New Year!! New Giveaway!! $50 Your Way

Happy New Year my little Peanuts. I wanted to be sure that my Monthly Giveaway was up on the first of January.

I’m going to skip my Whine Report for December.  If I get a wild hair I’ll add it later. If not, it will be back in February.

The Giveaway!! 

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you stop by. THANK YOU!!! (Yes, I do just copy and paste the remainder of this post. I’m lazy! AND tired!! I hang out with a SIX year old ya know!! AND NOW my Mother!!)

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements and of course going through PBnWhine for your regular Amazon Purchases is always appreciated. Going to Amazon from my blog does not cost you any additional money!! The widget is at the top right of the blog. (subtle hint!)

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Every once and awhile I may add a new entry so be sure to double-check occasionally.

Since I’m the sole sponsor of this giveaway, you can expect that all of the entries are about me, me, me, me and of course ME!!

I am so thankful for my wonderful followers here on Peanut Butter and Whine!! I really do feel blessed that you stop by!!

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  1. James Robert says:

    Happy New Year! I just got up and watching the re-run of the New Year coming in. Not sure how anyone handles that bitter cold in New York.

  2. I got up at 5:30 am my time. I’ve cleaned up most of my Christmas decorations. Now taking a break with coffee. So it’s been great so far.

  3. Seeing this giveaway this morning was a great happy surprise.

  4. So far so good. I enjoy your whines and love pb&j. Not sure I do these entries right. Have a blessed 2018. Thinking of you.

  5. So far so good. Trying to get up the energy to go and work out

  6. Happy New Year Connie.. All my best to you and yours….

  7. Debbie Yoder says:

    Im up,have had my coffee and now to tackle the laundry and clean the bathroom!

  8. Happy New Year! I am having a really good day considering New Year’s Eve was last night.

  9. Happy New Year!!! Today I got to shovel….again!!! My husband was kind enough to go run errands for his mom.

  10. Happy New Year!!!!! I wish everyone at PB&W a wonderful, and healthy New Year! 🙂

  11. Went to a friend’s New Year Party that she’s been having for over 20 years. She has interesting friends and good food.

  12. Tamra Phelps says:

    Happy New Year to everyone. I really hope 2018 turns out to be much better than 2017.

  13. It went pretty well although I hid in the house all day because its only 9 degrees

  14. Judith Watson says:

    I’m from the south, so right now I’m freezing. Unexpected cold snap, I’m hibernating lol!

  15. Staying around the fireplace for most of the day- the Florida panhandle isnt located south enough! It feels like the northeast outside!

  16. Deb Pelletier says:

    Family sick, and the cold weather doesn’t help. Below Zero. But we are getting better, health wise.

  17. James Robert says:

    Mine is going great since being up since 2am. Having my coffee and entering some great giveaways.

  18. My day is going cold :). Its -2 here this morning when I had to head out to work.

  19. It’s 8 below 0 without the windchill. I’m freezing

  20. I’m feeling a bit lethargic. Maybe it’s from all the holiday food? LOL… Next week I go back to working out to burn off the revelry!!!

  21. Back to normal.. well.. maybe.. I still believe in waiting to give up the holiday on the 6th of January so….still celebrating…

  22. Another bitter cold day and staying under the blankets! I may bake some cookies to warm up my apartment!

  23. Tamra Phelps says:

    I really can’t believe how cold it is here in KY. We usually stay in the 30’s this time of year, dropping a little below that at night. We are barely making it into the teens these last few days, & it’s below zero at night (& that’s before you figure in wind chill.) My niece & nephews were supposed to head back to school today but it was cancelled. You can’t stand kids out at the bus stop when it’s 10 below zero, lol.

  24. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Mum has this great story about walking the 3 miles to the nearest bus stop to her home village high in the N. Wales mountains only to realise that she wasn’t wearing any knickers! No, I don’t know either. If she went home she’d miss the bus – she went to school & stayed out of the draughts!

  25. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Happy New Year Connie & all and sundry! I’ve broken another flipping tooth and it hurts like crazy. I may have to put my pizza in a blender from now on 🙁

  26. Quiet day at home. Just odd jobs around the house.

  27. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Just have a cold now so not much going on just watching movies on the tv

  28. I am continuing to enjoy my holiday vacation. I watched that movie ALIVE last night, it’s been a few years since I had seen it so I didn’t remember all of the details. But wow… The terror of it all, and the will it took to survive… I am in awe of the strength of those who survived.

  29. James Robert says:

    So far my day has been ok but will soon by taking 4 of my kids to the dentist so it may change a bit.

  30. Went out today and actually did some garden work….cleaning after all the rain and transplanting….received a lovely coffee tea basket that I won during the holidays…love the coffee and tea and all the extra goodies but the basket is absolutely beautiful.. have to find a space on my basket collection cupboard top….

  31. Tamra Phelps says:

    Well, today was back to normal for the schools here. It feels like the holidays are finally over.

