May 15th Photo-A-Day O

OHMGGGGGGGG I did it again!! OH so happy!!

This one was right on top of the brush!!  Oh happy dance! On a roll here!! Seriously, who would have thought this was such a great hobby!

Okay guys, grab your hiking boots, bug spray and a stick let’s go hike and hunt for sheds!


  1. Wow you found more! I’ll have to enlist you when we want to find four-leaf clovers! I’m game! At least until I see a big snake! I haven’t noticed you saying anything about them yet. Growing up we had copperheads and rattlers in our area.

  2. Couldn’t figure out what you were talking about sheds since there aren’t any in the picture. Then I saw the antlers and understood.

  3. Tamra Phelps says

    Lol, it must be the season or something for shedding antlers. Very nice.

  4. Crystal K says

    No way! You’re on a roll! And good eyes – I think I would have missed that for sure, mixed in with those branches like that.

  5. You could make coat hooks or chandeliers out of them or, if you collected enough, even a Christmas Tree!!!

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