Higher Education Can Help Double Your Salary!

Higher Education Can Help Double Your Salary

Despite the flak that higher education has received in 2014 for financial practices, not many of those in mainstream media focus on the positive results of what colleges and universities offer students. In some cases, adults that have returned to college for a specific class had nearly doubled their annual salaries shortly after completing the course. It’s a mixture of pre-existing experience and marketing oneself that helps achieve success after college.

Do You Benefit from a Degree?

A degree in your specific field is more than a piece of paper that adorns your walls. It is evidence that you have proper knowledge to complete tasks related to that field of study. For many professional circles, a degree of any kind can be seen as a symbol of status and prestige. Although the degree can open doors for opportunities, it’s still up to you to walk through. Having the degree doesn’t guarantee you a job. You have to be willing to go the extra mile to make yourself stand out against other viable candidates.

Marketing Yourself to Stand Out

Many students breath a sigh of relief once they have received a degree. Unfortunately, this “breather” could be detrimental to your future success. In reality, graduates should be more hard pressed than ever before. You need to market yourself as a professional regardless of the location. Applying for jobs and sending resumes is only part of how you can find that perfect career in today’s world. Utilize social media, build a blog, emphasize yourself on job placement sites and do anything else you can think of that can benefit yourself in landing that ideal position.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Too many students don’t look beyond their immediate area of employment or education and are restricted to local venues. If you wanted to help others by attending an immigration consultant program and one isn’t offered in your area, don’t be afraid to take the risk and learn abroad. It could become a life-altering experience that you didn’t have access to before hand. Not every city provides the same opportunities and you should consider traveling if you live in an area that has little to offer.

Higher education doesn’t have to become a financial burden as long as you take every action you can to promote success. If the school offers job placement programs, sign up. If it offers a job expo, attend. Don’t believe that opportunities will present themselves to you. Take action and control your life to promote a brighter future.

1 thought on “Higher Education Can Help Double Your Salary!

  1. Completely agree with you Connie: it is the combination of experience, ‘pieces of paper’ and being able to blow your own trumpet a bit that means that you stand out from the crowd. I work in the intellectual & physical disability sector but have been out of work for a while now as the recession has hit Ireland hard and vital services have been cut and I’m really not free to travel outside my locale for work. In the meantime, I’ve upped my Hons Degree (that I got whilst working fulltime) to a Masters & started doing an H.Dip in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well. It’s something I’ve always tried to pass on to my students over the years, that concept of lifelong learning. Putting my practical hat on for a moment though, I’ve had to accept that as I’m in my mid-fifties I may not get another job as employers favour younger (and cheaper) staff. That doesn’t stop me learning though. I’ve already got a Diploma in Food Science and another in Psychology from years back so I might (funds permitting) up these to Degrees, who knows?

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