  32. Just got home from work not too long ago and am a bit tired

  33. Susan Smith says:

    I’m doing good. I’m staying inside as much as possible as it’s so cold here.

  34. Today was just one of those days I should have stayed home in bed!!! First stop the bank…they wouldn’t let me cash a lousy $5 rebate check so I had to deposit it and rebudget what I needed…yes sometimes $5 is a lot when you have no money to start with! Then after my first stop…car wouldn’t start!!!! Luckily my step son is a mechanic less than a mile from where I was. Tried AAA first but for some silly reason the “city” I was in had no garages that use AAA!!!! Luckily it was just a cold tired battery and after driving around had no problems with the remaining four stops!!!

  35. Vanessa Flores says:

    my day has not gone well I have 3 sick kids and a husband with a man cold ugh!

  36. Good swim class, then lunch with a friend, then a great massage.

  37. My day is going horrible. The water pipes are frozen and its pouring snow but I am going to have to head out to get more water because we have used all the bottled water here and I can’t let my dogs not have water. 🙁 I am so sick of snow and winter.

  38. Today would have been my maternal grandfather’s 108th birthday. He’s been gone for almost 15 years, and I’ve been thinking of him this morning. I have great memories of us hanging out, reading together and going to the beach. 🙂

  39. Today would have been my fathers birthday…..He was the best father in the world to me….and the most honorable man I have ever know. Sorry husband and son you are 2nd and 3rd on the list…All the major men in my life, father, husband and son have passed on….I know w/o a doubt what I have lost…..

  40. Trying to skulk around this mornin 38 outside,48 inside& 70 by the fireplace(here in the fl panhandle)& finish a warm cup of coffee before my 3 yearold finishes it for me.

  41. Tamra Phelps says:

    Oh, I am so tired of these sub-zero temperatures! It feels like it never really even gets truly warm INSIDE, lol. Sunday we are supposed to get back into normal Winter temps, though. Compared to this, the 30’s & 40’s will feel like a heat wave!

  42. James Robert says:

    I’m here helping out my brother as he is busy working on his birthday. I guess his day is going ok but would probably rather be home on his birthday.

  43. Ran a lot of errands this morning and have decided it is never going to warm up here. -13 with the windchill today

  44. Got a haircut. Stopped and visited with a friend.

  45. James Robert says:

    FREEZING here in Michigan. I have to work today in a few hours but I went and started my car just because of the cold temps. No wonder I love summer so much!

  46. My day is going to be spent bundled up under layers of clothing and blankets!!! It’s just too cold for anything else!

  47. Freezing again but I am picking up my granddaughter soon to have a sleepover party!

  48. Tamra Phelps says:

    One more day of these crazy icy temperatures & then we go back to normal cold Winter temps, lol. Normal cold would be a relief right now. There was no school again today because it was too cold to send kids out.

  49. Had to leave the house today for groceries.. I got spoiled during the holidays staying home…Did my errands and was not pleased with the raise of food prices….but at least I can afford to go shopping…I watch others who suffer thru the grocery picking things up then putting them back….

  50. Good swim class. Then a trip to Costco to pick up a few things including a rotisserie chicken.

  51. Went shopping with my mom. Prices gone up.. but I am sure many people didn’t get raise in salaries. We got a crossline with our landline and somebody else’s so I could hear someone else’s conversation, and I think we are stuck with paying with one of their calls. It’s only a dollar so I am not going to make a big deal out of it. During shopping we got double charged by accident so the bank says we have to go back to the seller to get it reversed. It was just one of those days…. Hopefully next week will be better. 😀

  52. Not enjoying the weather at all. My furnace is running constant & it is still cold. Somewhere below zero outside. I am ready for Spring.

  53. Laurie Nykaza says:

    It was a nice day my sons birthday so we celebrate it with a fun dinner

  54. Just had breakfast with my granddaughter!

  55. James Robert says:

    I have to go to work this afternoon and still freezing temps here in Michigan. I am ready for summer.

  56. Not great today. Woke up to a message from my son that my one month old grandson is in the hospital with RSV/Bronchilitis . They kept telling the pediatrician something wasn’t right for over a week!!! Finally the Dr at the ER diagnosed him and they had to transfer him to another hospital for treatment.

  57. Took down the Christmas lights outside, as the season has come to an end. My Christmas tree is still up in the house, I will take that down sometime next week.

  58. My day is going pretty good but I am super super tired Hope to catch up on some sleep over the weekend.

  59. My day is going pretty good but I am super super tired Hope to catch up on some sleep over the weekend. Hope you are having a nice first week of the new year.

  60. Tamra Phelps says:

    Found out my Dad is on Facebook now, lol. I thought he would hold out forever. I guess it’s just too much to resist. Hey, it makes it so easy to keep up with family, friends & even people you haven’t seen in 30 years, ha.

