May 22nd Photo-A-Day V

This letter was a hard one. I don’t have a volcano to snap a picture of. No vampire here. Haven’t seen a vulture either. The VIOLENT wind we are having today would be super hard to snap a picture of so, I decided that I would just snap a picture of a vine outside the […]

May 21st Photo-A-Day U

For the letter U I am going to go with UNIQUE. As most of you know Miss Bear and I hike every morning. Bear is addicted to eating turkey poo (she’s fast too! Before you can call her out on that nasty habit it’s GONE!!) Of course the Mama hunts for shed (antlers) Up to […]

3 Tips for Freeing up More Energy to Invest in Developing Your Brand Identity

Image via Pixabay Digital entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm, and ever greater numbers of people are taking advantage of the amazing opportunities provided by the Internet, are moving away from their conventional and unsatisfying day jobs, and are becoming remote-working entrepreneurs. Setting out on this kind of career path can be absolutely exhilarating, […]

May 20th Photo-A-Day T

I am kinda excited about this particular prompt because this old gal climbed up into the tree house!  Yes, I DID!!! I will totally cop to the fact that I was shaking, white knuckling the climb. I kept hearing the contractors warnings about the deck. Same people that built the deck built the tree house……. […]

May 19th Photo-A-Day S For Secret Life Of Pets! @RADZWORLD

I timed this one just right too!! I get to combine my letter S with a review! Did you know that everyone’s favorite domesticated-talking pets are hitting the big screen again in The Secret Life Of Pets 2! I absolutely loved the first one and can’t wait to see the second one. Max, Gidget and […]

May 18th Photo-A-Day R

Well, this prompt ended out to be easier than I thought because it’s been RAINING all day. I give you a short clip of rock, rain, river, rain, ruts,rain, road and rain. R!

May 17th, Photo-A-Day Q

I bet you thought I would be stumped with the letter Q after G gave me such a hard time. BUT, you would be wrong!! Q is for quiet. AND NOOOOOOO I am not going to end my post here. Although that does sound like something I would and have done. Nope. Today while Bear […]

May 16th Photo-A-Day P

I was going to use P for paint pours. I am having so much fun with these things!! The color combinations are so COOL!!! I get all excited when I get large cells. Cells are almost like bubbles, unique and only pop up with the correct balance of Floetrol, paint, water and silicone. Floetrol (2 […]

May 15th Photo-A-Day O

OHMGGGGGGGG I did it again!! OH so happy!! This one was right on top of the brush!!  Oh happy dance! On a roll here!! Seriously, who would have thought this was such a great hobby! Okay guys, grab your hiking boots, bug spray and a stick let’s go hike and hunt for sheds!

May 14th Photo-A-Day N

So I am trying my hardest to figure a way to use the letter N with the fact that I finally did it!! I FOUND an ANTLER!! Ya know an aNtler! Bear and I have been going out on a morning hike, which for me is unheard of! I am climbing rocks. I am dinged […]

May 13th Photo-A-Day M

I had a fairly good idea for today’s letter but then Rosie reminded me M for MONEY PIT! Yes, I have a million dollar view. I have a craft room that would make Martha Stewart jealous. (okay, not really, I’m sure that hers is equally as nice as mine. HOWEVER, she probably doesn’t have deer […]

T-Shirt Dresses for $19.99!

Check this deal OUT!!  A collection of comfy T-Shirt dresses for ONLY $19.95 (plus free shipping!) CRAZY LOW right? That makes these dresses up to 50% OFF! These pieces are so comfortable and versatile not only will you feel amazing, but you will also be fashionably functional. With a wide range of styles and colors to […]