Happy New Year! January 2019 $50 Your Way Giveaway!!

Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019!! My boxes are finally all unpacked! I can’t believe the amount of trash I moved from California to Idaho! GESH!! Not only trash, but things I should have donated down in California. Oh well, I guess I was just spreading my treasures everywhere. Right?

The kitchen and craft room remodels are done. No, I’m not happy. The kitchen looks like crap bad. In case you aren’t on FB here is the video that I posted. No, still haven’t heard from Home Depot. Probably never will, but at least I got it off my chest. We haven’t decided where we go from here. I do know it won’t be with Home Depot!

My trip to California was fun, too short OF COURSE!!

The Husband and I enjoyed a white Christmas (for me it was 38 years! DANG that’s a long time!)

Bear is only 5 months old today and already HUGE! Seriously, is that a happy girl or WHAT?!

On the subject of bears; The Husband bought me a bear carving for Christmas. IT’S SO COOL!!! The man we bought him from creates with a CHAINSAW!!! A CHAINsaw people!! AND still has all his fingers! Such talent!! WOW!!! The bears fur looks like it is real and soft! It’s SO CUTE!! No I haven’t named her yet.

I truly am thankful you stop by! I wish for you a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2019!! I love you all!! Now, on to the giveaway!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you stop by. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!


  1. Laurie Nykaza says

    To lose some weight would be great this year that will be my focus to work on that .

  2. To eat healthier — cut down on fried foods and desserts!

    Happy New Year to you and yours and Bear!

  3. Happy New Year everyone! Let’s have more ups than downs this year please 😉

  4. Daily comment: I gave up making resolutions when I realised that I was just putting unnecessary stress on myself but I will try to stop putting things on the long finger and to finish what I start before moving on to the next project.

  5. My new year’s resolution is to try to deal with stress better. I have an ulcer right now brought on by stress.

  6. My day is going well so far…I’m the only one in the house that’s awake so it’s very peaceful.

  7. Michele Soyer says

    My New Years resolution is to get everything done on my to-do list and not go off on tangents…secondly go to the beach more often, I talk about it and never do it…

  8. Michele Soyer says

    Enjoyed reading your post on celebrities .. made me laugh when I compared it to my sons list when he worked and lived in LA… Harrison Ford was his all time favorite chat.. New Years day.. well the roast is in the oven and here am I relaxing already! Happy New Year all!

  9. My resolution is to listen more and interrupt less.

  10. Happy 2019 everyone! My day has been going great so far. I cooked three new healthy recipes for lunch. We are doing some tidying up and organizing today.

  11. My motto for the new year is to eat a lot more vegetables and drink more water

  12. Lissa Crane says

    Happy New Year! My day is going great~relaxing and enjoying being around my beautiful family!

  13. Lissa Crane says

    My New Years Resolutions is to drink more water and eat less red meat! Just a few little adjustments to eating healthier!

  14. Tamra Phelps says

    Hmm, New Year’s Resolution? Well, that’s easy. I want to get back to my old self, or maybe better, lol. I’m on my feet, walking, but need to build stamina, increase my distances.

  15. Tamra Phelps says

    I hope the year has started out well for everyone. Here’s hoping this year is MUCH better than 2018!!

  16. Francine Anchondo says

    My day is going pretty good so far stayed up way too late last night haha playing board games with my family.

  17. Francine Anchondo says

    My resolution this year is to continue losing weight I took a break over the holidays now will get in gear tomorrow haha. Then work on paying of debt and saving more money.

  18. I made my weekly grocery run and cannot believe how busy they were. I had another stop to make and that particular store wasn’t even open today. I was shocked even tho its New Years Day

  19. Cathy French says

    My resolution this year is to start cooking a bit out of my comfort zone and even incorporate some baking. Super intimidated about baking. Will try a new recipe at least twice a month (I hope)

  20. Happy New Year!
    No resolutions. My goal is to swim 3 times a week.
    Thanks for the contest.

  21. Resolution is to finish some projects and use up some of my hoarded supplies.

  22. shelly peterson says

    I had a pretty good day. I took my grandsons to Chuck E. Cheese.

  23. Eating healthy and losing lots of weight. Daily positive thinking/affirmations.

  24. Michele Soyer says

    Back to semi- work mode today….have to transplant 3 orchids then back to holiday mode…must make lists for shopping tomorrow..

  25. I’ve got a five-hour rehearsal later on so just gearing myself up for that. All I really want to do is snuggle under the duvet!

  26. Francine Anchondo says

    My daughter woke up early today so I am really tired.

  27. I slept in this morning until 9 am and it felt SO good and refreshing!

  28. My new years resolution is to eat a more low-sodium, healthier healthy-heart diet this year!


    My day is goin good a lil cold here this morn but once the sum comes up its will warm out so I can go walking !!!

  30. My day is going pretty good. No pit falls yet and I seem to be a bit more producive than planned. So … good day

  31. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m hoping to get my walking distance (in one go) up to 20 feet by Friday. I’m hitting about 17 now, so I think it’s doable. Fingers crossed.

  32. Dana Rodriguez says

    Happy New Year Connie! I just LOVE that bear!

  33. Dana Rodriguez says

    I don’t make resolutions because I tend not to keep them.

  34. Went to other pool to swim. I miss teaching. No word on when Easter Seals pool will re-open.

  35. Tammie you’re doing great – baby steps, remember?

  36. My day was ok. Spent a bit of the morning maintaining the fish pond and doing a little fishing.

  37. shelly peterson says

    Today was ok. I am really tired and ready for bed.

