Yoga Helps Fitness Seekers at All Levels

When it is time to improve fitness, especially for someone particularly out of shape, it is easy to jump straight into doing a bulk of cardiovascular work, ignoring other exercises. The fact is that, with variety in taking yoga classes or Pilates, fitness seekers will see results sooner and help avoid injuries. Adding your own […]

The Non’s Killer Beans

This is called multi tasking. Amber, my son Zachary’s girlfriend wanted another of his favorite recipes.  I would write it out here too. How smart am I?! Okay, fine ………. it’s just easier to type on the laptop than typing it all out on my phone. So, HECK, lets just make a post our of […]

Use Your English Degree as a Social Media Manager

Do you often find yourself surfing the internet looking for the best vape websites and wondering if there is any way to use your internet skills to get a job? One of the hottest jobs going right now is digital media manager. People in this profession use digital and social media to attract customers for businesses […]

Trail Cam Friday

As you know we have gotten a LOT of snow. Waist high on me! Taller than Bear! It’s stunning but it’s COLD!! Starting with my two favorite shots.  One when the tree dropped all the snow. Second when the smaller deer tells the other “LOOK over there!! It’s ELVIS!!” Last week, I accidentally reset the […]

3 Tips For Improving Your Garden This Year

In the depths of winter, we do not tend to focus much on our gardens. It is dark, cold and wet out there, and very often, snow-covered. The beautiful thing about gardens though, is that even without our attention, there are always stirrings out there. With spring around the corner, your garden will be getting […]

Hungry Wednesday? How About Lemon Noodles?

Granted they may not look like much but Lemon Noodles are and have been a family favorite for at least the last 30 years. Zachary’s lovely Girlfriend wanted the recipe so I figure may as well print it out here too. Preheat oven 400 1 lb. Spaghetti noodles  **Personally, I like the thinner noodles or […]

Craft-Room Tuesday

I couldn’t take it anymore. Last weeks weird felting thing (truly don’t even know what to call it or where I was going with it!) but, it had to go.  Now it’s a fat Santa. He still needs some work but at least he is no longer a weird whatever that was last week!! I […]