Happy November! $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

Happy November little Peanuts!!

October flew by!!  The carpet and flooring is done. The DOG got renamed because she resembles a is cute like a little teddy BEAR.   Little did I say little? This puppy is growing by leaps and bounds!

Right now Bear is only 13 weeks old! She’s gonna be huge!

My daughter Selena did Alice’s makeup for Halloween and I have to brag……how CUTE is this kid?!?!?!

The house is coming along nicely. Except the kitchen. NOT thrilled with the kitchen contractor through Home Depot. Shoddy work all the way around. From cracks in the new cabinets to off center window. To drawers that don’t line up. Cupboards don’t close. I am NOT a happy Peanut here!! I can’t believe we paid as much as we did for such crappy workmanship. So, the kitchen from hell is still not done!! Not only is the window not centered but the top cabinets are double, double, single. Really?!
Home Depot contractor sucks

There are about a million other pictures I could share but that just puts me in a bad mood. A really bad mood. Oh yeah, and we haven’t seen the contractor in about 6 weeks. Ohhhhhhh yeah…. I am thrilled with Home Depot!

Craft room is coming along nicely. Except of course the cupboards which again ….. poor workmanship from the Home Depot contractor. I mean CRAPPY job!!

On the upside, the counters are in and are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise to share pictures if the kitchen ever gets done and if the craft room ever gets unpacked! I swear for every box I unpack 6 more take it’s place!! Have I whined about moving lately!? Nooo???  Well, I HATE MOVING!!!!!!!!!! I am NEVER. Ever. Doing. It. Again!! E-V-E-R!!

Okay, whine over. Concentrate on cute puppy and cuter kid!! Right?!?!  I hope you had a wonderful October. I hope November is amazing for you!!

Maybe just two more pictures…………..


My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you stop by. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

311 thoughts on “Happy November! $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

  1. My day was bad like as usual. On top of being dizzy from high blood pressure my heart started to hurt. The doctor I went to yesterday didn’t give me anything for my high blood pressure. On top of that we are dealing with a move and signing up for Medicare, I”m having to have some awful tests for cancer.a

  2. My day is going well. Work is crazy and i was approved for overtime, so I’m working on that and trying to get my house decorated for the holidays. But it is all a good busy so i’m happy.

  3. I’m pretty happy with myself today. I paid on my layaway today and have about $150 left to pay if off and will just have to get a few things for my baby who will be 6 months old next. Well today while decorating the tree my son made a comment about how he hopes Christmas is better this year than last. Last year was rough and they were given 1 toy and 1 outfit from a charity last year and that’s all they got. I just smiled to myself because I’ve been working my butt off since I returned to work after maternity leave in July. I’m so close to giving them the Christmas of a live time. He also turns 10 on December 15 and I have that taken care of too.

  4. Today has been an okay day! I’ve been really tired since I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy on top of taking care of the other kids. Wont be long now!

  5. I have made a batch of sugar cookie dough so that I could help my grandsons make their first Christmas cookies tomorrow.

  6. Lol, Kate, that’s exactly what a kid would think!! I’ve set my mind to not being in here still when my birthday rolls around. That’s the first week of January. Wonder if I can do it.

  7. Today was a good day. I got some work accomplished… it was hard to get out of holiday mode but I did (for a little while… lol)

  8. It is a kind of good and bad day. I ended up working through lunch and then when I could take a quick break to eat I found I had forgotten it at home. The good part though was coming in the door and seeing my family.

  9. Day is going good. Walked to town and got some errands done, and got some additional fall veggies for doing some cooking this weekend.

  10. Baked all morning….chocolate chip cookies .. the cookie of the week in this home…then I had leftover pumpkin puree and some soft bananas .. banana pecan muffins and some pumpkin choco chip….then on to some fresh naan for our curries today….a cranberry martini then lunch….

  11. I’m going to get my tree decorated today. It’s been up for a week and today is the day. I will feel so much better when it is done.

  12. Tamra: Your poor right leg reminds me of when we were little: My Welsh grandmother (v. little English) used to always say ‘go to the toilet now or it will end up going down your leg’. Helen & I always thought she meant that our leg would fill up with pee!

    Anyway, back to me, me, me! Absolutely no plans other than trying to get all the little things done in advance as I’m out most nights next week.

