Happy New Year!! January 2020 $50 Your Way #Giveaway

WOW!! 2020!?!  REALLY???  Now I’ll really show my age here but …….. in high school 2020 sounded like it was SO far away! I mean hello…… I’ll practically be dead! Seriously, 60 sounded like a really OLD persons age. 61?! Hello? Would I have a blanket around my shoulders, be knitting blankets be in a rocking chair ….. wait… that’s a bad example because I WOULD love a rocking chair on my porch and I am slightly addicted to knitting.

I did think we would have flying cars……. course if you’ve ever seen me on the road….. I kinda do fly.

What about you? Did you have any crazy expectations about the year 2020??

Happy New Year little Peanuts!! I hope the year is full of amazing things for us all!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. I am blown away by your support!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!
GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

848 thoughts on “Happy New Year!! January 2020 $50 Your Way #Giveaway

    1. So sorry to hear 🙁
      I lost my mom to cancer 10 years ago, & I can honestly nothing anyone said or did helped more than just knowing they were there. Just let him & the family know you are there, & especially be there for the family when he is gone.

  1. My day is going okay. I wish I had slept better. Even though fireworks are illegal, there are always people in the area setting them off at midnight on New Year’s.

  2. I made no resolutions as I would only break them anyway! I have decided to try and not let things bother me so much and to be happier. No matter what happens.

  3. My day is going really great so far! The sun has decided to show it’s self and it is a whopping 27 degrees in the sun. Yahoo! My brain wants to do so much today but my body is fighting with my brain. We will see who wins!

  4. The only things I’m resolved to do are to make some time for myself, find joy in the simple things and to finish one job before starting another! I’m quite good at two of those already so I could be onto a winner!

  5. Here’s my Current Post Comment: I definitely thought we’d be in flying cars by now, lol. Someone recently told me Blade Runner was set in 2019. I mean, it seemed so far in the future when that movie came out!! I fully expected we’d be living that movie by now.

  6. Here’s my daily how are ya doing comment, lol. Therapy is moving right along. It’s going to be a process, which I still believe no one should have to do twice for crying out loud, lol. Oh well, it’ll get there.

  7. I don’t make resolutions because it stresses me out too much.. If I have any changes I need to make, I can’t go by dates.

  8. the first day of the new year and the decade was good so far i really hope that it keeps going that way as I really want to have a good year that makes filled with happiness

  9. Seriously, I’m almost 42. I thought this was the age where I’d have the amazing job, come home to cook a fabulous meal every night wearing my distinguished work clothes & nice shoes, tuck my kids in with smiles on every face then have a cozy evening with my husband. Yesterday was a crappy day at work, changing into PJs at 4pm & the hubs going to get happy meals for the girls & takeout Chinese for us, and bedtime was forced brushing of teeth, begging to read 5 books & the wrong blanket, wrong stuffed animal, needing drink of water, etc. Blah. But I still love my life & wouldn’t change my little chaotic family for the world!

  10. Well, it’s a high of 42 degrees and sunny! What more could a person want to start out the day. I am planning to go into town to get a few things done and then come home to do chores.

    1. Diane, so far we are at 37 degrees and expecting snow this weekend. It’s so weird up here. We were covered in snow and 12 hours later gone. It wouldn’t be so bad except the rain and cold temps mean I have a skating rink around my house…… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. My day has started off well – I’ve lost another 2 pounds! It’s slow, but it’s happening! Happy New Year to all!

  12. I am commenting on here as there isn’t anything new to comment on. I do love your generosity in your giveaways. You are just so awesome!

  13. My resolution is to continue on my weight loss journey. I’m more than halfway to my goal. Doing it with good eating and lots more activity.

  14. I didn’t really make any resolutions besides taking more ME time instead of focusing on everyone else all the time.

    1. Dana, that is so hard to do RIGHT!? I just signed up for an on line exercise class…….. being snowed in means a gym membership would go to waste as soon as snow hits. Wish me luck…..

  15. My goal this year is the same as last year: swim 3 times a week. I was mostly very good about it except for the last 2 weeks when there was a holiday on Wednesday. But I’ll take 2 times a week and be happy.

    1. Sarah, I am trying to do my exercise video at least twice a week. So far? 3 weeks in?? ZIP. Nadda. None! And another ACKKKKKKKKK for the day. That’s it. Signing off right now and doing a class. Sarah, you are a great motivator!

  16. My day is going well so far. I received the Cricut maker for Christmas so I am currently on YouTube trying to learn how to use it and possibly make a business out of it

    1. Valerie, my Cricut Maker is the BEST part of my craft room. I LOVE that MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you aren’t a Cricut Design Space member I highly recommend it. So many pre-made designs I don’t think you could ever make them all. Fonts. Idea’s! SO fun!!!

    1. Theresa, sending you a big quiet hug. Hopefully that headache is long gone now. Maybe a nap?
      I have never heard of ginger/turmeric for headaches. I will have to try it. Feel BETTER!!!!

  17. I’ve been reading the results of my CT scan and trying to make heads or tails of it, lol. Guess I’ll find out from the doctor tomorrow.