  38. Michele Soyer says

    Off and out this morning.. Replenish the cupboards then off to the feed shoppe for dog and chicken food…garden pots??? yes…

  39. I had a lovely, long, deep sleep last night & whizzed through the housework like ‘a white tornado’ (anyone old enough to remember that ad?). Practicing my song lyrics ready for another couple of hours rehearsal tonight.

  40. Francine Anchondo says

    It has been going well today got to sleep in this morning which is nice.

  41. Cathy French says

    Another productive day today. Wow, 2 in a row, I’m on fire

  42. Tamra Phelps says

    This has been kind of a gray day. It’s been gray outside and kind of dreary indoors, too, lol.

  43. My New Year’s Resolutions is to be more positive. I let negative thoughts overtake my mind and it never helps me it just makes me worse. I plan to focus on the positive and keep striving to do better and to succeed. I *might* get knocked down but I will get up again. 🙂 (But I pray this year there will be NO knocks… I would like to get a break on that… lol 😉 )

  44. Went shopping today and it was a bit crowded. I was surprised because I thought with the holidays over there wouldn’t be that many people but there were…. It was a good day I enjoyed myself. 🙂

  45. Great day for finding out that I won last month’s $50. And it’s already in my PayPal account. Thanks Connie!

  46. Susan Smith says

    My day is going good. I did laundry and ran errands. I also spent time with my daughter shopping before she goes back to college this weekend.

  47. Susan Smith says

    My New Years resolution is to declutter my house and eat healthier. I also want to plant a garden this year.

  48. shelly peterson says

    I had an ok day. I was up early and ran some errands so I am a bit tired.

  49. I did the usual Saturday errands today so I can have tomorrow all to myself! The Panto opens next Friday so it’s going to be tough going next week.

  50. Cathy French says

    Trying to be productive but having some terrible neck/shoulder pain.

  51. Starting Steve Sitting for the next 5 days. Didn’t go swimming today. Really miss my regular pool and teaching.

  52. Went to my mother’s clinic appointment only to find out her appointment was cancelled…. “You should have been called”… LOL. Yeah well we weren’t. So it was wasted cab fare… BUT…. I did have a productive day when we got home because it was a beautiful day and I did some work outside.

  53. Tamra Phelps says

    It’s been a crazy week or so. With so many people off for the holidays or illness, there have been nurses working the hall that usually work other halls and it shows. They don’t really know the people on this end. The other day, one was passing meds at about 4 p.m., when I usually take a simple acid reflux med. She brought two pills and I thought ‘seriously? They’ve changed my meds?’ Turned out they weren’t my meds. It was a water pill and a narcotic pain pill! Good thing I’m difficult, lol. I had sit them down and refused to take them because no one had discussed the changes with me and I was pissed.

  54. shelly peterson says

    I am so glad its Friday. Have a good weekend!

  55. Michele Soyer says

    Yesterday was a day off kilter so I had to re-group and change my plans…got a good bit done and today it is taking down the Christmas drapes and curtains and changing them into what I call my “winter look” although it is 86° this morning!! still have the weekend of the trees, decorations and lights….

  56. Why is it that when you’re planning on having a lazy kind of day that you wake at the crack of dawn? And as you open the curtains see all the weeds that have grown with the mild weather and know that if you don’t do something about them now then you’re going to be inundated with them later in Spring? Oh well, best get up then!

  57. I got a little bit of an early start today and so far so good

  58. Francine Anchondo says

    Going well today just need to clean the house but dont really want to move.

  59. It’s Saturday and has been raining all day. Perfect time to stay home and get my closets organized.

  60. My New Year’s Resolution is to make some time for me to do things that I like to do. Moms always take care of everyone and forget to take care of themselves.

  61. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m sort of relieved the holidays are over. They get so exhausting and every schedule gets out of whack. I like it when things go back to normal, lol.

  62. Today was a good day… Did some work on our fruit trees and then enjoyed the rest of my afternoon.

  63. Day is going good, very rainy, and stayed in and made gingerbread bars and apple crisp. Did a quarterly pharmacy order, that kind of thing. Too dark to do crafting today.

  64. I’ve been lugging the same resolution year to year! To lose weight! I keep reminding myself I accomplished a few other things last year, that were hurdles to clear. I don’t write this one down, and I’ve given up hanging up something I have that I can’t squeeze into any more that I love!! It doesn’t work!

  65. shelly peterson says

    I had a nice and relaxing day and took my son for a haircut.

  66. Michele Soyer says

    I do get the “last of Christmas blues” so I have to shake them off and begin all my plans for the new year….set more goals then read, relax and have that stereo going! Happy Sunday all….

  67. I have decided, following a much heated internal debate, that as our Christmas lights etc. didn’t go up till Christmas Eve, that they shall remain up until further notice (or at least another week!).

  68. Day is going good. Everyone on local FB group is saying it is very slippery out, glad to know, as I was going to walk to town, now know not to do that!

  69. Lovely day here in Colorado. Sunshine and 60 degrees. (Isn’t it January?)

  70. Today has been a nice day. The weather has been quite warm for our parts, and I have enjoyed every second. Makes me smile when the sun is out.

  71. So the holidays are over… Christmas vacation is over and it’s start to get back into gear. I am a bit tired today so I am gonna rest up and get ready to begin my new week:)

  72. Tamra Phelps says

    Lol, Kate, I know plenty of people who leave their outdoor lights up year round, and just turn them on around Christmas! In my hometown, our local library got tired of of fussing with taking down the tree, so they left it up year round and changed the ‘ornaments’ on it to suit the next holiday.

  73. shelly peterson says

    I did some cleaning today and put away my Christmas decorations.

