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Happy New Year little Peanuts!

Wooooohooooo GOODBYE 2020!!

I am racking my brain trying to have any kind of an update for my giveaway post. Man 2020 really screwed things up, right?!? I didn’t travel, I didn’t do anything exciting.

I use WAZE as my map app. THIS is how boring my entire year was!!

I went 411 miles ALL YEAR!?!? No wonder my I’m having such a hard time coming up with something to write! We didn’t even get our first snow until New Years Eve! I was starting to believe Mother Nature left  Sandpoint Idaho off the snow list! 2020…. just a screwy year all the way around.


I can’t wait to see if Emmet’s (Thank you Tamra for naming him) carrot nose lasts all night. I am hoping my hat doesn’t disappear either.

Good luck Emmet!



My metal snowman was buried in 10” of snow at around noon. It hasn’t stopped snowing either.  You suppose we are getting our entire 86” in one storm!?!?  That is a lot of snow!




Now for the real reason you are here!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. I– am blown away by your support!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!
GOOD LUCK Little Peanuts!!

Win $50 your way Ends 1/31

Good Luck Little Peanuts!! And from the bottom of my heart I wish you an amazing 2021!!

385 thoughts on “Hello 2021 $50 Giveaway #giveaway

  1. Congratulations to B. whoever you are! Hope you used your prize well (or not as the case may be!).

  2. Today was my sons 18th birthday. So we drove to Idaho to have dinner since most of our restaurants aren’t open.

  3. My day isn’t going too bad so far. Not 100% yet but so far at least I’m doing better than I was yesterday

  4. Well it’s only 9:45 or so on a Sunday, but I’ve already been to Starbucks to get iced chai (before the snow is expected. It doesn’t snow much here at the beach in MD, but they expect icy roads & I refuse to deal with that if I don’t have to). No real plans for the day, laundry is all caught up, and I’m checking email & catching up with friends online. So a good day so far.

  5. The first snowdrops are out in the garden and the birds are singing their heads off – if it wasn’t for the incessant rain it’d be lovely!

  6. Today was a good day. I ran some errands with my daughter and grandson and then we had a little family Birthday celebration for my other grandson.

  7. Well, with January nearly over, Spring feels closer. It’ll be nice to see the sun again, lol and possibly get outside for walking if I get my knee surgery by then.

  8. My day is going pretty well just getting ready for a nice quiet weekend. I am going to binge watch some of my favorite television shows.

  9. Today is my sweet babys first birthday!! I am one sad moma! I dont want him to grow up! He is so precious!

  10. Aside from being ill, my day is going ok. This illness really needs to go away though. My temp is currently 100.8 and I’m tempted to stick my head in the freezer just to cool down. Miserable and buh..

  11. Day is going good, sunny but brrrry cold, so staying in. Haven’t been scrubbing today, but still trying to get a few things done. I ordered a magnet that can be used to find studs in the wall (it will find the nails), instead of getting a studfinder. Let’s see if it works.

  12. I’m still collecting litres of water everyday from the damp room but it does feel warmer in there. Other than that & a little bit of painting there’s not a lot happening.

  13. The funeral was yesterday .. so incredibly sad…today I have to get back to some sort of work normalcy…tomorrow I will bake something to bring to my neighbour….spent everyday with the mum since last Sunday so today I will stay home and give her some privacy….

  14. My day went pretty well did a little shopping today with two masks on. I just got a few items from the grocery store and then came home.

  15. Wow, so many comments!! A big cold wave came in last night, and so I’m hunkered down. Doing more cleaning, rearranging, and even managing to throw a few things out not worth donating, etc. It feels good to take a break and see what the peanuts are up to.

  16. My hip’s bad again today & kept me awake last night. So much for the steroid injection. This has been going on almost 3 years now – how long do tendons take to mend? I don’t want to take painkillers because I know I’ll go bonkers on the house/garden!

  17. I was really tired today because one of our cats kept me up with her shennagins. I should sleep tonight!

  18. Good swim today. There were 2 other ladies at the pool who also have had their Covid vaccines. Then a trip to the grocery store to get my groceries put in my trunk.

  19. It has been a good day so far. In the wee morning hours it started to snow. There is still snow in the shade, but it has melted in the sunny spots.