    1. Susan, I wish I had been more picky when I moved. It would have been the perfect time to declutter. Oh well, I’ll just leave all the clutter to my kids.
      Good luck with your new office in the making!

  18. My son visited me for an hour or so. Otherwise, I’ve had a lazy day. Watched tv and played around on my laptop.

  19. I had a long day at work working 2 hours of overtime prior to the start of my normal schedule. Now enjoy a nice night!

  20. Today it is kinda gray out. We are loosing our snow again which doesn’t bother me at all. Watch now that I have said that it will become a blizzard around here. I am doing fine, just not the hubby. His blood sugar is really low today. If it isn’t spiking it is bottoming. Not fun! Stress doesn’t help. I think he needs to do something today to chill out.

    1. Diane, we have slush coming from the sky. Rain drops big fat ones and snowflake. HOWEVER! The Husband is outside in the tractor so I am enjoying the quiet time inside.
      I hope your husband is doing better. Time for a puzzle? I would say dominos but we are pretty competitive in our family so that might not work.

  21. Hey last night I had bad nightmares but when I went back to sleep this morning I had good dreams. I hate nightmares.

    1. Shannon, I’m with you. I hate nightmares. I had the weirdest dream last night. I was dating a man (pretty sure The Husband would not approve) with a 3 year old daughter!??! WHAT THE?!?!?! Where did THAT come from?! 61 with a 3 year old? Did my dream self lose her MIND?!?

  22. Our day went fine. It was coldish and foggy through much of the day. The sky looked like snow but it was not cold enough for that.

  23. I am so tired today. We switched banks and my husband is just stressed out over the whole thing. It is no big deal but it is to him! God help us all. Up half the night with him and now I go to kids for 8 hrs. The fun part is they are then coming home with me to spend the night while mom and dad go to a belated Christmas party. Oh yeah!

    1. Diane, men. Pfffft they do and worry over the strangest things. AND according to Selena (the daughter in law enforcement) no matter how annoying they are still can’t wack ’em in the head and bury them under the house. Totally illegal!! That is my public service announcement for today.
      Meanwhile it’s been snowing all day here and it’s coming down even heavier right this minute and The Husband is out on the tractor snow blowing??? But every swipe gets hidden by snow before he get’s 20 feet. Men………..

    1. Kate, 2 nights ago I could not sleep. I was doing a lot of math as in IF I go to sleep right now I can get 4 hours of sleep. IF I go to sleep right now I could get 3 1/2 hours sleep……….and so on an so on.

  24. Quiet day at home.
    Since Instagram kicked me off I can’t comment on your pictures but I can look at them and enjoy them.

  25. I have a new roommate. Supposedly, this one was different, was healthy, not near death. Geeze, she looks half dead, already. She’s on oxygen, barely breathing.

  26. Hmmm I haven’t made a resolution, but I hadn’t given it much thought. What I had been thinking about is I was really happy with many things I accomplished last year, things that aren’t something to put in a FB or Instagram post, but important to me. I’d like to make a resolution that I think I can actually keep, though, instead of bringing forward the last few years resolution(s) over and over!!!

  27. My day is good so far. I have the dogs entertained with some bones, so now I can get some things done around here, lol.

    1. Lauren, I actually did clean the house today. I’m feeling pretty darn good about it too. However, cooking dinner still looms in front of me. I’ve said it before thank HEAVENS for the InstaPot!

  28. Held my precious guinea pig. That’s always a highlight of my day. 🙂 . Husband is finally home from work, had soup for dinner, and about to head to bed.

      1. I have the facebook page Guinea Pigs Tule. Honestly unless a child has some adult help with a guinea pig I wouldn’t recommend them for children. They are a LOT more work than one would expect (and a bit more expensive, too.)

          1. They live in an enclosed area which means they can start smelling quickly. Boys need disgusting clean outs esp. as they get older. I love my pigs, and I don’t mind it, but I don’t think a child would want to. There’s some great youtube videos that talk about guinea pig care and such. L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue and Scotty’s Animals are great channels, but I would recommend a cat or dog for a child, especially because most vets don’t treat guinea pigs and you’ll have to find an exotic vet if something goes wrong . If the adults are on board to take care of the pigs (or supervise) then it would be different, unless of course the child is super responsible and don’t mind cage cleanings, etc. I had a guinea pig as a child, and my mother did most of the care for her, and I was a pretty responsible child, I just hated so much cage cleaning. But they are WONDERFUL pets if the cage cleaning, vet etc isn’t a problem . Very social creatures and so much fun. 🙂

            1. Jennifer, that’s one thing I use to insist on when my kids had pets. You clean up after or bye bye. My daughter has done really well teaching Alice to clean up the hamster cage. I will copy all this and show my daughter. I don’t know if she realizes just how much more work a guinea pig is. THANK YOU, really! Thank you for sharing.