  74. Day is going good. I found my cute scrunchie I had just made, I lost it yesterday and tore up the place looking for it. It was smished between magazines in a stack, probably the only place I didn’t think to look! but yea!

  75. I got a text this morning from a chap down the lane whose car battery had died again. He had an important appointment in town at 10am so I just splashed some water on my face & left to pick him up with my toothbrush in hand! He got there at 5 minutes to 10! That’s my good deed for the day sorted.

  76. Tamra Phelps says

    Today, I walked almost 20 feet, so I’m getting there. It’s slow but sure, I guess.

  77. Good day today. Went to town and did some grocery shopping (i love to grocery shop), and the roads were very nice. We had been warned travel would be difficult but my husband and amazing truck, got us to and from safely (thank God). Now I am relaxing before I start to make dinner. Chicken pot pie tonight 🙂 yummmm

  78. Cathy French says

    For a monday today wasn’t half bad. My littlest kitty had some tummy issues today but all in all not bad. Hopeing the remainder of the weekg oes well.

  79. Laurie Nykaza says

    The weather is over cast today so were cleaning up the house today not to fun for me or the kids.

  80. I am a bit tired…. Didn’t do all that much today because I just wasn’t feeling my best….

  81. shelly peterson says

    It was hard getting up tis morning. I ran errands and went to dialysis.

  82. Laurie Nykaza says

    Lazy day recovering from the weekend now to clean the kitchen .

  83. Francine Anchondo says

    Right now super tired but it is the morning haha. I took my kids to karate yesterday and it was their first day back also . So trying to get back into a routine again.

  84. Today I am very very sore! We had an ice storm early evening yesterday. My pup decided she needed to potty so as I always do when it’s dark I carried her. Oh so slowly one stair at a time. Ran out of railing on landing. Crouched to let her do the last step & bam! Down I go!! Thank goodness for padded coat or I would probably have broke my ribs!

  85. My day is going good. Had to make a bunch of phone calls. It is dark and a little snowy out, so probably no crafting. Getting some recipes for homemade seitan online, I have the vital wheat gluten, want to make a “chicken” version. I’m trying to find a recipe that helps it to not come out rubbery, this time adding a bean flour.

  86. We’ve a rest from rehearsals tonight so I’ve spent a couple of hours prepping meals for the freezer, getting clothes ready, polishing shoes, shaving my legs etc. & a home facial. Dress rehearsal tomorrow night – eek!

  87. Michele Soyer says

    Blood work done yesterday…now 2 weeks wait until I go back to doctor just to find out I was right and there is nothing amiss with me!!! Battling with the bank again…it takes them forever to do anything.. they do not want you to come in the bank.. push online and phone banking.. then do your job!!!

  88. My day is going well it is raining a little bit and I love the rain.

  89. Oh goodness…. we had a bit of an issue with our bank for the past couple of days but it is all sorted now. Thank goodness. 🙂

  90. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, I’m almost at 20 feet on my walking now. Hoping to break that personal record this week, lol.

  91. Last day of Steve sitting. Get to go home tomorrow.

  92. My day has been pretty good today. Had a delicious dinner tonight, so that made it pretty good!

  93. My New Year’s resolution is to be more active. I also want to work on being a better wife and mother!

  94. shelly peterson says

    I had a good relaxing day at home.

  95. My day was really good! Very relaxing. About to head to bed now.

  96. Tamra: I’m gobsmacked!!! You’re doing so well I could cry!

  97. Dress rehearsal tonight (silent agh!). One of the principals is still making a cock-up of his lines … time will tell … however the chorus is great and of course the backing singers (one other and me, myself, I) are bloomin’ marvellous 😉

  98. Day is going good. Kind of overcast, so no crafting. Tackling some chores!!

  99. Michele Soyer says

    Back to normal today.. worked outside until 1pm then lunch and relax for the balance of the day….all set up for seed starting tomorrow….

  100. Tamra Phelps says

    Someday, I want to see Kate in one of her musicals! Do you guys ever put them on YouTube?? Today, I did 22 feet and, yay!!! I got my own butt off the wheelchair…I have been so frustrated by that. I mean it doesn’t do much good to be able to walk if you can’t get yourself up, lol.

  101. Ahh, home sweet home. Done Steve sitting. But with money in my pocket….

  102. My day wasn’t bad. We are super busy at work right now, but I enjoy busy, it makes the day go faster. Then I had a meeting after work, so I guess it was a long day. Now I have a headache and think I will go to bed soon. Tomorrow will be another long day but that’s life.

  103. I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions because if there is a habit I want to break or start I try to do it as I realize it needs to be made or stopped. Currently I am working on trying to get up earlier for work and to be more tidy at home. I like yours though about not playing on the phone as much. I do that at home a lot but then again I don’t watch TV, however I think I can probably do something more productive with that time like reading or taking a nice walk.

  104. shelly peterson says

    I didnt do much today but I feel worn out.

  105. We’ve just heard the sad news that the local school principal (ex) has died. She was diagnosed with stage iv cancer late last year & only really had time to make her arrangements and contact family. 36 years old & mum to 3 small children. Life’s an absolute bitch sometimes.

  106. Day is going good. Getting ready to walk to town. Really cold out so put on the long johns!

  107. Cathy French says

    I am a bit manic today. Simply cannot calm down. So, I’m going to try to use it to my advantage and get as much done as I can. Tomorrow I’ll prob be the opposite

  108. My day has been pretty good! Spending the day at home with my son.

  109. Michele Soyer says

    To Kate.. the passing of the principal is so sad….so young and 3 children…life is a bitch at times…Oh gosh what can I say I was blest with a great productive planting day today and tomorrow is another…

  110. Today was good. Worked on my fruit trees. It was a beautiful sunny day… 🙂

  111. Had a good night’s sleep in my own bed. Today a trip to the grocery store and the library. My hold of Untouchable by Krentz, Jayne Ann came in the day after it was officially published. I love my library.