  20. It snowed last night. I am enjoying looking out at the snow. It doesn’t snow much here and I think it’s beautiful.

  21. You didn’t drive hardly at all, sounds like you’ve been careful about Covid. I just recently checked this app as I’ve heard of it, I didn’t realize it has this feature – nice!

  22. My day isn’t going too badly so far. Throat still sore and pretty tired, but other than that hoping I’m on the mend

  23. It’s snowing out there. They seem a little iffy about how much we’ll get…so, it could be nasty or nothing. I hate when they do that, lol.

  24. It is snowing here! The kids are sad because its dark now but we are hoping tomorrow will be fun in the snow!

  25. Day is going along at a rapid clip! Slow down, time! I’ve been making calls and finding out info for helping my relatives 75+ to sign up and get squared for the Covid vaccination, that is the minimum age group right now, except for people with certain medical conditions.

  26. it’s a good day – gently snowing but not much wind to make things hazardous. very grateful for what we have. thanks

  27. Hi, my day is going as well as can be expected. I’m still sick. Throat very sore today. I’ll just be happy when I clear this virus.

  28. Another chimney cleaned & another sack of sodden twigs – no flipping wonder the wall’s damp. He’s fitted cages on top so hopefully the wall will dry out and I can just do a cosmetic job rather than have to strip it right back & have to pay to get it re-plastered etc.

  29. Today is starting out much better than the last few. I was finally able to get some sleep again last night. We have some snow heading in later today too.

  30. I was up late getting my daughter from the airport last night and she stayed the night. She was up early for work there for I was. I’m hoping to get to bed early tonight.

  31. Just got my first Covid-19 vaccine shot and an appointment for the 2nd one Feb 23rd. It was a cold and snowy morning but the roads were good for the trip across town. Treated myself to a sausage mcmuffin with egg for breakfast afterwards.

  32. It was in the 70s here today :O Bak to reality tomorrow though. My guy was not feeling good so he came home early from work so that kind of messed my daily routine up.

  33. My day is going pretty well today just getting ready for a big snow storm and boy is it cold outside right now.

  34. It is snowing and the air has that tranquility that only snowflakes bring. I’m working on scrubbing in the kitchen, I’m wondering if all the efforts from this elbow grease will make a difference, since I cant afford to renovate. Floors, counters, etc., are over 70 years old.

  35. So far today is not going too bad but with this illness symptoms fluctuate throughout so we shall see. Hope you are having a great day!

  36. The chimney sweeps coming again today to sort the other chimney out. Just in time; those jackdaws are beginning to pair up already. It’s raining so I hope he can get on the roof to put the guards on the chimney pots. Other than that, lots of calls on radio, tv, social media etc. for a Zero-Covid approach, i.e. closing borders & complete lockdown for a couple of weeks/months and 24/7 vaccination centres, rather than ‘living with’ crisis after crisis. The health care system is at bursting point. We’ll see, but I don’t have any faith in our Government (a 3-way coalition) to make any definitive decisions.

  37. Off to the vet this morning for the kittens shots…have to try and compose myself and stop crying for my dear neighbor….

  38. My day is going better today, I was able to make it to the grocery store and was able to stock up and make it back home before we get a BIG snow storm so WooHoo!

  39. Got through to Kaiser and I have my Covid vaccine scheduled for tomorrow morning. My usual Kaiser facility is just a couple of miles from me, but they didn’t have any appointments. So I get to drive 30 minute across town to another facility to get my shot. I’m just happy to get it and that I have my car to drive there. Then I did a few errands and got 5 books from the library.

  40. It’s still raining today. I’m sitting here wondering if I want lasagna enough to actually make it, lol.

  41. Snowstorm coming in tomorrow. I timed it right this time and got the things needed to tide me over a few days, I hope, anyway.

  42. I have the best of both worlds: if I go out the back of the house it’s sunny & dry, go out the front and there’s snow everywhere!

  43. A very dear friend in the village here passed away yesterday…what a shock.. a lovely young man who had so much potential….sometimes life just makes us so very sad….

  44. My baby is finally starting to get a little better from a double earache! It has been eventful around here!

  45. It started raining last night and it hasn’t stopped yet. Just a cold, rainy day. Good for staying in and doing nada–so I did, lol.

