Are You Too Tired To??

I am exhausted! So, you just get another amazing picture from Sandpoint, Idaho!

It’s Raining…….. It’s Pouring……..

I had such a nice Sunday!! Out to breakfast followed by a movie; I HIGHLY recommend the movie Peppermint with Jennifer Gardner. If you love a kick ass girl character; you will LOVE this movie!!!!! She kicks ass and takes NAMES!! Came home and now just watching it rain! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday […]

Happy Sunday!

Check out the visitors from this week!!!!!! I do love my trail cams!! Seriously, do I have the coolest backyard or WHAT?!? How AMAZING is he!?!?

Top 4 Must Have Items for Device Junkies!

We used to call them gadgets. Now, they are called devices. That has a much more respectable ring to it. But at the end of the day, it amounts to the same thing. These objects of tech lust fill us with wonder and spark our collective imagination. We happily pay the gadget tax of excitement […]

Congratulations to ME!! It’s A GIRL!!!

I know there are a couple of you going WHAT THE WHAT!!?!? So, rest assured it is NOT a baby, I am not pregnant. Although it is similar to baby, just not the human kind. I’m getting a puppy!! Okay, so now more than just a couple of you are saying WHAT THE heck is […]

COMET & CHARGE! September Giveaway!

They’re BACKKKKKKK!!! The COMET TV along with CHARGE TV giveaways are BACK!!!  COMET TV has so many cool things in September! COMET TV is the new home of the cult classic Space: 1999! The out of this world series starring Martin Landau is a fun retro adventure, you’ll love! Plus, there are Godzilla Double Features, […]

Keeping Connected When Your Grandchild Lives Far Away

Y’all know I have horrible separation anxiety over having Alice live so far away. Thankfully, we live in an age of modern technology. Staying connected to MY Grandma was much harder! Back when talking long distance cost you per minute and your phone was connected to a cord. 2018 it’s a whole lot easier, well, mostly. […]

How To Balance Your Career And Family Life!

Whatever your job or the hours you work, juggling a career and your family life is far from easy. When you’re at work, you constantly feel guilty about leaving your kids and just want to go home to spend time with them, but when you’re at home, you’re stressed about all of the things you […]

Happy Investment Insight: Focus On The Specifics In Your Life!

It’s no secret that navigating your way through life is challenging enough, so making any major decisions will feel daunting. However, if you use your time, money, and efforts wisely and make sure that you’re as well-informed as possible when it comes to where to invest them; the rewards can be well worth everything you […]

Never Forget!

Family Travel Giveaway!

Family travel is a great way to make memories and encourage kids to have a love for adventure. To make family trips successful, it’s important to know what to bring! These family travel essentials are helpful for problem-solving, keeping kids happy and fed, and entertaining kids on the road. We are excited to offer you […]

Remodel Update September 10th!

I know y’all are on the edge of your seats with my remodeling project! So, here’s my September update. I know you are probably tired of hearing this but remodeling is a dirty job!! My house is dusty. VERY. Dusty!!  This fine layer of dirt is everywhere. From ground into the carpet to the top […]