Hello October! $50 Your WAY Giveaway

Well, September sure left like a LION! Snow! High winds. What kind of high winds? The kind of wind that tore the door off the BRAND NEW John Deere Tractor!!!!!! BLEW the door RIGHT OFF!!

Other than that September was a pretty calm month. Made a new friend at the Goodwill store of all places. We are like two peas in a pod. Similar life paths including a move to Sandpoint!

The house is still a work in progress. Deck… still not done. Now that we have snow I’m doubtful that my front porch or deck will be done before spring. Staying hopeful. pfffffttttttt who are we kidding? I’m not hopeful at all. Ohhh can you see the devil on one shoulder and the angel on my other?! They are havin’ a heck of an argument.

With all the rain we were having in the middle of September we decided to tackle the kitchen and add the barn wood back splash. OHMMMMMMMGGEEEEEEE!! It warmed up the kitchen like crazy!! It’s beautiful!!!! It took a lot of work. The ceiling is 12 foot so there was a lot of ladder work. (Me…. not a fan!) It’s really hard to get a good picture because everything is so tall!! But, this will give you an idea. BTW, remember that rusted wire I found on my hike? Check out the heart that I made for above the window. I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Even found a spray paint for the face plates that tied in with my rustic theme. And yes, the BBQ is still in the kitchen! Ohhhhh how I miss my deck!

Next, I want to do the same barn wood on the beam that goes across the ceiling. I think it will warm up and tie the room together. What do you think??

While I’m in such a little Suzy Homemaker mode, I finally decided that rather than get a real head board for the bed I want a personalized canvas to frame one of the pictures that I took up here in Sandpoint.  The canvas is 48″ by 32″ it arrives unframed. Bet you can’t guess what type of frame I’m having The Husband make?  Yup, barn wood! This canvas is stunning! It’s extremely well made. The colors are exactly like the picture. This ships from China so it took about a month to arrive. Not a big deal for me because the price for this HUGE canvas $25.88!! HELLO!??! I can wait a month! How about you??  You can even see the mist over the water! I am soooooo pleased that it’s taking everything I have not to nag The Husband to build the frame like YESTERDAY!!!sandpoint idaho

Isn’t that just a peaceful scene??

Okay, that’s my update for the month now on to the real reason you are here!

October Giveaway


I truly am thankful you stop by!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!
GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

279 thoughts on “Hello October! $50 Your WAY Giveaway

  1. I’m hungry for real food. Had two teeth pulled yesterday so since yesterday morning and all day today, I’ve had nothing to eat but yogurt, pudding, jello and ice cream and have to do it all day tomorrow too. Ughhh!

  2. Well it snowed almost 5 inches here in Wisconsin on Halloween today so I guess you could say the day has been interesting thus far!

  3. Sun shining, warmer (35 degrees). Got a haircut and then went to see the Claude Monet exhibit at the Art Museum. Very excellent.

  4. Went for groceries with the ride service, pouring rain out today. No way are we having a drought! Not feeling good, just settling down. Going to make a cup of tea, using my NuNaturals Pumpkin Spice Syrup – so good! It makes me want to have a mini-tea party.

  5. Today was gorgeous – misty, weak sunshine and that wonderful earthy Autumnal smell. The poor cat can’t understand why I won’t let him out (not that anything much happens here). Better safe than sorry! Oíche Shamhna shona dhaoibh!

  6. Happy Halloween to everyone! It’s raining here again. It looks so dreary outside with the trees bare of all their leaves. I’ll be doing last minute grocery shopping today to pick up some special items for our son and his wife who will be here for the weekend. I’m so excited.

  7. Happy Halloween! It’s cold, rainy & windy here today. A lot of firehouses are letting people come there to hand out candy for the kids.

  8. Customers actually came last night to pick up their Halloween goodies…glad the candy truffles had set properly….so today I am free to do whatever I want… Happy Halloween!!!