  61. Kate Sarsfield says:

    I’m almost back in the land of the living! I’ve been in bed practically all the time since New Year’s Eve just feeling rotten and extremely sorry for myself but today I managed a shower, some soup, paracetamol and chocolate!

    • Chocolate heals everything! At least that’s what I tell myself as an excuse to eat more of it! 😉 😀

  62. Mostly quiet day. Met a friend for a few minutes.

  63. Sunday = Do Nothing. Read my book. Listen to music. Enjoy nothingness…. lol.

  64. Feeling the post holiday blues today.. so my best cure is work… took down the gallery and the dining room holiday curtains and put up new ones.. took down my mothers tree that we have in the gallery….put away some of the holiday glasses and dinnerware.. left the Spode out.. tomorrow is another day……

  65. James Robert says:

    I am here helping out my brother as he works so hoping his day is going great.

  66. Kate Sarsfield says:

    I ate my first proper meal in a week – stir fry veg & noodles have never tasted so good!

    • Tamra Phelps says:

      Good to hear you’re feeling better. When I hadn’t seen you online for a few days, I figured you ‘green around the gills’ as my Granny used to say.

  67. Quick lunch at Smashburger while I was out doing some errands.

  68. My day is going good just catching up on housework. Sure is cold here I am ready for spring to get here.

  69. Tamra Phelps says:

    The TV weather people are saying we’re getting a nasty mess tonight. Snow, ice, freezing rain…yuck. The only good news is that by Wednesday we should be up in the 50’s, so it’ll melt quick.

  70. Ready to venture outdoors tomorrow. ITS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE WARM AGAIN FOR A WEEK ANYWAYS. Time to chop more firewood & gather kindling.

  71. James Robert says:

    My washing machine just broke so not sure at the moment if it will be a good day or not. My stove broke a few days ago and needs a sensor. They are only 2 years old, both of them.

  72. Today was not a good day…. I am exhausted and I have a bit of a headache. I want to focus on the positive and pray that things get better. *sigh*

  73. My day is going really well. We are getting some much needed rain today and I am feeling hopeful for the new year.

  74. Kate Sarsfield says:

    It’s Panto opening night this coming Friday and I’m still not really better. I did manage to get into town though for a temporary fix of my broken tooth.

  75. Tamra Phelps says:

    No school for my nephews & niece today (icy roads.) So, the youngest is with me & we are into our 5th hour of Trollhunters (animated show.) Hey, it keeps him busy!

  76. My granddaughter just came over and she is eating a snack! We finally had a warm up today!

  77. Good swim class. Now some quiet time at home.

  78. James Robert says:

    Couldn’t sleep so up since 1am. Thinking later I may need a quick nap.

  79. My day is going a lot better than it has for the past 14 days of brutally cold temps. It’s 28 degrees right now – yay! Better than the below zero numbers we were having. 🙂

  80. Kate Sarsfield says:

    It’s official folks: I am feeling much better today! I’m going to catch up with a teeny-weeny bit of housework, make a pot of stew and get myself to a rehearsal.

  81. Feeling less down and blue today…..I think sometimes it just all comes down on me and I have to just cry it all out then move on….Thursday is the lawyer for probate …..

  82. My day is going well I am so busy today lots to do and little time to get it all done. Hope you are have a good day today.

  83. Spent a very busy morning running errands with my mom. Then cancelled my car insurance…saved over $50 switching to Geico!

  84. Enjoying the lovely Spring day we’re having. 65 degrees in the middle of Winter.

  85. We took the Christmas Tree down today. Usually the lights are a horrible tangled mess and I get a headache detangling the but not this year! We had a good Christmas, considering everything.

  86. Tamra Phelps says:

    I’m just sitting here trying to get my youngest nephew to finish his homework. That’s like pulling teeth. Actually, he’s a great student, but if he gets wrapped up in his games (curse those computer games, lol!)…well, it’s hard to draw him away without just taking away the tablet & I’m feeling too exhausted to deal with it. His Mom & Dad can do that!

  87. James Robert says:

    Now that the below 0 temps are gone, doing much better this morning.

  88. Very tired today and emotionally worn out… Very anxious about the lawyer tomorrow and I feel like I am going to throw up. Hoping for the best. This anxiety and worry is weighing on me but I am trying to let it go.

  89. My day is going ok today. I have been getting what I need to do done for a change.

  90. My day’s going well…I’ve had a satisfyingly productive morning.

  91. My day is going pretty well. I quit smoking and today a friend of me said she was going to try. One day at a time, I am trying to make my life better. Hope you are having an awesome day!

  92. I am not stressing about the lawyer tomorrow at all….The will is cut and dry and we are definitely not the Rothchilds!! My main concern is the fees and her “billable hours”…I have decided to make some changes to the kitchen and started today by taking everything out of 1/2 and painted them instead of re-varnishing the stain…New year new look…Also this is my therapy….with cocktails and wine of course…..

  93. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Just back after the dress rehearsal for this year’s Pantomime. There’s a tradition that if the DR doesn’t go smoothly then all will be well on opening night. Fingers crossed!

