That sounds like something my niece would request, lol. And she would say it in a voice like, “this is completely reasonable & you can’t possibly have any objections.”

  96. All the christmas boxes have been looked at and put away until November….if I had unlimited funds I would go on Bronners and buy and buy and buy….as it is maybe a new angel for the top.. LOL

  97. Good swim class. Got an order for some tulip bulbs from a guy at the pool. Will buy them for him on Saturday when I volunteer at the Fall Plant & Bulb sale.

  98. Honestly, there’s not much going on right now. Just the usual: cleaning the house, laundry needs to be done, nephews have to be nagged & hounded into doing homework, lol.

  99. Still cleaning out my Dad’s things and looking at boxes. It gets overwhelming at times but we are getting through it… little by little.

  100. I called the building dept back to find out what they’ve done about the dangerous unlicensed contractor work. Basically, they were given an evasive answer when asked about it, and they accepted it. I told them that if anything happens to me or anyone else due to a fire starting from leaks on bare wires, and any unlicensed contractor work being done all over the place, the town is going to be sued. That seemed to get him to sit up enough he said he would make some calls. I cannot believe how limp wristed he is, he obviously does not care at all.

  101. OK I plan on whining right now….I spent 4 hours 4 hours !! doing gardening.. yes in the hot sun.. not regular dirt pot plant gardening…. large decorative pot in the ground in the driveway large foliage gardening….bleh….even with gloves my hands got dirty yes dirty….this is not for me….but I must say the end result is lovely .. then I moved on to a large area that was once the dog kennel that my husband just put stuff for his next project…I am not done with that yet.. moved wire.. galvanized…..wood and veggie poles…..but I have made a start…..He better be looking down and stay good job Shel….

      1. LOL….I have more of these days coming and I dread everyone of them Kate.. Saturday is my start seedlings day… bleh and I repeat bleh… this my husbands thing.. his love.. I am a city girl who loves the country but the loveliness of the country not the dirt work….

        1. My favourite part of gardening, other than having nature come to life, is getting my hands (and sometimes feet) into the earth! No gloves for this girl!

  102. At 1.30 this morning I left the house to drive in the torrential rain all the way to Dublin city centre to collect my niece from a College ‘bash’. Roads were flooded & diversions everywhere and half of Dublin is closed for roadworks for the new tram system. I eventually got home at 7am. I managed a couple of hours sleep then dropped her into town for the bus. At least she’s got no lectures tomorrow – YAY!

  103. Well, I’ve put off going through Mom’s clothes for almost 2 months, but I guess I’m going to try and do it this weekend. I need to make a start on it, at least.

  104. So I am expecting a very important phone call today… staying in the house waiting and waiting… the phone rings and every time it is not THE CALL.. So what do I do? clean…goodness where is my mind I could read or listen to old school R&B… no I clean.. but it is past noon so a glass of wine is in my hand…..

  105. I was up ’til almost 4 a.m. watching a movie. So, of course, a little before 7 this morning I got a text saying my youngest nephew is sick & coming over here. Poor little guy, he’s not a happy camper today. So…I’ll be yawning my way through this day.

  106. I am now 58 years old. I remember being quite disappointed that at 25 I had none nothing mind-blowing or monumental. If only I knew that at older than half a century I’d be saying the same thing!

    1. Not true Kate… give of yourself everyday.. to a family member or your community….monumental works are not always huge and newspaper worthy.. they are often the ones we do daily with no recognition…..

    2. I agree with Michele! When did we decide that you need to be a celebrity to have a life of value??? I always loved those old Jimmy Stewart movies where the Everyman character is shown how his life has impacted others. Of course your life is monumental!

      1. So glad you agree with me Tamra.. sick and tired of the fact that we as everyday mortals aren’t given the gratitude we deserve especially Kate for going out at all those ungodly hours for the love of her niece and you for having the love in your heart for taking such great care of mom..

  107. WOW what a crazy August you had. I am glad your mom is ok and that house is gorgeous! I am loving the photos and THAT VIEW! Our August was business as usual except we did drive up from SC to Long Island to see our new baby grandson get baptized. Spent a few days there but time with the fam goes by too fast. I hope you have a nice weekend Connie!

  108. I cleaned our air conditioner and then I sorted keys today. I know that is just so so exciting lol. My dad had a jar of keys and I took my time trying to figure out where they all go to. Some I still haven’t been able to identify…

  109. Today has been quite laid back: some taxiing the niece & sister around, a bit of sewing, some pizza then just read the paper & did crosswords till it’s time to collect my niece from her Dad’s place.

  110. Well today was a good planting day.. of course I shall say bleh…but I did it…..since it is hot here all year long and the days right now are about equal I planted.. here we go beets.. leeks…soy beans and radishes…. then an herb tray of greek oregano.. Italian parsley.. and chives…. a huge pot of basil and a flat of tomatoes 3 different kinds Kate.. 2 kinds of green pepper .. broccoli… cauliflower and eggplant….a tray of impatients and a tray of spearmint….gosh do I want a medal….now wine and music and relaxing….

