May 2017 $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

Hellllo May!!! April was no fun at all!!  This stupid cold!! I finally caved and went to the doctor for antibiotics. Apparently my ‘I can power through’ hit a wall and well, just didn’t work. Stupid cough just refused to leave. I guess I should say refuses… because it’s still here!! I haven’t even wanted to play with my Cricut Machine which is MAJOR for  me!!

My postcard mystery………… still a mystery. Didn’t receive any in April. So maybe the mystery sender has grown bored?? PLEASE?!  If this is your first time here, I’ve been receiving postcards with lines to a song that I despise! The postcards are unsigned and only one or two lines of the song written out. The cards come from everywhere. Texas, PARIS FRANCE, California all around. None of them in a handwriting that I recognize. It really is a very funny gag, except I’m stuck with the song playing in my head all the time. And NO I’m not telling you the song, I know this group would take great pleasure in torturing me with more lines or photos of the song and the inspiration of the song. As close as I can tell 3 postcards remain. My top suspects are still Sherry, Dan, Selena. I’ll keep you updated.

My daughter Selena turned 40 and to celebrate her family headed to Florida and Disney-world. The pictures she sent back of Alice after the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique visit were adorable!! Have you ever seen a cuter Jasmine?

So, that’s my monthly update, not a lot of gossip or updates. This cold just did me in!! MAN it’s not as easy to bounce back at my age! Geeesh!!!

Now in to the Giveaway!! My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! (Yes, I do just copy and paste the remainder of this post. I’m lazy! AND tired!!)

The May Giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements and of course going through PBnWhine for your regular Amazon Purchases is always appreciated. Going thru my blog does not cost you any additional money!!


Win $50 Your Way!  Tons Of Ways To Enter The $50 Your Way Giveaway!! Comments!! I LOVE COMMENTS and SHARING!! Hint hint!! Okay, so technically, I love all the entries and I’m thrilled you do any of them! Every once and awhile I may add a new entry so be sure to double-check occasionally.

Since I’m the sole sponsor of this giveaway, you can expect that all of the entries are about me, me, me, me…. and of course ME!!

I am so thankful for my wonderful followers here on Peanut Butter and Whine!! I really do feel blessed that you stop by!!

$50 PayPal or Target or Walmart or Starbucks, Amazon

Gift Card, OR?? Your choice!!

Thank you all so much for your support!!

The main entries are the same every month, so if you a regular follower you’ll just breeze through the list.

If you are new here… welcome!! I hope you’ll be back. OFTEN!!

Now, off ya go. Good Luck!!

219 thoughts on “May 2017 $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

  1. My day is going great! The weather here in NJ is finally sunny and about 70 degrees and very comfortable! I can’t wait to pick up my kids from school and head over to the park with them to enjoy it even more!

  2. My day is a little busier than what I would like, but i guess that’s to be expected since it is Monday. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Thank you.

  3. Saved almost 60% on groceries today so today is going pretty well. Already making another shopping list.

  4. My day is going really good so far, but it is still early so there is plenty of time for a catastrophe to come along. Or maybe just a bad attitude or something similar.

  5. My day is going good. I have had my coffee and read my email and am checking out some of my favorite blogs. I am going to take my Mom to lunch and shopping later.

  6. I can’t believe it’s May. This year has really flown by. Well, you would think May would mean warm weather would be here to stay, but no. We’re having a slightly cool spell. Oh, well, it beats Winter.

  7. Went to have my husbands MRI done this morning .. traveled to the imaging center that the doctor made our appt at only to find out there was no referral sent and he was unavailable to send one..I went off when the office manager got an attitude with me…wow I try never to raise my voice but I did and when she tried to blame me for lapse well.. never mind… tomorrow is another day….

  8. My day is going okay! I’m about to take one of my final exams for one of my college classes. I’ve only got a few exams left and then I’ll finally be getting my Associates Degree this month! YESS!