  94. Wonderful WinterGreen outreach this morning. 10 DD young people who really enjoyed planting their terrariums.

  95. Tamra Phelps says:

    Ugh. I feel like my immune system has decided to hibernate for the Winter. I’ve spent weeks feeling right on the edge of a cold or flu. Achy, congested…but not full-blown sick. Today, my left eye is swollen & itchy (it always does this when I get a cold. When I sneeze, I usually feel fluid in my left eye every time, lol.) Anyway, I’ve brought out the Vitamin C, allergy meds & anything else that might pump up my immune system.

    • Kate Sarsfield says:

      Did you get a flu shot this year? There’s a really nasty strain doing the rounds 🙁 Keep warm & keep well!

    • Take care of yourself and feel better…

      • Tamra Phelps says:

        I didn’t get the flu shot. (Apparently, they guessed wrong this year on the strains they chose–it’s only been about 10% effective. My brother did have the shot & still got the flu. So, whatever strain is going around, it’s not in the shot, lol.) I’ve just had this thing for weeks–it doesn’t get any worse, but it doesn’t go away.

  96. James Robert says:

    Starting off to be a great day. Just ordered a couple pair of winter boots for my kids and got a super deal on them so starting off great.

  97. Trying to keep myself occupied until lawyer time.. I do not care for late appointments..I would schedule everything for 6am if I had my way…..

    • Tamra Phelps says:

      I get it. Even though I’m not a morning person at all, if I have an appointment I want it DONE. I don’t want to spend the day scheduling around it or worrying about it. (I always volunteered to read my book reports first so I wouldn’t have to spend the entire class with anxiety, lol.)

  98. The meeting with the lawyer went very well…. we understand how the probate process works, and she answered all our pressing questions. I feel much much better now.

  99. I went grocery shopping for my mother in law and enjoyed the warmer temperatures!!! Then came home to a message that my grandson will be discharged from the hospital today!!! The picture my son sent of him with rosey red cheeks was so cute and filled my heart!

  100. Kate Sarsfield says:

    I had a bit of a busy day today. The Panto opens tomorrow night so this is my chance to get all my various outfits ready, polish shoes, cook meals for the week and stocking up with basics like catfood, toilet roll and wine! 9 performances in 9 days but I love it 🙂

  101. Good except for the freezing rain hitting us right now

  102. My day is going really great we are getting a lot of much needed rain today.

  103. Quiet day at home. We didn’t get any snow from the passing storm.

  104. So tired of having to remind my lazy teenager to do all of his chores(gather wood& kindling& feed dogs& bring in empty trash cans frm the highway) OH MY GOSH SOOOOOOOOO HARD! I WISH I COULD SEND HIM TO A LABOR CAMP OR GRANDPA’S FARM FOR SOME HARD WORK SO HE WOULS ACT MORE COMPLIANT ABOUT THE MINUSCULE TASKS HE HAS AROUND HERE!!!!! #thanksforlettingmevent

  105. Tamra Phelps says:

    OK, I have loved the last 2 days. It got up to 67 today! But tomorrow Mother Nature gets her payback. The temp is going to drop into the teens by tomorrow night & we are in the area that expects 4 to 8 inches of snow, Noooo! School has already cancelled. So, I will be stuck in a house with an 8 year old & a 12 year old who can’t get along for more than 10 minutes. (My nephews)–Wish me luck or pray for me, lol.

    • Kate Sarsfield says:

      Woah! That’s a lot of snow – now 4 inches of rain I’d be well used to! Dear old Ireland, at least that’s one thing we can depend on!

  106. James Robert says:

    I have been out shoveling snow for about 3 hours this morning and it is still coming down. i have quite a bit to shovel and using an electric snowblower but it i crazy.They did not cancel school and should have. Treacherous roads.

  107. Kate Sarsfield says:

    It’s showtime folks! Opening night & I woke up with a sore throat – things can only get better! Off to shave my legs that haven’t seen daylight since last August!

  108. The sun is finally out but once again it is freezing. Roads were bad this morning with ice but at least there is no snow!

  109. Lawyer time went very well….I must say I like her and the way she works.. this whole process might not be quite as bad as I thought….

  110. Made a run to the store to stock up for the storm that’s on its way as I was driving the traffic lights went out then at Dunkin Donuts I got a free coffee because their system was down! Pretty good day!

  111. Good swim class then lunch at Red Lobster with a gift card I won.

  112. Good day today. I had some paperwork to go through and go over and put away and then we lost power so that screwed up some of my plans, but I had to adjust….

  113. Tamra Phelps says:

    This day has all the makings of a nightmare, lol. My left eye has started to get that feeling like there’s something in it but there isn’t–it’s conjunctivitis (allergies & head cold combined in my left eye, ugh.) So, I tried to call the doctor to get a med called in but the doc closed early (like every office today because we are expecting horrible weather.) I texted my sister-in-law &, yes, with 3 kids, she had some left over from the last time a kid had pink eye. YAY! So…we have a layer of frozen rain/ice on the road, the snow has started (supposed to get 8 inches), but at least I won’t be building up a case of pink eye all weekend!