  13. Still very early, but have to get going soon, since grandson is having an out-patient procedure done this morning and he has to be there at 6:30. He is moving pretty slowly, having had some surgery just a couple of days ago. Hopefully everything will proceed well.

  14. X-ray shows arthritis in hip, as expected, but insurance required starting with an x-ray. Now an MRI is scheduled for Wednesday to try and figure out what’s up with my right leg. It stays swollen and is heavier and number than the left.

  15. Quiet day at home. Still bummed about the pool closing. I do have 2 other warm water pools I can go to, but I wouldn’t be teaching the arthritis classes there.

  16. Today was ok…. Mom and I were still in a holiday type of mood so we just extended my birthday into today and just relaxed….. 🙂

  17. Day is going good. Just got back from grocery shopping. Taking a break before putting things away. Got a call from a relative I hadn’t spoken to in a while.

  18. My day is going GREAT! Got up, made my pot of coffee and was having my morning cup when I get a phone call from my granddaughter. She had an appointment in a town over from where I live and she had some spare time and decided to come visit; she stayed for over an hour which really made my day, just to two of us.

  19. So far, this morning, has been crazy. My father in law that lives with us now from his stroke woke up n one of his moods. Till then, it was a great morning as everyone was on time today (actually early), took my daughter to school, ran to Walmart and found some great special sale items to finish up some odd and end things on my list.

  20. Michele: My bags are packed & I’m on my way (I wish)!

    I’m clearing out the spare freezer in the garage for a friend to leave loads of cakes in it. We’re having a coffee morning in aid of charity but she’ll be on holiday. I just hope Mum doesn’t start digging in! I make great profiteroles so I’ll do a big batch at the weekend & freeze them as well. Off to Dublin soon so gotta go …!

  21. Kate I saved a piece of cake for you in the frig… hurry it will not last long….since we had no power yesterday and could not have music we decided to celebrate again today.. ant excuse right?.. so we shall continue the birthday madness with leftovers.. music.. no work and cake!

  22. Today is my birthday….. 🙂 Looking forward to my personal new year. This year was tough on a personal level but I have come out on the otherside unscathed. I am hoping this year will be better than the last. 🙂

  23. Day is going good. Doing a bunch of chores. Kind of overcast, so another day that I’m happy to be inside. The fire marshall is finally here today doing an inspection for the violations reported two years ago, not fixed yet, and this inspection doesn’t include the new ones not formally cited yet, that they prefer not to “notice.” No wonder there are so many fires in our town.

  24. Today looks like a nice day. We have a little snow on the ground but it is getting up to 50 today so that should melt. Looks like a warm day for me to get out and take a nice walk! Enjoy your day everyone!

  25. Storm Diana hit us last night & is continuing today and tomorrow so I’m cooking meals to have ready for easy re-heating on the camping stove just to be on the safe side. I was supposed to go to a Panto rehearsal tonight but have told them I can’t go & leave Mum on her own in case the power goes.

  26. Today is my daughters birthday.. drumroll please….. so up and cooking .. the cake is already done… now on with the celebrating!!!

  27. The day went okay, I have been laid off from work for the past 8 days and it’s been really strange! I’m finally going back to work tomorrow which is good because the holidays would be really bad if I had to miss much more.

  28. Well, yesterday, I got my own butt up out of the wheelchair, lol. I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little brighter.

  29. Could barely get out of bed today… it’s the drops from the doctor… they exhaust me. I did some work and then we lost power so then I didn’t finish what I was planning to do.

  30. Day is going good. Got a little sewing and cooking done. Taking a break. Kind of dark and gloomy today, but nice to be inside.

  31. Appointment at eye doctor went much longer than anticipated so by the time we did the shoppes it was rather late when we got home….Thought after 3 surgeries my eye was going to be ok but now we have the beginning of a slight bleed behind the eye…after the holidays I was told to see my GP and get a battery of tests to determine whether it is a medical condition or just extreme scarring the result of which could be the bleeding…Oh well not now after New Years!!

  32. It’s 5 in the morning and really wild out. The wind blew the wheelie bin over (thankfully it was emptied this morning) but it made a heck of a racket so I bundled up and headed outside to sort it out. I’m just having a hot drink then I’ll head back to bed now. Hopefully I’ll get a lie in!

