May 13th Photo-A-Day M

I had a fairly good idea for today’s letter but then Rosie reminded me M for MONEY PIT! Yes, I have a million dollar view. I have a craft room that would make Martha Stewart jealous. (okay, not really, I’m sure that hers is equally as nice as mine. HOWEVER, she probably doesn’t have deer that lick the door! HA! I win again!!)

So, Rosie thank you so much for today’s prompt.

We started to work yesterday on the decks. The contractor truly is amazed that no one has fallen through and down 2 stories. OHHOLYCRAP!! Oh SO very, very bad. Oh SO BAD. I’m on a loop in my head right now, I can’t think of any other words except really, really bad.

The contractor hasn’t started tearing down the upper deck but he said truthfully he would HIGHLY recommend NOT stepping on it. AT ALL. YOU GUYS!!! That’s where I go for moon pictures, scenic pictures. I’m on the decks A LOT. Several times a day. Every. Single. Day.

So, my first take away on the decks is THANK YOU GOD that we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and replace the decks this summer and not put it off till next summer. We seriously debated. SERIOUSLY!!  We could have had a huge disaster. Y’all know me……… I go straight to the “this coulda happened” “that coulda happened”

So, for the last day and a half I’ve had huge goose bumps with my disaster scenarios.

Thankfully, it’s being replaced. It will be stunning and I will be back on the decks hopefully before the end of summer.

So, here are my MONEY PIT (for this week!!) Pictures.

Even the back porch and the front porch have to be redone. Back porch pictures

We haven’t started on the front porch yet………… Ohhhhhhh Rosie……….. money pit……….. yup yup…….. with a million dollar view!

8 thoughts on “May 13th Photo-A-Day M

  1. Oh yiiiikes! But I have to say, this made me feel a little better. I spent the whole day working on restaining our front porch and I didn’t even get close to done so I was feeling kind of down. But at least we don’t have to start over!!!! I bet your new one will be amazing in the end, though!

    1. Crystal, our decks will be amazing. WHEN they get done. Our contractor is just starting out so he only works after his 9-5 job and weekends. It’s gonna take forever!

  2. Your million dollar view will make it all worthwhile in the end. Just keep reminding yourself of that, lol.

  3. Glad you found out about the decks before you found out the hard way! Yikes! We had a money pit sailboat, it was a deep, dark hole, the pit of pits! I remember once going out and the wind changed, and a bunch of expensive equipment went over the side and down, down, down, never to be seen again.

  4. i know that it seems to be a money pit but when you are all done the place will look good enough for House Beautiful and you will be so happy….Be careful!!

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