    • Kate Sarsfield says:

      Stay safe & warm!

      • You need some good health vibes.. sending them your way.. and I am with grandma a good shot of Old Grandad 100 Proof bottled in bond bourbon!!! Medicinal purposes only……

  114. Love to win! Kindness goes a long way. Thanks for the chance.

  115. James Robert says:

    Will be at work by 11am but going great so far.

  116. Quiet! At the moment, I have the house to myself

  117. Sitting here waiting for a delivery ….When it comes it will feel like Christmas again….it takes so little to make me happy!!

  118. Have bad acid stomach today. I think it’s the physical remnants of my anxiety filled week. Hopefully it will go away soon. 🙂

  119. Jennifer Boehme says:

    My day is going better. Was in hospital with pancreatitis a couple days ago. I am feeling better, just slight pains and nausea now, eating soups and taking it easy for a few days.

  120. My day is going great the sun is out and it is a pretty day. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  121. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Matinée at 3pm & then a dash around the supermarket afterwards. I always feel a bit special pushing my trolley dressed in sequins & heels!

  122. Tamra Phelps says:

    Eye is a little better today. It still waters like crazy if I spend too much time staring at a computer screen (light-sensitive, I guess.)

  123. Quiet day at home. Looking at what I have to do next week. But it’s sure easier than what you have to do….

  124. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Cleaning the house and still putting away Christmas items so it was a good day for us today.

  125. James Robert says:

    I am having a nice hot cup of coffee so going good so far, Have a terrific Sunday!

  126. Sooooooo tired! My 2yearold has been getting up more often than our newborn because Daddy has been slipping him sippy cups to keep Jr in bed while he slips out in the mornin to go deer hunting- DARN BOOGER

  127. Taking a break today after the stressful week I had. I’m gonna drink coffee and watch some tv. 🙂

  128. The start of a new week….hope it is better than last week… I am optimistic……

  129. Tamra Phelps says:

    What am I doing today? I’m eating Cheez-It crackers & watching true crime shows on TV. So, clearly, nothing productive is happening here today! Hey, it’s Sunday, lol.

  130. I was spending a relaxing day until our neighbor called and said my horn was going off on car. Thought it was the alarm but I guess that’s what happens when the battery goes dead! Tried to pop the hood to at least disconnect battery…it’s frozen shut!!!! The only way to keep it from blaring is have the key turned to just before starting it!!! Will be calling triple A tomorrow! On A side note… the stairs and a small pathway shoveled!

  131. Sad today because a former Raging Granny friend of mine lost her fight with breast cancer.

  132. James Robert says:

    We’re going to get more snow here today but doing great before it starts

  133. I got a delivery of shoes that I bought online. They fit perfectly! 🙂

  134. Pained this morning and then did some planting….writing my list for a bulk shop tomorrow……so far no drama this week….

  135. Cleaning & watching the snow this morning

  136. Good to be back at my regular pool. Light snow and cold temps today.

  137. Tamra Phelps says:

    Geeze, no school for kids here again tomorrow. Still too snowy & cold. Well, later this week it’s supposed to get back up into the 40’s, lol. Hey, that’s practically a heatwave.

  138. James Robert says:

    Great morning so far although not a lot of sleep. Seemed to keep waking up so rise and shine at 1:30 am.

  139. Not great. I have been up since 3:30 and it is going to be a long day

  140. Kate Sarsfield says:

    We’ve had no internet access for a couple of days so the house is clean and even the ironing got done!

  141. Schools in the Florida panhandle are closed tomorrow due to the HALF INCH of snow we are supposed to get…..LMAO……
    MEANWHILE IN THE NORTH PEOPLE ARE HAVING TO DIG OUT OF THE HOMES BECAUSE OF SO MUCH SNOW& still go to work& school…… are spoiled these days! Looks like crockpot nummies are in order this week.

  142. Mom and I went shopping today, we got great deals and had an awesome day! 🙂

  143. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    Not such a great day here. Got up it was super cold, and my truck wouldn’t start. I’m still waiting to find out what’s wrong.

  144. Tamra Phelps says:

    Vision in my left eye is still blurry but at least it’s not hurting & watering like mad, lol. Hopefully, it will finish healing soon. I’m feeling like I’m in some horror movie where I can’t see well & it just snowed AGAIN and I’m trapped in a house…I hope there’s no axe murderer lurking outside, ha!

  145. Laurie Nykaza says:

    We have been doing laundry now were watching a movie with the kids so its a great day

  146. James Robert says:

    Things going great. Just getting my 5 kids up for school now and hopefully will remain good.