  111. I still haven’t started going through Mom’s clothes. I’m starting to think I might just be lazy. Well, technically the weekend isn’t over. I’ll definitely start it tomorrow!

  112. Today was a very rainy day so I worked inside the house. I got everything accomplished… I look forward to Sunday which is my Fun Day! 🙂

  113. Lots of thunder and lightning today… we had it last night too and we lost power briefly. I am cozy in my room and I plan to read and enjoy the rest of my day. 🙂

  114. It is pouring and the power is gone again… well we are grateful that Irma or Maria has not hit us… turn on the solar and relax and enjoy the Sunday….

  115. My day is going good so far! I just got back from my daily walking my dog. I’m really enjoying the cooler weather that we’ve been having this past week.

  116. I’ve got a busy week ahead what with driving my Mum, niece & sister around as well as choir and the rehearsals for this year’s Pantomime, Cinderella, are starting up as well. I read a whole book, took up a couple of hems for Mum, made dinner & started chopping down a tree that’s half dead, poor thing. I am forbidden from going up ladders (born clumsy) so I can only do what I can reach!

  117. I’m just sitting here watching the Great British Baking Show (from 2015, apparently.) Well, it’s new to me. I have no idea who won, so it’s still surprising to me, lol.

  118. My day is going just fine. It’s warm, but not too hot, and I had the doors open for the fresh air to flow throughout the house. I am dabbling here and there in projects and attempting to work on my new pleater machine for smocking.

  119. The week begins and the to-do list is big….Today if all goes according to plan we are cleaning out my husbands store room in the barn…Yeech… how could one man save so many things for parts!!!! and buckets and buckets of rusty chains and nails and odds and ends….The sheep are actually talking about it….

  120. Day is going OK. Had a talk with one of the perps who keeps the fire door propped open, he said he won’t do it anymore. We’ll see. I tried calling the fire marshall’s office numerous times, nobody answers, no secretaries, nobody. I’m trying to see if they have done anything about the fire code violations – probably not, as they did not before. I don’t understand why they don’t care, other than they’ve gotten used to getting huge salaries, huge pensions, short hours, it is a back breaker our taxes are extremely high, but you get not much for it, just paying all their benefits.

  121. After Mum went to bed I decided to paint some skirting boards (not sure if you call them that in the US). All went fine till I checked the time – 4.30 a.m. and I had to be up at 5.15! So no sleep at all last night and no time to nap today. It’s almost 9 at night here and so far I’m ok. Perhaps this sleep business is over-rated! NOT!

    1. Are skirting boards the trim that goes around the bottom of the walls? I always called them baseboards…but I like skirting boards better, lol.–Hey, be careful driving all those trips with your niece & on your own on no sleep!

      1. That’s them! I suppose they skirt the room??? It’s times like these that I wish I liked coffee but I do take the occasional caffeine pill if I feel really low on energy.

  122. I’m tired… We cleaned out the shed today… And I tinkered around with our broken intercom and I was able to fix it. It was a successful day. 🙂

  123. 2 hours at doctor. Not great news.. Stray dog has adopted us. No money for dog food…..well let me just say, I have faith in the Lord and I trust Him for things to be alright :o)

  124. My day is going just so so. After talking to the neighbor about the fire doors, he is back to holding them open again. When I talked to him he was high on pot or drunk, and has a bad temper, so I am afraid of him. The fire doors two floors right near me were held open all night. Very dangerous, but the town fire marshall’s office won’t do anything about it.

  125. After another early start I managed to go back to bed and slept for 10 hours – some nap! I do feel an awful lot better 🙂

  126. Long day. And yet I feel like I got nothing done. I think I mostly tried to get my youngest nephew to do his dang homework. So…new rule. The tablet will not appear until AFTER homework is done! (Sometimes Aunt Tammy gets mean, lol. At least he says I’m just being mean.)

    1. OH MY GOSH!! Alice is the same way! WE ARE DOING HOMEWORK FIRST!! Then she cries, then I remind her we could be DONE already if she would sit down and do the work!! The tears aren’t workin’ sister! LOUDER isn’t making me change my mind either! LOL! I don’t think I had this much trouble with my kids. Course, my MOM voice was scarier to them than the NaNa voice is to Alice.

  127. Broke not one but two ball valves under the sink trying to change a water filter. I cried. This plumbing thing is so not for me. Dad… please come back….. 🙁

    1. Hey you fixed the intercom so what’s the big deal with plumbing? There are lots of ‘how to’ videos on ‘net – you’ll get there …

  128. Just so so. I finally got through to the fire marshal’s office, and they aren’t going to do anything about the violations. So now I’m trying to find out what recourse I have. Googling around, people can sue the town, but they have discretion to enforce violations. They said to call if something happens. SO I say you mean I have to wait for the place to get burned down and THEN give you a call? I’m trying to PREVENT that. I can’t believe we pay very high taxes for these lazy losers to sit there and do nothing. Now I’m trying to find the state fire marshal to see if they have any jurisdiction when a town won’t do blip.

