Easter Picnic Set #Giveaway Powered By #CatholicCentral #EasterTraditions

Easter is one of the most celebrated and cherished holidays and I am super excited to partner with Catholic Central to celebrate this time of new life and transformation. Growing up Easter Sunday was always a favorite of mine. We had new dresses, crisp and white. White gloves and a little purse too!! Along with […]

April 13th Photo-A-Day BROWN!!

My streak of Photo-A-Day still going strong! Since March 1st. I pick between several different Challenges that are posted on Pinterest. I pick and choose so suit my whim. HA! It pays to be the Mamma Peanut! Sarah, you said you needed the recipe for my bread. My amazing, make the house smell divine! So […]

April 12th Photo-A-Day PEACEFUL

Finally, a prompt that isn’t IN the house or AROUND the house. Are you excited?? I actually took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. The Husband had a doctors appointment and I wanted the opportunity to walk through the Healing Garden. The Healing Garden is between Sandpoint Idaho’s hospital and the doctors buildings. It’s […]

April 11th Photo-A-Day TROPHIES

My TROPHIES are different than most. I don’t do sports so there will never be a little baseball player on a trophy. Not even in school! I do NOT run. As a matter of fact if you DO see me running. Keep up or run faster cause sumthin’ big is headed our way! I bowl […]

April 10th Photo-A-Day Signs Of Spring

It is a gloomy day here in Sandpoint, Idaho. The sky is gray. It’s been raining on and off all day and expected to continue till next week. Ackkkkkkkkkk that mud hole at the end of the driveaway is only gonna get worse. I should have kept track of the number of stuck vehicles that […]

Photo-A-Day For April Slowly

When I saw today’s prompt for the Photo-A-Day I immediately thought of Michele and her newly done driveway!  I thought ya know what I HAVE THE PERFECT set of pictures!!! See this is how my mind works. Michele has a new drive and I put that together with me having to walk SLOWLY to the […]

5 East Coast Experiences You Must Try

The east coast of the United States is home to some of the most impressive and most popular tourist destinations on the planet. It offers an enormous variety of experiences, all fabulous and unique, and you will always find something to do there. In short, you can’t go wrong by taking a trip out there. […]

April 8th, Photo-A-Day Treasure

Wayyyyyyy back when The Husband and I went through a time; like everyone does where you struggle to make ends meet. Like send the electric bill to the the phone bill people just to try and stretch out the time before the phones went dead. It was Christmas time and we were struggling to put […]

April 7th Photo-A-Day When I Wake Up

Prepare to be jealous. I still can’t believe the amazing view we are blessed with. When we lived in California our view was bumper to bumper cars on the street. An apartment complex. A yard with dirt so hard that nothing would grow and a house that seemed to shrink every year. Our new master […]

Enter @littlethemovie #Giveaway #Win #Swag #LittleGlowUpChallenge

Have you seen the previews to the new movie Little?? OhhhhhMgeeeeeeee how cute does this movie look?  Can you imagine getting to go back in time with the attitude you have NOW?! Oh man! Count me IN!! Girls Trip’s Regina Hall and Black-ish’s Marsai Martin both star as Jordan Sanders — Hall as the take-no-prisoners […]

April 6th Photo-A-Day In The Kitchen

Day 37 of my own personal Photo-A-Day challenge. SWEEEEEEEET!!! If you are new here I have hit a rut with my blogging so I decided to share pictures from our new home in Sandpoint, Idaho. The entire month of March I dedicated to my amazing craft-room. It’s HUGE!!!! It’s also very chaotic at times. Okay […]

April 5th Photo-A-Day LOVELY

Today my LOVELY daughter Selena turns 42. I can’t think of a better LOVELY! Selena is LOVELY inside and out.  She’s a daughter, a sister, a wife to the Golden One Dan. A Mom (yes, to my perfect Granddaughter Alice) Selena is a college graduate. Graduating with honors while working full time and raising a […]