It’s A jeulia Bridal Set Christmas!

Yes, Yes, I KNOW I'm spoiled. I'm a bottomless pit of wants and needs. In my defense it is Christmas time. Soooooo what better time to ask for something sparkly? Something with my absolute favorite stone. A DIAMOND!! Oh, I see you rolling your eyes at me. I just can't help it! I started at jeulia I started looking around for a wedding sets for her. Pffftt The Husband doesn't need a new band. He's fine! If you could would YOU update your bridal sets? Let's say you were that one winner of the big Lottery win a few weeks back, does that change your mind? If money were no object for me, you KNOW I would be wearing a new wedding set every single day of the week! I would switch 'em out. jeulia wedding setsOf Course, when you are shopping at jeulia you can ACT like you won the lottery, yup, the prices are that good! NO one would be able to tell that these stones aren't real. This massive ring is under $150 right now! WHAAAAAAAAA???? It's like Kardashian bling! I'm a pave girl, emerald cut. I love big bold sterling silver wedding sets jeulia bridal set   I can't tell which I love more! AND THAT was just from the FIRST PAGE that I opened!!!! Maybe you're a girl that loves some color with her wedding set. Personally I love the mix of silver and gold. The blue sapphire just adds even more pop! jeulia bridal sets jeulia bridal sets Maybe your dream ring is all gold and sparkle and oh so very modern? Maybe your ring is an elegant, vintage ring?jeulia bridal sets I just noticed that all my choices have major bling. Maybe I DO have a bling problem. Each and everyone of them is eye catching aren't they? I would truly love to know what your dream ring would look like. Big stones? Colored stones? Vintage inspired? Very modern? Kardashian jealous size? I hope you will leave a comment below and tell me! Now, I'm off to put hints on The Husbands computer screen!


  1. I would never replace my original wedding rings. They are too special to me.

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