Hello April!! #Giveaway Win $50 Your Way! April 2021

$50 Your Way Giveaway

Hello Peanuts!! Who else is ready for spring!? I’m absolutely ready to say goodbye to the snow. Mostly I am ready to say goodbye to the season of the mud. Seriously, the road is so bad my 4 wheel drive car can’t drive through it. Now, I love my mountain life, don’t get me wrong. I may not want to go anywhere but knowing I CAN’T, that makes me nuts. (I know, spoiled!)

Besides the mud we have flowers starting to pop up. My tomato, blueberries and house plants are going NUTS!! I’m so HAPPY!!

My only other ‘not boring’ news was the freak wind storm we had a couple days ago. Talk about some strong window rattling wind! It was NUTS!!  I caught video’s with my a new Trail Cam from Ecovox! It takes some amazing pictures but I had a wild hair and thought I would see how it did with video. Now mind you, these trees are over 90 feet tall. I attached the trail cam to the top deck.

Impressive right!?!? We really lucked out, the news send winds could hit 70mph. Our highest was 42mph.

Bonus! We didn’t lose any trees.

Okay, on to the REAL reason you are here.


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide)

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements $50 Your Way Giveawayis always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

199 thoughts on “Hello April!! #Giveaway Win $50 Your Way! April 2021

  1. Got up to 43 degrees and a little sunshine. Still have broken tree limbs but the bushes are bouncing back now that the snow is melted off of them.

  2. Having a great day today. Just got home from getting the oil changed in the car and getting a car wash I feel better now I hate a dirty car.

  3. Trying to get myself organized this morning with a work schedule.. problem is cute pooch and cats keep telling me to have a play day!! what will win work or play??

  4. The weather’s lovely, if chilly, and I’ll be spending it in the garden (torn tendon allowing).

  5. My pharmacy is 10 miles away each way. They are the most incompetent pharmacy I will have to make a third trip (total of 60 miles) for a prescription that was suppossed to be ready yesterday, went back today and they didn’t run it through insurance right, and had to investigate to find out what happened. I figured it out, called them, told them how to do it, and then it was done correctly. Wish they would pay milage after my first trip when they don’t do something right! lol. This happens every single month. I end up making 3-4 trips there to get my meds.

  6. Ankle still hurts like crazy. When I stand up, put weight on it, I have to ‘vocalize’—or holler, lol. Lord knows what the neighbors think is going on in my bathroom!!

  7. We got over 4 inches of heavy wet snow. Two broken branches, one in front of my house the other on the side. Glad I live where others have to do the snow and trees.

  8. My day is going a little better than yesterday. Just sticking close to home today and doing some stuff around the house.

  9. Still crazy noisy here. The master bath is getting new plumbing and fixtures. I feel a headache coming on. I had to lock my Siamease cat up in the home office because she was bugging out.

  10. I went a bit mad yesterday buying bedding plants etc. for the garden. It was almost as if the cost didn’t matter! Still, it’s going to look gorgeous for when we put the house up for sale.

    1. Aw, won’t you be tempted to take the plants with you??? I didn’t know you planned to sell the house. Fingers crossed you get a great price!

  11. I have totally fallen in love with a couple guinea pigs at a rescue. I’m wondering if my girls would get along with them. They have such a sad story. One is a biter, so they have to go to a special home, one without kids, like ours. . . It remains to be seen if they will be adopted out, but I feel so bad for these girls. 🙁

  12. Ugh, had 2nd shot and my left foot is now aching like you would not believe for no apparent reason, lol. My brother had his shot too and he was so sick he went to bed today and not to work–and he NEVER does that. Good news is he feels better—I’m still aching but hoping to be better soon. If I didn’t know better, I be thinking ‘oh, I sprained my ankle.’ I did not. Geeze—still it’ll all pass soon and then no m ore COVID fears, right?? Yes, I’d do it again because the good outweighs the bad.

  13. Good swim with friends. Was just cloudy when I finished swimming, but then the snow started and it’s been coming down steadily for the last 2 hours.

  14. Very noisy day here today (and slightly aggravating) Working on some renovations in this house that are much needed.

  15. I got my second vaccine today. I’m sooooooo relieved it’s done. I hope everyone gets to get theirs soon.

  16. I recently tagged you in a couple yarn giveaways on IG. Because I know you could use more yarn. Heck, I can use more yarn. I finished the lovey for my niece, still haven’t met her, she’s 13 months old now. Hopefully soon. DH and I are fully vaccinated. Our study was unblinded when we got the call from our health dept. I got the AstraZeneca in November in the trial, and amazingly as sick as he was, he got the placebo. Makes me wonder if he had the virus! But he’s had his second and same with his family. Although the first one in his family who was exposed was his niece because of daycare! 😮 So we would still have to be careful around her.