  33. I’m having a good day. Spent a lot of time online seeing if there are any deals I might be interested. Thankfully we only got 2 inches of snow so I don’t have to spend a lot of time shoveling.

  34. Dark and overcast today, I like that sometimes when I’m staying in, as I don’t feel like I’m missing anything not being outside, and it can be cozy with a candle. Finally got hold of the fire marshal, and had another go round. I know he’s ticked off because I went to the fire chief about the 71 violations, but he is still playing games, and is going to give them another 6 months to a year – that will be 3 1/2 years to fix the violations. He also acted like he didn’t remember they were written up a year ago (after fighting with them for a year to get them to do it). He goes home to a safe house, we sit in danger. Not fair.

  35. I’m going back to the doc this afternoon as I’m having trouble with my ear again. I can’t think of anything else …!

  36. Up and out early today.. Off to the eye doctor then shopping shopping shopping!! My daughter laughs at me excited about the grocery…and the big hardware.. how times have changed since the days of clothes, new heels and bags……

  37. We woke up to a snow blizzard this morning, church cancelled so we stayed in and built a fire and played some board games! It was a relaxing day.

  38. Some of the icicle lights are not working outside. Grrrrrr….. I will have to replace them. Until I have the time to do it, I have to come up with something to make it look better….

  39. One of those days when you wonder where the year has gone, lol. It suddenly dawned on me that I’ll be 54 in a few months. Why does that seem so much older than 53??? I mean now I can be early 50’s but then I’m more mid-50’s, lol.

  40. Walked to town today, wow, the town center was bustling. It is warmer now, and no snow or rain, so I think people came out of cocooning and are shopping for the holidays. Bumped into another neighbor also concerned about the crappy work going on at our complex, as he is on the same floor as I am and has been walking past it every day, too, for a year and a half.

  41. So right now we are waiting for 8-12″ of snow to get here this afternoon through tomorrow morning. We never get this much snow this early – not a good start to winter.

  42. Today I am working early to make the most of this Sunday.. gallery tree has to be done and the manger and the christmas village to be set up… fun work… happy Sunday to all!

  43. One month till Christmas. Where the heck did 2018 go? Another year older and sod all to show for it 🙁 Nah, I guess it wasn’t that bad really!

  44. Mum and I have come to the conclusion that I have ADD (without the hyperactivity H). I start projects/DIY etc. but somehow never seem to completely finish them as I notice something else that needs doing so then I start doing that … Anyway, a long way to get to the point that is today I am finishing sorting my books out into ‘keep’ or charity shop. Although the bird feeder does need fixing/replacing …!

  45. Wonderful 2 days…. today I have to wash windows and put up the drapes in the drawing room….after that maybe nothing but sit and relax…. stretching this holiday weekend out!!

  46. Happy Black Friday… I hope everyone enjoyed their shopping. My mom and I put up our Christmas tree. It was a good day. The tree looks great! 🙂

  47. Happy second Thanksgiving! Had Thanksgiving yesterday with a group of friends and a second one today at Black-Eyed pea with other friends. I am very thankful for such good friends.

  48. Day is going good. Getting a little sewing done. It is another exceptionally cold day, so I’m not venturing out. Making spaghetti for dinner.

  49. aaaand it’s Black Friday, the day when anyone who can should stay away from town and the day I have to take my niece to get her eyes checked. Oh, well!

  50. Happy Thanksgiving. My time with my grandchildren was too short because of the varying bedtimes and the necessity to get them to bed on time.

  51. I had a wonderful day with my family today! Good food and laughs! It was a fantastic holiday! I hope you had the same! Happy Thanksgiving!

  52. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My mother and I had a quiet day together. We watched the Macys parade and reminisced about the past. It’s just us now, most of our family is gone. But we still have each other and I am thankful for that. 🙂

  53. Day is going good. Getting ready to leave, wow, it is so cold! The coldest Thanksgiving in 100 years! But sunny, and no snow! Happy Thanksgiving!

  54. We’ve just got our power back after a wild night of thunder & lightning so I’m trying to do a major catch-up before heading up to Dublin to collect my niece from College. Have a great day America!