              1. Def. check out Scotty’s Animals and LA Guinea Pig rescue channels on youtube. Even if your granddaughter doesn’t feel a guinea pig is right for her, she can still enjoy watching these videos. 🙂 . Holding my HoneyButter right now and she’s sitting here eatting her poo. (They do that to get nutrients. Koalas do it too. When I was at Lone Pine in Australia the zookeeper asked if anyone knew of any other animals that did that, and she didn’t realize that guinea pigs do that as well.) . lol

                1. Jennifer, Alice is gonna love these videos! HONEYBUTTER!! OMGEEEEEEEE that is the cutest name!! I love that. I did not know they ate their own poo. Bear thinks turkey poo is a delicacy. UGHHHH UGH!! UGH!!! Animals.
                  Zookeeper WOW!! THAT is a VERY COOL job!!

                  1. I’ve had pigs named Hamlet, Sherman, Archie, Charlie, Einstein, Fuzzy, Baby Crockett, Caesar, Bingo, Lucky, and now HoneyButter and Winnie. 🙂 I have started compiling a list of possible names let a pig choose from them. When they respond with looking towards me or something I know they liked the name. I overruled Gustav and named him Lucky (which he also liked). HoneyButter liked both Honey and Butter, so I decided to combine the two.

                    1. I feel like I am Alice in GuineaLand except that my name isn’t Alice. The guinea pigs do rule the household, though. 🙂 . We went on a long vacation last year and had a volunteer at a GP rescue watch our Lucky (we lost him in August). From what I heard, he waltzed into her home and took over. I’m half proud and half embarrassed. And the lady was a nun — not sure if that makes it better or worse, but does make it funnier.

                    2. Jennifer that is the funniest thing!! You’re making ME want a Guinea pig!!! I’m sorry for your loss of Lucky. How many GP’s do you have now? Do they do well in pairs?

                    3. They are great pets. 🙂 . Yes, you should look into getting them in a pair — they are quite social animals. Lucky was an exception — I think he thought he was human. lol

                      Check to see where the closest guinea pig rescue is near you. A rescue can help you find a bonded pair that best suits your situation. 🙂 . I saw our girls (currently have 2) were brought into the humane society in Pittsburgh and they looked like they needed me. Turns out I needed them just as much. Winnie adores my husband and HoneyButter adores me. Helps with stress to hold a pig of an evening.

  29. Had a couple of the kids spend the night and the 4yr.old grandson puts his hands behind his head, lays back and says” So grandma this is the first sleepover I have ever had here with you, isn’t it” I said” Yes it is” He says, “It’s cool”! This kid cracks me up with the things he comes up with.

    1. Rosie, I should at least THINK of what to fix for dinner tonight. I did clean the house and catch up here for awhile so I guess I did pretty good. THANK HEAVENS for the InstaPot!!

      1. I should get an istant pot. I’m still getting cheap thrills from having a slow cooker, my first It is a nice smaller Cuisant, that I got about 1 1/2 years ago.

        1. Rosie, skip the insta pot and go for the Ninja Foodie. OHMYGOSH!! I am having so much fun with this thing!! My favorite is a whole chicken. Pressure cook then turn on the grill. OHMY!! Juicy, crispy. Deeeeeeeeeelicious!

  30. I have an appt. tomorrow with my infectious disease doctor. If you stop T the Univ. of KY info desk to ask for directions to infectious diseases, I noticed they unconsciously take a step backward, lol. Just saying.

    1. Tamra, have you ever seen the Friends episode where Ross has something on his butt and Joey and Chandler take that step back in unison? Your comment immediately made me think of that. Maybe you should have leaned in closer and said BOO! (I DO have a mean streak!!)

  31. My blood sugar is up today. I can’t help but wonder if the holidays at my inlaws contributed. Next time I’m going to use grub hub at dinner time instead of pretending to pick at my food and not eating anything.

    1. Lauren, OHMYGOSH taking Bear out for her potty runs with the snow on the ground is a NIGHTMARE!! This dog wants to eat the snow. Then run and jump into the piles then we are back to eating the snow. It’s not until I start pulling on her harness that she remembers what she wanted outside to do!!

    1. Laurie, I love watching movies with the family. The Husband and I watched a movie we had never seen before last night. It’s older but SOOOOO GOOD!!! Hugh Jackman in Real Steel. It’s a great family movie.

    1. Natalie, I don’t know how people survive on less sleep. I’m too groggy and muddle headed NORMALLY but under 8 hours? Pffffttt I barely know my own name! That’s a great resolution. Good luck!

  32. Life is short and you can choose to be happy or sad. I have decided to take control of my life and change my attitude. I want to live my life the best way that I can and be a good memory to those around me. It doesn’t matter what happens, it’s how you deal with it. No self pity! Be a good memory!

  33. The birdsong has been wonderful all day – great what a little sunshine can do!

    Today is Tamra Phelps’ birthday – another one spent in either hospital or nursing home – can we all give her some good wishes?

  34. Went to town and got a lot of errands done, taking a break for a few minutes. I’m looking out the window and it is an extra nice sky – not anywhere as nice as Sandpoint, but better than usual here!

  35. I have been so TIRED 😴 that am going to bed in a couple of minutes. I can hardly write this comment.
    Thank you for the opportunity and Good night 💤

  36. Have to leave the house today.. the dogs need food and my plants need food too!! Moving fast so that I can come back home as soon as possible….there are days that I just don’t feel like shopping.. LOL

    1. Kate it snowed all day yesterday and then around 8pm started raining and has been raining since. That pretty white snow is gone. I can only imagine what our road looks like now! UGH!!
      Have a wonderful rehearsal!

