What Not To Do When Proposing To Your Loved One

So, you have finally found the one. You’re head over heels in love, and you have come to the decision that it’s almost time to pop the question. Congratulations; we hope it goes well. However… If you want to stay on her good side, and most importantly, if you want her to say “yes” after […]

STUNNING Hand-blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder

OhhhhhMMMGeeee, I am seriously OVER the moon excited about my new HAND BLOWN GLASS hummingbird feeder from ShinyArt,  This is by far the prettiest hummingbird feeder I have ever seen. Even walking through the specialty stores I haven’t spotted anything this pretty! UNDER $25 right now. I am so excited about this beautiful  feeder. I […]

What To Do On A Trip To NYC

So you’re thinking about travelling to the big apple sometime soon, huh? A place caked in history, flashing lights, celebrities, and a whole host of different things to see and do. If it’s not the most famous city on the planet, then it’s certainly up there with the most famous. Taking a trip to New […]

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures MA Party Pack Giveaway!! #MAmovie

I loveeeeeeeee scary movies. I love ones that make you think “I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!” Just the previews are giving me goose bumps!! It’s 5:00 o’clock somewhere!-MA  Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will send chills down your spine in the new thriller from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Entertainment, MA coming to theaters May […]

Celebrate – Honor – Remember

I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day holiday. (Mum and Kate I hope you are enjoying your Monday!) We know that Memorial Day means a 3 days weekend, but it’s important to remember the reason behind this American holiday. It’s to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. […]

May 26th Photo-A-Day Z

The end of the alphabet and as promised my Z is all about my son Zachary.  At one time I could have done an ZOO. We had a dogs, cats, mice, snake and birds. Yes. All at the same time. I really wonder how our family managed to cram into one little house with the […]

Simple Tips for Fractions

Many people, even when they are naturally good at math, have a hard time with fractions. If you fall in this category, there is hope. By following these tips, you can learn how to perform basic math functions using fractions. Numerator vs. Denominator A fraction represents a part of a whole number. If you have […]

May 25th, Photo-A-Day Y

Y not let Mother Nature do Y!! Bear and I had a wonderful 2 hour hike today. Not a single shed (antler) found. But it was a great hike. All before the thunder storms that are supposed to arrive here in Idaho any time. I found several Y shaped branches and took that as a […]

May 24th Photo-A-Day X

Well, it’s apparent I did not fully think the whole ALPHABET photo prompt thing all the way through. X – Y – Z REALLY?! What the HECK do I have that starts with an X?! APPARENTLY I have NOTHING!! I looked. I went to the dictionary for something I may have…….. Instead I give you […]

What Small Business Owners Want

If you had one wish as a small business owner, what would it be? Reduced tax rates? A way of combating late payments? A study conducted by Bibby Financial Services has revealed that most SMEs in the UK want a simplified payroll system. There were other significant findings from the study. Approximately 20 per cent […]

May 23rd Photo-A-Day W

Our hike today provided no antlers. However, I did find a small spool of rusted wire. I know; you are wondering the same thing I am. WHY on earth did I bring it home?? I dunno. In the back of my mind I see a craft project that would require a rustic, rusted spool of […]

A Few Things to Know before You Start up Your First Small Business

Image via Pixabay Starting up your first small business is always likely to be pretty stressful, more than a bit confusing, and difficult in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, everyone needs to start somewhere, and these days more and more people – of all ages – are taking advantage of the virtually limitless opportunities offered […]