  112. shelly peterson says

    I had a good relaxing day today.

  113. Still up at 4am ‘cos Mum didn’t want to go to bed (she’s really upset about the death of a young mum from the village), then her colostomy bag sprung a leak at 7. All sorted by 9am so we both went back to sleep for a couple of hours. I might try to nap later as tonight is opening night of Aladdin – BREAK ALL THE LEGS!

  114. Day is going ok. I’m glad it is sunny, so will try to get a little crafting in later. My experiment with the seitan didn’t come out that great, not so bad I won’t eat it, but not company worthy. My nephew’s girlfriend is a vegetarian, and my sister is trying to figure out what to cook for them when they visit weekly. I’m not giving up, esp as I didn’t really follow the recipe, so looking for a recipe that I can use that uses the ingredients I have, then share it with her!

  115. Michele Soyer says

    Spent the day outside in the garden.. there are times I cannot believe how the hours fly….I also found another grow bed that we built many years ago and lay unused….cleaned it out.. spruced it up and tomorrow I plan on making a soil mix and planting something there…

  116. My day has been alright. A little stressful this morning, but all good now!

  117. Tamra Phelps says

    Thank goodness it’s Friday. I’m so tired. It’s been a long week, but physical therapy is going well, finally feeling real progress.

  118. I didn’t go swimming today. It has been snowing all day and I’m staying in.

  119. Multiple power outages today…. hopefully they can fix whatever is wrong. But other than that it was a good day. 🙂

  120. shelly peterson says

    Happy Friday. I am ready for the weekend.

  121. Just getting started, haven’t made the “to do” list yet. I love what you did with the kitchen, so sorry you had this bad experience and the errors with the installations. It might be worth checking into it further. Maybe you can find info googling around what other people may have managed to work out with HD for recompense. Check BBB, too.

  122. Michele Soyer says

    Energized today… want to bathe the dog then get to work on that grow bed.. also if we have good water pressure want to clean out the aviary.. good weekend to all….

  123. My day has been good! Hanging out with my family.

  124. Two performances down, seven to go! About 20 of us went for some pub grub after today’s matinée. Fabulous food and very reasonable; I love chow mein!

  125. I am so sleepy today. Didnt sleep well because of the constant blackouts. Everything is ok now thank goodness but it was very annoying

  126. Finally stopped snowing this morning. Glad they plowed my driveway.

  127. shelly peterson says

    I had a good Saturday. I went to breakfast with my son, I fell asleep watching some tv and now I am up.

  128. I need more sleep but the show must go on! Still, it’s another matinée today so I’ll be finished by 6, followed by a trolley dash around a supermarket in my sequins & heels then home, sweet home …

  129. Getting ready to go to town. It is brrrrr, so have to bulk up on the layers!

  130. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m picturing Kate’s fellow-shoppers when she pops in for groceries in her sequins and heels. They must feel so under-dressed, lol. I’m doing pretty well in physical therapy. My worst walks are now what my best used to be. I can go about 23 feet now. I can get my butt off the chair, lol.

  131. Cathy French says

    Well I took a long nap yesterday late afternoon then got up really late today so I’d say my weekend is successful.

  132. Today was kinda meh…. I usually love my Sundays… but this one wasnt my favorite…

  133. Fun rehearsal with SAGE. Sunshine today but only a high of 35 degrees.

  134. shelly peterson says

    I had a good day. I didnt do too much but had fun help planning my daughters baby shower.

  135. shelly peterson says

    I dont have any resolutions but I do hope to receive a kidney transplant this year.

  136. Getting ready to do some cooking. Want to make spaghetti, but am looking to make the vegetarian sausage. Hope it comes out better than my veggie chicken, but I finally finished that batch yesterday. Determined!!

  137. Oh, my goodness, Shelly, keeping everything crossed that this happens for you xxx

  138. The blooming toilet seat has come off it’s hinges again – I’ve a good mind to super-glue the blessed thing! Curtains open at 8 tonight and it’s nice to have some daylight after the weekend of matinées!

  139. Cathy French says

    My father passed over 2 years ago but I just received some paperwork about life insurance so have to drop it off at the attoryneys office that handled his estate. He disowned me so I don’t know why it came to me?! Weird

  140. Another power outage…. Besides that it was a good day. Got some paperwork done and had some quiet time.

  141. I really miss my regular pool. Not opening until the 22nd.

  142. shelly peterson says

    It definitely feels like a Monday, I am ready for bed.

  143. I am hoping to reduce stress this year.

  144. It’s after midnight. I need to sleep but instead I am up reading. The sinus congestion is too much.

  145. There’s a look & feel of snow today. I just hope we don’t get what’s landing on central Europe. Still, after last year’s Beast from the East, we’re well prepared & have stockpiled bottled gas, water, catfood & toilet roll!

  146. Sunny today, so hope to get a little crafting done before it gets dimmer. Was going to walk to town, but changed my mind, so getting a few things done here.

  147. Michele Soyer says

    Power out again yesterday… didn’t hear the 2 loud booms but i believe transformers blew close by….tomorrow going out and about so worked in the garden today…planted some baby trees…

  148. Tamra Phelps says

    Walking is going well. My shortest walks, after several others, are about 15 feet, longest ones about 23. We’re practicing getting up on my own, turning, etc.