  37. So yesterday we were driving past this woods where they fell a bunch of trees but just left them that way. Well, if you know me I have to make a joke out of it. I said “Well, that’s just Tree-mendous!” My 4 yr old grandson says, ” Grandma, you made that up that’s not real the word”. This kid’s brain is mind boggling! lol

  38. Therapy is going pretty well, hoping to start taking steps (AGAIN) this week. I’m motivated, that’s for sure! Nothing like a second Holiday season in this place to make you want to get home.

  39. Had a fun WinterGreen outreach program today. Had 8 people plant little herb gardens. They all seemed to really enjoy it.

  40. My day has been a good one. I made a great batch of black bean soup. I’ll freeze some and enjoy the rest later this week.

  41. I am laying in bed as tired and exhausted as I could be, staring at the ceiling! I don’t want to take another sleep aid. I am going to let you know how I am feeling tomorrow Thank you for asking 😍

    1. Sue, laying in bed staring at the ceiling is the worst. I’ve heard (not that I do it!!) that getting out of bed and do something else for a half hour or so and then go to bed and you’ll be able to sleep. Again……. I’m way too lazy to try it but I’m not too lazy to share the information!!

  42. The coming eclipse and the heavy Saturn/Pluto energy this week and next is just so apparent to me…Sitting here watching the news and getting very down… Have to call the surveyor today to see about the procedure to sub-divide land….making some long term decisions….

  43. I feel like a new woman! I got a hair cut and no kidding I think there was a bushel basket full of hair. My hair grows so stinking fast it’s not funny. I thought it was going to be a busy day as I had to run right from my hair appt. to my dr. appt. But it seems my doctor had to cancel. So I have the day to goof off. lol

    1. Diane, Ahhhhhh a hair cut does make me feel better too. Add a pedicure and I’m in HEAVEN!
      Growing up, I don’t remember my hair growing as fast as it does now. I swear it’s an age thing.

  44. My day is going very well. I will be having dinner with my grandson this evening after he gets off work. This is most exciting for me and I am totally looking forward to seeing this most handsome young man.

  45. Pfft, even though I wrote down all my doctors’ appts. two weeks ago to be sure the nurse knew, and reminded them twice yesterday, no one arranged transportation for my appt. today. Lately, it’s like a struggle to get things done here.

  46. It’s mid-week and I keep feeling like the days are going by so slowly. I know it’s because I’m anxious for Saturday to be here. A friend that I haven’t seen in about ten years is coming to spend the weekend. I’m looking forward to catching up with her.

  47. My resolution is to not let piles of papers pile up on my desk. It’s only been a week but so far I have been filing away documents, bills, etc. and my desk is in order. I hope I can keep it up.

    1. Kate, when my friend Marilee and her crew came over, one of the granddaughters made a shirt with cat on it stretching over over the words “Home is wherever my cat is!”
      It was super cute. Her second one made me laugh; it said “I went to Idaho! What did YOU do?” She made that for the first day back to school.

  48. Had a Sage Singers membership committee meeting this afternoon. Was planning to go to the pool afterwords but I fell going up to their house and skinned my knee (and got a hole in my favorite pants).

    1. Lauren, I listen to books when I’m driving and I didn’t want to get out of the car yesterday. I’m at such a cliff hanger! The who do it I thought did it. DIDN’T!! I love a good twist and turns book.

  49. I’ve a day off from rehearsals & was so looking forward to a lie-in so of course the phone rang at 8 am. Could I get back to sleep? Not a hope in hell 🙁

  50. Midi Stackable Diamond Ring and it’s $180 I probably would break down and wear that everyday, as I lost my diamond out of my wedding ring and never had the money to replace it.

    1. Diane, stackable rings are always my favorite. I have a set of silver with Selena, Zachary, Alice on them. Then I have thin gold rings in-between. That midi would look super cute with that stack.

  51. I am having a lazy day just doing a few things around the house. It is 29 degrees and extremely windy. Feels like it is in the lower teens, and it is hard to keep the house warm. Seems like the wind is sucking the wood right out of the furnace.

    1. Diane, it’s actually cold down here in my craft room. I’m thinking it may be time to go upstairs and knit. Working on a blanket so I’ll be warm. AGAIN I have to ask WHO builds a house in NORTHERN IDAHO and doesn’t put in a fireplace!?!?!?!

  52. Went to see my rheumatologist. It’s a long drive from my house but she moved facilities from downtown to quite a ways north. She’s worth the drive. Very caring.

  53. I’ve known my primary care physician since elementary school. That can be awkward at times. . . anyway, had an appointment with him today and he is perplexed as I am at why my blood sugar is doing wacky things all of a sudden.

    1. Jennifer, GRADE SCHOOL? You really did grow up with your physician. When I lived in California I had the same doctor for 40+ years. She retired the same time I did. Now my doctor in Sandpoint looks like she is 12!! OMGOSH I am old.