  9. My folks are in town so we’re having a great time hanging out…and thoroughly enjoying the free babysitting services!

  10. My day has been going well. This is my day off, so I always enjoy it. It snowed quite a bit last night…well really the last 3 days…so it’s been quiet as not a lot of people are out and about.

  11. My day has been pretty relaxing. My kids had a snow day today off from school. It is the second one this week but they are teens so they keep themselves pretty occupied on days off of school. All I have to do is keep them fed!

  12. It’s been pretty much business as usual here. It’s a little depressing that one of my favorite nurses is leaving. But, she has a better offer and I can’t begrudge her that.

  13. It’s been raining all day. I caught up on watching a lot of shows that I recorded. Sometimes we just need some time to relax.

  14. Snow yesterday, snow today, snow tomorrow.
    Staying home where it’s warm. (10 degrees right now with wind chill -2)

  15. Where did this day go, seems like I just got up (early) and now almost time to get ready for bed! Another dark day so no cleaning (secretly say “yea”!, but that means nothing done on that “to do” list), so got a few other things done.

  16. Worked outside all morning because tomorrow I have to do all my Halloween baking… orders to fill and they all have different coloured fondant or buttercream so up and baking early!!

  17. Yesterday went well, it’s after midnight writing this, lovely sunny October day mid 60’s.
    Worked on cutting back the rest of my roses and hostas, emptied pots, raked leaves.

  18. Therapy is going pretty well, so I’m enthusiastic about that. I’m glad to be back on the path to home. Knock wood!!

  19. My day could be going better, I think I’m coming down with a cold or some sort of severe seasonal allergies.

  20. Took the whole day off yesterday from everything….it would have been my 49th wedding anniversary so memories and flashbacks….did not even go to the Divali celebrations to see all the dyas and lights…..Shug Divali to all ….

  21. Getting ready to walk to town. Not raining, but cloudy, fine with that! Many people on local FB say they have tons of water in their basements from the torrential rain yesterday.

  22. Sunday. I’m doing nothing, really. I’m just watching TV and flipping around online. It’s a thrilling life I lead, lol.

  23. The clocks go back tonight so early evenings from now till March. Ugh! Up early again later this morning to watch Wales take on South Africa. Think I’ll do a cooked breakfast & we can have it in Mum’s bed while it’s on!

  24. 2nd day of Steve sitting. His daughter and granddaughter went to the Monet exhibit at the Art museum. I have a ticket for Thursday.

  25. It’s been an odd Saturday. It just hasn’t felt like Saturday. Not sure why, but it just feels like another day, lol.

  26. It is a good fall weather day today. Although staying in and doing a few things here, as trying to stave off a cold.

  27. Another early morning for the first of the RWC 2019 semi finals, England v New Zealand and somehow (?), England beat the All Blacks! Mum’s gone back to sleep so I’m heading into town for some groceries. Tomorrow Wales v S. Africa (eek!).

  28. Steve sitting all day. Got a new story about when he was volunteering at the museum and got to hold a brace of revolvers from Meriweather Lewis (of Lewis & Clark). At 100 years old he has lots of stories.

  29. Seemed like a really busy day, lots of little things. Did more cooking in the slow cooker for weekend dishes, including my fav, a butternut squash!

  30. Starting late today… almost 9am and I am still up here… Getting ready to go out and plant some flowers in the new bed….it is a shady bed so looking for specific seedlings…. looks like a hot sunny day….

  31. Today I ordered several boxes of Christmas cards online from Dayspring. Christmas is only 62 days away. That will go by so fast just like this month of October is almost over.

  32. Got a good bit of work done today.. sanitized the aviary.. bathed the dogs..scrubbed the patio and outside dog house…transplanted bok choy, cucumbers and roma tomatoes.. created a new flower bed.. pooped!! taking a rest for the remainder of the afternoon…

  33. Nice day out, ride service is picking me up soon to go for groceries. My favorite store is closing down, so now have to go to an expensive one, so I just don’t buy much, more pasta, good thing I like spaghetti!

