Lotta Snow & Spotty Internet

We had snow from Friday till early this morning (Monday). That means a WHOLE lotta snow! Since I have Internet for seconds at a time I thought I would just pop on and add some pictures. First, I stepped out of my craftroom and took a shot of the trail cam.  My goal is to […]

Happy Sunday!

I couldn’t resist posting this picture! LOOK at that PERFECT snowflake on above Bears eye! HOW amazing is THAT?!?!?!? I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Of course I had to zoom in because it’s just SOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!

What’s on The Trail Cam Friday!

These pictures really show our wacky winter weather this season. Pffffffffffffftttttttt say that 3 times fast!!! One day tons of snow (Could have 16 feet this weekend!! SIXTEEN!?!?) then the rain melts the snow. Spoiler alert! We had a halfa sunshine day!! I have the pictures to prove it!! So here are our friends. Please […]

Signet Rings ARE Still Cool!!

Yup, I gave myself a gift for no reason at all.  Yes, I am feeling very spoiled. I believe us women have to spoil ourselves! As women, mom’s, wives, grandma’s ahhhh let’s just say ALL women should spoil themselves occasionally!! It can be as easy as an hour alone to do NOTHING. It can be […]

Three Skills That Will Benefit You The Most On The Job Market

Recently, we explored why it could be beneficial for adults to seek out the option of further education. It typically will provide new doorways and paths to travel down. However, you might be wondering about the type of skills that you should focus on in this new exploration of education. What will get you the […]

7 Reasons To Cut Out Sugar Aside From Weight Loss!

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for you and you shouldn’t eat too much of it. If you have a very high sugar diet, you are likely to gain a lot of weight, and it can be difficult to lose that weight again unless you cut back on the sugar. But weight gain isn’t […]

What’s In The Craft Room NOW??

I really do have a great excuse for being slow with blog posts. It’s THIS room! My craft room calls to me! I head down here around 9am and stay till 3!! Maybe if I moved my desk closer to the stairs and not on the other side of the craft table I wouldn’t get […]

Happy Birthday Tamra Phelps!

Happy Birthday Tamra!!!!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us Peanuts!!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!! We love you!!! Next year, I imagine you’ll be dancing in your livingroom!! Happy Birthday sweet lady! THANK YOU Kate for the reminder and the nudge!!  I don’t know what I would do without my Peanuts!