  17. Quiet day at home. Good news in my email: I won a $50 amazon GC.
    (Connie, I can still use another one…)

  18. I’m very tired & my motivation is slipping but I’ll do a bit more painting, in the kitchen this time.

  19. Today is going fine so far. I am still working on my project. I’m planning a casserole for dinner to use up some leftovers!

  20. Well I have emailed my daughter-in-law and my dear friend so the messages for the day are done.. now more coffee and I have to get the vacuum going…

  21. The rain is holding off for now so I went to the library to pick up 3 books I had on hold. Then stopped at the grocery story for my order. I have the nicest employee helping me. She knows my name and is always so helpful and nice.

  22. My day is going pretty good today. Just got in the door and and taking a little me time. Boy we are getting some wind here I pray it blows in some major rain.

    1. Ohhhh nooo! Well, you are in good company. I had mine removed almost 41 years ago. My son was about 6 weeks old. Just what a new Mom wants! Back to the hospital.

      1. And it was a big operation then. I remember Mum having hers out back in the 70s – huge scar. I hope it isn’t my gb. I love cheese!

  23. Well the MET office has warned us about the volcanic ash they believe might reach here today…combined with the Sahara dust people with breathing issues should be especially careful…it takes a lot for me to stay inside on a sunny day so I will be aware and cautious…

    1. Be careful, Michele! We get Saharan dust every year & when that big Islandic volcano blew a couple of years ago everything got coated in dust. It reminds one that we really are a tiny planet.

  24. My day was busy today. I am looking for a new running shoe and trying to find one that is good and does not cost a ton of money. I think I am ready to buy now just need to pick the right color.

  25. Quiet day at home. Put in my grocery order for pickup tomorrow. This week will be mostly cloudy and gloomy and off and on rain (snow overnights).

  26. It looks so nice out there today, the pear trees and dogwoods are starting to show their blooms. But of course, they’re saying it’ll get down around freezing later this week. I hope the trees don’t get bit (as my Granny used to say, lol) before they even get started blooming this year. Just seeing those Spring colors out the front window cheers me up.

  27. It’s still early, but the day is going okay so far. I slept better last night than I have in a while, so that helps.

  28. Yesterday was a very hard day for me..it was my son’s birthday and he passed away 9 years ago when he was 38….went back and re-read all the emails from the years he was working abroad and how happy he was living in Switzerland and later the UK..wish he could see his granddaughter and his son getting married…have to have faith that all things happen for a reason….

    1. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child, no matter the age. Hope you feel a wee bit better today xxx

  29. I’d a horrible night; this last week I’ve been getting tummy ache a couple of hours after eating but last night it got really bad followed by vomiting at 4am. Very tired but the Doc’s phoning in the afternoon so hopefully will get some advice. I really don’t want to go to the surgery if I can help it.

  30. It’s nighttime and bedtime. I am comfortable and peaceful. Getting ready to say my prayers
    🙏🏼🙏🏼 Getting rest to face a new day tomorrow! Thank you for asking.

  31. Good swim earlier than my usual Sunday time since we had Sage Singers 2nd Sunday Zoom at 2pm.
    My new swimsuit fits perfectly. I love finding a brand that consistently fits.

  32. Its cold and rainy here in New York today. Perfect day to stay on the couch and shop online or at least window shop.

  33. We had a tiny amount of snow yesterday! It’s still below freezing out there today but the work to clear the house of unwanted ‘stuff’ continues apace. Problem is I’d love to donate furniture, books, clothing etc. but with the restrictions this just isn’t possible.

  34. It has poured rain all day today…and tonight. Oh, well, as they always say, ‘we need that rain’–lol. I’m due for my 2nd vaccine shot on Wednesday, so fingers crossed that has no glitches. Two weeks after that, I’m told, I’ll be considered good to go, lol.

  35. Got my new swimsuit! Some women go gaga over shoes, I go gaga over fun swimsuits. It was 40% off with free shipping from Land’s End. It’s red with small white dots. The red isn’t as bright as I was afraid of, just a nice dark red. I’ll be wearing it tomorrow for the first time.

  36. My day is gong slowly. I did a lot of running around yesterday in town and boy do I need a better pair of shoes. Today my whole body hurts from my feet to my legs. I am in the market for some running shoes with lots of cushion.

  37. My day is going fine so far. It is getting warmer here. I have a big project that I will hopefully finish this weekend.

  38. We are under a yellow serious weather alert today… oh well.. guess I will have to stay put and listen to music and read….

  39. It is absolutely beautiful here today! It makes my soul happy! Cannot wait for pool days ! I hope everyone is well and has a fabulous day!