  147. Really behind today.. Woke up at 7 am….. That never happens to me.. I said good afternoon to the dog!!! Here it is 9am and I still have not started my days chores….Maybe I should just take the day off.. cook.. bake… drink wine and read…..

  148. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Snow, proper snow, has fallen & the world suddenly becomes a magical place. An hour later it’s turned to dirty slush & we start complaining!

  149. Kate Sarsfield says:

    We have snow, no phone & very moody internet! Ah, what a wonderful life!


    My day has been fab, Hubby & I went to lunch we drove round town top down its 82′ high thin clouds and just a lovely So Cal day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. My day is going just ok today I have a sick cat that I am worried about today.

  152. Tamra Phelps says:

    Just one more day of freezing & then it’s at least going to get up into the 40’s, lol. You know, normal Winter temperatures would be good right now! I’m tired of freezing! I’m just sitting here with my oldest nephew. He’s watching YouTube while his Mom & sister head to the gym. They’ve been cooped up by this snow, eating too much & now they’re convinced they’re getting fat. (They’re not, lol. But they are going stir crazy.)

  153. Just okay. Had a long day at work

  154. Good swim class. More people are coming back to the pool after its opening back up.

  155. another late day.. what is happening to me??? Here I am again at 9am still not working and lots to do….. maybe I just need to go thru this…..

  156. James Robert says:

    Busy day with work but starting off good. Hope yours is as well.

  157. It’s going to be a very long day today

  158. Today is going well so far and I hope it goes as fantastic as yesterday! I got so much done and it looks like it will be another productive day today! I hope you have a great day also!

  159. Kate Sarsfield says:

    The body is tired but spirits are high. How could they not be when I’m Pantoing every night!

  160. I spent this morning going over 2017’s financial records. Helps me determine the budget and make some decisions. Ah the joy of being the family CFO…. 😉

  161. Tired of this cold weather- 26 in the florida panhandle is redonkulous!!!!!! Its warmer in Antarctica LOL

  162. Great WinterGreen outreach program at an assisted living facility.

  163. Tamra Phelps says:

    No school here again tomorrow. (It’s a county school, so they have to consider the rural roads, too. The roads in town are pretty clear of snow.) Vision in my left eye is still blurry, which is getting old really fast, lol.

  164. Beautiful sunny day but indoor things to be done so hopefully I will get this same weather tomorrow when I am gardening… Off to bathe the pooch and begin the chores….

  165. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Still no landline & the internet is driving me bonkers. Apparently there’s a tree that is blocking the signal so I’ll have to upgrade & use a booster. In other words, more money. Funny how the tree hasn’t been there till now AND it grew practically overnight in the middle of winter. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful, she says cynically 🙁 Time to shift to another supplier, methinks!

  166. Pretty good. Taking a break from cleaning and have family coming over tonight

  167. Just started my after Christmas clean. This is gonna take me forever…. lol.

  168. James Robert says:

    My youngest daughter now has the flu but she is resting right now. Better days ahead!

  169. The weather goddess is sending us some snow this weekend after 68 degrees today

  170. Tamra Phelps says:

    I’m so tired of Winter. I seem to keep some kind of low-level virus or bug that never completely goes away. My eye isn’t hurting or watering so it must be getting better, but the vision is still really blurry. It’s just so irritating! If I leave it open it affects how I see, obviously, but if I close it it starts to ache. (Try closing one eye & leaving it that way…it isn’t easy, lol.) Maybe I need an eyepatch?? The pirate life for me…

  171. The threenager has been running around the house like a tornado since 4pm…& hes finally asleep at 9pm- yay! I can finally clean up& get a bath!

  172. I guess nobody here is as attentive as I am. Or possibly I’m just incredibly bored and these things catch my eye. Regardless, either you have dyslexia, or you own a time machine. Or both. Let’s see if you can find it. I can come back with a hint or hints. But to be fair, it’s nothing I don’t also do on a daily basis.

  173. James Robert says:

    Great morning and thinking a great Saturday ahead. Hope you enjoy your day as well.

  174. Cleaning fans and going over paperwork. Just a regular Saturday. Drama free, stress free, sunny day.

  175. Running errands today and then going hiking!

  176. Kate Sarsfield says:

    I’m having a wonderfully lazy day today before I set off for the final performance & wrap party!

  177. Enjoy that wrap party…..You deserve it after all the great performances..

  178. It rained today of course I wanted to work in the garden.. lol…. I did anyway.. put on my rain gear and out I went…. Very productive and now I can sit and relax….

  179. My day is going great. Pretty laid back and enjoying my “ME” time! Happy Saturday Everyone!

  180. Tamra Phelps says:

    Not a lot going on today. We are having temps in the 50’s. so the snow is melting. YAY! Watched a lot of Netflix, but an 8 year old was doing the picking, so it was Lego Ninjago all day, lol.

  181. Got up very early (early for me, at least) to go downtown for the Women’s March. Lots and lots of people and some wonderful signs.

