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  1. I’ve been up since about 230 am, so my day isn’t going all that great right now. My 4 year old will be up soon, and then the day will get better. I can’t wait to get my morning hugs & kiss.

  2. My day is good so far. Just got up and am drinking a cup of coffee.


    It’s lunchtime here in Ireland & I’ve already cleaned the house, done a ton & a half of laundry, set out clothes for Mum & myself for everyday of next week and paid some bills online. Just about to start prepping veggies for today’s dinner and cooking some meals for freezing for during the week. Phew! Just as well tomorrow’s a holiday here!

  4. maureen says

    Well it is OK even though it is going to only be 45 today.

  5. cynthia Hilliard says

    Its actually going pretty good becauae i read my bible today. The wearherman said rain,and so farr its there ya go !!!!

  6. Michele Behlen says

    It is cold, windy and rainy but I am still having a good day. We are using the time to catch up on some long over due DIY.

  7. clojo9372 says

    We had a power outtage today, there was a lot of wind and rain. But everything is ok now! I am gonna have a hot cup of coffee and watch some tv! 🙂

  8. Sarah L says

    Wonderful concert last night with Chris Williamson. Quiet day today. Off to chorus rehearsal soon.
    Thanks for the contest.

  9. Heather E says

    It’s my mum’s birthday. She seemed quite pleased with her gift. That makes me happy. 🙂

  10. ginette4 says

    Not having a good day today..sometimes life is full of misery..things have got to get better

  11. It’s a rainy day in New England , but the flowers are blooming, so I’m happy. I hope to work out side when it stops raining . 🙂

  12. It was a great Labor’s Day celebration in town with old cars exhibition. I got my first outdoor ice-cream of this year, the weather was excellent while we were on a drive.

  13. michele soyer says

    Today is not my best day..Have you ever fought with your husband and not really understood how you got into the fight? Well thats my story this morning.. It will blow over but what a way to start the day…

  14. maureen says

    it is sunny out today so hopefully a good day.


    I’m thoroughly enjoying a public holiday and, for once, the sun is shining! Happy Monday!

  16. Michelle Elizondo says

    My day is uneventful. It is the same clean and chores everyday.

  17. clojo9372 says

    We had another power outage this morning. Grrrr! I hate them, knocked me off my balance for the rest of the morning. It wasn’t too long thank goodness.

  18. having a great morning! got alot accomplished over the weekend, so Im having an extra cup of coffee today!

  19. ginette4 says

    had quite the episode today at the dr

  20. Kristen says

    My day’s going pretty well…..despite some frustrations and negativity being tossed my way by others, I’m still smiling! 😀

  21. Sarah L says

    Good swim class. A quiet night at home before a jam-packed week ahead.

  22. Heather Ellis says

    It’s Monday. That means it’s only 4 days until Friday! Yay!

  23. It’s going decently! Sleeping Beauty over here (I suppose that would be me?) finally woke up! I go through these mysterious spells wherein I sleep ’round the clock for about three+ days and nights. There’s no apparent explanation for it, and it just makes me feel incredibly… lazy and awful. But yayyy, I’m awake now!

  24. It’s been sunny and warm so jogging is back to the exercise schedule. I aim for 5km run but have not been able to. After 4km, I’m already dead.

  25. Heather Ellis says

    Got my 3 mile walk in this morning, and have decided to do a 2 fast to see if I can bust through this plateau. Wish me luck!


    I’m just back after 5 hours of driving on top of another 5 hours of hanging around while Mum got her chemo topped up & had her radiotherapy plus bloods etc. I’ve just got time to grab a sandwich, hopefully a nap and then off to choir for 2 hours. What I’d like to do is just soak in a bubble bath!

  27. ginette4 says

    Day is going well..the sun is shining and so warm out..might go for a bike ride later

  28. It is turning out to be a very nice day.
    Hope you have a good one.

  29. clojo9372 says

    I am so tired today. I don’t know why. I slept all night, but I feel like I could have slept a lot more. I am going to take it easy for the rest of the day.

  30. I have been having phone wars to have my medicine paid for through my insurance. I know it sounds like a lot of fun; don’t be jealous.

  31. (This is not an “official” comment for the entry form.)
    I’ve been trying to log-in to the entry form starting maybe 12 (?) hours ago, but with no luck. This is the type of form that tends to give me trouble– Is it GiveawayTools? I’ve tried every little trick I know (and I really don’t know many), but I haven’t been able to log in today. I’ll keep trying; fingers crossed.
    Hope you all are having a lovely day.

  32. michele soyer says

    All is well at home today… Some times you have to clear the air.. Visiting my husbands mother tomorrow.. Lets see how that goes…LOL

  33. Sarah L says

    Had cashier training this morning for the big plant sale at DBG this weekend.

  34. Kristen says

    I’m having such a nice afternoon, visiting a small town where everyone seems to know each other and they’re so friendly 🙂

  35. (Not an “official” comment.) Just a heads-up, maybe? I haven’t been able to log-in to the entry form all day; I’ve tried multiple times. I hope that it starts working tomorrow. 🙁
    Oh… And my day was pretty lousy… really pretty lousy.

  36. A busy day at work today with phone calls and figures. However, tomorrow will be relaxing since it’s a national vacation day.

  37. i have been entering tons of giveaways & paypal is my favourite. thanks for the chance. hope i win this 🙂

  38. michele soyer says

    Trying to get things organized and done early this morning.. Going to my mother-in-laws for a visit..

  39. Heather E says

    Top of my list this morning ~ new batteries for my light saber. May the 4th be with you! 😉

  40. clojo9372 says

    Today’s a productive day. We have a workman here working on some wiring in our house. I am still feeling a bit down today, but I am trying to snap out of it. Gonna do some PiYo and see if that helps. 🙂

    • PiYo… Is that the same as Yogalates?
      (I’ve never really read many of the comments here… It’s pretty interesting! So many people seem so nice; just regular people like me. I love how Connie asks us how our day is going– it makes these giveaways seem more “human!” 🙂 )

  41. Cathy French says

    Yesterday we had to go to a funeral so today I’m feeling a bit rushed to get caught up.

  42. Maureen says

    Well the sun came out yesterday and it was warmer but today it is raining.


    I got home after another 5 hour round trip to take Mum for radiotherapy and the 1st email I opened was to announce that I’d just won 100 Euro (about $120)!! Yay me!