  55. I was glad to be able to complete a lot of the preparation for tomorrow’s meal. I shall hope for a beautiful day for the holiday.

  56. Pies made….prep done for all the side dishes.. turkey marinating…. time to kick back have a nice drink and start to enjoy the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  57. Day is going good. Was up extra early, getting a good start. Doing more cooking and have been doing a a lot of dishes and laundry. Sold a couple things today on FB group. It is supposed to be record cold, so I’m happy to be inside where it is extra warm from firing up the oven, etc.

  58. It’s 11 minutes past 11 and I’ve got very little to show for having been up a couple of hours. The sky has that heavy ‘snow’ look about it & we had a lot of sleet last night. TOO SOON!

  59. Still struggling this week, after such a hard weekend… I am done moping though. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Eve and I plan to enjoy the holiday and let go of what’s bringing me down…

  60. Had a great massage this morning. Then downtown for a bone density scan. A stop at the library and then I treated myself to Panda Express for dinner.

  61. They did Thanksgiving today here, I guess because some families can’t do it on Thanksgiving Day. Not too bad. The doctor wants to arrange an x-ray of my right leg. It has been weaker than the left, slightly numb since the sepsis. We’re going to try to figure out why.

  62. Day is going good. Went to town and got a drill. The one I had got stolen by the robbers who broke into our complex and broke down the locked fire doors and dozens of locked doors to each unit’s storage. Lost everything. They came back for a second round of takings, too, for any ones they missed, before things could be fixed. I need to put up my drapery hardware. I also stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and got milk, wow, the store was like a mosh pit! WF is the only store I can walk to, so I get milk sometimes and once in a while a couple of cans of beans to make hummus, that is all I can afford there, prices are very high, but their products and produce are so nice! I don’t have Prime or a smartphone, either, they have lots of sales now if you use Prime and their app.

  63. It’s turned really cold overnight & with a cutting wind so I’m staying in and tackling that mini-mountain of ironing that has been lurking in the corner. Choir tonight – time to crack out the carols!

  64. Have no specific idea why but feeling down very down today.. probably the upcoming holiday and how my husband loved it so very much.. the only thing I know to get rid of sadness is to work work and more work so here I go….doing some varnishing then outside paint touch-ups then who knows what but got to keep going….

  65. My day has not been the best.
    I am off of nicotine patches and having some cravings.
    But it will be more than worth it!

  66. It has been a long day. I don’t know why, but I just feel frustrated with myself, wondering if I’ll ever get back to my normal self again. I just consider days like this reset days, lol.

  67. I finished my Thanksgiving shopping and shall start making items tomorrow. It is hard for me to realize that it is almost Thanksgiving.

  68. Phew, what a day! Left the house at 7.15, arrived at the hospital in Dublin at 9.30 for a 10am appointment. My consultant was leading an emergency surgical team so didn’t get to see her till 12.15, collected my niece at 1pm, drove home then back into town because I’d forgotten to collect Mum’s meds. While I was waiting in traffic I got a text from a neighbour asking for help – his car battery had died & he has to collect a relative from Dublin airport first thing so picked him up & drove back to town. I eventually got home at 5.30pm and my bum is numb!

  69. Sitting here knowing that I have to get going but just cannot seem to move….Work awaits and the paint brush is looking at me but coffee and the computer screen are all I want right now…

  70. Today was poopy. I had dialysis on my off day so everyone can have turkey day off. and I am getting sick so that’s more poopy.

  71. Kate: Thank you, still a long ways to go. I’m now waiting for a return call from a town council, to to try to force the fire marshall inspector to make them fix the 70 fire code violations they were written up about by the fire department last November. I did manage to get them to fix 19 violations. This is exhausting.

    Having a quiet day, tried a new recipe in the slow cooker a casserole type with sweet potatoes, rice, broth , garlic, etc. Came out good. My new landline came, so I’ve been putting that together. Looking online for some presents and a lamp for the bedroom.

  72. Best to you on your appt tomorrow Kate… I find I cannot reply to someones post directly anymore….so here we are at Sunday again.. told myself I was taking the day off but the paint brush caught me and I did re-finish a curio table that just was crying out for a touch of paint.. so gave it 2 coats and it looks wonderful now..have it in a corner in the kitchen and will house my spice bottles and other like things…now I plan on having a cocktail and enjoying my book…..