  149. I’m sort of lost without my regular swim classes. And currently no DBG volunteer stuff either.

  150. shelly peterson says

    My day was ok. I went in this morning to the hospital for a quick procedure and then rested for most the day.

  151. Michele Soyer says

    Another current outage last night from half past 9 until 5 this morning…. pleading with the relevant authorities to fix the damn problem please!! Jeez.. anyway out and about today so I better put my face on…..

  152. I woke early to glorious sunshine so got up instead of just turning over & got a bit of weeding done. The daffodils are just about to open and we’ve still got some roses blooming and the gardeners’ all-time enemy the slugs are revelling in all the greenery! Ew!

  153. sheila ressel says

    I want to get our debt paid off and save some money. This year I will do this!

  154. sheila ressel says

    So far my day is going okay. If I can just stay on track and not get distracted maybe I will be able to get my cleaning done early. Fingers crossed!

  155. Day is going good. Getting ready to walk to town to get errands done. My veggie sausage made with seitan came out pretty good – I was shocked, since my other seitan recipe I had to force myself to finish it! Going to make it again soon I hope and tweak it a little.

  156. Cathy French says

    A bit of a manic day for me. On the plus I’ve gotten such much needed cleaning done.

  157. Today was a good day. Went out into town this morning with Mom and we are going out again tomorrow.

  158. Nice time at the other pool today. Made a new friend.

  159. shelly peterson says

    Its been an ok day. I went to dinner with my daughter and grandson.

  160. sheila ressel says

    Woke up not feeling so great – sore throat, stuffy nose. Hopefully this will pass without getting worse.

  161. Mum had a nightmare last night (it’s beginning to become a recurrent dream) that she gets left behind when all her friends get on a bus. I know what it means but there’s little I can do except reassure her that she’s safe and happy here at home. These dreams started after the death of the local teacher last week that really upset her.

  162. Today I’m having a major fibro flare from not having a day off to relax. Yesterday we took an unexpected road trip to an unfamiliar city and it took its toll on me.

  163. Day is going good. Sunny right now, so maybe a little mending later. Now that I had a good experience with the veggie sausage, I’m going to try a a recipe I have for veggie chicken made with seitan. The one package of seitan goes a long way!

  164. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, today is just another day here at Johnson Mathers, lol. I’m waiting for my physical therapy, watching the news, surfing the internet.

  165. Cathy French says

    Today I’m fighting some anxiety. I have to have a sleep study done at my apnea Dr’s office tonight. Nothing like having electrodes on your body while somebody watches you sleep.

  166. Michele Soyer says

    Sorry for mum….know that dream well…..knocked about today here and there shopping had a good time.. tomorrow back to business and work!

  167. The official new schedule is out for my swimming pool. Very bad, no good, terrible, horrible (got the quote wrong, but the sentiment is true).

  168. My day has been pretty good! I’ve been really productive and getting things done at home.

  169. Went out to the stores today with my Mom. We had a good day…

  170. shelly peterson says

    I had a decent day it was mostly spent relaxing.

  171. Michele Soyer says

    A gorgeous day today so moving early in case rain sets up by the afternoon….a bit of landscaping and pruning….

  172. Lovely sunny morning so getting lots of laundry done. Dinner’s all ready to bung in the oven. Second-last night of Panto and I’m beginning to feel a bit tired.

  173. sheila ressel says

    So far so good. It’s Friday after all so it’s gotta be a great day, right?

  174. It is gearing up for a big storm this weekend with lots of ice, everyone is afraid b/c a few years ago many were out of power for 10+ days due to ice. My “chicken” seitan came out decent, but need to use it in a recipe, so will check that out. Plus get ready for the storm.

  175. Today I ran a bunch of errands to get stocked up for the big winter storm we are expecting. I’m hoping it holds off until late tomorrow afternoon since I have a baby shower out of town to attend!

  176. Feeling under the weather today so I stayed in bed and watched YouTube videos. lol… Very unproductive… lol.

  177. Cathy French says

    Discombobulated is the word for day

  178. Good day. Went swimming then had a massage. Then picked up a check I got for Steve Sitting and took it to the bank. Had snow this morning and afternoon. Stopped now. Tomorrow is the Woman’s March in downtown Denver. The Denver Women’s Chorus will be singing after the march.

  179. Tamra Phelps says

    Walking is getting much better. We did several walks today, 30 feet, a few at 22 feet, and one with some turns, lol. Looking much better.

  180. Tammie, if you only knew how ridiculously happy these positive updates make me feel. Keep ’em coming!

  181. shelly peterson says

    Today has been a long day. So glad its Friday.

  182. Michele Soyer says

    So so weather day I might just putter about after I bathe the dog…laundry needs to be done and really should take cuttings from my pointsettia and get new plants going… good weekend all…

  183. sheila ressel says

    My day is off to a cold but good start. Now if I can just get warm…..

  184. We got a local farmer to take out our phormiums. They were initially meant as windbreaks & did work well but played havoc with the lawnmower (and guess whose job it was to untangle the fronds from the rotor blades). The bad snow & storms of last winter killed most anyway. Now we have an unbroken view of the valley again. How much did he charge for 2 hours hard graft with his digger? Nothing. Mum played the organ at his wedding 12 years ago and wouldn’t take a penny off him. Karma.

  185. Getting some chores done, the ice and snow storm is going to start in a few hours, right now making sure I have extra water. Not going to the store, might not be much left and would be a mosh pit! Happy I’ve been able to connect with a long-lost relative the past couple of days.

  186. Sandra Watts says

    I am a little tired right now from lack of sleep last night but other than that all is well.