  9. Glorious weather today so Mum and I did some weeding in the sunshine. Great to be able to be out in the fresh air at last!

  10. How did you manage to send your cold to me over 1,000 miles and thru the internet? I didn’t even get on the computer yesterday.

  11. I’m having an absolutely wonderful day. I’m not sure it could get much better. Well, I guess maybe it could be a little better, but not much.

  12. Another beautiful day in S.E. Ireland but the wind’s too cold for Mum so I bunged the dinner in the oven & took her for a drive.

  13. Spent the morning at hospital and things went much better than yesterday.. this is going to be a long haul and I just want calm professional people around my husband…..oncology surgery clinic is our next stop….the funny thing is he is calm and collected and I am going around raising my voice… but not today….

  14. Had a pretty good day today. Got some cleaning done, tried to walk the dogs but it was raining.

  15. My day went pretty good. We’re super busy at work so the day went fast. It’s warmer here today after 3 days of cold rain — sunshine always makes it better.

  16. A stay at home day…..waiting for the next appt so just trying to be patient.. not my strong suit at all….waiting on others not being able to do it myself is rough very rough…. making lists and mundane things to stay busy…

  17. Well, the big news around here yesterday was that poor dead squirrel in the street (literally right in front of our mailbox) & the buzzards that kept landing out there. They were huge & my youngest nephew was fascinated. “I’m going out there!!” Uhm, no. You’re not, lol. Today, I’m happy to see the squirrel is pretty much gone. The food chain at work…well, I could do without it right outside my door.

  18. Just got home from a day of errands….tired and just want to lie down and relax until I get up and throw something together for dinner….

  19. Just did the daily word on the giveaway & noticed it said your anniversary is May 12th. My grandparents were married May 12, 1938. (She died in 2000, he died 2001. They were married 62 years.) Thinking about them brightened my otherwise rainy day, lol.

  20. I just started listening to the podcast S-Town – I’m up to chapter 4 and I am seriously engrossed in it. For those who like true story podcasts I highly recommend this one.

  21. Another morning has come, but I feel mentally and physically tired. I decided that I am gonna rest and relax this weekend until Monday.

  22. I’m not sure if I have bronchitis or not but it is getting the best of me. Would love a day when this cough stops. Other than that it is a beautiful day outside.

  23. Dad’s pc finally died on Thursday night. I had an old one in the attic & it’s taken till now to get back up & running and this one is SO SLOW.

  24. My day is going great we had a lovely breakfast out this morning the coffee was delightful I must add. Spending weekend time with my husband is truly the best ♥♥♥

  25. Got everything done today that I wanted to.. laundry, washed windows in the drawing room hng new cheerful light colored curtains to raise my spirits.. put on classic disco and cleaned and then baked….cupcakes and muffins… feeling better…

  26. Sunday morning. Drinking coffee. I am finishing the rest of S-Town (This podcast is awesome by the way!) Then I am gonna read my book.

  27. Did some neighbor visiting…just quick to deliver some baked goodies and thanks for the help they gave us this past week… Now I plan on cooking and relaxing for the rest of the day.. wish I could have gone to mass today….

  28. Mum & I spent the day in the garden pottering about and now I’m trying to come to grips with a pc that is slower than I’ve ever worked on. It’s taking 5 minutes just to load a page.

  29. I’m home again after 2 weeks of house sitting with a terrible computer. Only to have my internet down when I got home. (it’s back now).

  30. iT’S been a nice, lazy Sunday with the dogs, perfect weather, though we need some rain down here in florida. I did a little of this and a little of that. And it’s going to be one of those…leave the windows open kinda night. Sometimes you just gotta love Florida!

  31. Last week this time I was devastated… shocked… confused.. well here we are and we are going to beat this thing cancer.. I don’t care how all I know is we are going to fight like hell….. having masses said all week for him and that is a spiritual start too…

  32. Only 10 in the morning here but so far not the best. I have a special needs son and so far we had 5 melt downs and 3 phone calls from the school. Hoping the day gets better. Hope your day is great.