  40. My day is going great, plan to take a walk later, it’s so nice to see flowers blooming again!

  41. I had a plan yesterday to get back to work then I made the mistake of sitting down and reading only one chapter…well I finished the book.. so today no reading in the morning out into the garden after coffee..

  42. I seem to be getting lazier every day. I just have no motivation to get anything done these days. My attitude seems to be: it can wait, lol.

    1. Sorry to disillusion you sweetheart, but you need to be fit & healthy for that op. so get up off your backside or I’ll set Idris on you!

  43. Lot’s of cleaning and gearing up for the weekend. I made a pot of ham and bean soup for dinner.

  44. Good swim today. So nice to exercise in warm water. Sun is shining and we’re about to start another round of up, down, up, down, rain, sun, rain, sun.

  45. Trying to get projects done today while kids are on spring break..its not working out too well! Everyone enjoy your day!

  46. It’s too cold to work outdoors so I’m working my way through cupboards – who knew that we had 4 frying pans (and we never fried anything!)?

  47. My day has been going pretty good. I just got home from doing big grocery shopping and I am tired tired tired.

  48. It has been a hectic day, even a hectic couple of days. Been dealing with a bit of a crisis.

  49. The temps below freezing! Last night we had a teeny bit of snow & hail! I’m carrying on loading the skip with ‘rubbish’ and even though my hip hurts it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be – phew!

  50. Is it just me or is anyone else unable to get the videos in this post to work??? Are they working, Connie? Oh, well, it’s been a really nice Spring day here, and looks like it might stay that way for several days, lol. I can tell it’s really Spring because my allergies have gone bonkers.

  51. Good swim today. Ran a couple of errands and got home before the rain. A nice, soaking Spring kind of rain.

  52. I thought it was going to be a washout day but things have turned around and now the day is going good.

  53. My day is going pretty well going to spoil the pets today since it is so nice out we have a fun day planned.

  54. Our plumber is coming this morning to do some outside pipe work .. easy work and then the rest of the day I shall be working in the garden…

  55. Ireland’s waking up after a 4 day weekend (not that you’d notice though)! Thankfully we didn’t get the huge numbers of tourists to the area that we got last Easter. My sister’s coming home from hospital today so I’m on standby to go to collect her. Oh, and the skip is due here as well (do you call them skips in America?) so a busy day/week in store.

    1. Glad sister is coming home today.. here the Easter holiday was very quiet with none of the usual events and no cruise ships docking….

    2. I’m glad your sister is doing better. What are Earth is a skip??? Is that what you call a ‘long weekend?’ We sometimes call them three day weekends (or 4.) But a skip is new to me.

      1. “A skip (or skip bin) is a large open-topped waste container designed for loading onto a special type of lorry. The term is mostly only encountered in British, Australian, Irish and New Zealand English. An inexact North American equivalent is a dumpster or debris box. … A special skip-carrying lorry or crane is used.”

  56. My day was good! We had a great day yesterday! Today is our granddaughter’s 11th birthday 🥳 It was wonderful to see her happy 😍

  57. My day is going okay today. I think I am still recovering from all the cooking I did yesterday I am still worn out but we have a lot of yummy leftovers to eat over the next few days.

  58. Quiet day at home enjoying all the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. Also playing Colorado roller coaster weather: 80 yesterday and today and boom! 50 on Tuesday.

  59. Dear God but I ache all over and am cut to ribbons by the bloody Pampas grass. Still, I’ve now recovered a very overgrown rockery and got rid of dead branches etc. The skip’s arriving tomorrow so now I’ll go through the garage & every cupboard & drawer in the house.

  60. Today Easter Monday is the last day of my staycation.. going to make the most of it by relaxing and making my to-do list for the week!!

  61. Happy Easter, Happy Spring! Had a lovely dinner with my friend. She grilled salmon and strip steaks on the grill and we had fresh asparagus. We sat on her patio and enjoyed the 80 degree day.

  62. I hope everyone is having a good Easter. Wouldn’t it be nice if adults got Easter baskets, too, with stuff we want. Yes, chocolate bunnies, but other stuff too, like books to read, tequila to drink or magic dust that cleans the house for you??

  63. My day is going really great. I am super busy lots going on in the kitchen today. I hope you have a beautiful Easter.

  64. Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have the best one yet! We are about to dye eggs and in a little bit go to my moms for food and a hunt!

  65. Happy Easter everyone! I wish you a lovely holiday..as for me the ham is done all the rest can be done later.. Mass from the Cathedral is up next….