  46. it’s going well despite the cold and high wind factor. grateful to have a place to stay, warm clothes, and food to eat. thanks

  47. Wow, this day went by fast! I’m finishing up doing dishes from making a soup in the slow cooker. It came out good, another beef and barley with beans. I’ve been looking up youtube videos for how to do some small fixes, like water stains on my parquet floor, and trying things out.

  48. It is snowing here a little right now and we are supposed to get a ton of snow over the next few days. We sure need it but I needed a few things from the store and wasn’t able to get there so I will have to make do.

  49. My day is going very meh. It is not ok to wake up and not be able to smell the coffee. I have now lost my sense of smell and am very unhappy about it. I can still taste the coffee though so that’s good.

  50. Snow!!! It started 10-ish last night & we got about an inch. It’s gone from wherever the sun has hit but it’s still lovely. And that wonderful silence! And yes, I did go out in it last night & whirled around sticking my tongue out to catch the flakes!

  51. This day was nice and sunny, so I did some “spring” cleaning, with a toothbrush, and things like the top of the refrigerator, etc. It seems to be starting to stay lighter a little longer, so loving that!

  52. My sis has lent me her big, super-duper dehumidifier for the room with the damp chimneybreast. I’m amazed how much water (2 litres so far today) it’s collecting and it’s heating the room as well.

  53. Looking at the weather gloomy and rainy but I have to do laundry and some tree work…First I plan on baking some cookies and relaxing.. waiting to see if the sun comes out!

  54. Quiet day today. Cloudy but not cold. I like ginger ale so I decided to try ginger beer (non alcoholic). It has a bit of a bite from the real ginger used.

    1. We used to always have a bottle of (non-alcoholic) Stone’s Ginger Wine in the house. Gorgeous stuff! Dad & I made vegetable marrow & ginger wine one year that’d blow your socks off!

  55. My day is going pretty good just doing a lot of baking today and getting the house warmed up we may finally see some much needed snow here.

  56. I walked to town today, brrrry cold out, but I had my new fleece lined leggings luv luv how warm they are. I’m trying to find a way for an elderly relative to get her Covid vaccination, they are vaccinating people 75 and over in our area. I don’t have a car to be able to help, very frustrating.

  57. Idris the wonder cat got lost yesterday. I had visions of him being stuck in the chimney sweep’s van but no, the daft cat had got locked into the garage. I finally heard him in the wee hours of a very icy night. What I can’t understand is how he got in there in the first place. Turns out my sister had been up to put stuff in the recycling bins that I keep there. Phew!

  58. Called the vet and made appointments for the kitty’s shots…. the Ministry of Health announced that the variant from the UK and South Africa is here…our borders are closed BUT the country re-patriated numerous citizens and they came in on many flights from the UK, Ca, and the US… many of these citizens have been stranded abroad since March….you cannot keep them out indefinitely….one must be fair and now one must be seriously health aware…

  59. Good swim today. I’m wearing the new, soft bamboo PJs that I won from Cariloha. The blanket is on my bed. I love winning useful things.

  60. It seems that it only stays daylight for a few hours these days, lol. Man Winter can’t end soon enough for me.

  61. My day could be going a lot better. We were told today that we have covid so not too happy about that. So far it’s manageable at least, but certainly no fun

  62. Day is going along! I’m cleaning the mini-blinds, this time without taking them down. Wow, I’m amazed at how time consuming it is, partly because I’m being fussy. Washing curtains, too, dust is kicking up my allergies, but I’m starting “spring cleaning” early this year, dust can’t stop me!

    1. Wear a mask, Rosie! Works wonders. Or pop some Vaseline/similar around your nostrils – it’ll catch the dust. Just blow your nose afterwards.

  63. I’ve just had a chimney sweep in to ’empty’ the chimneys. 20 years of jackdaw nests, feathers, bones etc. No wonder the chimney breast is damp. He’s coming back next week to do another one so hopefully that’s the problem sorted.

  64. I am having a great day! The sky is blue and the birds are singing! Even the animals are happy today wonder why??????

  65. I’m just sitting here online, listening to classic rock, having watched the inauguration. So, not much going on here, but hopefully things will get better soon and we can all come out of our houses.

