May 19th Photo-A-Day S For Secret Life Of Pets! @RADZWORLD

I timed this one just right too!! I get to combine my letter S with a review! Did you know that everyone’s favorite domesticated-talking pets are hitting the big screen again in The Secret Life Of Pets 2! I absolutely loved the first one and can’t wait to see the second one. Max, Gidget and the entire gang is back!!

BONUS at least for me is that I should be in California with Alice when the movie hits the big screen! SWEEEEET!!!!

Of course, new movie new goodies to go with it!!  Y’all know we love (meaning mostly Alice) love, love, love blind bags!! Now, in the stores I am full on, full fledged G’ma. “YES, of course you can have a prize for being good!!”  HELLO PEOPLE!! It’s in the Grandma RULE BOOK!! Spoil the GRANDKID!!  It’s 100% part of the job. Ask ANY G’ma!! (it’s also good to hype ’em up on Oreo’s and send ’em home…. ya know payback for the teen years!)


Sidetracked…. gesh……. Blind bags or blind boxes are one of Alice’s favorite treats. Just a refresher for those of you without little ones around a blind bag are normally those teeny tiny toys, usually hidden inside a bag or box. Blind box is the ultimate surprise— you don’t know what character is inside. Some sets can have hundreds of toys to collect. The new Radz The Secret Life of Pets 2 3-in-1 blind boxes has 8 figures to collect.

The Radz collection comes with 0.7 oz of candy with flavors like Orange Pup-sicle, The Big Apple, Berry Bow-Wow and Cherry Cattitude. There is also a pop-out collector card, and a rubbery character figurine.

Another bonus is that these blind boxes can be found at Walmart stores nationwide 🙂  Biggest bonus is they are under $2.00

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9 thoughts on “May 19th Photo-A-Day S For Secret Life Of Pets! @RADZWORLD

  1. This Secret Life of Pets does sound fun! And I never heard of blind bags before, but you know so much about these things! Wow good to know!

    1. Rosie, I bet that Alice has a thousand dollars in blind bags. That FACE! But, NON! I need the WHOLE SET!!! Aughhhhhh…. it’s actually BRILLIANT marketing! They are relatively inexpensive and there are so many!

  2. The first movie was fun and funny. I know this one will be one I’ll wind up watching with my youngest nephew.

  3. I love the Secret Life of Pets and my kids love blind boxes/bags, so I guess we’ll have to hunt these down!

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