  187. Sandra Watts says

    New Years resolution. Yep, I did and then I did not do. Same ole same.

  188. Cathy French says

    Today we are waiting for the big storm to hit so I’m rockin out with some music very very loud. Lovin today

  189. Still feeling a bit under the weather today. Spent the morning in bed and watched reruns…..

  190. Got up SO early, but it was worth it. Had a great time at the Women’s March in downtown Denver. Our light rail system makes it easy to get around.

  191. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good day. I slept in and then ran some errands.

  192. Uhm .. just back very late or very early, depending on your perspective …Anyway, it’s half past five in the morning and I can’t dance anymore so I’m curling up with Idris, the cat, and my book. Goodnight to all the Peanuts & Whiners out there xxx

  193. Michele Soyer says

    Sitting here at the computer catching up on emails…is will be a Sunday of total relaxation…music playing a roast going and a book in my hand….

  194. Snowy and now ice, people saying they are iced in. Not going outside if I don’t have to! Had morning coffee, looking at online news!

  195. Robert Thompson says

    Today I am staying indoors watching the blizzard like conditions! So far not too bad accumulation but super windy out now!

  196. sheila ressel says

    My day is going great. Slept in and having a cup of coffee. Nice and relaxing.

  197. Cathy French says

    Getting some housework done. We are dvring the playoff football games so we can watch them tonight

  198. My day has been great! We got to visit with family, which is always fun! Now we’re kicking back and enjoying a relaxing Sunday.

  199. Feeling a bit better… Enjoying my Sunday afternoon with my mom and dogs… lol…

  200. A quiet day at home before a busy week. My knee says I overdid it at the March yesterday.

  201. shelly peterson says

    Today was a good day. I slept in and spent some time with my daughter and grandson.

  202. Michele Soyer says

    Need more coffee this morning to get motivated….I know the to-do list for today but knowing and doing are 2 different things….

  203. It is brrrrrr cold! Trying to stay warm, think I’ll have some of my new fav tea, it tastes like cinnamon hots, “Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea” by Harney & Sons, yum! Experimenting with another recipe with seitan, making some “meat” balls!

  204. I’m suffering from post-Panto blues! Still, I’ve got Calamity Jane rehearsals to look forward to!

  205. Cathy French says

    Unfortunately my boyfriend is really sick today. He has a mystery stomach ailment and was even in the hospital a few years ago when he felt as bad as he does today but they can’t figure out what it is.

  206. We FINALLY took our Christmas tree down today…. LOL…. (A little late. We needed new containers because our old boxes were falling apart…) I am a little tired because I was going up and down the stairs lugging everything to our storage room. But it’s all done now. 🙂

  207. Went to the pool for a while. Will try the old pool tomorrow for open swim. Still very bummed that they are not offering classes in the afternoon that I can teach.

  208. I’ve had a very productive day! Those are always the best days.

  209. shelly peterson says

    I went to dialysis and then went to the bowling alley with my grandsons.

  210. I’m checking the weather forecast, today is supposed to be a little warmer. So many people had their batteries die out in the cold that AAA wouldn’t even take phone calls they were so overwhelmed! Even so, I doubt it gets as cold and “breezy” as Sandpoint!

  211. sheila ressel says

    My day is good so far. Hoping to finish up the laundry and the rest of my chores early so I can do something fun later.

  212. Michele Soyer says

    Bought some new plant hangers from Amazon.. 4 pretty bright colors.. today I want to put them around the garage instead of hanging the plants with wire.. yes wire LOL…

  213. Today I’m recovering from a full day (off & on) of shoveling out from the winter storm! Also staying warm! I think we can go one more day without a trip to the store !

  214. Francine Anchondo says

    Snow day for the kids though it was mostly ice this morning so worse then snow. Then woke up with a horrible headache that is finally going way.

  215. The weather’s gone really cold but at least it’s dry so the roads aren’t too bad. If it stays dry I may get some laundry done but all I want to do is curl up with some comfort food!

  216. Got quite a bit accomplished today… working on improving some things in the home and everything is working out as planned. 🙂

  217. They took the blizzard warning off now. Didn’t get as much snow as expected. But the wind rattled the windows last night.

  218. I have had an exhausting day. I had surgery and am still in bed recovering.

  219. shelly peterson says

    Today was an ok day. We got some snow which I dont like but thankfully it wont stay for long.

  220. Michele Soyer says

    Dark rainy morning but who cares I can do transplants on the patio downstairs…want to get a Baked Ziti casserole in the oven now so lunch is sorted….

  221. sheila ressel says

    Woke up with an earache and stuffed up nose. Yuck! Sure hope the day gets better.

  222. Day is going good. Started a soup in the slow cooker this morning, and now it is done and sure smells and tastes good! with Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean soup mix to start and lots of veggies. Finally a little warmer so no need to be wrapped up like a mummy and hopping like a bunny, but cold enough the soup warms ‘ya up good. Yea!

  223. Tamra Phelps says

    I’m not liking how the sky looks today. It’s gray and heavy and I’m afraid snow might be about to hit. Well, walking has been going well. Over 50 feet in two walks today. Yay.

  224. I was awake all night feeling like I needed to pee but nothing doing & a really niggly pain. I drank and drank and finally managed to go and the pain has gone. Think it might have been another kidney stone but nothing like the pain of last time. I’ve just slept for most of today.

  225. Cathy French says

    Finding it hard to multitask today so I’m not doing much of anything.

  226. Odd and ends of errands including a new light bulb for my fridge. Then back to the usual pool and greeting all the usual people.