  34. I was feeling quite low because I spent all day practically doing nothing, but then I realised that’s okay. Sometimes we deserve a day of doing nothing

  35. It was a nice day out today. I’m concerned about a condo meeting they are trying to change our documents that restricts us we can’t sell to investors, nor rent it out. They sent out a memo calling it an “update” to our documents, when it is a major change, so nobody is bothering to go to the meeting. They want to sneak it through. Not good.

  36. Cold, dark and rainy today. I don’t mind, but I don’t get any cleaning done on these kind of days. I went to town and hustled my errands to get them done before the rain started. The day seemed to fly by so fast today, good thing the “must do” list for today wasn’t too long!

  37. Good swim today. Then a stop at the Hadley library. It used to be my regular library but hadn’t been in a couple of years.

  38. Sunny today, so I was able to do some of the fussy things that needed the sunlight, mending, cleaning, etc. Wow, it is suddenly getting dark so early! The trees are really pretty now.

  39. Had a wonderful time knocking about yesterday…got everything on my lists and did spend a bit more than budgeted but not too bad…Still have some dry goods I didn’t put away…checking items off my list and making new lists for the balance of goods I will still have to purchase in November…

  40. Rainy and cold out, the dark lighting meant I couldn’t get more cleaning done that I really need the bright sunlight (dang…. LOL), so did some cooking and hanging out!

  41. Well, my back is feeling better. Hopefully, the weekend is all that was needed. I felt like it had nothing to do with the surgery; it felt like a strained muscle. I guess it was, because a little rest seems to have helped.

  42. Just said goodbye to our 2 grandsons who had a sleepover last night. Always enjoy our time with these incredible boys. So glad they live so close so we get time with them every week.

  43. My cousin visited today and we laughed and laughed as we reminisced about when we were children. Life was so much simpler back then.

  44. Hmm, Kate, what if England winds up playing Wales? Could that happen? Who do you root for?? Is it a house divided?? Ah, I’m so tired this week. I seem to stay sleepy these days.

    1. Ha! Mum & I both sing the Welsh anthem (we do not sing “God, Save The Queen) in harmony and then we settle down with a mug of tea (as it’s in Tokyo it’s really early here) & toast and well, yes, to be honest, the way we feel right now after almost 4 years of Brexit b++lsh+t and prices going up and stuff not on supermarket shelves and trying to explain to Mum that she can’t have her favourite cereal because the UK is stockpiling it in case of a “no deal”, and being advised by our pharmacist to stockpile her colostomy bags etc. “just in case”, etc. It’s in the lap of the Gods and we may even break out a glass of Prosecco or two to go with the toast! Enough of this ranting!!! Tamra, let’s just keep our fingers crossed … check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD8G9G4U1L8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW8iIVYQcUY Enjoy Wales, Land of Song!

    2. I used be almost proud of my British passport … apparently 55 years living here in Ireland & paying taxes etc. count for nothing so … anywhoo, England v Wales would be marvellous and I would not be singing ‘God Save The Queen’ … Sorry Dad!

  45. Did my civic duty and attended the Lakewood Town Hall and heard from the candidates and about the referendums. Sunshine today, possible snow showers tonight.

  46. Day is going good. Doing some fussy cleaning, you know, with the teeny toothbrush kind, and going through things. Made some lemon walnut scones with lemon glaze. The trees are a pretty color now, and it was sunny today, nice!

  47. New Zealand have put Ireland are out of the Rugby World Cup but never mind as I’m 1/2 English & they’re through to the semis & Wales (Mum) play their Quarter finals tomorrow – can I bear the tension?

  48. Serious rain early this morning but done by 6am….out early to check the veggie garden then in to make lists for tomorrow.. Sundays usually are inside days but need to get moving on my holiday supplies….

