Picture Time!

I have a couple of really cool shots to share with you!!

The sky on Sunday night was pretty spectacular so I thought I would share.

While washing dishes I always stare out the window and there was all sorts of activity under  the window.

I saved the best for the last! 8 miles away!!  One of our neighbors has a BIG KITTY CAT (mountain lion) come visit his trail cam. This shot is TOO GOOD not to share!!!  YES, I know it’s bad but I REALLY, REALLY want my own trail cam shot of this kitty!!

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  1. Shannon Holmes says

    What a gorgeous cat! I love all of your pictures as well especially the sky.

  2. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Wow now that’s a big kitten! Look at those legs and feet! Wonder if it is a male or female? Either way don’t go on any moon light walks right now.

    • Diane, You forgot to add if it IS a Momma I can’t steal her cubs. The Husband already laid down the law. He also put the k-bosh on a fawn and or a bear cub. Pfttttttt where is his sense of adventure?!?!

  3. That mountain lion is great to see via camera from a distance!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! Wowzer I almost jumped out of my chair – a mountain lion!! I don’t know anyone else ever who got an actual picture of one in real life. Amazing!

  5. Tamra Phelps says

    Geeze, look at the size of the paws on that kitty. If you see her, run!

    • Tamra, I really do hope I can get a shot of her but I promise not to try and pet. AND if it’s a girl and tries to leave me her babies I won’t keep them. Mostly cause The Husband says I can’t. (Yes, I did ask!!)

  6. Dana Rodriguez says

    Great photos. And I agree.. that mountain lion! WHOA! :O

  7. Kate Sarsfield says

    Wow, such beauty & power! Who in their right mind would want to kill something like that just to make themselves feel good?

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