Once Upon A Time…….. in Peanut Butter and Whine Land……

When I tell people that I have a blog, the first thing that people ask is why.. the answer is ‘ummmm I dunno’ the second question they ask is how did you get started?

So, y’all gather around ‘n I’m gonna tell ya all about the beginning of Peanut Butter and Whine.

10 years ago Channel 10 in San Diego had a commercial asking for people to apply for the Channel 10 Weight Loss Challenge. I filled out the application, I wrote my story why they should pick me and BAMB I was one of 5 contestants. Our first meeting we were taught how to blog. I had never heard of blogging but ya know me I love to talk so I could blog. Requirements were monthly check ins, blog at least once a week.

Pfffttt I can do that!!  And I did.

I had so much fun blogging I never missed a day. As a matter of fact until my Mom got sick I had never missed a day in 8 years! (Seriously, I talk a LOT!)
After the Challenge was over I decided I had so much fun writing I wasn’t ready to stop. I continued to write, pretty much anything and everything that popped into my head. Someday just a cartoon someday a whole rant or whine.

Morty and wifeI introduced the little Peanuts to Morty (he’s my ghoulish Halloween candy butler; also pre Alice!) he stays out everyday of the year, yes he has a costume for every single holiday and day to day clothes as well (ohhhh if only you could see inside my mind right??) A costume company contacted me and wanted to know if I would care to write a review for one of there children’s costumes. I wrote back asking if they realized that Morty was a doll?  They did and just really liked the way I wrote and thought we would be a great fit for their brand. Besides, they figured that Morty so cute (?!?! really? Cute??) he would be a great influencer for their brand. The rest as they say is history. Morty even got himself a wife! Sorry, she does not have a name. She is simply known as ‘wife’.

Now, I write for me. I have a lot to write about, retiring, moving from California to Sandpoint, Idaho. Learning my way around a whole city. Learning to live with wild animals at the door and snow. A LOT of SNOW!! I still enjoy delving into product reviews. I like being a jack of all trades kind of blogger.  I wish I had the crafting talent that some of the YouTube creators have. Or better yet baking talent that Michelle Goth has. It’s okay, I have the gift of gab that seems to hit home with my followers. (I’m certain it’s because they really want to see what I could possibly come up with next).  I will say it over and over again, I am truly blessed with loyal followers that have stuck with me for years. The Little Peanuts are AMAZING!!  I’m hoping you’ll be a Peanut too.



8 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…….. in Peanut Butter and Whine Land……

  1. Great story Connie… you do a great job of it also…your sense of humour and your family anecdotes make me smile even when I feel a bit blue….thank you…

  2. Yep, it’s definitely because I don’t want to miss your latest escapade, lol. Sometimes, I have a feeling like I shouldn’t be looking…but I can’t look away, lol. (I’m kidding! See, I’ve been here long enough to know you’ll get my off sense of humor.)

  3. OMG! I’d forgotten all about Morty and his beloved wifey. Do you still have them? Silly question, you must have!

  4. That is very interesting how you got started. I find it amazing, I recall when people started blogs, I tried it just for fun, and lasted two posts, and I was out of steam. It is a lot more work and effort just to do posts than meets the eye, and requires a lot of creativity to have people who want to then read those posts. You have a great blog that is fun to read, and to be that prolific, wow!!!!

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