  73. It’s a beautiful day out there today so I might manage a bit of pottering about in the open air. It’s due to freeze hard tonight though and I’ve an early start to be in Dublin for a hospital appointment at 9am. Swings and roundabouts, such is life!

  74. I just wasn’t feeling well yesterday – this damn ear is keeping me awake at night – so missed out on a night out at the theatre. Today, Caturday, will consist of shopping & errands around town, rugby on the telly & generally doing as little as I can get away with!

  75. Early yet, but the day is fine so far. Yesterday had some dings though–we have just sold a house and everything was fine with the buyer’s inspection, except that he said there was wind and hail damage to the roof that needs to be fixed. Called the insurance company, so will see what they say.

  76. To Kate always knew you were a star….today I am hoping will be a gate painting day…still have a few to do.. if not I will touch up the kitchen….next week is Thanksgiving and I want to start celebrating on Wed when I bake!! Happy weekend all….

  77. Today was chilly but very sunny and pretty out. I of course am tired as usual. Hey are you tired of hearing how I am always tired. lol.

  78. Lol, I just read Kate’s comment about her tights. I had that same experience at my high school graduation. A few people said I looked so serious…well I was worried that my pantyhose were creeping down!!

  79. Day is going good. Sunny and not going out, so getting some things done. Quite a bit of snow last night. They still had the board meeting even with the snow, but the property manager wasn’t there, but left his monthly report. He totally faked what is going on about the unlicensed contractor work, but the board had their secret executive committee meeting after, they might have talked about it, that the town is now commanding the property manager to stop. I spoke up about the faulty repair ruining our $200K roof, and so were other people with their own leaks.

  80. I wish things were going my way. Things seems to be hard today. But hopefully things will turn around soon. it builds character.

  81. I miss my own bed. Still Steve sitting for two more nights.
    Having up and down weather: today 65 degrees tomorrow high of 30 with snow and freezing drizzle.

  82. No snakes or snow in Ireland! Last night went really well and the local press were there so we’re in that as well. Hopefully that will bring a new gig or two and new members. We’re first and foremost in it for the chance to get together and share our love for music of all types and the craic of course.

    A total stranger came up to me afterwards gushing that she loved the singing but that she couldn’t take her eyes off me. Apparently I ‘felt’ every word I sang and it was ‘beautiful to watch! Little did she know my tights were threatening to fall down half way through! I told Mum when I got home & she cried!

  83. Another rainy day. I feel bad for the lower line areas as I am sure there is gonna be flooding…. There was a snake on my porch this morning. God I hate snakes.. luckily my neighbor helped get rid of it. Bleh….

  84. Day is going good. Walked to town this morning, now settling in with a cup of tea. I have a homemade chai spice blend I like to use. I followed up with the town building department, he is calling the property mgmt again as they lied to him about certain things. He says I now need to file complaints with the Dept. of Consumer Protection, as the building dept has no authority to come out until the complaint or permits are submitted (they had the maintenance man do the work with no permits, no licenses, slop jobs, all bad).

  85. For Kate.. hope you are feeling better today.. ear infections are painful and awful….well the drama never ends last night there was a snake up here in the gallery .. he was relaxing and staying out of the rain…well we began with boiling water and believe it or not wasp spray because of the range of the spray.. slowly we moved him with the water down to the bottom of the steps and he went into a flower pot.. ok we can sleep.. no no no at 1:30 am he made his way back up to the top…well he cannot get into the gallery so we gave up til this morning…called our neighbor who is our official snake killer and he handled the job..

  86. Agh! This ear infection is driving me batty! I can hardly hear anything but there are lots of pinging & squeaking noises going on in my head and it’s hard to sleep. How and ever the show must go on as we kick off the launch of the drama festival tonight. Going for a lie down & hopefully a few zzzs.

  87. I have been having a really good day. It has been smooth and easy so far. The kids are about to be home from school and the chaos begins 🙂

  88. I have an ear infection. Bummer as I can’t hear myself sing (or blessing, depending on your point of view), and we’ve another rehearsal tonight before launching the One-Act Play Festival tomorrow night. Hopefully the antibiotics will have kicked in by then…

  89. Another tropical wave day but have no fear I have a plan.. cleaned the downstairs apartment and am finally after 13 years since mum has been gone have plans for re-decorating it….plans need funding so it will have to wait till next year but getting rid of things is a start…

  90. Replying to Rosie: Well done you! At last something official will be done about it. It’s just scary what they’ve been getting away with for so long. I wouldn’t put them in charge of a chicken coop never mind a residential building!