  66. Day is flying by. I just ladeled a chicken soup out of the slow cooker. Chicken with lots of good veggies and homemade egg noodles. I sampled it, then had two big bowls. I guess that was lunch and dinner. Watching the news flipping between Biden inauguration and the excavation of dirt where the state police think a woman who was murdered was buried. Not getting much done today, I guess.

  67. It’s still pouring down out there. Three days now with no let-up but I just switch on the Christmas lights and then feel a lot better!

  68. All went very well at the dentist and now only a visit in March for a cleaning…Today I plan on staying inside, baking then watching the inauguration….finally I can proud to be an American after the last 4 years of…………

  69. Infusion day for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. When I started this 15 years ago it took 3 hours to infuse. Last year the doctor dropped it down to one hour. Today it was 30 minutes. Stopped and picked up a pizza for dinner.

  70. Today I learned that if my six year old thinks when school work is finished he can go to his Geddies house ..he gets done ALOT faster. So this means he could have gotten done a lot faster all along!!

  71. Day is going good- hard to believe it is late afternoon already!! Taking a break from chores to see what the peanuts are up to!

  72. My day is not going too great. I feel miserable. We did Covid testing yesterday and are waiting for the results. I didn’t sleep well last night.. feverish nightmares are no fun. And today my chest is tight and I just feel blah..

  73. I’m a bit sore from yesterday’s injection and as it’s teeming down outside I’m just going to stay warm and have an easy day!

  74. Well today is dentist day…yeah…well after going around to the shoppes then home….hopefully I will get back early enough to do some transplants….

  75. Picked up my grocery order. They didn’t have the dill pickles I wanted. I am trying some Jones ginger beer. Getting frisky in my orders…..

  76. Well, it’s been a cold, stay inside kind of day. I made soup, –beef broth, chopped potatoes, onion, green & red peppers, diced ham–so, that warmed me up. And I put in liberal amounts of black pepper, which I love, so that heated it up, too!

  77. So far today has been productive. Have gotten some chores done that I had been putting off. Now, the refrigerator is cleaned out and I can see the shelves!

  78. Not very often does it happen, thankfully, but I feel like crap today. I think it is my allergies kicking up from doing things around the condo that got a lot of old dust up my sinuses. I’m reeling and sneezing, about all I could do of things I need to get done is some shredding, hours, have been doing that for a couple of hours, it doesn’t require thinking or moving.

  79. My day is going as well as can be for a Monday where I am sick. Throat still hurts and still feel crummy.

  80. I’m just back from Dublin & my steroid injection (using ultrasound). The 2-way journey usually takes 5+ hours but with the travel restrictions it only took 3. Stopped for a click & collect of more paint on the way home. I’ll be self-isolating (just in case) for 2 weeks so I’ll need something to do.

  81. Today I picked up groceries. Then I went and spent time with my daughter and grandson and we ordered pizza.

  82. Day is going good, getting some organizing done. My faux hydrangeas blue and white I got online came, and I put them in the vase, and just ordered a few more stems to help it fill out. Makes me think of spring!

  83. Ugh. I so looked forward to this weekend and I’m sick. There’s just something inherently wrong about being sick on the weekend. I want to rest because it’s the weekend, not because my body won’t give me any other choice. So yeah, that sums up how my day is going.

  84. Cold and snowy start to the day. Going to hopefully stay in where it is warm all day and relax. Hope you are having a nice Sunday.

  85. I got 7 hours sleep last night!!! 7 hours in one night; that hasn’t happened in months. It’s not even lunchtime and I’ve started to yawn again so might go for a nap. Off to Dublin early tomorrow for my injection.

  86. Sunday.. plan on baking today then doing my usual relaxing routine… reading, music and checking on my ill neighbour who was released from hospital….

  87. I actually got cleaning done today, a grocery trip and played with the kiddos!! Whoop whoop! I hope everyone had a great day!

  88. My big excitement today was driving downtown to get a bone scan. I dressed for the occasion in comfy sweats with no metal and no bra so I didn’t have to undress for it. I treated myself to some Good Times green chili cheese fries.

  89. Day is going good, a quiet sort of Saturday, so far. It just stopped raining a little bit ago, so I’m going outside for a little while before it gets dark.