  182. Glorious Sunday!!! Plan on doing nothing but cooking today….. Naan and Moroccan Lamb with Spinach… Salad and Wine….A bit later on a cocktail then a lovely chocolate dessert for this evening…I do love Sunday…..

  183. Let’s just say it is not going great today

  184. Enjoying my Sunday doing only what I wanna do. Gonna read my book and watch some tv. 🙂

  185. It has finally warmed back up into the 60’s here in the Florida panhandle for a bit& Im stuck in the house with chills& doing laundry taking care of the little while the hubby & our teenager get to go soak up some sun while they try their hand at catching us a mess of fish for supper. On the brite side I just finishef our stressful financial paperwork& get to sit down with some hot green tea& honey-yummy!

  186. Wonderful Women’s March yesterday. Lots and lots and lots of people. Good weather and then overnight a pretty big snowstorm.

  187. Tamra Phelps says:

    This just hasn’t been my day. Nothing horrible, just an overall blah, depressing day, lol.

  188. Laurie Nykaza says:

    My day was great visited with family and had a wonderful dinner with them.

  189. Alright the party is over back to work…..Raring to go and get chores done and move on with more projects… If my beloved mom was still alive she would say in her strong North Jersey accent..” Michele are you nutz?”… you mom..

  190. Today we cleaned out our garage area, dusted shelves and rearranged boxes. Always have some project to work on.

  191. Working on the house today. Raining but snow later on today

  192. Tamra Phelps says:

    It has warmed up a little here. I definitely like that. My vision in my left eye is still blurry but it’s getting better, I think. (I think not having the heat on & aggravating my allergies has helped) Baked some chicken, with mashed potatoes & green beans, —comfort foods, lol.

  193. Good swim class. The side roads are still slippery with the snow we had, but main roads are clear.

  194. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Called the cable company and had my bill reduced they had new bundles for the new year so we saved $52 with the discounts they had so it was a good day.

  195. I’m doing okay, but I’ve only been up a couple of house and I’m EXHAUSTED!

  196. I’m doing okay, but I’ve only been up a couple of hours and I’m EXHAUSTED!

  197. Kate Sarsfield says:

    I had to be in the Dr.s for 8.30 this morning AGH!!! Just blood tests so the appointment only took 3 minutes. Dashed back home & curled up for an extra hour!

  198. Very productive day….. painted cabinets and also did a bit of garden work.. were do the hours go??? so grateful for the life I have…..and my awesome daughter

  199. Great! Got all the wash done and played with my granddaughter today

  200. I have progressed with cleaning the rooms downstairs. I sang 80’s songs and enjoyed myself.

  201. Tamra Phelps says:

    Vision in my left eye is a little better, still blurry but not as blurry. I had both my nephews after school today until about 7:30, so the little mean one ‘forced’ me to watch over 3 hours of Lego: Ninjago cartoons, lolol. (I admit I wasn’t watching too closely, ha. But he’s a very social TV watcher; wants to discuss everything!!)

  202. Had my 6 week infusion today. Left me feeling quite tired.

  203. Worked outside in the garden and that is that for the next couple of days….need to work cleaning upstairs and do some groceries….

  204. Didn’t do much today… Had a lot on my mind and couldn’t get any single thing done.

  205. Laundry today, and then grocery shopping tomorrow! Sadly I have to carry 3 kids shopping with me when we go! GERM X FOR ALL& praying that nobody brings home any flu or germies!

  206. Good swim class. Then grabbed an Arby’s roast beef on the way home.

  207. Tamra Phelps says:

    I wish I could say I got a lot done today…but, no. I slept until almost noon, lol. In my defense I just could not get to sleep last night. It was going on 5 a.m. when I fell asleep, & then I kept waking up every few hours. So, I woke up more tired than when I went to bed. Hopefully, tonight will be better.

  208. spent time in the bank this morning.. still doing things that I didn’t get done right after my husband passed….Success though all went smoothly for a change…..

  209. Busy. Cleaning closets and the laundry room today

  210. I’ve spent most of the day trying to do my taxes! TurboTax claims i don’t exist!

  211. Went to the bank and to the grocery story with my Mom. It was a good day. 🙂

  212. First a DBG outreach program to Lakewood HS with 16 students making their own terrariums. Then a long drive to visit a friend in the hospital. Then long drive back to DBG to drop of the materials.

  213. Tamra Phelps says:

    Pretty nice here today. I had my nephews here after they got off the bus, watched some SpongeBob with them, lol.

  214. I certainly feel blessed this mornin’!
    Lots of lovin from the hubby& my coffeee was hott(for ONCE! Which is a rarity in a house with 4 boys to tend to)& they even left me a chocolate chip cookie. & the hubby bought me 3 new bras at walmart last night- yippee – I FEEL SPECIAL??

