May 11th Photo-A-Day K

Today’s letter K is a fun photo.

When we first moved up here I noticed this little sign. It’s placed just under the larger PRIVATE ROAD (the very last house on the road is us!) and under the neighborhood watch signs. There is a yellow, super small sign. Since I always felt like I was in a hurry to go somewhere or do something I never took the time to stop, get out of the car and actually READ the little yellow sign. I honestly didn’t think it would be anything of interest. Except of course why is it so small?!?!

After months of driving past, I finally stopped and got out of the car and read the sign. Now it’s one of my favorite quirks of the road. Someone on Homestead Loop has a great sense of humor!!

Now, you KNOW me! I feel the need to add to this post.  I’m am on the hunt for a small sign for another equally odd animal. I am thinking giraffe, velociraptor or a tetradactyl. (yes, that is a similar type grouping of animals……… in my head anyway!)

So there ya are K is for Koala.




10 thoughts on “May 11th Photo-A-Day K

  1. One of the locals has a sense of humour! The nearest little harbour to us has a small sign ‘Beware – Killer Coconuts!’ and of course everyone looks up – not a palm tree in site. Then you become aware of small groups of coconuts in the hedges and along the seafront, all with mini-daggers, shields & spears, like little warriors! The local school used to use coconuts as bird feeders then thought of this as a way of recycling the shells!

    1. Kate, one of my dearest friends gave me a coconut nativity scene for Christmas one year. Cutest thing ever.
      Ya know…. falling coconuts signs would be seriously funny under the Koala sign. Ebay here I come!

  2. My all time favorite sign was in a forest in Singapore. It said (with a picture) WATCH FOR FALLING DURIAN!!!

  3. Lol, hey, maybe someone on your road actually has a koala. Hmm, is that possible??? Probably not. Funny!

  4. That is a good “K” – and you never know, maybe a koala will show up on your doorstop! I thought it must have been a ‘watch out for mud’ sign, that should be there and be HUGE! Although by the time anyone would see it, they may have been sunk up to the windshield already!

    1. Rosie, I really had no idea what that little thing would be. MUD that should have been in HUGE letters or little letters and further down the pole so you could see it as you sink. YOU are FUNNY!!!!

    1. Michele, I had to get out of the car I couldn’t even read the sign from the drivers side and hanging out the window. Yup. I need a dinosaur sign for under the Koala

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