  90. Well, we got a little snow last night, just an inch or so. Roads are clear though, so that’s good. So far, my niece is just having mild COVID symptoms, fingers crossed it stays that way. And fingers crossed that the others don’t get it. (Her Mom had it a few months ago, so is probably still immune (they say up to five months immunity after having it, last I heard.) I’m most concerned about one of her brothers because he has asthma, and any lung issues seem to make it worse.

  91. I am glad it is Saturday. But I feel crummy. Woke up feeling like I was being stabbed in the throat by needles and my nose is stopped up. This is no fun. I’m hoping it’s just allergies. It was extremely windy here yesterday.

  92. It’s a really sad day. A lady died last week from complications of Crohn’s Disease. Much loved by everyone who knew her. You know, one of those cheery women who’s always kind and friendly. Obviously couldn’t attend in person but watched the Mass on FB.

    1. One of the saddest parts of this lockdown has been not getting to pay last respects go people. Of course, the saddest thing was thinking of all those who’ve died alone because their families couldn’t be with them. Heartbreaking.

  93. When an ambulance comes thru this little village at night everyone goes either goes to their open window or into the road….I am the open window type…today I shall try to reach the family to see what happened and if there is anything I can do to help…food is always a good choice at a time like this….

    1. Same here in this little area with apartments and small homes. Everyone knows even if the ambulance doesn’t use the siren because you can see the flashing blue lights even through the curtains.

  94. Day is going good. I broke down and bought a small handbag on Poshmark. One that you’d probably use when you don’t need to haul everything including the kitchen sink, more for when you are going to have fun, thinking ahead to post-Covid days! I’m getting chores done, and a new batch of chocolate bark, this one has some peanut butter and chopped peanuts, is cooling in the refrigerator.

  95. Today is dreary, cold, and windy. The perfect day to hide under the covers and sleep all day. But, alas, I can’t, so today is going meh.

  96. I’ve got another appointment for my steroid injection. I had to cancel last week’s because of the car. It’s on Monday morning and I’ve decided to go. With the Covid numbers it’s a risk but when you’re in pain & can’t sleep or do anything I have to do something. I’ll self-isolate for 2 weeks after that (mind you that’s easy!).

  97. Today has been fine so far. I have been going through some of my book collection. One day is much like the next at home.

  98. Today is chlorine day.. my bucket of said product, hard broom and off I go to clean all the walkways and small bridges on the land.. this will be a long day so better get started early….

  99. Today I did some running around trying to find an ink cartridge for my printer. Then I took my son to the DMV.

  100. I can definitely tell its a Thursday! Very rough day but I’m hoping for some relaxation this weekend!! Happy almost Friday everyone!

  101. My day is going ok, just got home from going to several stores stocking up for the next week not sure what is going to happen and want to be ready here at home with plenty of food and water.

  102. Good news today. I won a $200 GC to Cariloha bamboo. Already got the GC and went to the site and ordered. Got these:
    Bamboo Sleep Pants – Birds of Paradise
    Sherpa Bamboo Knit Throw – Stone
    Women’s Bamboo Long Sleeve Tee – Black

  103. Pretty good day here except one of the cats barfed hairballs in the home office. Looking forward to the weekend.

  104. I got up early today, 4:45 am, and have been busy all day, nothing special, but so many little things to do. I used to get up that time every day, I should get back to it!

  105. It is another dreary cold day here in central Ohio. Today getting some much needed chores done…almost the weekend!

  106. Today is going okay. Glad it is Almost Friday! This has been a rough week. So far 2021 is looking A LOT like 2020..

  107. The sun is out for a change here, so that is always nice. Have a bit of a headache this morning, hoping it will go away soon.

  108. Yesterday I had a bit of a brainwave. Mum & Dad had a large wooden bed head attached to the wall that’s been sitting in the bath since I painted their room. Well yesterday I was changing my bedding & turning the mattress when I realised that it would fit my bed frame. Put it in place, popped the mattress back and had a great night’s sleep. My hip didn’t twinge once.

      1. I bought the wood to make a corner desk for my room. Has drawn out the plans & everything. Went off for a College workshop & Dad had pinched it for their room!