  54. I have no idea where my daily comments have gone.. do not see them here oh well.. lets see if today is my lucky day.. the eclipse is here.. as for me lying low and as it is a rainy windy day I can stay put inside and read….

  55. Today is just awesome out as there is no snow! For today at least! I do hear it will be back in full force this weekend. I have to go kidsit this weekend and the weather makes me so nervous anymore when I am out and about. Oh the joys of getting old!

    1. Diane, I had to drive to Coeur d’Alene yesterday for recall on my car. It’s only 40 miles but knowing that the snow was coming made me a little nervous. Made it back safe and sound. We are fully stocked with food. Wine. Yarn. Bring it on Mother Nature! (I AM SORRY MOTHER NATURE……. it was just a reflex PLEASE be gentle!!)
      If you get what we are supposed to get (14″) go get more wine.

      1. Oh I hear you! I had the clerk in the store ask me if I got everything I needed to for the storm. She said you better stock up.

  56. I was able to take three steps today, so that’s consistent, which is what you want to see in therapy. Man, I never imagined taking three steps would be so exhausting, lol.

  57. Wowie zowie I love this Marilyn Monroe Collection 1/15 CT. Diamond Solitaire Curved Bangle in Sterling Silver. It is unique, but not in a weird way. So pretty and delicate!

  58. My goodness, this day is over in a few minutes. I got my home ready for my weekend guest. Cleaned the house, stocked the fridge and now I can relax.

  59. Well I am off to the kids house. Not very excited about the drive in as the weather took a drastic change over night.

  60. Well we thought our cat was sick and we were going to have to take her to the vet but she is looking better today.

  61. That’s the first of the matinées over, just tomorrow’s to get through and then Mon – Sat are evening performances (get to lie in for a bit)! Full houses & great reactions so far! Going to sit down to a pizza & might even finish off a box of Christmas chocolates.

    1. I’m impressed that you still have boxes of Christmas chocolates!! You must have iron willpower! Mine are gone way before the New Year, lol.

      1. I’ve got boxes of them in the boot/trunk of the car! We bought them for neighbours then we had to warn them to stay clear of the flu’! I’ll take them into the Theatre for the cast & chorus etc. later in the week.

  62. Oh, did you check out the earrings on AUrate?? My Mom loved earrings, so I was checking them out, thinking, ‘oh, she would’ve loved those,’ etc. I love Art Deco, so the Deco Fan earrings caught my eye. Beautiful.

  63. Today, I’m just flipping channels, watching people re-do their houses on HGTV, or animals on Animal Planet, or people ‘off’ each other on ID, lol. In other words, I’m not being very productive.

  64. Just a quiet day at home. I see you’re having a snow day up there. It’s strange for me to see that you have snow and then the rains come and melt it all away.

  65. It is absolutely beautiful here today. The snow is sparking like diamonds through the sun. Went out to dinner with my brother and his wife after I got done kid sitting. He said something last night that made me cry. He told me I was his best friend.

  66. My day is going good. I got to sleep in today. We have all been sick and today is the first day in a month that I have felt good.

    1. Yay!! I’m sure you deserved a Standing O!!! 👏🎭🎶 I wish you guys had your performances on YouTube! I’d love to see it.

      1. We’re not even allowed to share anything on FB etc. till later in the week so as not to spoil the surprise for the audiences! Anyway, Panto is v. topical, political, local etc. so you wouldn’t get the wisecracks! I can reveal that a certain high-ranking, global leader makes an appearance 😉

  67. My brother just visited and brought me Oreo’s new caramel coconut cookies. That’s been the highlight of my day, lolol.

      1. WHAT?!?!! Kate!! Never had an OREO!?!?! WHAT!??!!? Omgeee I have such a funny story about Oreo’s. Alice was under a year old at the time. Her parents didn’t want her to have sweets…. I tried. HONEST I tried. Then there was the OREO’s!!
        Off to Tennessee the three of them went. Alice’s parents again with the no sweets to Grammy and Granddad. Granddad said “Oh one Oreo won’t hurt her!” as he tossed the cookie on her highchair tray. (This was the first time I was ratted out by a kid that couldn’t talk yet!!) Selena got out her phone to take video of the 1st cookie……..
        Alice twisted that Oreo like a pro, licked the icing and then ate the cookie.
        Granddad said “MY ASS this kid has never had an Oreo!!”

  68. We’ve had a couple of really warm days, today was sunny, too! I just finished making kale chips with a topping, and putting dishes away. Now to relax for a bit!

    1. Rosie, It’s actually not really cold here even with all this snow. It’s 27 degrees. DID I ACTUALLY JUST TYPE THAT?!?! NOT cold? OH NO!! I think it’s official!! I’ve become a full fledged Idahoan! The part of me that lived in California for 40 years just started to cry.

  69. Had a good rehearsal with Sage Singers. This is the 2nd week I’ve been picking up a friend so she can attend the rehearsals.

  70. I went to breakfast with my kids and grandson. They came over later to watch The Seahawks and eat home made soup.

  71. Looking out at the weather today and I have decided that I need another day off…..so I have to find something to get into trouble with here in the house! This will not be hard….Happy Monday all….