  33. I have done absolutely nothing today despite having a to-do list a mile long. The reason: this sodding computer. In the end I gave up & lay on the bed with the cat. Woke up FOUR hours later. Then the pc got better but the internet went down …….

  34. We’ve had some humdinger of hail storms this afternoon. Had almost 6 inches of hail. Luckily my car did not get its windows broken like some peoples.

  35. This has been a long day. I had to get up too early & couldn’t sleep last night, so now I just wish I could go to bed early. Well, a few more hours to go…

  36. Drinking my coffee and getting ready to start my day. I want to finish a project I was working on and get some cleaning done. I’ve fallen behind on that.

  37. Today is much easier than yesterday. The weather is cold which is unusual for Southern CA. Hope you have a great day today.

  38. The pc is putting years on me. I was going to wait till the sales but I don’t think my blood pressure will take it!

  39. Not a good day… husband very lethargic so unlike him….waiting to hear from the hospital for the oncologist appt….

  40. Stormy here today. I was looking down at the computer & the entire room lit up like a giant camera flash, lol. (Odd for lightning to be that visible in broad daylight.) Then a clap of thunder hit that literally shook the house. Geeze. We might be in for a wild ride today.

  41. We had such a hailstorm all across Denver yesterday. My car got a few new dents but nothing like the windshields that got broken just a mile away.

  42. Trying a new workout routine. I need something low impact because I need to give my feet a break. So it’s dance oriented… I still break a sweat and get my heartrate up but no high impact from so much jumping.

  43. Needed a lift last night so I watched A Dogs Purpose……it was wonderful…if you are a dog lover you will adore this film….

  44. I am so sleepy. I was not meant to be a morning person, but I was up before 7 this morning because Mom needed help getting her oxygen tank ready for a doctor’s visit in Lexington. Once I’m up, I just don’t go back to bed…trying to get a few more hours just makes me feel blah when I get up, lol. But I am definitely a night owl.

  45. A bit sore from yesterday’s routine, but not too bad that I can’t workout today. I just need to take off these 10-15 pounds… Hopefully I can.

  46. Moving early.. want to do some gardening and enjoying the sun and cool breeze….working with husband of course!!!

  47. So far my day is GREAT it is Friday. This is the 2nd day in a row I haven’t woke up to a headache. Hope your Friday is great.

  48. Usually not at the computer this late.. today was a strange day and the time just flew away from me.. Time to cuddle up with my book….

  49. Well, just one more week & my niece & nephews will be on Summer break, which means my ‘break’ is over, lol. Actually, I’m looking forward to Summer. Warm weather will be nice.

  50. We had a power outage yesterday and it really messed up all of my plans, so the things I was going to do yesterday I am going to do today.

  51. Gloomy rainy day today.. usually I love a day like this..but I plan on making it a sunny happy day inside…. starting with old school R&B on the stereo….

  52. Had to follow boyfriend to have his truck dropped off for repair a while a go so there’s an added expense we don’t need. However, today is beautiful here in central Ohio.

  53. There wasn’t much going on today. I made something called Sweet Cornbread Cake (from a recipe I found online) but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Oh, well, another Pinterest fail, lol.

  54. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who visit PB&W. My Mom wants to watch one of her favorite Elvis movies… Viva Las Vegas so I am gonna do that with her. I love my mother very much. 🙂 She’s the best! 😀

  55. Just a lazy Sunday here in Kentucky. I’m not a mother, but I have a mother, lol, so my Mom has been having a pretty nice Mother’s Day. She got to go out & eat with her grandkids last night, so she’s happy.

  56. Listening to the Up & Vanished podcast and working on some projects while I do it. I definitely recommend this one… very intriguing!

  57. I am having an okay start to the week. My check engine light went on in my car so I did not have a car all weekend but all is okay!

