May 17th, Photo-A-Day Q

I bet you thought I would be stumped with the letter Q after G gave me such a hard time. BUT, you would be wrong!!

Q is for quiet. AND NOOOOOOO I am not going to end my post here. Although that does sound like something I would and have done.

Nope. Today while Bear and I went on our morning hour and a half hike I stopped and took a video so you could enjoy the surroundings and the quiet around us as we hike.

It’s different every. single. day.

No matter which way we go we see something different.

This is such a beautiful hike. Bear thinks it’s the greatest thing EVER!! Afterwards she sleeps all day and lets me craft, so it’s a win-win.

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5 thoughts on “May 17th, Photo-A-Day Q

  1. I love quiet, especially in the country, just the little critters. Nice company that Bear takes a nap while you craft!

  2. Sometimes, I just crave quiet. Nothing is quiet here. There are constant call bells going off, things beeping or people talking…well, like a nursing home.

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