  91. Oh, and they never got permits for all these things, probably because they would NEVER have been issued. Now they are going to be forced to obtain permits for everything they did with a licensed contractor who will have to undo their damage and fix properly. Now it is going to cost our association $$$$$, but better than ruining our building.

  92. Day is going good. Rainy today. I was able to get hold of someone in our town building department, they are now following up with the property manager about several things (some dangerous fire hazards) that were supposed to be done by LICENSED contractors, and were done by unlicensed. The complex has been getting away with doing this, as they don’t have to pay much, but the guy messes everything up, causing damage to our new roof (cost over $200K) and fire hazards.

  93. Tropical wave coming our way today.. started early this morning with the thunder and lightning.. resigned to a day of staying in and doing bits and pieces of things… should start painting but blah not with the rain….

  94. Today we practiced standing and pivoting. We did some walking, too, but pivoting is the thing insurance wants to see at this point to continue covering physical therapy. So far, so good.

  95. Day is going good. It was sunny so I could get some things done that I needed the brightness, now it is already pitch dark at 5:15!!

  96. I am having a wonderful day. The weather is pretty gloomy but I was able to get to do my exercises and then some time to hot tub. That always makes my days brighter.

  97. Busy day today as I’m preparing meals for the week. I’m out singing for 2 nights and at the theatre for another 2. Rehearsing every spare minute: we’re doing one piece with Irish Signing as well as sung words & I get muddled!

  98. There was no hot water this morning on the one day I needed to go somewhere this weekend. Then the train wasn’t running at my stop. Ugh! I’m home now so I’m sure it will get better, especially since The Walking Dead comes on tonight.

  99. Thank you for the giveaway. I am so sorry about the kitchen issues! There has to be something you can do, especially after paying so much money! My day is going okay. It is a quiet and chilly Sunday. I’ll probably work on some of my homework and stay in my PJ’s all day!

  100. Glorious Sunday….slept in a bit now doing laundry and making breakfast as soon as I hang it out…. thats it for me today…..make lunch and relax with a cranberry cocktail later on this afternoon…..

  101. One of the troublemakers here has been rolling up and down the hallways generally having a fit, cussing people, trying to push his way into women’s rooms. Well, he used to be a guard at a women’s prison and I think he believes we are all prisoners, lol. Unfortunately, he can get physically violent, so I’m afraid the day is coming when he’ll be put in the part of the building where they can’t roam the whole building. Never a dull moment here.

  102. I saw how sunny the weather was this morning and I was happy. Then I went out and the wind was over 20 miles an hour with 50 mile gusts and the temperature stayed in the 30’s.

  103. Day is going good. Snowed today, first time this year, no real accumulation. Did some cooking and now doing the dishes, etc. So far quiet day!

  104. Missed yesterday baking for a birthday…..special decorated cake…..today it was delivered and very much appreciated…made my day…..worked in the garden all morning on this sunny day.. now resting and getting to watch my favorite boys the Winchester Brothers on Supernatural……

  105. Well, no snow in Ireland but plenty of very wet gales. I’m dashing in-between downpours to get the weekend papers, grocery shopping and being a general dogsbody so that everything’s done & put away before Ireland v Argentina (rugby) then Strictly Come Dancing & homemade veggie pizza with a wholemeal base! Stay safe & look after each other xxx

  106. Day is going OK, Went to town and came back in time for big storm starting. I went to pay my fee and saw the maintenance man I thought gotten let go for being arrested larceny & physical violence. The management is shady and he does unlicensed work, so either they let him come back or he is doing work under the table for them, things that require a license like HVAC, etc. that he does wrong, too! I’ve tried to complain to the town but they wouldn’t do anything to stop the work done without proper permits and no license, also now no insurance. I keep chipping away at getting things done, hope to move next year.