  109. Today was just a typical dialysis day. We had a bad windstorm come through last night and I couldn’t sleep. I was up at 3 am

  110. Quiet day at home. I was scheduled for a mammogram on Friday, but the lady called and her machine broke. Next appointment is in March, but that’s really fine since June is when I should be getting it. I only made the appointment because I had a video call with my doctor last week and just went ahead.

    1. I think you’re better off staying at home unless it’s absolutely vital, Sarah. These new mutations popping up everywhere are really scary.

  111. Had a telehealth appointment today. First time I’ve ever done a face to face call and was really nervous but I figured it out and all was successful.

  112. Well, my brother came around today, brought my mail in but kept his mask on and only stayed a minute. I’m part of their ‘bubble’, as people say, but we still try to keep 6 feet distance–but usually he does take the mask off. Not today, though. Why? We found out Friday that my niece, who’s 17, has tested positive. Her best friend, who works at the same place my niece does, has tested positive, too. So…two weeks of quarantine all around. Again. But, thank God, she’s just having mild symptoms so far. Hope it gets better for her soon. (I haven’t been in direct contact with her since just before Christmas, but of course, I’ve seen my brother. So far the rest have all tested negative.)

  113. Day is going good. I walked to town this morning, and did a few chores and now I’m back, listening to a recording of a town meeting last night.

  114. I got my car back yesterday & headed into the nearest supermarket for a masked dash to stock up. Couldn’t get over all the empty shelves due to Brexit delays in the UK. It will ease up but doesn’t help the Covid situation.

  115. I got so distracted with the lovely day yesterday that I never cleaned the drains.. oh no…end of the world?? lol.. so today is drain cleaning day….

  116. Today I actually finished with the kids school work around 4 and was able to clean one of the bathrooms! Yay for me! Lol!

  117. Lately, I’ve been sitting up late and it’s starting to effect me. I feel soooooo tired all day. I think I need an early night, but by the time bedtime rolls around I’ll just be thinking ‘I’m not sleepy’ lol.

  118. Good swim and then a scary trip to the other grocery store that carries my Calcium carbonate. Got their garlic bread. Haven’t had it in 9 months.

  119. Day is going good. I had the lock company come and install a new doorknob, and all new keys, so one key works for the deadbolt, too. I can check this off the “to do” list – whoopee!!!

  120. It looks like mice have got at the wiring in my car and it’s going to cost a couple of hundred Euro to fix – not the start to the New Year I was hoping for 🙁

  121. Today is drain cleaning day…. If I start early I can get them all done with enough time to put my blue Lake beans in.. New Moon after all….set your intentions for the next month!

  122. Today is my brother’s birthday. He would have been 46 years old. In March it will be 5 years since he passed away. I miss him so much.

  123. I tried to clean the bathroom three different times today..and failed. I finally got it clean a few minutes ago but still have to sweep and mop. The life of a mom with four is very busy!!!

  124. The start of a new year means a lot of new dr and test appointments need made. Made 2 today then next week I’ll start on the rest.

  125. Day is going good, getting some chores done. Cold and dreary outside today, so I’m happy to not have to go out! Thinking about what I’d like to do for some crafts, Connie’s diamond paintings sound good!!

  126. Took the car into the mechanics this morning and am now feeling very isolated! Living in the sticks is all very well but when there’s no transport … Sad news as well as there were 3 (not Covid) deaths locally over the weekend. Only 10 mourners allowed at funerals. How on earth do you choose?

  127. Have my to-do list in hand and as soon as I finish breakfast out I go….Weeding and cleaning up debris from all the rain.. amazing the Met Office has declared that dry season has begun.. I guess they have not looked out their window lately…..

  128. Busy day. Got up early (well, early for me), went swimming, had a lovely 2 hour Zoom with Sage Singers. Now back online catching up. We had an inch of snow yesterday and sunny skies, but cold, today.

  129. My day is ok. It’s been a cold, rainy week. Watching the Bears/Saints game. I’m not rooting for anyone in particular since my team, the Broncos, aren’t in the playoffs. Time to figure out something for supper. I don’t feel like cooking, so I may order something.

  130. I don’t know what’s come over me but I went berserk with cleaning the house. Must be the longer stretch in the evenings.

  131. Hurray. a complete day off today….planning on doing nothing.. yes nothing.. the cats and Delilah looked up at me with sad faces and I told them no that does not include you…Delilah did a happy dance and the cats said we knew that….got to love them..

