Recycle and Re-Use!! From Paperless Kitchen Cloths and Scrubs to Oui Jars!

How is that for a blog title? Recycle and Re-Use!! From Paperless Kitchen Cloths and Scrubs to Oui Jars!?? How could those possibly go together?!  Ahhhhh y’all know my brain is just wired differently than most, because it makes great sense to me. Truthfully, when I sat down to write I was just going to […]

Happy November! $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

Happy November little Peanuts! Doesn’t it seem like I JUST posted the October giveaway?? Why is time going so FAST!? Here is my monthly update. Decks and the front porch are done!! Pictures to follow. Now we are staining the decks as quickly as possible and hoping to finish before the snow comes. It did […]

Earning Money Around Your Lifestyle!

We all need to earn money to live; we need to keep a roof over our head, bills paid and food in our cupboards. Unfortunately, this can often mean working long hours to make ends meet, and it can end up feeling like we live to work, rather than work to live. When you’re in […]

Small Businesses Need Big Technology Solutions

As a small business, it’s so easy for you to feel like you’re only ever going to be a small business. There will be days where you barely make any profit at all, and there will be days where you’re making so much profit, that you feel as though you’re actually going  to break through […]

What to Expect Before, During, and After Donor Egg IVF

Using donor eggs to build your family may not have been the plan, but for many potential parents, donor egg IVF offers a glimmer of hope. However, the process can initially feel quite daunting. What should you expect before, during, and after? Will it mentally and physically take its toll? To help you prepare for […]

Did You KNOW Ripley’s Had Children’s BOOKS?!??!

First, did you know that the Ripley Believe It or Not books that I love has more than just the Believe It Or Not titles?? I had NO IDEA!! From picture books to adventure books. You can check out the titles on Amazon. Ripley Believe It or Not books Since I am in full on […]

JLab Headphones: #1 True Wireless Headphones under $100

I know, Halloween isn’t even over yet but I am full on ready for Christmas! It’s truly everything I have in me not to have the Christmas tree up and decorated. This year in particular. The house isn’t in full on construction mode. The weather hasn’t gotten cold enough to require a coat. We’ve already […]

Sealing The Deal – What Is The Secret?

Do you work in a business where deals are at the heart of it? This could apply to many industries including real estate, investments, venture capital and others.  Being able to secure deals is a vital part of your business’ success, but it’s not always an easy task. Could there be some tricks of the […]