  227. My day has not been very good. I’m still recovering from my surgery. I’m super nauseated and not feeling well.

  228. shelly peterson says

    Today was a nice Sunny day which helped melt some of our snow. I am now getting ready to head to bed.

  229. It is raining, and forecast to rain all day. Glad it isn’t snow. Will try to get things done inside, and not go out today. The soup made yesterday in the slow cooker came out good, and I’m looking for another recipe to make a soup again in a day or so!

  230. We have another winter storm coming so it looks like another stock up trip to the store today! Last week end I did pretty good with stocking up!

  231. Michele Soyer says

    to Kate.. hope you don’t have a stone….Went to the health office this morning to see about my blood results from 2 weeks ago.. all is well.. I knew that.. anyway now I have to go back to the opthalmologist with this letter …. this means without a doubt at some future date injections to stop the bleeding in the back of my left eye….I thought after 3 surgeries I was done but guess not…..

  232. Cathy French says

    Toothache!!!! I hate going to the dentist but I am gonna have to.

  233. My day has been alright. Still recovering from my surgery, but am doing much better. Finally able to move around some!

  234. Thanks Michele – I think it’s gone! I was expecting a ping! sound when I peed but I guess that only happens in cartoons! Good luck with the opthalmologist!

    I’m just back after a horrible 5 hour drive to Dublin & back; drizzle, mud, fog – yuck!

  235. Went to the doctor with Mom today. She has a clean bill of health. yay! 🙂

  236. Lot of snow this morning and the WinterGreen program was cancelled. I got a haircut this afternoon and the road were pretty good.

  237. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, my allergies are bonkers, lol. I hate when they get like this. Ugh.

  238. shelly peterson says

    I didnt do much today but relax.

  239. Stopped raining last night, now cold. Not sure the condition of the sidewalks, need to walk to town. Tomorrow even colder, so probably not going to help to wait.

  240. Hope you are staying warm, I hear the next polar vortex is on the way.

  241. Michele Soyer says

    Spent the whole morning outside…Weeding.. cleaning out plants..starting new hydroponic plants…dissembling parts of the aqua system… the pump has died and right now spending the kind of money on that is not on the agenda.. aerator still working and the tilapia are doing fine so for now that is the way it will have to be….ready for lunch and a rest…

  242. Michele: I’ve just spent a good hour reading up on tilapia (never seen/heard of them before).

    I did another round trip to Dublin & back but at least it was early on in the day & the sun was shining. Honestly I don’t know how people commute 5-6 hours a day but plenty have to as houses and apartments are so expensive in the Dublin area.

  243. My day has been exhausting. I did not sleep well last night and am feeling it now.

  244. Off to the DWC concert tonight. Sunshine but only 40 degrees today.

  245. Did some paperwork today. Had a bad tummy ache and popped tums like candy. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

  246. shelly peterson says

    Happy Friday! I am ready for the weekend. Have a good one!

  247. Michele Soyer says

    Today is an inside day….I plan on baking all morning.. bread.. cookies…cupcakes/muffins then a spinach mushroom quiche for lunch…The freezer will fill up and I will be done for the week.. to tell the truth a full freezer and a full cupboard has always make me feel good…Have a wonderful weekend all….

  248. Nice and sunny today, but no time for crafting. Doing some cooking & cleaning. Another soup just about done in the slow cooker, with lentils. I’m experimenting with making my own rice paper, that I want to use for making fake “bacon.” Some of the pictures of it online look pretty good. Cheap to make, if it works!

  249. I managed to cross quite few things off the to-do-list then just read & listened to music for an hour or two. I’m coming to the conclusion that I might be better off not doing Calamity Jane after all, in light of this last kidney stone. I’m still tired out. I’ll go to the rehearsal on Monday & make my mind up then.

  250. Cathy French says

    Got a roast in the crockpot and gonna try my hand at yams with marshmallows for dinner. Can’t wait

  251. My day has been pretty good! We went and got doughnuts this morning. Yum! 🙂

  252. Today was an ok day. It rained quite a bit so I stayed inside… 🙂

  253. My day was very productive. I cleaned out and organized my guest/hobby room. Feels great to get rid of the clutter!

  254. My resolution is to lose weight, increase my walking/workout time and travel someplace new.

  255. shelly peterson says

    I had a good day. I spent the day relaxing and then went to dinner with my son and daughter and now heading to bed.

  256. Day is kind of yukky out and dark, so not going out. Made vegetarian bacon yesterday with the homemade rice paper, and wasn’t bad. I crumpled it for my homemade lentil soup. Right now I’m making homemade wraps. You pour it very thin onto a pan with no oil, don’t even flip it, done in a minute. Making some lemon powdered sugar with some leftover candied lemon peel that I made a while back. Too dark to do crafting.

  257. I just feel really washed out today. Maybe it’s just the cold weather but all I want to do is go back to bed!

  258. Tamra Phelps says

    I know that feeling, Kate. This has been a day when I just wanted to go back to sleep right from the get-go. I hope you’re feeling much better by tomorrow if you want to do Calamity Jane! We all need a good vacation, lol.

  259. Cathy French says

    Having a tough day. Seems nothing going right. Gonna give up and relax soon

  260. Sarah Lehan says

    Today’s word is Rest. That what I need today after ushering at the 3 DWC concerts. Such glorious music.

  261. shelly peterson says

    I had a good day. I slept in and spent some time with my daughter.

  262. Michele Soyer says

    Kate get some rest today…..Off to the lawyer this morning then the pharmacy and home…. hope this is quick so I can do some gardening today….

  263. Day is going good. Trying to help a relative about health insurance, she moved to a different state, can be very different from where you were before. My vegetarian bacon turned into a project, making the rice paper didn’t go as the internet “recipe” showed, so it was so messy and took hours, but I stuck with it. I have to find a different recipe for the “bacon”!