  132. Today I slept in. My daughter brought me over coffee and cinnabon. Then later we went to the casino and dinner. It was nice to get out.

  133. I did quite a few chores today, and then spent a couple of hours chatting on the phone with one of my neighbors.

  134. Today I had to clean all day and take care of the 4 kiddos! I have no complaints! Hope everyone had a great day!

  135. It’s so dang cold here. I used to love Winter, but now, not so much. I think maybe I only liked Winter because snow days meant no school, lol.

  136. I missed being here yesterday because I had to get a friend from the hospital and take her home and then my internet was out for 6 hours. I have to tell myself the the world will not end if I miss a day. Today very light snow.

  137. Took down all the Christmas curtains and drapes and washed them and put them up until next year..5 loads.. then all the door mats… cleaned my room from stem to stern and changed the curtains/drapes in my room, the guest room, the dining room and my daughters room.. the kitchen and drawing room and the gallery will have to wait until next week…..I deserve a single malt and my book!!

  138. Well, the car started and I took it for a long drive but the windows wouldn’t open. Today it started fine & the windows opened but now they won’t close – AGH!!! Probably just a fuse but now I’ll have to wait till Monday when I can get it to a mechanic. Covered the windows with cardboard & rugs for now. At least the weather’s dry.

  139. My day is going alright, it seems to be one mishap after another though, it’s one of those days you just wanna lie in bed

  140. Today went exceptionally smoothly. That is up until about 6pm. I should of knew or was the calm before the storm!

  141. Well the past 4 days I have been doing school work until 5-6 with kiddos. Yesterday one of my babies turned six and we had to have a mini party to hold him off until Sunday. This week has been crazy and im glad it’s over! I hope everyone is well!

  142. I’m doing alright today. I wasn’t feeling very well and took a nap and now I’m feeling a little better.

  143. My day is going fine so far. The temperature is a little above freezing. We were supposed to get a fair amount of snow today. So far we have just had a few snowflakes.

  144. Oh Lordy! Woke to discover that now, not only won’t the car start but now the battery charger won’t work!!! So I tried some negative psychology: start now or your going to the dump! The car started so a mad dash to get out of my pjs and into the car for a looong drive. Phew!

  145. Today we took down both Christmas trees and all the inside decorations.. even boxed up the ceramic tree.. the Christmas village and all the other breakables I will do tomorrow…I am pooped!!

  146. Not so good, actually. My day so far has been very gloomy, the National news is too terrible to look at.

  147. Bit of a mixed day today. Woke up early to get ready to head to Dublin for my injection to find out it’d snowed (a bit) so fed the birds & stuck my tongue out to catch snow. Dashed about, got in the car – bugger wouldn’t start. Completely flat battery. Rang the hospital & put the car on charge. All dressed up and nowhere to go! Hey ho!

  148. Today is a hard day for everyone..I hope everyone is well and healthy and is having a great start to a new year!

  149. I woke up late this morning after ignoring the alarm clock so I have felt a bit rushed today. It has been a rather good day otherwise

  150. I woke at 4am feeling cold so got up to put the heating on for a bit & I’m still pottering around 4 hours later. I’m having another injection in my hip tomorrow so hoping the roads will be ok. At least with lockdown the traffic won’t be bad.

  151. It’s been a pretty good day. I’ve started a healthy diet because I want to be as healthy as possible when I have my knee surgery (no date yet or anything, but I have a little over a month before the next appointment and I want to use that time well.) So far, the diet is going well.

  152. My Internet service was down this morning. Not good. Husband found a missing $50. Target gift card, good. Internet service working this evening. So, a mixed bag sort of day.

  153. Had a video call with my PCP to go over medications and tests needed. Made appointments for bone density scan and a mammogram. Whee!

  154. My day went fast, just got home from the store and a few other stops and it just wears me out trying to avoid close contact with the idiots out there that don’t seem to care about the pandemic!

  155. I didn’t get finished with kids schoolwork until about 30 minutes ago! So let’s just say it has been a long day! But I am still counting my blessings!