  66. Lord, what a night! I had just got to bed at 1am when my niece rang. My sister was in awful pain, shaking all over & clammy cold. I called an ambulance & headed down to her house. She really was in a bad way. It took an hour for the ambulance to arrive. It’s almost 5am now & I’ve heard nothing so I’ll try to get some sleep.

      1. One small kidney stone & several teeny ones. Seen a consultant & they’ll probably let the bigger one pass on it’s own, & refer her to a urologist to blast the little ones. Thanks for your good wishes!

  67. A universal characteristic of insanity is inflexibly doing the same thing over and over while hoping for different results. I keep trying to watch the trail cam photos and still get nothing. I am insane.

    Went to the grocery store and picked up my groceries for the week. And a neat fern plant to take to my friend’s house tomorrow for Easter dinner.

  68. My day is going pretty good. I just got back home from grocery shopping. I got my Easter ham, rolls, eggs and lots of other goodies.

  69. I’ll be working outside again today, fence painting, strimming etc. I’ve ordered a skip for next week for anything that can’t go in the bin. The following week is supposed to be freezing so I’ll finish off the painting I can do. I’ll get a decorator to do the rest then the house goes on the market if we haven’t managed to get a loan. I’m not going to get miserable about it because we have no choice but I will miss my garden.

  70. I always make a BBQ on Glorious Saturday so all is marinated and ready..all I have to do is fire up the grill!! All I see in my day today is resting, relaxing and enjoying the sun and breeze…

  71. Quiet day at home. Had some crazy dreams last night about singing in a concert. Sure wish I could do that again. High temp today 78 degrees. Normal high for today is 59 degrees. Summer came early this week.

  72. Thankfully, its not as cold today. We were teased with beautiful 60-70 degree weather for a few days and now its cold again! Happy Friday everyone!

  73. So far it is good. Still early yet. Got up.. made my guy’s work lunch, cleaned up after the pets,dusted, mopped.. etc. I am happy it is not raining for a change!

  74. I’m up & ready to go into town to get things for the garden then remembered it’s Easter weekend. Last year the town was full of tourists even though we’re supposed to be in lockdown & I suppose this year’ll be no different. I’m not taking my chances with that lot!

  75. Well April is here. hopefully this month we will get the go ahead to sub divide…I do not need all this land to tend..I will never work it all and the thought of renting it to others is a strong no for me….Good friday so delivering my Easter baked goods to my neighbours then Jesus Christ superstar on the stereo all day.. every version.. I am that crazy! Remembering when back in the early 70’s it came to Broadway and husband and I were lucky enough to see it in its first week….

  76. Happy April! Good swim today and the weather is lovely – 65 degrees with sun.
    Connie, for some reason I can’t play your trail cam videos. Can you put them on Instagram?

  77. Wow.. you had some crazy wind! Was windy here today but nothing like that. And much cooler.

  78. I have been trying different things to cheer me up. We had different grandkids over this week because the kids were off school for spring break. They keep my mind off my brothers for a while. My heart was broken 💔💔 in February!! My brothers died within days of each other! I have never known a pain like this before!! I have been praying 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  79. My day is going pretty good today. I did a little running around town. It is almost 70 degrees here and the flowers are out and so beautiful.

  80. My day is going great! After having anxiety over getting the covid shot (was afraid of allergic reaction) I am 7 hours post shot and not even a sore arm. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

  81. It is a lot cooler here today. There’s a freeze warning tonight! I have the evening meal cooking in the slow cooker – hurray!

  82. We’ve been having terrible wind storms in the Midwest too (your new trail cam videos are great!). Local contractors are telling people that if you need home repairs from the storms, it could take months because of a backlog of building supplies! Crazy. Anyway, happy April!!!

  83. While jack hammers are going out on the stree in front of my house were all inside with headaches again today they are doing street repair here all week

  84. Chilly day here in KY. Well, I talked to my orthopedist’s nurse today. I’m really hoping that by the end of this month, I’ll hit the weight he wants me to be at for the surgery on my right knee. So, I have an appointment with my regular doctor on the 28th—to check weight and finish any papers that need to be filled out.

  85. The boys had to go take a school “MAP” test today. So now I’m finally getting to start on school work! Have a great first day of April!

  86. Good morning & Happy April! Another month gone by so quickly! My sister & niece are coming over today to discuss what to do with the house – still waiting for probate to come through. We don’t want to sell but it’s proving difficult to get a loan to pay off the mortgage M & D took out to pay for improvements, niece’s College etc.

    1. That stuff is hard enough to deal with in normal times. I’m sure with the pandemic, everything is made more of a hoop to jump through. Don’t let it get to you. Just breathe. This too shall pass.

    2. Oh Kate sorry to hear this….maybe just maybe you will have an Easter miracle and be able to find a loan ….. my prayers are with you…

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