  44. ginette4 says

    Having a good day, went for a bike ride and got my hair cut.oh and the sun is shining and it’s warm out today

  45. (Another “unofficial comment.”) Just as yesterday, today I’m not able to log-in to the Entry Form no matter what or how I try. I haven’t had this problem with any other entry forms, even the $250 Visa one on this blog.
    Aside from that, today is… more of yesterday? I didn’t go to bed last night. Feeling a bit out of it, but I’m kind of used to that feeling since staying up all night isn’t all that unusual for me these days.

  46. Sarah L says

    Got up early & went to the Gardens for the Alzheimer’s group tour. I do enjoy working with them. Then a massage & then swim class.

  47. Today’s a national holiday so I’m off from office work and start an early workday at the restaurant. Hopefully, people stay at home to relax and not block to eat.

  48. michele soyer says

    Believe it or not we didnt go and visit my husbands mother yesterday..At the last minute the electrician that we have been trying to schedule called and said that he could come immediately….so much for visiting……

  49. Heather E says

    It’s Friday eve. That always makes me smile. 🙂

  50. Christina Sparks says

    Getting ready to have my second cup of coffee, this morning, power went out for a second, thunderstorms on the way.

  51. Holly C. says

    my day just started so far all is good! The weather has been beautiful and I have out for some great spring hikes!

  52. Suzanne K says

    It’s cool, overcast and misty here today. I love it! Perfect weather for my skin, to get out and walk and to lower fire danger.

  53. Cynthia C says

    Not looking forward to a dental appointment later today. Otherwise everything is going well.


    And talking of dentists: I finally managed to find a date that suits everyone but it’s not until the week after next so I’ll be chewing painkillers till then. Otherwise today wasn’t bad at all!

  55. Cathy French says

    Today I’m working on day 3 of a terrible headache but today I vow to persevere because things need to get done

  56. Tamra Phelps says

    What a weird day! I got up late, anything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Oh, just to get weirder, every time I click to a different page on PB & Whine…it starts at the bottom of the page. How bizarre is that, lol?

  57. clojo9372 says

    I did Pilates and Yoga, and then I worked in my office. Now I am hungry and will have some lunch. It was a productive day.

  58. ginette4 says

    I felt real good today..baked some blueberry muffins and firs the first time baked a lemon good!

  59. Getting a few things done before I head over to the gardens to be a cashier for the Plant Sale Preview Party.

  60. Deborah Wellenstein says

    My day is great-I even got to film a water main break in town!

  61. Stephanie Phelps says

    My day is going well! I won a new faucet first thing this morning! I helped my husband on repainting our kitchen cabinets! I also played with my doggies and had so much fun with them!

  62. My day has been going pretty good today. Nothing too exciting though.


  64. I biked a 15km route with 2 friends yesterday to have a picnic and it was fun. Ice-creams and cakes are always a good idea.

  65. clojo9372 says

    I just woke up and I am having my coffee. I am gonna watch a show on my computer while I drink before I begin my day. That’s my usual pattern before I begin working, LOL. 🙂

  66. Tari Lawson says

    It is a rainy day here making it hard to want to get out of bed and go to work.

  67. Heather E says

    It’s Friday! Yesterday was payday. Life is good. 🙂

  68. michele soyer says

    Friday again and it is Mothers Day weekend.. Have to bake bread and chocolate e chip cookies today and get ready for the festivities…….


    Well, we’re half way through the chemo & radiotherapy, the sun is shining, the wine is cooling and we stopped off for lunch on the way home so no cooking tonight! Things are going great so far!

  70. Michelle Elizondo says

    Good its my childs birthday!

  71. ginette4 says

    day is going great..had a visit from daughter today..great visit

  72. Sarah L says

    Fun time cashiering at the plant sale last night. Will do it again tomorrow afternoon.

  73. I am actually not feeling very well today. Ugh. 🙁

  74. Judy Thomas says

    I had a lovely quiet day today ,thank you.Tomorrow will be restful as it’s Mother’s Day 🙂

  75. My day was fairly good. Thanks for asking! 🙂 I over did things this evening though. Got into cleaning mode. Did way too much. Now that I’m relaxing. The aches and pains are setting in. My body feels like someone beat me up! LOL!

  76. clojo9372 says

    We had a power outtage last night and that messed up my sleep. I just had my morning coffee, I feel great now. I am gonna go work out and then hang with my Mom. We’re having a BBQ. 🙂

  77. michele soyer says

    Well my Mothers Day weekend has begun. My husband and daughter are treating me to a wok free weekend..No work just play.. reading listening to music and relaxing!


    It’s late on Saturday the 7th and so far today I’ve cleaned the house, done a ton & a half of laundry (but I refuse to do ironing), gone to the pharmacy, driven an hour to get my haircut (oh, the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!), unblocked a toilet, put fresh flowers on Dad’s grave and made one of my super-duper homemade pizzas! This post is the last thing I do before curling up with pizza, kitten-cat & book!

  79. Still not feeling very good. Not very fun. Hoping I get better soon.


  81. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m really not doing much today. It keeps going between rain & sunshine outside so I’m wondering if the KY Derby will be wet or dry today, lol.

  82. Sarah L says

    Good time cashiering at the plant sale. Not so good for the people at the sale who were subjected to rain, hail, thunder & lightning.

  83. Christina G. says

    My day has gone pretty good so far. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Heather E says

    Good day. Really looking forward to spending some time with the young’uns tomorrow. 🙂

  85. My day was insane. I worked and we were short staffed and wow!


    Well, a very quiet Sunday so far & I’m hoping it stays that way! Another very early start tomorrow morning to get Mum to chemo & radiotherapy … and so the story goes on …

  87. michele soyer says

    Happy Mothers Day to one and all….I hope that all of you moms out there have a wonderful joyous day!

  88. clojo9372 says

    Today is Mother’s Day and I am gonna spend it with my awesome and super cool Mom! 🙂 I wish a Happy Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your readers who are moms as well! <3

  89. I was at a dance show today to see a friend’s performances. She was really bad at it but we appreciated her effort.

  90. Karen R says

    It is a great Mother’s Day so far. I got up to a breakfast of blueberry muffins.

  91. Sandy Weinstein says

    my day could be lots better. my oldest dog who has dementia ran off into the woods, took me over 4 hrs to find her, she had roamed over 500 ft and fell in a hole. i had to rush her back and give her a bath. i feel like such a bad mom of all days today. while i was looking for her, i was asking God to please dont let anything happen to my baby. i was crying and running all over my property, i have 11 acres. i was in a panic.