  107. I was up early to collect a theatre ticket from a friend who can’t use it. It’s for a musical in a nearby town and one of my all-time favourites, My Fair Lady. She got it cheap as she’s on the committee and it’s VIP (!) for the last night then party afterwards. A chance to glad-rag it up!

  108. I am trying to declutter… I have stuff that no longer serves me and it has to go. I do not hoard per se, but I am always afraid I am gonna throw something away that I should have kept because I ended up really needing it…. lol. And that’s happened to me a couple of times…. LOL! But I need space so it’s time to clean out and let go. 🙂

  109. Nice and sunny today, fixing things for thredup and in the bright light you can really see if there is anything to do to an item. Found out my new neighbor at the complex had owned a fancy restaurant and a million dollar home with gorgeous kitchen all copper pots hanging, etc. at one time, then the restaurant ran into financial trouble and closed, then her husband died, now she is poor and renting a crappy condo near me. I want to invite her for tea, but a little nervous since she is so savvy about quality, I have to figure out what I feel OK about baking – I’m thinking scones and a holiday tea, not sure what, no ideas yet.

  110. Not a whole lot to report: housework, pay bills, cook, blah, blah but I’m heading up to Dublin soon to collect my niece as it’s a late finish for her & if she bussed it she wouldn’t get home till almost 9pm. It breaks my week nicely & gives me a couple of hours of much-needed solitude. There’s only so much human interaction I can take 😉

  111. Today is a cookie baking day.. the tins are empty.. no no no fill them up…. pumpkin chocolate chip …. oatmeal cranberry…..gingerbread

  112. Good day! Been working on our living room. Cleaning it up and getting it ready for the holiday season. I am not finished yet I hope to complete it by the end of the week. We put the tree up on Black Friday which will be here before you know it…

  113. Day is going good. Getting some things ready to send to thredup, nice and sunny so it makes it easy to inspect. I know they don’t pay much, but most sites you do the work and sending out, and that would be hard for me to do. Tried a new casserole recipe, came out pretty goo.

  114. Panic stations at 10am – my niece missed the 7am bus so had to be driven up to Dublin for College which meant no-one would be there to take in her online grocery delivery. Kate to the rescue & panic sorted. I had all the chores done by lunchtime so am going for a nap before heading out for a committee meeting later.

    This little corner of the world thanks you for voting yesterday!

  115. Trying to get moving early once again….have to clean out one of the grow beds and transplant some orange trees that I grafted….then if there is still some umpf left in me starting to chlorine some of the concrete that has algae on it…make it nice and white….

  116. Today, the doctor’s assistant told me she had no idea who that nurse had a conversation about yesterday but it wasn’t me. The nurse said she had gotten a ‘verbal report’ on my tests and I had a hernia. I don’t. Well, I hope whoever does have a hernia has gotten the news! Meanwhile, my wait goes on. Results not in yet.

  117. Day is going good. Went to vote and do a couple of errands. Rainy today. Sold a pair of winter boots from a local FB group, she came and picked them up today. The ones I kept are old, but I couldn’t sell them, as they aren’t good enough for anyone to buy, at least they are worn in.

  118. Today is the Indian Festival of Lights…Divali…..this evening celebrants will light all the deyas and it will be so pretty….so Shug Divali we are all of one world and should enjoy everyones celebrations…. just saying……

  119. I only had to get up twice last night so did manage a bit more sleep than usual. Rotten weather here so won’t be doing anything in the garden. Choir tonight so rehearsing – check out Billy Joel’s ‘And So It Goes’ on YouTube for one of our numbers. Hope we do him justice!

  120. Well, after months of being sick, I finally found out the issue with my gut. I have a hernia. Tomorrow, my family doctor is supposed to come discuss it with me.

  121. I liked today more than yesterday because the sun came out and it felt great for a while. I also had a good physical therapy session.

  122. This stinks about Home Depot. I hope you will be able to get some redress. If you put a little bit of curtain somehow on the window, maybe it won’t be noticeable, but still should get some refund, and/or they will pay for a contractor (not the same one) to fix what the first one didn’t do right. SOOO sorry this happened to you, you don’t deserve it.

  123. Day is going good, winding out now. Have a new neighbor, she is elderly, and ….quiet! Yea! there have been party animals, druggies, scary mean, before.