    1. Kate, I had to go look, that is what the bracelet reminds me of, except classier and prettier. And note to The Husband noooo you can not chain paperclips together for my Valentines day present!

  72. Today is kinda a nerve racking day, as I heard last night that my niece’s huband choked on a piece of chicken. In the process they had to defibulate him. As far as I know he is doing okay. My brother is having a procedure as we speak and I am on pins and needles. Hope the rest of the year is not like this.

  73. I also love the White Diamond Ring $350 14K SOLID GOLD. It is just beautiful! No body ever said I was cheap! LOL

  74. My day is going just fine so far. I work from home and have two toddlers, so there’s been a couple minor upsets this morning, including them slurping milk off the floor after spitting it there…but they are in good moods!

  75. Good swim this afternoon with friends. Then I had to drop off the house key I had for when I was Steve sitting. His memorial service is this Saturday.

  76. I love the Diamond Cluster Studs! I have to be careful with my pierced ears, I had to have a cosmetic surgeon fix them, but studs are OK. I’ve been noticing lots of stars wearing diamond studs, after so long of not wearing much jewelry. These would be good for so many occasions with just the right amount of sparkle, nothing too gaudy, yet noticeable!

  77. Well, I’m more determined than ever to move therapy along as fast as possible. I’m just sooo tired of being here. I want to be on my feet, at home.

  78. My day is good so far…My friend sent me a video of a dog rescue that got a ton of donations I collected from neighbors…It felt so amazing to see it!

    1. Michele, I actually crossed off 3 things today. Course, it helps that I am snowed in and really had no excuse. But the house is vacuumed. Bed changed and the kitchen is sparkling. Whew…… now the dog wants to go out and I DON’T WANNA GO!!!!!

  79. Good Morning! My brother came out just fine and the nephew is doing okay. It’s a great day! Well, we will see what the day has instore for me as the phone has not rang just yet. It is hard to make plans as usually the phone rings everytime and I have to change them. I guess I could protest, but not when it comes time with spending time with Hunter.

  80. Half 4 in the afternoon & I can’t get Mum out of bed! She’s glued to the snooker on tv and doesn’t want to budge – well, sorry Mum, the rest of the world is moving and so must you! I’ve got 3 hours to get to the theatre…

  81. I love the Mini Stackable Diamond Ring. I actually have one similar, that is for my baby finger. And now I’m thinking how I never wear it! But stackable is nice, you could pair it with something else, and it would look nice.

  82. Physical therapy is going well. I’m able to push my own butt out of the wheelchair now. So, my strength is coming back.

  83. Yes I am back to normal in the swing again.. Cleaned out the conservatory and re-arranged all the plants.. then re-potted more flowers and transplanted some veggies…Today no matter what the weather back out again to clean out the beds and get ready to plant some lettuce and greens….

  84. Today is another great day other than all my kids are coming down with the flu and I am staying home, where they are not! I know how that sounds but I don’t bounce back like I use to.

    1. Diane, I’m with you! NO WAY I’m going to visit anyone with a cold. Nope. Nope. NOPE!!! Those adorable little germ carriers want to hug and cuddle, kiss and snuggle. They have super powers of persuasion and G’ma’s can’t resist. Stay home.

  85. Went out for a CT scan today. The goal is to see what’s going on with a bed sore I got while in the hospital at Thanksgiving. With my bad health, low immune system, these days, I don’t heal quickly. They want to be sure there is no infection because it was tunneling, but it seems to be better since they put me on another antibiotic…yep, two major antibiotics now, lol. But if it gets well, I might be able able to get into a physical therapy place in Lexington, called Cardinal Hill. It’s the state of the art facility in KY. They can work with you three times a day, for hours. (As good as these guys are here, they can’t do that.) Cardinal Hil’s goal is to get you home quickly. I’m good with that.

  86. My cat is feeling much better today. I have an outside kitty we have been working with to come inside the house and she will come in longer and longer each time.

  87. The Double Mini Letter Charm Pendant with White Diamonds would make a nice gift for someone special, esp as shown, with XO, it is so cute!

  88. We had fun at TJMax shopping today which is always fun. We had to buy some gifts for Birthdays coming up in our family.

  89. Back out again today.. more flowers to transplant then setting more seeds.. doing a little test of my homegrown seeds against store bought… sometimes you never know…anyway this is my chore for the day then I want to start watching Outlander.. it will be my television guilty pleasure for the month!

    1. Oh Michele, I love Outlander. I haven’t started the new season yet. I have no doubt homegrown seeds will win. My chore list is ummmmmmm maybe try to drive into town. Let’s see how much snow is out there first!

  90. Today is my little Avery’s 8th birthday. Sad to say that her whole family has got the flu. As much as I hate to say it I guess we will drop her gift off at the door.

  91. Well, last night what had been a mild sort of itchy thing with my skin went ballistic. It might be a reaction that built up to one of the antibiotics I’m on, likely the one I started a few weeks ago. For now, they’re stopping the I.V.s. Some one who deals with recurring bouts of MRSA can’t afford to have too many bad reactions to antibiotics. I already can’t do the sulfa ones because I’m very allergic to them.

