Hospice From My Point Of View

If you are new here Friday December 22 my Mom had a massive heart attack. I decided to write about my journey, wait, my Mom’s journey? Well, however we classify it. This is a Hospice story from my point of view, Helen’s daughter.  This is the 5th of 5 posts about our Hospice experience.

On Day 4 of Hospice Care at 3:45 am December 29th my Mom passed away. I had a ‘feeling’ when it was time for bed and that she was slipping away. So I pulled up a chair and stayed by her bed holding her hand and talking to her as she passed away. It was peaceful. Mom is pain free now.

I would still 100% do it all over again. I would actually do it a few days earlier if I had do-overs.

I’ve told you before Hospice is FANTASTIC!  Mom passed away at around 3:45 in the morning and a Hospice nurse was dispatched at 4 in the morning, from 50 miles away to confirm Mom’s passing. After that Hospice continued to do everything for me. Made all the phone calls and arrangements. The men dressed in suits and ties from mortuary arrived for Mom. In such a loving and carrying manner they wrapped up Mom and drove her to the mortuary. The medical supply company came for the oxygen machine and the hospital bed all of this before 10:30 in the morning.

Everything was done so fast and so efficiently that the only job left was to grieve.

But, Hospice didn’t stop there. Mom was gone and yet our Nurse Lisa still called to check on the family. Asking about each of my kids. Asking how I was. Reminding me that Mom is out of pain and that I did everything right to care for her and make her comfortable to the end. She reminded me that I did a great job.  She gave me comfort letting me know again that I did all that I could and I did it right.

Lisa reminded me that the 24 hour 800 hotline is still available to all of us.  Whether it’s for spiritual comfort, support groups, questions anything that I need.  Even grief counseling for the entire family.  They are still there for us.

So, once again, a huge thank you Silverado for the love and care that your staff provided to our family.  I am forever grateful.

Thank you my little peanuts for allowing me to grieve here it’s been very cathartic for me.  I love you all!!






  1. ❤️ So sorry for the passing of your Mom.

  2. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Welcome to our club, Connie. Now, perhaps, you will understand what a wonderful place you have created here. All for one and one for all!

  3. My condolences for your family.
    I agree, hospice and all of the staff are great and also very special people to do what they do. They bring calm and as much peace as they can in often short times.
    I know several who went into hospice after graduation, and each and every one had that special ‘something’ – a calm, a faith, a whatever it is.
    May your family find peace and share happy memories.

  4. Tamra Phelps says:

    I’m glad you found those wonderful people when you needed them, Connie. If you need to vent, you can vent to us just like we vent all over you everyday!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your mother. But yes Hospice is a wonderful place to go when it gets to that situation

  6. I am just now learning of your mother’s passing. Am so thankful she didn’t suffer longer than she did and also sorry for your loss. Sending all of the good, healing, peaceful energies I can your way!