  92. Teresa Moore says

    It has been a great Mother’s Day for me. My daughter and I went to church and then we went swimming. We just had a great dinner and going in a few minutes to see my mom.

  93. Sarah L says

    Quiet day at home then off to chorus practice tonight.

  94. Christina G. says

    My day is going fine so far. Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Heather E says

    It was a perfectly fabulous Mother’s Day, spent with my kiddos. 🙂

  96. Kristen says

    I had a very nice day today 🙂

  97. I sometimes wonder how a co-worker always wears a branded shoulder bag when she only works as a restaurant waitress. People do have different concept of fashion and saving.

  98. Judy Thomas says

    My day is going quite well but I have two teens at home sick. It’s off to the doctors tomorrow.

  99. Considering that it’s now just shortly after 7:00 AM, and I’ve been at work for over 45 minutes, and I have a one hour commute to work, that means I was awake at 4:30. A ridiculous time to set an alarm for, but that’s the way it is for me. But on the flip side, I can usually leave work at about 2:30 (not this week though, a colleague is on vacation), and I’m usually home by about 4:00 (the drive home is longer, takes about 1 1/2 hours). And it’s Monday, and I had my usual not so good Sunday night sleep. But hey, at least I woke up. And it’s really sunny here. How’s your day?

  100. Today was a wonderful day
    Even if I miss my sons so badly who are living far away from me, I heard happy news about them , so they made my day!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    And good luck to everyone!

  101. Heather E says

    A new day, a new week. 🙂 Birds are singing, weather is gorgeous. It’s going to be a good day. 🙂

  102. michele soyer says

    I had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend…. My only sadness is the fact that my son has passed away and he always made my day extra special.. I miss him so much… My daughter was so good to me and tried to help me get past the loss…

  103. Natalie says

    I had a great weekend with plenty of sleep, so I am feeling great for a Monday!

  104. clojo9372 says

    Well the weekend is over it’s time to work. I finished my Plyometrics, which nearly killed me, but now I am ready to start my day! 🙂

  105. Aishah Bukhari says

    I’ve been spending my day in my bed because of severe cramps. It’s that time of the month. Wish tomorrow would get better.

  106. My day is going well so far. I slept in and took my dog for a walk. But now I have to go to work soon lol

  107. KATE SARSFIELD says

    We were up at the crack of dawn to start another week of chemo & radiation. Mum’s appointment was for 10am but it was almost 2pm when she finally got seen. The treatment’s tiring enough without that extra hassle.

  108. ginette4 says

    Day is going well..sun is shining and daughter stopped over for another short visit before heading home..I miss her so much!

  109. Cathy French says

    Its so damp and dreary today I may just have to turn the heat back on. Ugh

  110. Crystal F says

    It was an ok day for a Monday. Nothing special but nothing bad either so that’s good.

  111. Today has been a great day! I got to sleep in! We’re about to go grocery shopping and pick up something yummy for dinner. 🙂

  112. My day has been pretty good. I got to sleep in – which is always nice.

  113. Great Scout , Marty. Day is going well. Read a book in library. Free.. Wow, prize $50 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  114. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, the day is pretty much over & it’s been just an ordinary day. In my book, that makes it a good one–I can live without drama.

  115. Sarah L says

    Good swim class then off to JCP to spend the $100 GC that I won. Got a wicked cool blouse for wearing to our concerts.

  116. amy pugmire says

    Honestly it wasn’t a great day! Its’ been a rough year and today was a tough one. I pretty much raise my 3 littles on my own and don’t get much help from there dad and I received some bad news today. But hey tomorrow will be better!

  117. Christina G. says

    5/9/16 daily comment: My day went pretty well (so far). Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Days like this make me want to leave everything behind and just go to a place where everyone’s a stranger. People we think we’ve known for a long time turn out to be an ass.

  119. Nikolina says

    So far, my day is going ok-ish, hope it will get better though!

  120. Heather E says

    For some reason my day got started 30 minutes earlier than normal. Not sure what THAT’S all about! Lol!

  121. michele soyer says

    Looked at myself in the mirror this morning and said DYE THOSE ROOTS….. So my hair is now back to a great color and I feel better about myself…

  122. robyn donnelly says

    The day is starting off raining and I need to walk through some mud with a cart for food but hey it’s spring.

  123. It has been raining all day today so not may of my patients are showing up at work. I am a little tired today but I am looking forward to the weekend.

  124. ginette4 says

    Having a pretty good day, now to think about what to make for dinner..getting hungry

  125. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Another day, another long drive to take Mum for chemo & radiotherapy, grab a sandwich, throw some veggies & Tofu in the oven, then off to choir for 2 hours & home. Now I’m too tired to eat!

  126. Lovely quiet day at home. Preparing to house sit starting Thursday.

  127. Whoa, I was able to log-in today! Yay! 🙂
    I got the new Beyonce album in the mail today… I ordered it a couple days ago, after about 93% of my digital music collection mysteriously disappeared. (And that was A LOT of music.) I was/am devastated… But this is the sort of thing that happens, often. I’m.. kind of getting used to it.

  128. My day has been going really good. Just got done eating dinner. 🙂

  129. Tamra Phelps says

    well, it’s been a really bad weather day. It’s one of those day where it storms off & on, there are tornadoes touching down around the state, & hail has been falling in some places. In other words, you’re never at ease. Right now, it’s 10:30 p.m. & I’m listening to thunder roll & watching lightning flash…here it comes again, I guess.

  130. The fact that people ignore one’s competency is incredibly upsetting. After years of experience, nobody seems to value your skill. That’s what make one want to commit suicide.

    • Heather E says

      The fact that YOU are aware of your competence matters. I’m so sorry others can’t see it, but if they can’t then they are the ones with a problem, and that doesn’t make YOUR life not worth living. You matter, and I hope you are feeling better this morning. If not, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find a church and talk to a pastor. I know when I felt this way I couldn’t talk to my own pastor because I felt ashamed and embarrassed to be feeling/thinking that way, so I walked into a random church and talked to someone there. Even if religion is not your thing, they are usually pretty good listeners and able to help you work through things…

  131. I had a great today today. Spending the evening relaxing now. 🙂

  132. Heather E says

    I’ve walked so much since the beginning of the year that I have a hole in the top of my shoe!

  133. Dawn Monzu says

    My day is going pretty good! I haven’t been entering giveaways for a long time, so I am back at it! So here is crossing my fingers! haha God bless and good luck everyone!