  58. For me the end of the day.. ready to relax and read… went to the tax office and handed in the new property tax evaluation forms.. cannot wait to see what this will do to our tax bill…

  59. It’s been one of those days where I woke up in a bad mood & it just didn’t get much better, lol. Oh, well…those days happen. Hopefully, tomorrow can only be better. (I suspect my mood is because I’m trying to diet. That’s always depressing!)

  60. I wish there was an ice cream diet where you could eat ice cream three times a day and be thin…. LOL. Oh well… Gonna finish up a few thing and then.. work out. Bleh….

  61. So proud of my godson.. got a position at a florida university and settled in with a lovely apartment and a great new experience in his life….

  62. Doctor cut back one of my meds because of the constant headaches and it worked. Today is the first day without a headache in over a month.

  63. Had my infusion today. Then stopped at Smashburger for a truffle mushroom swiss burger and sweet potato fries.

  64. Taking my mind off everything by working in the house.. laundry.. cleaning.. making some muffins.. anything to stay moving….

  65. My day is going pretty good. Put off mopping pretty much all morning. So gotta get it done. We have my son’s baseball practice today, it is the last one for the season.

  66. (I don’t like grocery shopping either, Sarah. Never liked it.) Anyhoo, it is a bit humid today and my sinus’s are acting up. I have a lot to do this morning but I am having a hard time getting motivated.

  67. Overslept today so instead of playing catch up I thought I’d just make this a computer day! Love entering giveaways and couponing

  68. My day is going good. Woke up this morning full of energy. Got the whole house clean. Ready for the weekend. Hope you had an awesome day as well.

  69. Had a great massage this morning. Then stopped at Black Jack Pizza to get one to go. IT HAS BEEN SNOWING ALL DAY SO FAR.

  70. Well, what started as a normal day got a kick in the butt around noon when my Mom got up to meet the FedEx guy at the door. She had turned to come back into the living room (she uses a walker & was pushing the box in front of it.) Suddenly, she said “I feel dizzy.” I didn’t even get out the sentence, “Well, sit down,” before she fell to the floor. She wanted to get up on her own but I was telling her: NO!! If you’re that dizzy you don’t need to stand up on your own . I knew I couldn’t get her up alone so I had to call 911. They came & got her to her chair & checked her vitals. Over the last several months, she has been having dizzy spells but this is the first time she didn’t get to a chair until it passed. She has several medical issues (COPD, congestive heart failure, etc.) & it does cause these spells. Scary, though!

  71. Very humid… I hope this isn’t a precursor of what summer is gonna be like this year. Bleh! I have a stack of paperwork to go through then I’d like to go shopping.

  72. Yesterday we went for a second opinion on my husbands cancer… God bless second opinions.. new look at the scans and just maybe we can move onto to a much brighter future.. We shall see back to him on Monday….

  73. My day is goin stellar tomm were having a BIG garage $ale and its gonn be EPIC, I hope your day is super too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Woke with a terrible headache but after the pain meds kicked in I was able to get quite a bit done today. So will be relaxing tonight.

  75. 47 years ago today my husband told me that he loved me….June and July we spent all our time either in Central Park or Washington Square Park right by NYU…or dragging him to foreign films …. by October we were married…..I was almost 19 and he was 22….everyone said it would never last.. well here we are…..

  76. Sunday glorious Sunday….planning on sitting back and relaxing it has been one helluva month so far….

  77. It’s Sunday. Gonna relax, clear my mind and get ready for the upcoming week. Catch up on my reading as well.

  78. So far good.. been lazy watching tv all day. The boys are bored though so may have to do something in a bit.

  79. This weekend has been a stormy one. We’ve had storms with brief bits of sunshine. Looks like it’s going to be the same Monday, too.

  80. Going to the doctor at 9.. I do hope that the dvd of the CT Scan helps the care along.. if we do need an MRI lets schedule that today…..