  156. Biz as usual here. Has some nice comforting ham and bean soup I made and just did my daily routine.

  157. Well I had a little bit of a scare this morning, the furnace wouldn’t kick on. Oh no! We just hada new one put in a couple years ago. Then I played with the thermastat and I think its just a new thermastat. Thanks goodness

  158. Happy Tuesday, all! I am still working on a big project. The sky looks like it might snow, but the temperature is not low enough.

  159. Hailstones, sleet and a wee bit of slushy snow. It’s bitterly cold though so no getting out into the fresh air.

    1. I always open the front door and stick my head out when I get up, just to ‘feel’ what kind of day it’s going to be. This morning it was sooooo cold!! I just said, ‘oh, hell, no’ and shut the door and turned on a space heater pointed directly at me, lol

  160. I am exhausted today. I didn’t sleep well last night, and couldn’t even workout this morning. Work was super busy, came home, worked out, and now catching up on blogs and giveaways 🙂

  161. The temps aren’t going over freezing at all this week so I’ve made a big pot of chilli which should last a few days. Other than that not doing anything at all today!

  162. For a Monday, my day is not going too bad. Tired as can be though! My asthma is acting up a little. I’ll be happy when it warms up some

  163. I have a full day of work planned and it is hard to get back into the swing of things after taking some PTO in December.

  164. Have to get to work today…veggie transplants to do and a few loads of laundry.. the the day is breezy, sunny but slightly cool so it will dry.. lovely…. then back up to make sure all my lists for tomorrow are ready…not really thrilled about shopping but oh well….

  165. A good swim with my friend. Broncos managed a touchdown but lost by 1 point. Arby’s tomorrow.
    This was their last game of the season so I’m sad about no more Arby’s Bronco special.

  166. I’ve been listening to Handle’s Messiah and lots of other music today. Singing along, harking back to those days when Mum was musical director in musicals all over the country back in the early/mid ’70s. She always reckoned that I sang harmony in her womb and never stopped! I could hit the highest notes but she always said “NO! Sopranos are ten a penny, Kate, I need you down there to give balance and volume to the others”. So down there I stayed and am quite happy. I know my place!

  167. My day is going ok. Not looking forward to Monday getting here. Three day weekends are great because you get more time but hard cuz you don’t want them to ever end

  168. Sunday.. well I saved Christmas Mass to watch today…long high mass and today I have the time…after that still have leftovers from New Years day so no cooking.. once again.. and this does get redundant. reading, relaxing and playing with the fur babies….

  169. My day has been uneventful. I’ve had a lazy Saturday which involved sleeping in. The highlight was dinner. I made a huge batch of macaroni and tomatoes. Yum!

  170. Here’s my comment on a post: I’m glad you named him Emmett, lo Every time I see him I think of Emmett Otter from that kids’ band; was he a muppet??? Or did he just sort of look like one??

  171. Well, 2020 will not be missed and I’m going to expect great things from 2021 just to make up for this last year, lol.

  172. It’s going well so far. While on a walk, ran into someone I had lost touch with. It was a quick but great conversation.

  173. I am enjoying a relaxing day. My daughter took her kids to a friends for an over night stay. It’s very quiet here.

  174. My day is going ok. Just another lazy Saturday at home (or day that ends in y for that matter). Have a great day!

  175. Let me think … so far today, I’ve got up, washed, fed the cat & birds. Time to go for the paper & get air in my tyres – I mean how exciting is my life? Then brekkie and going through last year’s calendar & starting this year’s.

  176. Still taking some me time…Cleaning up 2020 paperwork, filing etc..Have to make a list for going out on Tuesday to the bulk shop and other village stores…in until dentist day at the end of the month…

  177. I had plans to do some needed shopping, but I cancelled them due to the constant cold rain falling, so this hasn’t been a good start to the year.

  178. Got soaked in a downpour this morning getting out to pick up groceries. But, I’m dry and warm now, so all is well. Happy New Year!!

  179. Ireland is back in the highest level of lockdown after a brief respite over Christmas. Schools won’t be going back till the 11th. and only essential shops, banks etc. are open. Work from home is the rule, only 6 guests at a wedding, 10 at a funeral, public transport for essential workers only. Trying to stay positive.

  180. My day isn’t going great so far. I had a lot of trouble sleeping because neighbors had fireworks going past midnight and our dog was terrified. I’ve come to hate fireworks.

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