  134. My day is going alright, but I need to figure out why I always wake up tired!

  135. Aishah Bukhari says

    Got a call for an interview for this job that I applied months ago. Kinda excited and nervous at the same time.

  136. ginette4 says

    Not having a good day today…received some bad news

  137. Cathy French says

    Just got my car back after paying over $1000 to have it fixed and it still sounds like crap


  139. Angela Saver says

    My day is going great today! It is a beautiful day, but it is hot outside, so turned the A/C on for the first time this spring!

  140. Tamra Phelps says

    It’s been a pretty nice day here. The sun is out & it’s nice and warm. Of course, storms are headed our way, but that’s just May in Kentucky, lol.

  141. Good swim class. Packing for my house sitting gig.

  142. Ok. I’m tired; did several errands, not used to doing that. I had to go to Target and return some things, and while I was there I was able to stop at Starbucks. I “paid” (the $ was already on my Starbucks app) maybe $1.30 for a venti frappuccino made with soymilk and some added flavor….. I’m very much aware that going to any cafe is no big deal for many people, but this was extra extra special for me. I hadn’t been to a Starbucks in almost two years, and hadn’t been to any cafe (for coffee/latte/etc.) in almost a year. I’d never had a frappuccino before, either.

  143. My day has been pretty good. We went out to eat this evening, which was nice! 🙂

  144. There are days I regret many things undone during childhood: learn to dance, learn to martial art, learn many languages. Now in the busy cycle of work, I genuinely do not have time.

  145. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Oh ye Gods, I am tired! All Mum & I seem to do these days is drive to hospital, sit in waiting rooms, she has her cancer treatment then we drive home. I went for a nap yesterday at 6pm & woke at 9.15pm then slept again from 11pm till 9 this morning. Heading off to hospital again in an hour …

    • Tamra Phelps says

      I don’t know about you, but just sitting in hospitals seems so exhausting to me! Maybe it’s emotionally exhausting? Anyway, I hope your Mom is coping with her chemo well. My sister-in-law’s Dad is going through it right now, too, so I see how it can wear them down.

  146. I am having a pretty typical day so far. I am happy that it has stopped raining outside!

  147. Heather E says

    Talked to my granny yesterday. She’s 92. 🙂 Told her about the hole in my shoe from walking, she said she’d like to send me some money to buy new ones. And she’d like to cover my books for this last semester of my bachelor’s degree. Super huge blessing, as money is tight. So, it’s a good day. 🙂

  148. OMG I won a giveaway! It’s for a one-month of a particular subscription box, like a “treat yourself!” kind of thing. I haven’t yet replied to the email, because I’m still like *blink blink… blink…*

  149. michele soyer says

    So today my day is going very well. For 2 days we had no phone a cable problem they said and it was rectified this morning.. Yeah.. cannot live w/o communicating…..

  150. Aishah Bukhari says

    I’ve been losing sleep over wrestling these past few days, I just can’t stop youtubing wrestling matches and podcasts.

  151. My day is going okay but I know I have to be productive as soon as I am done with my daily giveaways!

  152. ginette4 says

    Having a good day, it’s gorgeous out and I went for a bike ride with my calming and feeling amazing

  153. Indininta says

    Its 2 am and i have 3 tests tomorrow so i think im good (jk) i

  154. clojo9372 says

    Had a very bad headache this afternoon but I took some advil and it’s all better now! 🙂

  155. Friday the 13th again today. Bleak weather is all over here. Work is boring and slow. Hopefully it’s sunny tomorrow for a better mood.

  156. michele soyer says

    Friday the 13th… I really like these power days..
    there really is an energy on these Fridays. My girlfriend is going to a special Reiki healing this morning in fact….

  157. ginette4 says

    Having a good day, planning my Mom’s 79th birthday

  158. Aishah Bukhari says

    Today’s sky is grey. Looks like it’s going to rain but I doubt so, it’s just the universe messing with our brain and feelings. It hasn’t been raining for more than a month now and I hope that it’ll rain soon.

  159. House sitting for a week. Then swim class and a haircut.

  160. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Another week of chemo over and a chance to unwind (although in reality it means trying to do a week of laundry, vacuuming, blah, blah, blah …). Still the weather’s been gorgeous yesterday & again today and more sunshine is promised for the weekend so …

  161. clojo9372 says

    Not doing the best today… I have a terrible cold it seems. My head hurt for a while but the Advil finally kicked in and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I am gonna lie down in a little while.

  162. Heather E says

    Put the deposit down on our vacation rental today. Getting excited. 🙂

  163. Today was a good day! Happy the weekend is here! 🙂

  164. It’s the tension at work that makes me want to quit immediately but the money issue stops me from it. Working with Asians is the worst experience ever. Small-minded people should never be let alive.

  165. michele soyer says

    Well here we are at Saturday again.. my husband is going to the feed store and I plan on getting my housework done early so I can read and relax.. All is well today..

  166. KATE SARSFIELD says

    The sun is shining, the sheets are blowing in the breeze, the dinner is prepped and now all I have to do is pop into town for some errands. Then I plan to put my feet up in the garden with a book and do absolutely nothing!

  167. Aishah Bukhari says

    I live in the Southeast Asia where the durian season is a very big thing. It is actually around the corner and there are a few stalls selling the fruit. You see, apart from the foul smell, you’ll also sweat a lot after eating the fruit. It’s been more than a month since we last had rain, today’s weather is 33°C and I regret eating those durians.

  168. It is very cold today, like twenty degree more so than yesterday. Errands, laundry, and cleaning- all the fun stuff.

  169. Heather E says

    I’m buying tickets for our Cedar Point trip today! I am getting so excited.

  170. Today’s word is Sunshine – and we aren’t having any. Cool, cloudy & gloomy. It was 70 yesterday with Sunshine.

  171. Tamra Phelps says

    My oldest nephew had a baseball game today, so my youngest nephew & my niece stayed here with me & my Mom. A couple of hours in, my nephew announced his ear hurt. He was convinced he has a bug in his ear, lol. Well, no, but he does have an earache…so I’m guessing it will be off to the doctor’s office with him. It definitely was getting worse by the time his Mom got home.

  172. clojo9372 says

    Still not feeling very well today. And I have been having quite a bit of headaches. Gonna take it easy for the rest of the day, and watch some tv before i go to bed.

