8 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Times

  1. Social Media has changed everything and I don’t really think for the better. Thank you for sharing this infographic.

  2. The only constant is change. Customers expect to access and consume information across platforms, apps and devices and in order for brands to “be the best answer” wherever buyers are looking, they need to figure out what’s next and where to focus. Fascinating to think about.

  3. Wow! Fascinating stuff. I particularly found the 90% online review stats remarkable. One wonders how much of this is due, in part, to our increasing reliance on technology in our personal lives, leading to social isolation. Gone, it seems, are the times when personal, face-to-face recommendations from friends or family were able to sway our decision-making. While this may allow us to be more objective, one cannot but be worried over the effect of this loss of social interaction in our lives.

  4. Any one trying to run a business would probably be well-served by following marketing trends! Today, you would probably go under if you didn’t use Social Media, for instance.

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