Should you Buy a Villa or an Apartment?

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a villa or an apartment, much will depend on your personal circumstances and why you want to buy a property in the first place. There may not be one correct answer but there are some clear pros and cons to each type of property. 

Does size matter?

Typically, apartments are smaller than villas, although you do get some large apartments, but if plenty of space inside and out is important to you, a villa is likely to be more suitable. If you entertain a lot, having a villa with a garden or terrace as well as a guest bedroom or two and an extra bathroom will be a real advantage. On the other hand, larger properties will require more cleaning inside and general maintenance outside, especially if you have a garden or swimming pool. Depending on the type of apartment you buy, there may be certain costs for building and grounds maintenance, although these are usually lower and will be shared with other residents. On the other hand, if you are living in a villa you must have your own building and electric contractors, who can be called at any time of the day for building and electric maintenance work. For electrical and air conditioning work, we recommend New Edge Group. Check around your area, what’s most suitable to you.

Villa gardens
Finding the right location

Location is always a factor when deciding where to live for all sorts of reasons. If having a central location is important to you, with easy access to shops and other facilities on your doorstep, you’re likely to find there are far more apartments available than villas in the area, if indeed there are any of the latter at all. Perhaps, you prefer being away from the hustle and bustle of the center and don’t mind having to drive to the store; if so, a villa is the obvious choice. A villa will also afford you more freedom and privacy for you and your family, whereas living in an apartment almost certainly means being surrounded by neighbors. If you value your peace and quiet, buying a villa is usually a safer bet compared to an apartment. That said, before you buy a villa in a quiet location check to see if there are plans for further development nearby. The last thing you want is to find your dream location only to discover that the area is earmarked for more housing.


In terms of security, an apartment seems to be the more obvious choice. A burglar or thief is less likely to target an apartment block with so many neighbors and potential eye-witnesses about. Many apartment blocks have their own integrated security system, including front doors that can only be opened with a card or code. Some apartment complexes also have their own security guards. By comparison, villas can be more vulnerable, although the risk can be minimized with a range of  home security measures.


Some apartments come with a dedicated parking space, usually for one car only. If not, you’ll have to park your vehicle in the street which may be easier said than done, especially if space is at a premium. Parking space is unlikely to be an issue if you buy a villa, as most properties come with a garage and/or parking space for more than one vehicle.


Keeping a pet such as a dog in an apartment can be tricky and it may not even be an option under the terms and conditions of the property. A villa with a garden, on the other hand, means your dog will have somewhere to roam and can provide added security for your home. Cats may adapt better to apartment living, although they too benefit from having access to outdoors.

Top Benefits For Having A Freshwater Aquarium For Your Children!!

As a mother, have you ever thought about purchasing and setting up a water tank of freshwater fish for your children and family?

Even if you have, you may have initially said ‘no way’ because of the cost and responsibility that comes with doing so. Not only will a home aquarium cost money, it’s also something that needs to be maintained.

However, you should still think twice about having an aquarium in your home. This is because there are many benefits to having an aquarium, especially for your children.

Here are the top benefits of having a freshwater aquarium for your children:

It Encourages Your Children To Learn

First and foremost, having an aquarium can encourage your children to learn. Right away, your children will begin asking you questions as you set up the aquarium, such as what types of fish are in the aquarium, how fish are able to breathe underwater, what fish eat, if they sleep, what they do, and so on.

Fish and kid

Your kids will do more than simple name each fish in the tank and observe them. They may even feel compelled to learn more about them and ask for resources on fish (such as a book on freshwater fish).

Through their curiosity, your kids will learn more about the different species of fish in the tank and what life is like underwater.

It Gives Them Responsibility

Owning an aquarium is an excellent chance to give your children something to be responsible for. You can do this by giving them tasks that deal with maintaining the aquarium, such as feeding the fish each day to cleaning it once a week.

Be sure that any responsibilities you give to your kids are things they can handle based on their age. If your kids are still too young to physically clean the tank, for example, then give them a smaller task such as cleaning the tank. These kinds of tasks will help boost your children’s self-confidence.

It Stimulates Their Creativity

An aquarium can do something more than just entertain your kids. It can even stimulate their creativity. Each aquarium truly is a serape world of its own, filled with fish, castles, underwater plants, rocks and sand, and even algae.

Your kids may start to form stories about this underwater world and assign roles to each of the fish. They may also take delight in rearranging the decorations you have in the inside of the aquarium, such as where you want to place the plants or the castles.

Your kids may also develop an interest in aquariums and fish as a whole, and will desire to visit out shops or to watch movies that have fish or aquariums in them.

Having A Freshwater Aquarium

Having a home aquarium can be a great way for your children to form happy memories, to gain a sense of responsibility, and to just give them a sense of wonder. Fish will make much better pets than you may realize, and having an aquarium can be something your whole family will enjoy.

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