  81. My day is great.. my son had a great day at school. I feel good about it being Monday. Swimming later with the family. Hope your Monday is just as aweome.

  82. Well the main thing I wanted to get done this morning was bathe the pooches and that is done… More cleaning of course !! Where does the dust come from??

  83. First day without a headache in quite a while but still not doing much today. Just enjoying the nice spring day.

  84. There’s not much going on around here. Today was the county’s last full day of school. They go half a day tomorrow & then their vacation starts & all the adult’s vacations come to a screeching halt, ha!

  85. Today is bright and sunny so the heck with laundry outside in the fresh air with my husband and enjoying the day….

  86. My day is going great so far. I am definitely ready for bed though. Hope your day is going good.

  87. Today was strange.. I kept was messing up on the project I was working on. Same dumb mistake over and over… Focus was all off… I hope to do better tomorrow.

  88. Good swim class then some errands. Trip to Costco for roast chicken and anger that the stopped carrying the Silk Organic Soy milk that I go there for.

  89. I am hoping for an easy day at work today. Traffic was light this morning, so most people are heading up north for the weekend.

  90. One of those days when you just want to stay in bed with the covers over your head….Finally got up and now dragging around.. it will get better as the day goes on

  91. Going good.. slept awesome. My boys had a great day at school. Hubby is treating me to a nice dinner. Can’t complain 🙂

  92. It’s Friday, I have a long weekend of sleeping late (never ever happens) and NOTHING to do, and I couldn’t be happier! Getting over a nasty virus so that’s good too, and vacation is almost here 🙂

  93. Got a call from my husbands doctor yesterday to bring him to hospital….Admitted and doing a whole battery of re-testing….CT Scan etc…. this may take awhile….taking him by ambulance to another facility for their Scanners but I was not allowed to accompany him…Our whole road together we did everything together….

  94. Up and out early today.. had the lawn mowed yesterday so some clean-up to be done….then off to the hospital….

  95. Several errands today. ARC had their 50% off sale today and I got new jeans and western shirt to wear to the ‘I want to be a Cowgirl’s Sweetheart’ concert next Saturday.

  96. we’re getting ready for severe storms tonight. I hope the power stays on, at least. I don’t mind rain & even thunder, but severe storms are the worst part of this time of year!

  97. Spent the morning going back and forth to the hospital…Relaxing for the rest of teh day.. have a great book I want to finish….

  98. Up and moving.. sheep and goat pens to be cleaned..then the rest chickens, doves, turtles and the garden.. thank goodness for my fabulous, wonderful daughter !! without her I could not possibly do it all in one day…then off to hospital…

  99. Today has been an awesome day, it’s a 3 day weekend so we’ve been catching up on chores around the house! And remembering our service members on Memorial Day.

  100. I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend… My dad came home from the hospital so that made my day better. 🙂

  101. Released husband from hospital last night.. home until doctor’s appointment on Monday.. So glad to see him….

  102. Kind of taking it easy today. The past 5 days have been so frantic and hectic, so I am not killing myself today.

  103. Started my day by taking Steve (98 years old) to the doctor. Then went to the library to pick up books I had on hold (love this service)

  104. It’s been a really nice day here. Beautiful blue sky, sun is out & no rain in sight. Of course, tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, lol. Oh well, that’s Spring.

  105. My day went smoothly, the first day after a 3 day weekend is usually pretty rough! My 9 month old walked across the living room, and found ways to get into more things, so another layer of baby proofing is in the works!

  106. Have to really move this morning… Laundry then pressing… do the sheep and goats then head out to the grocery…Husband very weak and tired this morning and has pain… we need resolution of this quickly.. hopefully Monday when we see doctor it will get sorted out…

  107. Well, my day consisted of stomach cramps and a migraine so, I called in sick to work, took my kids to school and have entered sweepstakes and giveaways all day. I was able to eat some cream of wheat and I just got back from getting my kids from school. Now, they have homework and off to karate.

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