Photography Workshop Review Part 4

This week I learned about: Lens Opening, Shutter Speed and Shooting Modes. 

Each week the classes are getting a little more challenging. This week I was truly glad I could go back and listen to a couple of area’s again.  (I know I say this a lot but I really like having this class on my desktop where I can refresh what I’ve learned anytime I want!)

I really enjoyed this weeks lesson!!  Learning how to blur the background to focus on ONE thing in a photo and taking another picture that shows the entire area with no blur. LOVE this!!  I took these two photo’s only seconds apart, by just changing the lens opening on my camera I have 2 distinctly different shots!  (these shots were part of my homework assignment after the lens opening chapter. Each chapter has a set of assignments that I found very helpful!)


Plumeria 2Aren’t my Plumeria’s beautiful??
The Shutter Speed chapter has really come in handy this week.  Baby Alice started walking this week!!  I need to be able to freeze her in motion! (because this kid may have only been walking a week… but she is already FAST!!  I don’t want just a blur in my photos) When Alice isn’t walking she is dancing and now I can freeze the motion (And not just by accident but every time I want! Which means no blur!!)
Next week I’m learning about Light Metering, Flash and then the Review Chapter. 
EasyPhotoClass is great for beginning photographers and more experienced photographers alike.  

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