  49. Busy day. First WinterGreen training at the botanic gardens. Then a quick dip in the pool. Then an hour massage. Then leftover pizza.

  50. This fall weather has brought cooler temperatures. Perfect weather for homemade chicken soup for dinner tonight. ?

  51. I’m lucky to have power, many still don’t, and huge trees fell on homes, with the bomb cyclone. I just took out a butternut squash from the slow cooker, first time I ever tried cooking a whole one that way. It is a little hard to get out, but ooh, that is a fav. Should be good!

  52. Cannot believe the speed that we are getting with our new internet provider… glad we switched.. now to make sure the old bill is correct and we don’t have to have an inquiry regarding the amount….

  53. The state had quite a bad bombogenesis last night, much of the state still out of power, many downed trees everywhere. I lucked out with power, still pinching myself. I’m watching a town council candidate debate right now.

  54. Well, more craziness, lol. They’ve been putting these compression things on my legs and feet. Last night, about two a.m., I woke up and thought I’d ask the aide to help me raise the right leg a little. She starts to raise it and says ‘it’s soaking wet.’ (the compression thing)–okay. Seems the foor compression was too tight. It had cut in to my ankle area. (My right leg is still somewhat numb since the sepsis, so I didn’t feel it.) There is a cut all the way across my lower leg, and the World’s biggest blister. It’s ginormous!!! When that thing pops…look out!

  55. I just finished my grocery shopping list and now I’ll go to Shoprite Supermarket. I will definitely pick up bags of candies for trick or treaters. Halloween is almost here. ?

  56. It’s a cold rainy day here in New York so I’m going to stay inside and maybe bake some peanut butter cookies ?

  57. Working up here today…need to polish furniture… clean windows and wash floors….to tell you the truth I would rather be outside….also starting to get cake orders for the holidays so organizing that….I do love early birds.. makes things much easier for me….

  58. Good swimming. Stopped and got a pizza from Black Jack since I didn’t get to do my after infusion dinner yesterday. Always have to reward myself for sitting thru it.

  59. It’s been raining all day. Perfect day to be indoors cleaning out my closets. Only bad thing is when I came across a big box filled with handmade cards from my 2 now grown kids from when they were little, (yes, I saved every one), I took lots of time reading their sentiments and poetry. Will have to finish that closet tomorrow.

  60. Bomb cyclone / bombogenesis coming later. Glad I went out yesterday. Trying to get some chores done that I haven’t gotten to in years, I hope chipping away at them will be sufficient to make a difference!

  61. I am so looking forward to the day when I can just cook what I want to eat, lol. I’m tired of the ‘food’ here. It all starts as frozen, processed stuff. I know they have a budget and do their best, I’m sure, but it’s the same stuff over and over.

  62. I love the touches high up on top of the cabinets, etc. The barn board really makes the decor stand out. SOOOO nice! Beautiful day today, and did my grocery shopping a couple days ahead as a huge storm is coming in starting tomorrow afternoon, lasting through the next.

  63. Wonderful day out in the garden.. lots of eggplants and blue lake green beans coming in …. transplants done and flowers also.. tomorrow I will start some more seeds to keep things going steadily.. my goal is always to replace as I reap….

  64. It’s a sunny day here with temperature of 55 degrees. Perfect fall day with our leaves at their peak – beautiful flaming reds, oranges and yellow. I love the cooler temperature- perfect for baking.

  65. Well, I’ve been back in therapy nearly a week, and boy do I ache, lol. But it’s a good ache. The aches from not moving are disappearing, and I know the ones from moving only last a short while.

  66. I went into the doc’s to collect Mum’s latest blood results only for the receptionist to take one look at me and say “You’re not well!”. She got me into a GP & I have a temp, throat/sinus infection … back to bed!

  67. It is a really gorgeous day out today, one of the best so far all year. So spent some time outdoors, now trying to get a few things done.