  264. Rosie: I’m intrigued about this rice paper bacon! Will have to Google it!

    I spent a couple of hours outside today pulling up a rotten pampas grass and do feel a lot better for the fresh air. I’m going to a Calam rehearsal tonight & will make my mind up whether to do it or not. I’ll still be involved as I’m on the committee etc. so maybe that’s enough for this year.

  265. Cathy French says

    Gonna be a busy week. On the phone a lot today setting up appointments.

  266. The ‘light snow’ they forcasted turned into from 4-9 inches. So I didn’t go out today.

  267. Tamra Phelps says

    Today, we made the switch to using the walker to get from bed to wheelchair. So, no more lifts for that! I can get up myself.

  268. Spent the morning out with my mom and my aunt. It was a good day. 🙂

  269. shelly peterson says

    Its Monday and I am tired today.

  270. Michele Soyer says

    Figuring out what I plan on doing today…
    First I will have fish to clean.. bleh…. not really my strong suit….Have to re-plant some of my wine vines….my husband and I always made wine but since he is gone I haven’t done any of that.. time to get back in..must make lists of all the reagents and concentrates I need to purchase…have my ginger to start ginger beer just need to sanitize my equipment and get going….

  271. Day is going good, was up early and was getting chores done. Dark and going to start snowing pretty soon!

  272. I had to do another trip to Dublin to collect my niece, although in daylight this time so it was fine and no back ache. I’ll have to get an eye test! Choir tonight and looking forward to catching up with all & sundry.


  274. Tamra Phelps says

    Oh, geeze. They want me to have another colonoscopy. Do they remember what happened last time?? Air from the colonoscopy escaped into the chest, my right lung collapsed, I woke up intubated and with chest tubes in both sides. I want reassurances that won’t happen again. I’m told that could only happen if there was a perforation in the colon. Well, is it possible that perforation is still there? Maybe that’s a stupid question but I’ve learned to question everything over the last year!

  275. Lots of sunshine today after yesterday’s snow storm. At least no Polar Vortex here in Colorado.

  276. Today was an ok day. Nothing special. Kinda rainy so I worked inside…

  277. shelly peterson says

    I had a nice relaxing say and went to breakfast with my daughter.

  278. Michele Soyer says

    Honestly today I might take a break….have to clean out the aviary and after that I might just take the day off and relax….have blogs to read as well as magazines….

  279. It’s going to be a cold day here in New York so I have a bunch of goodies to bake and keep warm!

  280. My New Year’s Resolution was to get rid of 20 years worth of clutter. So far I haven’t accomplished any of that. Mainly because my husband seems to think we need everything I think is excessive junk!

  281. Tamra: get them to do a CT scan before the scope. That’s what happens over here – no-one is going to stick something up my bum ‘blind’.

    It’s cold but bright and so far we’ve escaped the snow that’s hitting the rest of the country. Nowhere near as bad as parts of the US though. Stay warm over there!

  282. sheila ressel says

    I got to sleep in a little today so that is a plus! Got my coffee and just trying to stay warm now.

  283. My day is going good. I’m getting ready to leave for town before snow and the huge temperature drop is here. My relative in poor heath locate in the midwest had to go out yesterday in the polar vortex. Today their mail is suspended due to the low temps. I hope nobody succumbs, esp the many homeless and vulnerable.

  284. Just being glad I’m warm and safe. Temp hit 50 degrees today here in Denver.

  285. Tamra Phelps says

    I’ll ask about a scan first, Kate. In the morning, I finally have that appt. with the urologist. Yeah, it took over a month to get in even though I’m literally peeing blood.

  286. Today was good. Very sunny day but I worked inside. I feel very productive after weeks of feeling stagnant. So… good times! 🙂

  287. shelly peterson says

    Just another day of dialysis. I need to go to bed soon, I am tired.

  288. Michele Soyer says

    Tamra what can I say after all this time you are still strong and have a sense of humor… bless you for that.. hope that all goes well with your new testing….here we are at another months end….once again I ask where did this month go?? Plan today is to clean bags of stones and decorate parts of the garden grow boxes….stops the weeds and it does make the boxes look pretty…..

  289. My New Year’s resolution is to be more peaceful and kind.

  290. I am doing well today, been keeping busy and doing more around the house.

  291. Another day of sub zero temperatures! Staying inside curled up under my blanket!

  292. Day is going good. Sunny but really cold, the cold has come east. I’m making pizza from scratch and some cheddar whole wheat rolls.

  293. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, the ambulance didn’t show to get me to the urologist appt. this morning. That’s become a little to common. My brother called and ripped them a new one, then my sister-in-law did, too. (She’s a nurse, works at my Doctor’s office.) So…the EMS drivers showed up here and brought me flowers. Maybe my brother is right, if you just yell loud enough things get done???

  294. Rosie: Have you ever made wholemeal pizza bases? Really easy & I add some grated carrot to the mix as well so you do have to jiggle the amount of moisture …

    Tammie: That family of yours deserve medals! Flowers? I hope they didn’t pinch them from a hospital ward!

    Lots of very cold wind & sleet over here with snow on the mountains xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    oops, sorry, jealous cat on the keyboard!!!

  295. So January is basically done. It flew! I am starting to wonder if 2019 is gonna go as fast as 2018 did….

  296. Fun ‘Evening with the Boss’ at the Gardens. The CEO puts on a nice dinner for us valuable volunteers.

  297. shelly peterson says

    I had a good day. Went to dinner for my sons birthday.