  173. (A non-comment comment…)
    I haven’t been able to log-in through the entry form again, both yesterday and today. It’s all right.
    As for my day… It’s all right as well. I drove my dad down to where his work-truck broke down last night, so that he could pick it up. I wish so badly that I could buy him a new (used) vehicle. Just a few $1,000.
    Also, my ex appears to be having a minor meltdown. UGH because I’ve been a psychotherapist / clinical psych, and have been a mandated reporter, and know all of the duty to warn crap… I was about to call 911 and have them do a wellness check on him. But he’s nearing the end of his probation (I know, I know– but don’t judge; none of you know any of the story), and wanted to be careful about throwing more wrenches in the wheel.
    But he’s finally stopped calling me, for today at least. Guy wants to start a family and have kids… My god, I can’t take care of him, a home, a series of relationships, a baby, and myself, all by myself.

  174. I’m having a lovely day. Spent the morning at the farmer’s market and now enjoying plums, pluots and apriums! YUM

  175. My day has been alright. Not too interesting. Got some house cleaning done today.

  176. Eurovision song contest was almost won by Australia with a song sung by a Korean yesterday. What a joke!

  177. clojo9372 says

    I feel a little better today. I got a good night sleep and I have no headache. I am going to take it easy on this Sunday Morning. I plan to catch up on some reading and organize some of my computer files.

  178. michele soyer says

    my husband is taking me out shopping today. that’s a great way to spend a sunday morning!

  179. Its another cold day here. I am trying to deal with chronic pain and not let it affect everybody elses plans.

  180. Heather Ellis says

    A new number on the scale today! The next pound I lose will take me out of the obese bracket and put me in the overweight group. 30 more after that and I’ll be in the optimal range:-)

    • Tamra Phelps says

      I just wanted to tell you YAY! I know how hard it is to lose weight…so I think someone ought to tell you GOOD JOB!

  181. I want my sunshine back. 70 degrees & sunshine on Friday, but it’s 50 and cloudy yesterday, today & tomorrow.

  182. sachin p says

    thing are going well.thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  183. Tamra Phelps says

    It’s been a pretty typical Sunday for May. One nephew had baseball, my niece had a band recital & the youngest nephew didn’t want to go to either one, lol. So, I’ve been babysitting today.

  184. Karen Jaras says

    My day is going great but I hate it when I work hard to promote contests and never get my bonuses.

  185. I need a mini vacation at the moment but money is always in the way of it. Saving for a summer road trip is in place so cannot spare any to waste.

  186. I am feeling really good today because I got a good night’s sleep!

  187. Having my morning coffee. About to run around and do errands for the day. Beautiful weather today. It’s gonna be a good day. 🙂

  188. michele soyer says

    Went to the eye doctor early this morning.. I had eye surgery for a detached retina and other complications last August so this is the every 3 month visit.. All is going well and I am grateful…

  189. Heather E says

    I didn’t become independently wealthy over the weekend, so I am at work. 🙂

  190. Robin Abrams says

    My day is going great. It turned out to be beautiful out side today

  191. My day is going just fine–a little cool and rainy, but not terrible (as in storms, etc). Do feel a little sorry for my grandson and his schoolmates–today is their Field Day, and I am certain they would have had a lot more fun if it had been nicer weather! Tomorrow is his last day of school for this year, and we are all looking forward to being able to sleep in a little.

  192. Aishah Bukhari says

    Interview day today. I wish that I’ll do well. I have only been to one interview before this one so I am so nervous cz I don’t really know what to expect from this interview.

  193. ginette4 says

    Tired today after the busy busy weekend

  194. A bit chilly this morning but day is not as hectic. Happy Monday!

  195. It is a beautiful day outside today. I had to let my nieces dog out and spent my time arguing over mail order prescriptions with telephone operators

  196. Cold, gloomy and rainy. No swim class but I did go to the pool for an hour.

  197. My day has not been very good. I haven’t been feeling well.

  198. clojo9372 says

    Went to the doctors…. The visit went well. Had pizza for lunch and a Klondike bar. I know that’s such a nutritious dinner…. LOL! 😉

  199. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, tomorrow is the primary vote in KY, so no school for my niece & nephews (the schools are voting sites.) That means babysitting, but we’ll survive, lol. Today was nice…until it turned out a huge hive of bees had decided to make their hive on the side of our house! Yep, my brother found someone to come & get them (NEVER kill bees! They’re not doing too well, so we need to keep them alive!)

  200. Another bleak day for me with rain and wind. I have to be at the second workplace early and thus have to leave the first place earlier than normal. Hopefully something fun will happen to cheer me up.

  201. Heather Ellis says

    Drizzly on my morning walk today. But it got some creative artsy ideas going in my head…

  202. michele soyer says

    All went went at the eye doctor yesterday. He said that my left eye has healed beautifully and my right is blind but no pain so we are doing well. Next visit will be a year inAugust from the Sx. Feeling great today..

  203. I am having a great day so far! I am getting ready to move into a new condo!

  204. KATE SARSFIELD says

    I’m ill and I want everyone to know about it! I don’t know if it was something I ate or a tummy bug but I’ve spent Sunday, Monday & now today either bending over the ‘loo or sitting on it. Not nice.

    • Tamra Phelps says

      Oh, been there, done that…did not buy the t-shirt, did not have a good time, ha! seriously, hope you feel better!

  205. ginette4 says

    Today is not a good day..flare up started last night..the pain is crippling

  206. Aishah Bukhari says

    Today is binge watching all of my favourite tv series day. I just want to stop thinking about the job interview I attended yesterday.

  207. Tricia Hope says

    My day is better now,for sure!Settled a dispute with my bank and got a $48.95 credit

  208. clojo9372 says

    Today was a good day. I worked out for about 75 minutes before work. Worked on my arms and legs, but it did tire me out a bit. I had Eggplant Parmesan for dinner…. That was delicious! 🙂

  209. Cheryl B says

    I am really ready for Summer break. Wow, it was a Busy day.

  210. Michelle Robbins says

    My day could be better because I have to go to a funeral this week of a friend and former assistant. Then I just found out today another coworker lost her husband in a motorcycle accident this morning. I am blessed to have my son who is healthy at home with me tonight.

  211. My day was wonderful! Spent the day relaxing. 🙂

  212. I have a day of thinking about authentic vs fake stuff. Cheap clothes are all over the place, especially online stores from China. However, it’s quality that I’ve learned over the years. So from now on, no more nameless clothing, my skin is too important to be money conscious.