  215. TGIF! It was a good week and I got *some* things accomplished. I look forward to a good weekend. 🙂

  216. Wonderfully productive day….transplanted all my baby seedlings swiss chard and cilantro…moved up other plants mostly flowers then cleaned the downstairs garage and patio… finally Isis rotty mix told me to stop and call it for the day.. Gotta love that pooch….

  217. Fun day. First a WinterGreen program with parents and their blind kids, then good swim class then dinner with friends.

  218. Laurie Nykaza says:

    We had a good day today in the garden it was so pretty outside were having beach weather its great

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  220. Did some cleaning upstairs, but I am so behind and I have so much to do. I will get to it all eventually… 🙂

  221. After you pay off your mortgage, you aren’t required to have home insurance. However, you should keep your home insurance policy active to avoid risking what you’ve invested in your home.

  222. Good. Went hiking with the dogs this morning

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  225. Protects you against financial loss if you are sued and found legally responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage.

  226. Tamra Phelps says:

    Last night my brother came across the street to tell me my niece was on her first date. I think he was more nervous than anyone, lol. (He had scoured Facebook, etc., to pick up any info on the poor boy, ha!) Anyway, he let her go (I mean, for crying out loud, his wife drove them–it’s not like she was going off in a hot rod with some rebel without a cause, lol.)

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  228. If you’re looking to insure a townhouse and your townhome association has a master policy (which typically covers the structure and common areas), you’ll get renters insurance. If your association does not have a master policy, you’ll get homeowners insurance.

  229. Spent the morning and early afternoon putting in trees….Cute baby trees….by the time I was done it was a rush inside to make lunch.. but by 2pm we sat down….

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  232. Ran errands, ate lunch at Smashburger with friends. Stopped at the library to pick up some books and a DVD.

  233. Pays for additional living expenses if your home is too damaged to live in during repairs. Most standard home insurance coverage pays 10 to 20 percent of the amount of your dwelling coverage.

  234. Trying to take it easy today but my mind is just going and going. So I am going to keep trying to relax…. 🙂

  235. I do love Sundays…..Relax and enjoy the day.. music.. food and a good book.. then this evening a movie….

  236. Washing cloth diapers& sunday cartoons at home with my littles. Daddy just left out for the river to try and catch some fish for supper.

  237. Just a quiet day at home. Tuna casserole for dinner.

  238. My day is NOT going well with my oldest waking up aching all over and with a headache.And I am feeling off too.

  239. Went hiking with the dogs and froze. Started snowing before we could get back to the car but the dogs loved it 🙂

  240. Lissa Crane says:

    I had a great Sunday! I slept late and had dinner with my daughters! It was a very relaxing day!

  241. Tamra Phelps says:

    Today has been, well, just kind of meh. Lol, nothing great happened, nothing bad happened, I did nothing. It was a typical Sunday.

  242. Spent most of my morning outside. Our tilapia pond needed some cleaning and maintenance so I worked on that. I also found a gigantic snail in there so I moved him out and put him in with my turtles. I am sure they’ll be happy living together, lol… 🙂

  243. My day is going fantastic! Everything is going together well. I have a pot roast in the crockpot for an easy dinner tonight. I hope that your day is going just as well!

  244. Very productive day…worked outside and feel that I accomplished everything I wanted to…Chatted with my neighbors a bit and all is right in my world….

  245. Good swim class with more people attending. Then a quiet night at home.

  246. Tamra Phelps says:

    Not a lot going on around here today. One of those days when the most exciting event is getting the mail, lol.

  247. The hubby wanted to give his little minion(our tantrum throwing toddler) a haircut at 10:30pm & after much whining and cleaning up left for momma- everyone EXCEPT momma is snoring away& it’s now past midnight- but at least our lil guy looks dapper now& not like a hobo anymore! Lol

  248. Today was the last day in an exhausting 10 day stretch. I’m off tomorrow – although I have a LOT to catch up on.

  249. I would love to spend the day reading and listening to music but reality sets in….so I worked painting and cleaning today…..started painting the steps… have a color plan…

  250. Good massage this morning. Now off to enter a bunch of end of the month contests.

  251. Exhausted today. Slept terrible and had to be up at 5:30 this morning. Don’t think I am going to last long tonight

  252. Tamra Phelps says:

    Today has been a real lazy day. I watched TV, ate too much (& everything seemed to have garlic in it–so, don’t get too close, lol)–and basically did nothing.

  253. Today was kinda bleh… Couldn’t focus a lot on my mind. Sometimes I wish it would shut off. lol.

  254. As I tell everyone who asks how I am. I’m always doing great. Tried doing miserable once and didn’t like it at all.

  255. Another sleepless mommy night/mornin, while everyone else is snoring away. Thank goodness for tv& facebook!

  256. Today is the Lunar Eclipse.. decided to take the day off… seriously off….only reading, cooking and listening to music….

  257. I woke up today and my mom asks me what do you think about taking the day off? LOL. I was so… in! 😀

  258. Got off of work early and went hiking today!

  259. Good swim class, then the library, then gas for the car.