    1. Aw heck, Tamra! What next? Try to stay positive & aim for Lexington! Far easier said than done, I realise, but water off a duck’s back compared to what you’ve already been through.

  92. The Diamond Circle bracelet is very pretty, dainty and sweet. Nothing gaudy or too flashy, but graces your wrist in a captivating way.

  93. What a surprise this morning.. heard from a friend that I thought was gone from my life for good.. it has been 14 years!!! Replied immediately and so happy to get that connection back…doing a happy dance….

  94. Good Morning! Hope your day is going well so far. You know they say you can tell how old a person by their conversation. I am going to pick up more monthly prescriptions. LOL I guess there might be some truth in that. I am going in now as they are predicting another snow storm. Can I say I won’t really mind as we have a busy weekend ahead and it wouldn’t be so bad if we had to cancel. I am awful!

    1. Diane, If the how many prescriptions you take thing is correct ………. I’m REALLY OLD!!!!! I’m with you, I would be fine with a ton of snow and just stay home get some work around here done. I also want to see just how close I can get to my deer buddies.

  95. Since I had an allergic reaction, likely to the newest antibiotic, they’ve decided to pull the picc line and switch to a pill antibuotic. Fine by me. I hate those picc lines. An infected picc line is what led to MRSA to begin with.

    1. Sarah, I’m so amazed at myself; these last 3 years I fill up the car when it get’s to the half way mark. If you knew me in real life you would know that is a MAJOR deal for me. I normally say E is for Escondido. (That’s the town where I use to work) I was so good at playing chicken with the E. Snow and long lonely walks up a steep road…. that will cure anyone. Even ME!

  96. My day went by so fast. The older I get the faster time goes for me. My hubby was longing for a candy he had when he was a kid, black licorice pipes. I found a company on line that sells them and lots of other candies from our childhood (OldTimeCandy.com). They came today and he was thrilled.

  97. Good morning! Well, we are in the middle of a storm here. It would be great if I didn’t have to go out in it, but duty calls. Going to watch my little buddy and his sisters, while moms at work and dad goes to work on the farm. Cattle don’t feed themselves! When you live on a big farm it takes a lot of work. Don’t tell him but I like my job better than going out into the bitter cold on a tractor.

    1. Ewwwww Diane, you must be getting what we had last week. It’s a dooooozy!! Drive carefully. Having grown up on a farm in Colorado I do not envy farm work!! Farming is so much hard work. I’d much rather spend the day playing inside with the kids!
      One thing having had experience on a farm I insisted The Husband get a tractor with a heated cab. NOW he is thankin’ me big time!!

  98. Not sure where I should really be posting this but here goes:
    Now I just looked at the Medium Diamond Solitaire Ring it is absolutely gorgeous! I know that the round diamond ones would probably stay in the setting better but I love the square ones. I lost mine because of the prongs wearing out. So I haven’t had one in years. Guess not much need when you live on a farm and tend goats, chickens and so forth. LOL

    1. Diane, you can post anywhere you want too!!! I’m with you. We never get company out here so I don’t wear anything but my wedding set and truthfully, IF I could get it off I probably wouldn’t be wearing that either.
      BTW I want a chickens and a goat!! But, we found the remains of a doe yesterday up by the house……… sooooooo I do not believe chickens OR a goat are in my future.

  99. Bittersweet time this morning. Memorial service for my friend Steve who died at age 100. He had a good, long life. Good to see his kids, grand kids and great grand kids.

  100. Is it 2021 yet? I’m so over 2020 already. I have been belittled, falsely accused, and nearly scammed, not to mention my health has been bad from my blood sugars almost doubling to a stomach bug.

    1. Ahhhh Jennifer I’m so sorry. I wish I could come and give you a big hug!!
      Hopefully, your blood sugar is back to normal.
      It’s almost Monday a new week. A better week!! Sending you positive thoughts.

  101. It snowed today. We got about 6” and the temperature was only 10 degrees while my poor hubby cleaned it away with the snowblower. It felt even lower with the strong winds. It was a good day for homemade chicken soup.

    1. Terri, Homemade chicken soup sounds so good!!! The Husband has to take the tractor out and clear the roads tomorrow (it’s supposed to be in the 30’s soooo not as bad as your 10 degree weather.) but soup and homemade bread would probably be appreciated… Yup. That’s the goal for tomorrow!

  102. Sunday glorious Sunday…First thing after I get things sorted is mass….after a day relaxing with my lists for bulk shopping tomorrow.. The first since the holidays.. my cupboards are bare!!

  103. I sparkled, I shimmered, sang my heart out (Oh, and did I mention I’m in charge of sound effects? Well, it’s an iPad and all I have to do is hit the icon … Yes, I am/was in charge of all the farts/burps etc. etc.). Didn’t go to the party as Mum wasn’t feeling well … catching up on all the goings on on FB as we ‘speak’!

  104. I am enjoying my morning here even though it is really snowing. We have a lot of churches cancelled because of the snow. We are suppose to go out to dinner with my brother but secretly I would love to just cancel and stay home. Oh man, I am getting old! This warm fire just seems to be drawing me to just stay here.