  213. michele soyer says

    My washer broke down this morning in the middle of a spin.. Well ok clothes out bailed the water out and thank goodness I have a second washer downstairs…Not going to bother fixing this one – too rusted out and a new ones is definately in the cards for me… Still having a great day!

  214. Edis Zukić says

    I am lazy all day long. It is so boring and I don’t know what to do nor I want to do anything and it is so hot. This is what happens every spring, apparently I am not made for hot weather. I always need some time to accommodate to it and even then I am all time sleepy. Well I do miss cold lakes and rivers, love swimming or just laying on back in the water. Thank you for listening and this great giveaway.

  215. KATE SARSFIELD says

    I’m finally feeling better after several days of either food poisoning or a buggy thing.

  216. Heather E says

    A very difficult co-worker is on vacation for the rest of the week. Woot! Woot!

  217. Aishah Bukhari says

    Today is “Let’s Watch Wrestling” day. I’ve been rewatching some of my favourite matches and oh God, they still make me feel giddy like my 7 year old self YEARSSSSSSSSSSS ago.

  218. My day is going well. My cold/flu is getting better instead of worse!

  219. actually not feeling well today. having trouble keeping anything down! TMI? Sorry!

  220. clojo9372 says

    We had another power outage today…. Luckily I got the majority of my work done so it didn’t interfere too badly. Now I am gonna sit down and read my book. 🙂

  221. ginette4 says

    Having a much better day today..still not 100% but feeling better..things have to change

  222. Good swim class today with one new person. Since I’m house sitting I forgot to bring my swimsuit. Luckily the pool sometimes has a loaner.

  223. My day has been okay. Had another doctors appointment. Not too exciting.

  224. Melanie borhi says

    my day is going good got to work out and spent some time with my son

  225. I can’t wait for a road trip in July with mom. She’s excited also. Hopefully the application goes well. I hate bureaucracy in my country.

  226. Sarah Oswald says

    My day was pretty good considering I broke my leg and I am having to stay off it but at least I am being taking care of well by my kids and husband.

  227. I am having a much better day than yesterday. I only have to work for the morning which is great!

  228. michele soyer says

    I am having a wonderful day today…. the sun is shining and the world is great in my eyes…

  229. The Day was long and rainy. Nothing beats a sunny day.

  230. Heather E says

    I am GRUMPY. And I am also annoyed with myself for being grumpy. Lol!

  231. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Well, I’m at last able to keep food down! I’ll have to get on the scales to see if any good has come from this tummy bug.

  232. Jessica H. says

    My day has been good so far – calm and quiet, which is a relief because the beginning of my week was a bear. It’s also nice that the sun is finally shining after all of the rain we’ve had. Definitely a mood booster! 🙂

  233. clojo9372 says

    We had ANOTHER power outage this morning… I mean what is going on with the electric company lately??? It’s very frustrating, but I worked with it. I didn’t have a choice. Now the day is going smoothly. I am craving ice cream today. I think I will have some… 🙂

  234. The Char says

    My day is going fine, just a bit hungry.

  235. Last night of house sitting. Some people miss sleeping in their own bed but this one is fine. What I miss is my computer and my computer chair.

  236. Having a lazy day today as it’s raining on and off. Can’t complain though. We need it badly to help with the fires in Fort McMurray.

  237. The boyfriend is staying overnight at the summer cottage with his friends so I’ll have Friday evening and Saturday morning for myself. I want to try making cookies and cream cake.

  238. Heather E says

    The weather is yucky. I did not get my morning walk in due to thunder and lightning.

  239. michele soyer says

    Today my husband wants me to help clean out the garage! Oh joy… well I guess it was about time.. The thought sends me into gales of laughter – he makes the mess and I get to clean it.. Have a great day ladies…

  240. Aishah Bukhari says

    Traveled for 7 hours to get to my aunt’s house. We havent seen each other in months. It’s nice to just meet other family members at her house like this.

  241. ginette4 says

    Having a great day today..the sun is shinning and it’s so warm out!

  242. KATE SARSFIELD says

    End of another week of chemo & radiotherapy for Mum. She had her first drive-through McDonald’s today!

  243. clojo9372 says

    Today was a good day and I got a lot of accomplished. I was able to get all my work done and relax.

  244. Good swim class today and then HOME!! So good to be back home after 8 days of house sitting.

  245. michele soyer says

    It is pouring rain today so no outside work to do.. The plants will have to wait until tomorrow.. I do love a nice rainy day….

  246. clojo9372 says

    I am a little down today…. I have put on some weight and it’s depressed me. I have to tighten up my diet and take this weight off.

  247. It was a nice working day with not so crowded crowd. People are in syncs and everything was done correctly.

  248. Crystal Sell says

    Today has been good so far! It is going to rain in a bit, and I am waiting for it.

  249. My husband s sister died this sunday, so Imust admit that today and all the folowing days, and past days..I am so sad.
    She wasn t old but had a heart attack, god, what I am sad..

  250. Heather E says

    Planning to go away in a bit, so I rolled the windows down in the car to try and beat the extreme temps getting trapped inside. Didn’t plan on the downpour that happened an hour later! Lol!

  251. KATE SARSFIELD says

    I had quite a laid-back (well, if truth be told, lazy) day then off to a tiny church up the mountains for a Saturday evening Mass. My choir sang 6 hymns/choral pieces and were given a standing ovation by the attendees. Then we ate chocolates & sang all the way home on the minibus!

  252. Ah, it’s good to be back home from my house sitting. Just chilling out and enjoying it. Off to a concert tonight.

  253. ginette4 says

    Great day today..worked in my garden..its looking so nice

  254. My day is going great! Relaxing on this rainy Sunday evening. 🙂

  255. Pouring rain here this evening. Enjoying a cozy warm night in!

  256. A not so bright Sunday is here but I do not mind since it’s a day off. I’m excited for the movie we’re going to today and the new food I’ve learnt to make.

  257. michele soyer says

    Raining again…but it is a no work Sunday so what is better than reading and having a cup of coffee and relaxing.. Better get busy and make breakfast though…

  258. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Busy getting ready for what will be Mum’s final week of chemo & radiotherapy. She really is beginning to feel the worse for wear now but Mum doesn’t do negativity!

  259. clojo9372 says

    Would you believe we experienced another power outage? What is going on lately??!! Day is good though. It’s Sunday and I am reading and soon our family have Sunday Dinner. 🙂

  260. My day is great. The sun is finally out!

  261. The power is almost out on my laptop, so I must hurry. My day is going fine.

  262. Quiet day at home then off to an early and long chorus rehearsal.

  263. Heather E says

    Up early. 6 mile walk. Church. Nap. Tidied up a bit around the house. Good day. 🙂

  264. Jaclyn Mercer says

    I had a wonderful day. Beautiful weather, church with Nana and shopping with my mom.

