HELLO Sunday!! Meet The Newest Peanut! Jamie Burkhalter!

So, last Sunday I made an executive decision to use this day to share photos that The Husband sends from Sandpoint, Idaho. Which IN MY head sounded like the greatest post collection E-V-E-R!  Now, my regular little Peanuts know that I did not just get dubbed Rattle-brained Connie Sue from my Grandma, I EARNED that title. Yeah……….. The Husband is as I type in his truck headed back to Vista, CA. Ummmm but, honey! Pictures!? What now?!

Well, I decided to have a guest poster on Sundays. Someone new to the Assulym of Peanut Butter And Whine. So Everyone… this is Jamie…. Jamie this is well, everyone!!

From picking up Alice at Kindergarten last year and ever since, I have been infatuated (I think kids these days… HAHAHA!! How old do I sound right now!?!?!) call it a girl crush. I didn’t really fit-in with the MOM’s at school (obviously) and I never really clicked with the Grandma’s either. However, this one Mom (spoiler alert it’s Jamie) just had this GLOW! She has the happiest eyes. Seriously, she is one of those people that when she smiles you SMILE!! The day she arrived looking as tired as I felt I approached and asked if she was having the same kind of day I was. Her answer?  I HAVE ON TWO &%$*(#%&%(#& different SHOES!!! I was immediately in love. I want her to marry Zachary.  I want to keep her. She needs to be my daughter-in-law.

Cut to first grade, I finally get the opportunity to introduce Jamie and daughter Selena. INSTANT friendship! Selena is as in love as I am (This will be truly awkward if Jamie is humoring us and truly thinks my family is insane right??) With Selena’s encouragement Jamie and I discussed a collaboration.

Okay, Holy Guacamole Batman, THAT was a long intro…….. for guess what?  AN INTRO!!!

Jamie Oh hey there! I am still trying to figure out how I landed myself into this esteemed role as part of Connie’s asylum. But, eek…..I’ll take it! She is amazing and my cheeks hurt every time we speak, and if someone can make you laugh like that….find a way to hang out with them more often, am I right?
Please let me introduce myself, my name is Jamie Burkhalter. I am by trade an esthetician, it is the greatest job that ever was.

It is only as my daughters have grown that I began to try to weed some extra toxins out of our lives. And what a coincidence, who would have thought that I might be able to combine skin care and natural ingredients that would benefit us all? Once I began to merge the two into a magical alchemy my whole world started to change.

It seems now, that I have a pretty mighty soapbox and love nothing more than sharing with people ways to begin to live in a home with fewer toxins.

And I think (still scratching my head a little) that is why Connie invited me to join you. I would love to write for you once a week, but if we are being honest….those kids keep me pretty busy and it may realistically be twice a month.  I’ll be here sharing my favorite tips, tricks, and recipes to keep your skin glowing and youthful and possibly even some ways that your family can benefit?

Thank you so much for saving a little space for me to share my story and a piece of my heart!

I’m tellin’ y’all I WILL get my Sundays off!!

Now………… Zachary……… MaMa wants to talk to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  (should we take bets if he actually shows up for Thanksgiving dinner???)



  1. Welcome peanut

    • Jamie Burkhalter says

      Thank you so Much! Sorry it took me so long, figuring out how to reply…….well I am a little slow on the uptake

  2. Tamra Phelps says

    Lol, I wonder if Zachary knows that his personal life is being discussed and debated here??? Well, my brother would probably say if he grew up with sisters & a Mom, he must be used to it, lol.