  68. You have so many good ideas! I think the barn board would look good on the beam. The orangey-colored wood now looks incongruous with everything else. We had a home with hand-hewn chestnut beams and wide plank flooring.

    1. Rosie, ohhhh hand hewn chestnut beams would be beautiful. I can not wait for snow……. then THE Husband and I can cover the beam. It really sticks out now.
      MAN I love my kitchen with the barn wood!!!!!

  69. At Sage Singers rehearsal today we got to watch ourselves at the Friday night concert. We looked and sounded very good.

  70. Sunday. My roommate walked over to the garbage can and threw every bit of her lunch tray in it, lol. Not sure if it was a comment on the lunch itself or if she was just confused.

  71. Glorious Sunday.. with the new channels from DigiPlay I can watch Sunday mass from the comfort of my drawing room.. granted no communion but hey saves me from leaving the house….did 3 loads of laundry and baked 4 loaves of bread.. time to take the clothes off the line fold put away then relax for the remainder of the day….Sunday lunch in the oven….

  72. I just got done watching my 3 grandkids for over 7 hours. That is too long for this old lady since one of them is a baby.

  73. It’s been a long day. I’m just feeling tired. I think it’s because I started back in physical therapy this week, so it’s a happy tired, lol.

  74. Had my landscaper man come yesterday 2 days before the full moon to cut and trim a good many of our trees….they will grow wider and now we can actually see more….. as usual he did a great job….coming back in November to weed wack the barn area and trim some of those trees….

  75. I’m feeling hopeful because my doctor prescribed a new medicine for my digestive issues. I’m crossing my fingers it works!

  76. After a MRSA saga that lasted months, I’m finally back in physical therapy. We need to put this on the express lane, because I want to get out of here and get home!

  77. I’m going to my gastroenterologist today and I’m hoping to get answers. I’ve been sick for 10 months now and all he’s suggested are dietary changes. They haven’t worked, other than to cause me to lose 70 lbs.

  78. I had to go to the Infusion Clinic today for a blood transfusion. I clearly have a small bleed, probably in my colon, but it’s not high on the list of issues, lol. They want me back on my feet before they do another colonoscopy because of the…well, what happens before. You really need to be able to go to the potty on your own, lol. (By the way, the comment above was meant as a reply to mami2jcn but the reply button doesn’t always work for me.)

  79. Good for him! I like to hear about teenagers who are doing good things. I think from my experience most teens are really good kids.

  80. Today’s high was 83 degrees. Tomorrow’s high 23 degrees with snow.
    Connie, I think you sent this to Colorado….

  81. I’m having a good day. Loving all the pretty fall pictures on the web. Listening to music and later going to stay with my brother.

  82. Fun Sensory Garden tour this morning. Everyone is getting ready for the snow and hard freeze coming on Thursday.

  83. Today my 16 year old son goes to his orientation for his new job at Kohl’s. It’s his first job and he’s a little nervous.

  84. Well had enough of my internet carrier and switched… new one coming today to do the installation….enough is enough.. now lets see if the old one adjusts the final bill!! LOL

  85. Had a Watsu session at the pool this afternoon. That’s kind of massage while floating in the warm water. Then went to Red Lobster for their endless shrimp. I’m very full…..

  86. Finally, going to get back to physical therapy! I need that feeling that I am moving forward. I get depressed if I don’t have that feeling.

  87. I slept in today. I went to get an oil change, the wait was too long. I got groceries and went home.

  88. Good rehearsal for Sage Singers ahead of our concert this coming Friday. Broncos finally won a game this season.

  89. My nephew had told me about a girl in his grade who played on the ‘boys’ football team (it’s called boys football because 99% of the players are male, but if a girl tries out and makes the cut, obviously she can play because there are no ‘girls’ football teams) Today, I met her. Her name is Faith, she’s cute as a button, long blond hair, and clearly taking no nonsense from the guys, lol. Her Grandpa is my roommate’s twin brother.