  265. Jenny Scheldberg says

    Having a decent Sunday night. Not ready for Monday though 🙁

  266. georgie c says

    It’s been an ok day some positives but dreary dark weather out today. watching some tv and hockey.

  267. What a lovely weather day to start the week! Hopefully my mom will have a last work week of relaxing matters.

  268. Heather E says

    A bit cooler this morning. 🙂 I actually wore sweatpants instead of shorts for my morning walk!

  269. Emily Benzing says

    Well my day is just getting started! Yesterday was pretty good, yet boring even though I know it’s a sunday! But today should be good – going to start adding to my tumblr

  270. clojo9372 says

    I got a bit of stuff to do today. I want to clean my living room from top to bottom and I have a project to work on.. lots of paperwork. I feel like today is gonna be a good day. 🙂

  271. michele soyer says

    Already finished all my baking.. Made bread and rolls and then banana nut muffins and an applesauce pecan quickbread.. the freezer is full and now the quiche is in the oven for lunch.. Feel good about how I am moving along today….

  272. I am feeling good today because I am all ready to close on my home tomorrow.

  273. KATE SARSFIELD says

    It’s been one hell of a long day and I’m exhausted. We left for the hospital at 8.30 this morning & didn’t get back till 7.15pm. Crazy. But only a couple more days and Mum’s chemo/radiotherapy will be over then we’ll have a couple of weeks to unwind before her surgery.

  274. Managed to take a fall at rehearsal last night. Nothing serious but I’m pretty sore today. Quiet morning at home. Good swim class.

  275. HI! My day has gone well, it is Victoria Day, therefore a Monday off. Accomplished not much, but enjoyed the relaxation 😉

  276. Unfortunately my day hasn’t been all that great. Not feeling too well. Spent most of the day in bed. 🙁 Hoping I feel a little better tomorrow!

  277. My boss arranges vacations today and I’m having 2 weeks off for July. I hope a marvelous road trip is coming for us.

  278. Heather E says

    Gonna be a long day, but a profitable one. Bonus! 🙂

  279. michele soyer says

    Good morning .. cleaned out the animal pens and had a lovely shower and breakfast.. Relaxing until lunch… no housework today!

  280. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Another day closer to the end of Mum’s chemo etc. The poor thing’s really feeling pretty rotten and hurts all over and we’re both so tired we can’t remember our own names!

  281. My day is going really well. I got all of my bills paid this morning!

  282. I am having an awesome day! I closed on my house today!

  283. ginette4 says

    A little tired today from all the events of the past 3 days but I’m good

  284. clojo9372 says

    I had a good day today, I spent it with my Mom. We talked and drank coffee… 🙂

  285. Got up early (early for me anyway) to go to a DBG Hort Therapy program at a nursing home. We passed around some different plants and the they got to make flower arrangements to take back to their rooms. I love doing these programs.

  286. Mandy Bruenger says

    My day went pretty good, went to the local Law Enforcement Memorial, which was a very nice service for our fallen hero’s.

  287. My day was fine. I got some work done and watched Zootopia. All in all, not too shabby!

  288. michele soyer says

    My dearest friend texted this morning to tell me her vacation plans and she is coming to visit us for a few days.. I am excited and my day will be fabulous…..

  289. My day is going alright but I woke up earlier than I planned to.

  290. clojo9372 says

    Been keeping busy. I put some music on and did some cleaning, my morning went by very fast because I felt good and had a good attitude! 🙂

  291. ginette4 says

    Day is going very well, parents stopped in for a visit

  292. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Bit of a bad day today – poor Mum is really beginning to feel the worse for wear. She couldn’t keep any food down and just wants to curl up under the covers. However, tomorrow is her last day of treatment so ‘bring it on’!

    • Tamra Phelps says

      Glad you guys are almost done with the grind! I hope you get good news after all this!

  293. Heather E says

    It’s a very good day. Today I not only hit the 50% mark for my weight loss goal for the year, but I also went from being classified as obese to being simply overweight. 🙂

  294. Regular pool closed for 5 day so went to Lakewood pool with a friend. Quiet night at home.

  295. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, weather-wise it was a nice day. My niece & nephews had their last full day of school before Summer break (1/2 day tomorrow.) Of course, that means full days of babysitting for me & Mom, lol.

  296. Angry boss makes everyone’s day the worst day. I wish I could be competent enough to be my own boss.

  297. My day is finally going awesome. The weather sucks, it’s humid as beck and my cat is whining like crazy but I’m finally getting my new tablet. 🙂

  298. clojo9372 says

    It’s very HOT this morning. I have a lot of chores to do but I just don’t have the energy to get going. I feel like going back to bed, but I won’t…. Time to face the day! LOL. 🙂

  299. michele soyer says

    Today is the feast of Corpus Christi and I really should go to mass today ..the morning is getting away from me I hope I can make it… feeling very positive and grateful for my life…

  300. I just closed on my house and am in the process of moving. It is exciting but a lot of work!

  301. Paol Trenny says

    My day is going okay so far but it will be busy later. I have to travel out of town so I have alot of errands that need to get done before heading out of town.

  302. ginette4 says

    Having a nice day today, got lots done this morning

  303. Just a lovely, quiet day at home.

  304. Cheryl B says

    I started my holiday weekend at 5 p.m. I practially ran out the door!

  305. Today was a good day. I got a lot accomplished! 🙂

  306. It’s always fun to have plan for the weekend so I have something to expect. My mom is traveling a long way this weekend so I’m here worrying about her.

  307. clojo9372 says

    Haven’t really begun my day yet… I have to do some cardio and then begin work. It looks like we’re gonna have sunny and hot weather for Memorial Day weekend! 🙂

  308. michele soyer says

    So begins Memorial Day Weekend.. The start of the summer season.. Have to see what plans we are going to make.. Nothing on the road though….

  309. KATE SARSFIELD says

    I got to sleep in till 9.30am – bliss! Then some scurrying around town to replenish the ‘fridge & cupboards, did some laundry and now it’s my time for play! My choir is holding 2 performances over the weekend so I’m practicing with the headphones on & driving the cat bananas!

