May 18th Photo-A-Day R

Well, this prompt ended out to be easier than I thought because it’s been RAINING all day.

I give you a short clip of rock, rain, river, rain, ruts,rain, road and rain. R!

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10 thoughts on “May 18th Photo-A-Day R

  1. Yep, that’s a lot of rain, lol. Sometimes, I like rain…like when you’re laying in bed, listening to it hit the roof. But, I don’t like having to go out in it!

  2. Raahhh oooo aiin!! Yikes. First time no rain here in a long time, good thing we don’t have to navigate a dirt road full of giant holes. Good day to stay inside and craft! You must be getting those dangerous storms I saw on the weather map.

    1. Rosie, I am FUNNY RIGHT?!?! Raaahhh ooohhhh!!
      It would have been a great day to stay inside except spoiled Miss Bear DEMANDED in her loudest voice that we hike. So, mini hike headed her way. THEN crafting!

    1. Crystal, We have rain foretasted too. All our lumber is under tarps….. sorta…… mostly the wind takes them away and we start over. I wish the rain would hold off until we get this wood sealed and stained but I doubt Mother Nature really cares about my plans!

  3. lol, that looks like my pictures! It’s been raining off and on here in Ohio. So getting some cleaning done although today is pretty but chilly!

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