  129. I’m cold, sitting here in woolly slippers, fingerless gloves, scarf & ear muffs! It’s been pouring down for 2 days now – a big mug of tomato soup is called for!

  130. It actually seems like Autumn might be arriving! We’ve been up around 89 or 90 all week, but tomorrow we’re dropping into the low 70’s! And down into the 40’s at night. Wow. That hit with a thud, lol.

  131. It was freezing in the bank… I mean I love air conditioning but it was like an icebox in there… But we got everything done and it went smoothly! 🙂

  132. Another day another bank….this is why my husband did all this business… it is awful!! anyway due to bank error I have to wait another week for my new accounts….life does go on…..there is always a reason for things right????

      1. As always.. I firmly believe they delay transactions so that the fee date arrives and you are once again charged….so you are charged for the old account that you are closing… and the new account that still is not active…You cannot win..

    1. Your trials and tribulations make me realize I need to have my husband take me thru everything. Like you mind does all the finances, I would be starting at the beginning and begging you for help!

      1. Connie do it…. if you know exactly what and how things are done you will be in a much easier spot…..learning on the ground as you go is not a thing I would want to happen to anyone…. but if you at any point need my help I am so there for you!!!

  133. Well like Mom said we went to the bank and couldn’t finish what we wanted to do due to an error on their part so we did a few errands and came home. We didn’t really feel like doing anything else so we stayed in watched a movie and chillaxed…. 🙂

  134. Oh the joys of looking after someone’s colostomy bag! I won’t go into the icky details but it was EVERYWHERE! Thankfully the weather was perfect for drying the bedding & her and my clothes. It was actually kind of funny, but the more she laughed the more … like a crap volcano!

  135. My day is going good! I finally got through to the actual Fire Chief, and he took the time to let me explain the fire code violations. He’s sending over a new person today to our compex, and he said they’ve been having ongoing problems with our property manager at other properties they manage in town. It could still take a while to get the violations rectified, as they have to investigate, write a report, send a notice, then there is 30 days to comply.

  136. It is pouring!! The kind of day that all you want to do is cuddle up with a good book and a glass of wine and something you love on the stereo….I really should be baking bread today but we will not starve so let us eat cake….

  137. I had one of those run-around-town-doing things-for-other-people kind of day and in the pouring rain. The sooner the sister gets a new car sorted the better (and vacuums all of her dog’s hairs from the back seat of mine – grrr!

  138. Not much going on today. Irritating internet glitches, trying to track down a photo, and I still haven’t washed the dishes, lol. Actually, I don’t care much that I haven’t washed dishes.

  139. My day is going good so far. I actually won a giveaway this morning from on honeysuckle hill with Qure Water which I had never heard of before. Always like a good win once in awhile. This giveaway is great I love the choices!

  140. My day is going OK. Going to make some cookies later. Supposed to have t-storms with hail, so I need to be home to watch the leaks/buckets.

  141. Whoop-de-doo! I’ve won a photoshoot for one of those glossy magazines that are always in doctor’s waiting rooms! Plus an outfit worth $250 – eek! It all takes place next Wednesday in Dublin so I’m de-fuzzing & plucking like some mad thing. S’pose it’s too late to go on a diet!

        1. Hold on to your hat! I actually packed 4 boxes!! FOUR!!! I think my biggest problem is I have too much time to pack. The Husband wants to paint, new carpet, replace our old furniture so I’m only packing what I want to move. But, knowing I probably won’t actually be in Idaho until March or April makes it hard to be motivated. But! What is packed is clean!! That’s a big step.

  142. I am done for the day and the rest of the weekend…. Moved a great deal of wood out from an old dog kennel and put it where the termites can munch for a long time.. then I will shovel up the wood dust left behind for my compost…..Cannot believe a girl from the city is doing all this.. LOL My seedlings are all coming up nicely and I have cloroxed any and all moss outside on the concrete walkways…. Now I can down enjoy a great curry lunch with wine and do NOTHING…..wait first I have to make the curry and the roti…..

  143. Let’s see today I moved a bunch of old rotting wood that my Dad was keeping (Lord knows why!) I vacuumed all the floors and then I picked up some instruction manuals and learned how all of our lightswitch timers work. It wasn’t difficult and I even reprogrammed a few. I think my Dad would be proud. But I think I will keep away from plumbing and all water/pipe work though… lol.

  144. What am I doing today? well, I listened to old 70’s music until I started to feel old, lol. Now I’m half watching TV, entering this contest & trying to think what I need to put on the grocery list.

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