  310. ginette4 says

    Having a great day..but boy is it ever hot..summer is

  311. When one pool closes another one opens. (huh?) Saw several friends from my regular pool at the other pool.

  312. My day was horribly hot… our air conditioning system just broke hhaaa haaaa. Love it..

  313. michele soyer says

    I have decided to relax today – the heck with the daily cleaning.. having a BBQ this afternoon so cooking is only salads..

  314. It’s my mother’s birthday, so it should be a great day!

  315. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Poor Mum is having it really tough. The side-effects of the chemo are finally hitting her & projectile vomiting is the latest thing so I’ve been doing a LOT of mopping up. Still I’m heading out tonight as my choir is giving a choral performance in aid of a local charity. I’ll have to leave her with a bucket & just deal with it later.

  316. Sandy Weinstein says

    my day started out good til my nasty neighbors started their crap again, had to call the sheriff, who refused to do anything….now i have to go get a warrant and sue them again for digging up my driveway and trying to block my access.

  317. Slept late. lazy day. Then off to a backyard wedding for two of my best friends.

  318. clojo9372 says

    I had a great day. Our family had a barbecue and the weather was perfect! 🙂

  319. My day wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t ready for this heat, but I think I can get used to it 😀

  320. Nice food and nice talk with friends. I always wonder how long a certain relationship works. I watched the movie HOW TO BE SINGLE and I feel like breaking away.

  321. michele soyer says

    Yesterday we had a perfect BBQ… I felt so blessed to have my daughter with us she makes me so proud…..also heard from last employer who still wants me after all these years to come back… made me feel appreciated and validated…

  322. clojo9372 says

    Today is Sunday. No workouts only fun and relaxation. Gonna have lunch and then relax some more! LOL! 🙂

  323. KATE SARSFIELD says

    I have been to church three times since Friday. I am not a believer but I do believe in the power of people coming together for a common cause. In my case, it was to sing and I sang my heart out … now back to reality and, as they say, the show must go on …

  324. Tracy Robertson says

    My day is going well so far! I’ve only been awake for about 90 minutes and I’m lingering over my coffee, then I’m going to help my parents out today. It’s a nice Sunday!

  325. My day got off to a funny start. My mom called and I answered by saying “oh crap” because I had slept in until 10:30. She was giggling.

  326. Michelle C says

    So far, my day has been wonderful. I’m just hanging around the house with the family, and doing a bit of laundry.

  327. Daniel M says

    could be better, everything seems to be constantly going downhilll

  328. Quiet day at home after a wonderful wedding I attended yesterday. No rice or birdseed, just individual things of bubbles to blow.

  329. Sandy Weinstein says

    it is pouring rain. i am sick of the rain. it has rained so much. never dries out. my dogs hate it.

  330. Stephanie Larison says

    Happy Memorial Day! We were suppose to be going to a family cookout but more storms are coming so we’re changing it to next weekend.

  331. It’s nice to know mom is having a good time traveling in the capital with friends. I’m worried about the dog at home though.

  332. Day was great! Spent most of it outside until the storm rolled in. Love the smell of fresh rain! 🙂

  333. Maria Alessandra says

    is going very well, it’s a sunny day!

  334. michele soyer says

    Today is my niece’s birthday.. she is in Barbados right now so I cannot see or call her will facebook her…

  335. Suzanna Pickering says

    After yesterdays rainstorms today is cooler and quiet so far very quiet my day is going fine Happy Memorial Day to all who ovserve

  336. My day is going well today. I woke up without being in a panic – unlike yesterday LOL

  337. I am having a great day so far. I went shopping at Target and I always like that!

  338. KATE SARSFIELD says

    I haven’t done anything particularly out of the ordinary, just the usual humdrum housework & caring for Mum but the weather’s gorgeous so who cares!

  339. Susan Smith says

    My day is going well, the weather is nice and we are having fun as a family.

  340. clojo9372 says

    Today was a very good day! On this holiday Monday I just did some light cleaning and did some low impact step aerobics with strength training. We had gyros for dinner… Tasted awesome!! 🙂

  341. Quiet day at home only because I have a bad cold and didn’t go to my friend’s BBQ.

  342. Kamla L. says

    Today was a gloomy rainy day so I’ve just stayed home enjoy some peace and quiet.

  343. Cheryl B says

    What a wonderful weekend it was…hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  344. Roumiana says

    It was a hard and long day

  345. Tamra Phelps says

    It’s been a quiet day. My niece & nephews are off at their other grandparents’ house today, so there’s no noise, lol.

  346. Unfortunately, today was not a good day. I suffered from a migraine for most of the day.

  347. Carolyn Daley says

    Today could have gone better, but overall it was nice even though things did not go according to plan.

  348. Hesper Fry says

    Today has been going really good! I got to spend time with my family and we enjoyed a great cookout for dinner tonight.

  349. My day was… okay. I feel like I never get enough done though!

  350. Had a fabulous day today! Got out with my camera around the city to take some pictures.

  351. michele soyer says

    The weekend was a basic showery one but still our family had a good one.. Today I want to relax and recuperate….

  352. clojo9372 says

    It is quite rainy today. I did some Tabata and I feel exhausted now lol! I am going to work now and then enjoy the rest of my day! 🙂

  353. KATE SARSFIELD says

    Another glorious day today! Nothing much happening but I’m meeting up with some of the choir tonight for a pub grub meal and singsong before we break for the summer.

  354. My day is going okay. I woke up panicking because I heard the garbage truck outside, but then I calmed down because I put my bins out last night.

  355. Cheryl Chervitz says

    My day is going great! No major problems, just finished lunch. Waiting for the rain we are expecting.

  356. My day is actually going wonderfully. The process server was finally able to serve my boyfriends crazy ex-wife with paperwork they need to finalize their divorce (after 16 months!).

  357. jules m. says

    my day is going ok, i’m back at work and its very hot and humid here, but its about to rain and looks like it will rain all week long. this wont help my frog problem. one was outside my window all night croaking. 🙁

  358. Peggy Rydzewski says

    It started out stressful but after several hours all is good.

  359. Eugenia Hall says

    Its going so so, I only got a couple of hours of sleep but I did get everything done that I wanted to today so that’s a plus.

  360. Brian E. says

    My day went well; good news that our daughter’s dentist visit went well this afternoon; not looking forward to weather forecast for later this week i.e. 100 degree temps are beginning !

  361. Lily Kwan says

    My day was pretty hectic. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  362. Going to bed early to try and get rid of this lousy cold.