  124. Typical November out there: overcast sky and a ‘soft’ rain falling but it means that it’s perfect for pulling up the weeds so that’s the plan of action for today.

  125. I got an extra hour of sleep, went to church, came home ate, the sun was out so went outside to do a little yard work. Had a very nice day.

  126. Well, tomorrow is the dr.’s appt. to see if he found anything during the EGD. I don’t know whether to hope he did or didn’t. I want to know what’s going on but I don’t want it to be serious, you know??

  127. Been a busy day. Hubby and I spent the day making muffins and chili. Great fall day for doing some baking and cooking.

  128. It’s one of those very quiet days: no wind, mist coming in, no cattle, sheep or horses uttering a sound. Even the rooster from over the valley is quiet. Hang on, I haven’t seen any people either. Am I in some sort of a time slip? Is there anyone out there (asking for a friend!)?

  129. Day is going good! Have things hoppin’ with the extra hour, getting things done early, so I”m getting ready to go out pretty soon.

  130. I do love Sunday…..have no idea other then watering my garden what I will get into today…it will have nothing to do with work though.. happy day all….

  131. Well it’s nighttime now and I’m exhausted because we’ve had six kids here all weekend! But even though I don’t like the hour change, I do get one more hour of relaxation. The jokes on them ?

  132. I got some work done today. Then I enjoyed the rest of my afternoon. My life is simple and uncomplicated. I am grateful for no drama. 🙂

  133. Quiet day at home. I dropped off 2 ballots yesterday for other people. Mine was dropped off last week. I do like Colorado’s voting system of mail in ballots (or drop off).

  134. I actually woke up about 5 this morning, feeling a lot of pain in my stomach. Threw up soon after. So, now my gut issues are not just soon after eating, I guess. Well, they moved my appt. to see the doctor to Monday. Hopefully, he’ll have some answers.

  135. Gales and rain here in Ireland and I’ve got to go out for the weekend papers but I just LOVE this kind of weather! It doesn’t matter what I look like or what I’m wearing just as long as I’m cosy …. sorry, the cat was yowling to come in out of the wet but he brought a mouse in with him, poor little thing. A bit of a scuffle but the mouse is now in cheese heaven and the cat is of course delighted with himself. And now Mum’s lost a hearing aid … See, this is why I get nothing done.

  136. Today, we started working on standing and pivoting, by which they mean turn yourself around. I feel like I’m being trained to do the Hokey Pokey. Anybody else remember that kids’ song and dance??

  137. This is a test ……. only a test….. had this been a real comment there would be a point. There isn’t….. so……. a test.
    Okay, Kate try again!

  138. Glad to help Michele! Let’s see, that’s DIY, religion … wonder what’s next!

    As for me, a frosty start to the day but beginning to warm up a bit. I’m back in my fingerless gloves otherwise I lose circulation in my fingers and I twisted my dodgy knee yesterday so that’s bandaged up, oh, and I’ve a headache, sinusitis, earache, backache … sometimes I wonder why I bother getting up at all!

  139. Have discovered watching mass on utube.. thank you Kate for the podcast idea which turned into utube idea…..severe weather alert for today so hurry hurry do outside chores then housework….

  140. Can’t believe it’s November already! It’s my birthday month and I just feel like this year flew by. Looking forward to my own personal new year… 🙂

  141. My day is really early right now, because I woke up at midnight to wish my granddaughter a Happy Birthday! She is 13 years old today and we are so proud of her! She is pretty, smart, and has a very kind heart ♥️ Later is yummy cake and ice cream! We have truly been blessed by our Heavenly Father!! Thank you ??

  142. Here’s my home page comment: Alice looks super cute in her costume. You should’ve dressed as Dorothy and let Bear be Toto…cause she will never again be small enough to be Toto, lolol.

  143. I feel like I’ve sort of lost a year. I mean, I was unconscious in February, lol…and since then I’ve just been trying to get back to normal. I won’t know what to do with my days when I don’t need physical therapy.

  144. I can’t believe it is already November! My fiance’s birthday is today so I am going to make him a nice dinner tonight.

  145. I managed to fix the leak in the attic (yay, me!). Now I have to do something about the small stain left on Mum’s bedroom ceiling but that might have to wait a while as I’ve other DIY projects on The List to be sorted first.

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