May 12th Photo-A-Day L

Ahhhhhhhhhhh today’s letter just happens to coincide Mother’s Day and our Anniversary! So I will take this opportunity to use the letter L for LOVE.

The LOVES of my life!!

Hummmm….…. should I be politically correct and add The Husband first? It is our anniversary after all.  Or should I just skip straight to Alice?? (Okay I’m going to start with The Husband; but y’all know the truth right?!?!) Cause really, I am NOT that nice!

The Husband; without him the rest of my LOVES wouldn’t fall into place. Thank you for all you do. All the love you give. All your hard work to provide a wonderful life for all of us. Now with all the hard work on our money pit I MEAN new home!! And thank you for taking the dog out in the middle of the night when it’s pitch black dark outside!! (It’s SCARY!!)

Selena my first born. Smart, funny and beautiful inside and out. This girl! Such a hard worker. I adore this woman! Even though her phone sends out an SOS alert at least once a week.

Zachary; my son. He is sarcastic, warm hearted and handsome as all get out. This man is so funny it took the longest time to find a picture that he wasn’t being wacky-a-doodle in.  DANG that boy is cute!!
These kids make me laugh out loud all of the time!!!!!!!!! They are who I want to be if I were to ever grow up!!

Next up my newest LOVE Bear.  She is such a MaMa’s girl. So sweet. So dang cute and cuddly! The perfect lap dog. Now if I could just get her to lay on my frozen feet in winter she would be 100% perfect!
And now, here she is my all time LOVE. The reason I didn’t smother my kids when they were teenagers. Miss Alice!  OMG I miss this baby so much!! I LOVE THIS BABY!!! She’s growing way, way too fast.


Happy Mother’s Day little Peanuts!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Day one and all!!




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7 thoughts on “May 12th Photo-A-Day L

  1. What a great post Connie…All your loves…great family…today I am going to take out all my albums and look at the pics of my favourite loves….Happy Mother’s Day

  2. “L” is for lovely family, and Happy Anniversary, and Happy Mother’s Day! And you already have an “M” for “money pit”!!! A really nice money pit, though!!!!

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