  90. Believe it or not just resting yesterday has made me feel better today…. still on meds and taking it easy …. we have put off another small plumber issue because we thought we might be able to fix it ourselves.. well no.. so he is coming today bless his heart he always gives me ” a widows discount”…LOL

  91. The new roommate…who likes to stroll around butt nakes…is a little too much. I know she can’t help it, but it’s kind of embarrassing sometimes. Oh, well.

    1. Heck, nothing wrong with being naked, but as we grow up we realise there’s a time and a place …. then again, this family can vividly remember and rejoice in R. (the niece) taking all her clothes off every time she visited because she remembered my Mum & Dad in their altogether! “Nudie, nudie … now you Kate and Momma … this happened every time … Now that she’s in her early 20s, well, she’s more like: “Please don’t do that” …

    1. Hmmm … listen to your body … we’re of an age when we really should know all this but, heck, you know, sometimes we think oh, what the flippin’ hell, why not! Then we spend the next two weeks recovering …

  92. I’ve had a sore throat and cough for the past few days. I couldn’t stop coughing this morning. I want it so badly to go away already.

  93. The electricity went last night so there was a little bit of freaking out how I was going to have a shower etc. for tonight’s big concert. Anyway, long story short, this morning I drove to the nearest petrol station to get Mum a coffee and a big thermos of water to wash in. Just as I got back to the house the power came back. Bloody typical!

  94. Another scorcher here… was 99 again today. Plus my Shark vacuum quit working halfway through my vacuuming chores..and my ice maker in my 2 yo fridge isn’t working either. On a bright note it is supposed to drop 20 degrees outside by tomorrow and stay that way at least the next 10 days.

  95. Last night was a great success: a book launch by one of our members who advocates for refugees. Some of the people she works with spoke of their hazardous journeys from places like Syria & Sudan to reach somewhere safe to live. Heartbreaking stuff. We really have nothing to complain about.

  96. I just talked to a lady who worked in housekeeping here for twenty years. She was one day late coming back to work after her son had a wreck and broke his neck. They fired her. That’s just wrong. Especially when you consider the aides here often don’t show up, don’t even call, but they aren’t fired, because there’s a shortage of them.

  97. It’s getting a bit windy & wet out there so I’ve checked everything outside is secure. I’m supposed to sing at a book launch tonight but a little part of me is hoping it’ll be called off if Lorenzo starts getting serious!

  98. Well, today has been hard. It’s just one of those days when everything is just too much. Well, it’ll be better tomorrow.

  99. Wow, I love the barn board! I didn’t even think about how much of a project it must be! That is crazy wind! Only you could think of something totally adorable with a piece of old rusty wire! Luv!! I still think you and your home projects should be in a “before” and “after” magazine spread!

  100. I’m not really having a great day. It’s just one of those days where I’m stressed out over things I don’t need to be stressed out about. But thank you for asking and for the giveaway 🙂

  101. My day is …OK. Better today than yesterday. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week, so things are crazy. But my prognosis is really good because it was caught super early (state 1a), so I am going to be just fine.

  102. The day was cold and grey but had a good time with the SPARK group. We went into the pumpkin field, picked small pumpkins and then painted them.

  103. I’m still in recovery mode from my high school reunion over the past weekend! But I’m loving the 90 degree weather we’re having in Indy right now – it was terribly cold and rainy in Michigan for the reunion!

  104. We are having a great day so far. We just finished an art project with our two year old grand child. It was so much fun!

  105. I had coffee last night. Which meant I didn’t fall asleep till 3AM. Woke up around 11AM today. My whole day is off now. lol

  106. Today’s home page comment: Can’t believe the difference the wood makes to your kitchen. So cosy BUT, and it’s only a personal but, perhaps doing the ceiling as well would make it a bit dark? Love it as it is, Connie!

  107. It is rather hot and humid out for this time of the year and as a result the fibromyalgia is kicking into high gear. I hope to get exercising and that should calm it down some.

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