  105. The Connection Bracelet is perfect for a special occasion or a date when you want your wrist to look extra pretty while holding a wine glass!

  106. My day is finally better than any I have had so far this year. Ha! Sitting here holding sweet little HoneyButter — it’s 16 degrees outside and having to make sure the water doesn’t freeze. Happened a few years ago, a pipe burst, and we had to go to the local gym to get a shower on days it was open to the public and not just members. Paying $5 for a shower was never so wonderful. lol

    1. Jennifer, before we bought this house the pipes burst downstairs in the middle of winter. Fortunately, or unfortunately no one was living in the house at the time. Soooooooo lot’s of damage. Do you do anything special to keep the pipes from freezing? We leave a faucet in the downstairs bathroom drip. We did the insulated covers for the outside spikets and we keep all our fingers and toes crossed. I don’t even KNOW where we would go for a hot shower. UGH!! Stay warm!

  107. On my way out to go shopping.. Yeah…I need a shopping day even though it is to the grocery…squeezing the melons is a treat for me! Had another lovely surprise yesterday afternoon my godsons wife came for a visit.. lovely catching up….

    1. Michele, that sounds like a great day! I am excited for spring and our farmers market. Actually, I’m more excited about having a dry driveway so I can company too! Right now, it’s either a mud pit or an ice rink. I have not inbetween right now.

  108. Top of the morning to ya! Seems the storm has passed and now it’s quiet and calm. Although they say we have quite a bit of black ice and to be careful. Glad I don’t have to be in town till this afternoon. Hope you have a great day!!

    1. Diane, We have all this snow and tomorrow and the rest of the week. ON the snow? OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO that means we shall have an ice rink. UGH!! I’m so glad I don’t have to go anywhere this week.

    1. Kate I built a snowman! That’s how much I didn’t want to do anything!! Alice said “Non, build a snowman” and Sooooooo I built a snowman. Upside down as requested. I also forgot how much snow weighs. HOLY MOLY I forgot how much work building a snowman IS!

  109. Well, there were three walks in therapy today. They were 8 feet, 8 feet and 6 feet. Hard to imagine how exhausting they are. But things are going quicker than they did the first time around, so I’m hopeful it will continue like that.

  110. Good swim today. Then I stopped by to pick up the wind chimes from Steve’s daughter. They sound beautiful and I will think of him when I hear them.

  111. Ran water all night last night to keep the pipes from freezing . Got down to 10 last night. Was awake really late reading a new book on Kindle Unlimited, and fell asleep before putting on my cpap and felt bad upon waking. Feeling better now though. But this month. I’m so ready for January to be over.

  112. It was so cold today so I decided to bake oatmeal cookies and an apple pie (hubby’s favorite). I love the aroma that fills the house when I make an apple pie.

  113. Had a really nice day yesterday.. got everything on my lists s and stayed within budget … a miracle… looking at the day and I truly do not feel like yard work so baking?? yes!!!

  114. Oh this morning woke up to 3- degrees. One thing possitive is that it makes the most beautiful frost on the trees and branches. It is simple gorgeous outside. I just don’t want to stay out there that long.

  115. Well, there’s a stomach virus going around in the building. 19 people got sick last night! So, this morning if you leave your room, you have to wear a mask, lol. Lord, I hope I don’t catch this!

  116. I was afraid my car wouldn’t start since it was only 6 degrees this morning but fortunately it did. I had to do several errands in town. First stop was to my card store to get Valentine’s Day cards for my 2 granddaughters, a birthday card for my cousin, a get well card for my sister and a baptism card for a friend’s baby boy. I love sending cards to friends and loved ones.

    1. Terri, I FINALLY, FINALLY have convinced Alice to write to me!! I LOVE sending her fun cards. With a few bribes included. Usually a squishy toy and a t-shirt. Card sending is a dying art, But, I am trying to keep it alive in my family.

  117. I’m still tired after Panto & my hip hurts like hell but, as we professionals know the show must go on! Cue Connie singing ‘There’s no business like show business’ in her best Ethel Merman impression 😉

  118. Goood Morning! Well not much of the morning left! Lol I got to spend the day with one of my daughters. It was so funny just sitting and listening to her and how things are going. I see her all the time but it is usually in passing as I am watching their kids while her and her husband work. I go there becuse it is much easier on the kids and them.

    1. Diane, I miss getting to sit and talk with my daughter. I’m going to have to start calling her while she is on her drive home. HA! Captive audience. I use to watch Alice at her house, my motive was the mess stays THERE and no MY house! LOL!

  119. Things are just going along as expected here, which is good. They still have the North side of the building, where therapy is, on lockdown. You have to wear a mask when you go there. It’s a stomach bug. Shouldn’t be much longer until it goes away. Hope I steer clear of it.

  120. I too love the Halo diamond opal ring. It is just so pretty. Good thing I am broke, because if I wasn’t I soon would be with all these pretty things.

  121. Been hitting all the Dollar Generals I can for the 25 cent Christmas item sales Found 10 cans of cranberry sauce tonight for 25 cents a can. 🙂